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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Those Still Asleep

Politics have been of particular interest to me for a long time and while I will agree with many readers of these pages that I don't think it matters one bit who will be president during the coming collapse, I have got to say that the message from the Republican Convention was something that any American should be able to endorse.

The hardcore among us know that politics are something close to theater, but I would suggest to anyone to read the words of Ann Romney and understand that if there is anything to fight for, to put one's life in jeopardy to gain it, is the vision of America that Ann Romney professes.

I don't care if there are clever speechwriters and talented speakers to sell their nonsense to us, that is irrelevant. This is the part of the Liberty Movement that can become frustrating at times. Reality of message is sometimes more important than who speaks it or where it comes from.

Let me suggest to the reader that while the convention might be a show, a political song and dance, there are truths that remain and whether those truths are mouthed by people who do, or do not believe them, they are no less true.

Ann Romney's grandfather was a Welsh coal miner who came to America to give his children a better life. It may be a story of long ago to her, a fairy tale of some sort, but that is irrelevant to the issue of the purpose of America.

Lest we forget, the only purpose to fight any conflict with the powers that be, including those one day at the direction of Ann Romney's husband, is to secure the very essence of her convention speech.

For me, the question is simple: Do we struggle against tyranny simply to be free of it ourselves, or to free our children from the iron clasp of its shackles? If it is merely ourselves that we seek to free, it is a simple task, it is accomplished with the slightest wave of the hand.

The purpose for me has always been to destroy it so that it cannot, for a long time, reach its ugly claw into the cradles of our children and grandchildren. To surmise that it is possible to defeat tyranny completely and forever is also a foolish notion. Tyranny is defeated only by the vigilant watchmen of the age.

For too long our watchmen have been asleep, we have allowed them to sleep by our silence and our inaction and the hen has been devoured by the fox. It is ours, then, to rise and defeat the beast and restore what has been stolen. It is ours to fight as our forefathers fought in previous centuries.

America is more than a nation, another seat at the U.N. table as Barack Obama wishes to see it, it is an ideal of freedom, a gospel of liberty to be preached to the darkest corners of the globe, to stand as a beacon to those in danger of dying ghastly deaths at the hands of their rulers.

The gift from our forefathers was a nation conceived in liberty. It doesn't even matter who they were or what they believed or wanted, because the seed of liberty has been planted here, in America. We have fed from that plant and have been infected with the vision of freedom. It is not their vision that matters, but ours; it is not their intent that is at issue, but ours.

I listened to a radio talk show host from a progressive station on my many travels these past weeks and heard him describe those who seek liberty as vermin and "baggers" who don't understand that the words of Jefferson were largely concerning the French Revolution and his concern over its direction at the time. It was then that I realized that it didn't matter what Jefferson was talking about when he said that a "little revolution from time" is a good thing. It doesn't matter what he was talking about when he said that "the tree of liberty must, every once in a while, be visited with the blood of tyrants and patriots," because truth is truth and it doesn't matter to whom it is directed or under what circumstances.

We are here today with almost every protection of the Constitution turned against us. We have watched the destructive hand of government destroy every industry it has touched; we have seen the borders thrown open and the trust of the legitimate vote of the people be plundered before our very eyes. We have endured injury upon injury with no recourse and been offered further injury in its stead. We have been subjected to no greater tyranny than that which brought forth this nation and while we might stand idle, fearing the power of the beast that has been unleashed against us, we will one day stand before it.

Forget the intent of Ann Romney and of the forefathers, whether it was all for personal gain and benefit, or not. The truth is that we are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights as human beings and that our government has stood to deny them. Whether it was ever written down, or not; whether it was ever meant for us, or not; we either believe that these rights are ours and will fight to secure them, or we will die as slaves securing nothing for our posterity, but slavery.

I don't know when the reckoning will come, when others feel as we do and provide for us the chance to reverse the course we have taken, but every speech, however deceitful and self-serving, that raises the blood of patriots is a welcome clarion call to those still asleep.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Free the Beast of Commerce

What drives commerce is simple: a problem requiring a solution for which people will pay to acquire. It is not the mystery, the hocus-pocus made of it by Obama Administration. Profits are not huge sums of cash at the beck and call of the federal government.

Once upon a time in America there were solutions to problems, there were fixes to broken things. Now, it is a question of what the government will allow to be solved and/or fixed.

Gasoline prices are high, not just because oil as a commodity is high, but because the refining capacity is low. The ability to transport oil over the road versus through pipelines limits the ability of the oil to be transported. There are logistical issues with transporting oil with trucks, the amount of tankers, for one and the HazMat requirement for drivers is another. Then, there are the costs of transporting it over the road versus the economical method of pumping it through a pipeline. All of this increases the price to the refiner, whether owned by the oil company or not.

