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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Obama Goes Too Far

Today, to support the flagging agricultural sector, Obama demands that Muslims eat pork. In an effort to pander to Midwestern swing states, Obama has come out to demand that Muslims include pork in their diet, or at least purchase pork from designated (read union-run) meat packing corporations. A program designed by the Department of Agriculture to bolster the agricultural economies of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan would have the attractive side benefit of ensuring thousands of union jobs. While controversial, it is a necessary step to help Obama win election in 2012.

Bolstered by the seeming silence after demanding that Catholics and other religious organizations and individual business owners provide abortions or the funding for it, the Obama Administration went one step further and now seeks to make Muslims support the pork industry by outright purchases, or waivers purchased at the price of the products to fund a pork producers relief fund set up by the Department of Agriculture.


The above two paragraphs were written by myself, they are not from a story somewhere. The sort of shock and horror that such a story would cause in the Muslim community would be of epic proportions. When the same sort of injustices are visited on the Christian community, there is a shrug of the shoulders as the mainstream media and liberals everywhere marginalize and disregard Christian values.

I was listening to a Catholic radio program in one portion of a long drive across the country from North Dakota to Colorado to California and on to Kentucky. The religious community is trying to rally to the cause to avoid funding abortions, who find the mandate to fund Obamacare unconscionable, but they are non-violent. This is the downfall of America, when we stopped being willing to fight against what we find abhorrent we forfeited our voice on the stage. There has to be a price paid for the offensive policies of government. A real, tangible price, not a calculated political trade off.

One question arises over and over: Who are we? From the past few years I have come to the conclusion that we are nothing, we stand for nothing, we will fight for nothing. We will not sacrifice our comfort for political ideals, we will not risk death or imprisonment for any reason. Let them do with us as they will.

Granted, there is nothing appealing to becoming an inmate or a corpse. A lot of it comes from knowing that the cause for which we will fight will be marginalized by the same Obama press corps that daily feeds us propaganda in the form of "news" stories. No one wants to be that first conservative nut job going off one day. Yes, we consider bad press for our actions and how we will be thought of. I know that is a shocking revelation, but it is true. The result, they force feed us regulation after regulation, law after law and we take it in silence.   

We are the Muslims being fed pork to support the Obama Administration.


  1. TL, I truly believe their system is rapidly reaching critical mass. All intel suggests they are frantic (at the political level). The Alphabet Agencies are still problematic, but will be MUCH less so when they no longer get paychecks.

    Stay safe Brother.

    ps: CPX November is coming.

  2. Good to see you back. Hope all is well!

  3. Interesting comment. The general public doesn't seem to mind being told to eat a 'shit sandwich' by the Fed. but every organization under God's earth takes offense when their 'rights' are precieved to be enfringed. Geez....what happened to us?
    Glad you are back .............

  4. We are the Muslims being fed pork to support the Obama Administration.


  5. In other news, Obama and the Democrats are forcing employers to buy whiskey for employees who are about to drive home, in glasses, not bottles, so that some people's choice to drive drunk will not be impeded by their decision to work for MADD members nor by their decision not to pay for it. The opposition, MADD, is being accused of a war on men, who tend to drink more. Stay tuned.

  6. You mean INFRINGED?
    Or are you talking ACE and explosives?
    DATIL know?
    How about MP 3 and PHYTO?

  7. Remy is a bee for El Salvador?
    This the same asshole as REMY GENTO?


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