Oil right now is selling for around $94 per barrel. At the height of the economy, before the collapse, oil was selling for about $130 per barrel. So, why is gasoline selling for about the same price? Logistics. In the old days we used to solve logistical problems such as these. We don't have enough refining capacity? Build a few more refineries. We don't have enough pipelines? Build more pipelines. Simple and it put people to work.

The Obama Administration has done more to kill jobs than any socialist administration I can recall. Carter simply was an idiot when it came to commerce, as most government-centric liberals are. They think they can tame the wild stallion of commerce with rules and regulations; they think they can bend the mighty corporate structure to their will and that it will go one making money for the government to increase enforcement of the regulations they impose.

They don't understand. Some think that they do understand and that they are just trying to wreck things. I'm not so sure. Obama would sure like to have a better economy than he has now, if just to get re-elected and further wreck things in the next four years. The fact is Obama thought there would be a recovery no matter what he did, so he did whatever came to his Marxist mind to do. He wanted universal health care so bad he didn't even know how to write the legislation and let the congress write it for him, with all of their pet projects and Marxist ideas running wild in anticipation of it. It's so bad that trying to implement it will probably bring it down.

He didn't think he could stop the recovery and could slip in any program, any regulation and use the recovery as proof that his Marxist philosophy worked.

Capitalism doesn't work that way, commerce doesn't work that way. What makes a healthy economy is allowing problems to be solved, letting those who need a solution do business with those who can provide them without the government standing in the way demanding its piece of the pie. That is a kleptocracy. That is Chicago politics. The difference is undetectable during a downturn in the economy so it is hard to say that it would have recovered faster were it not for these obstacles to commerce, but it is easy to see that when the recovery does happen it will happen faster in states with fewer union members, with fewer state regulations on commerce. Since the federal government has gotten its thumb in the economies of every state, it is harder yet to see the difference, but there is one and without the government regulations imposed by alphabet agencies, there would be a recovery of epic proportions.

Right now there are trillions of dollars on the sidelines, waiting for some common sense to re-enter the marketplace. This is not all money of billionaires, it is money held by average people afraid to enter the stock market until some sense of rational business decisions are again possible. This cannot happen when there is the specter of Obamacare hanging out there, where any federal agency might target an industry, like oil and coal with predatory enforcement and derail the simple equation of supply and demand.

I don't give a damn who wins the next election, because Republicans have lost their way on these issues as much as Democrats. I don't trust either one to understand the way things work, not even Romney, who should know better. The only way to save this nation is to abandon the laws passed in the last forty years and get back to allowing business to run the way it is meant to.

There should be a repeal of both the Patriot Act and Obamacare if commerce is to thrive and jobs are to be created in the public sector. We'll figure out how to make air travel safe on our own and we'll figure out how to provide health care on our own, we have done both before and I don't see how either of these massive federal boondoggles helps in any way to provide either.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Obama Goes Too Far

Today, to support the flagging agricultural sector, Obama demands that Muslims eat pork. In an effort to pander to Midwestern swing states, Obama has come out to demand that Muslims include pork in their diet, or at least purchase pork from designated (read union-run) meat packing corporations. A program designed by the Department of Agriculture to bolster the agricultural economies of Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and Michigan would have the attractive side benefit of ensuring thousands of union jobs. While controversial, it is a necessary step to help Obama win election in 2012.

Bolstered by the seeming silence after demanding that Catholics and other religious organizations and individual business owners provide abortions or the funding for it, the Obama Administration went one step further and now seeks to make Muslims support the pork industry by outright purchases, or waivers purchased at the price of the products to fund a pork producers relief fund set up by the Department of Agriculture.


The above two paragraphs were written by myself, they are not from a story somewhere. The sort of shock and horror that such a story would cause in the Muslim community would be of epic proportions. When the same sort of injustices are visited on the Christian community, there is a shrug of the shoulders as the mainstream media and liberals everywhere marginalize and disregard Christian values.

I was listening to a Catholic radio program in one portion of a long drive across the country from North Dakota to Colorado to California and on to Kentucky. The religious community is trying to rally to the cause to avoid funding abortions, who find the mandate to fund Obamacare unconscionable, but they are non-violent. This is the downfall of America, when we stopped being willing to fight against what we find abhorrent we forfeited our voice on the stage. There has to be a price paid for the offensive policies of government. A real, tangible price, not a calculated political trade off.

One question arises over and over: Who are we? From the past few years I have come to the conclusion that we are nothing, we stand for nothing, we will fight for nothing. We will not sacrifice our comfort for political ideals, we will not risk death or imprisonment for any reason. Let them do with us as they will.

Granted, there is nothing appealing to becoming an inmate or a corpse. A lot of it comes from knowing that the cause for which we will fight will be marginalized by the same Obama press corps that daily feeds us propaganda in the form of "news" stories. No one wants to be that first conservative nut job going off one day. Yes, we consider bad press for our actions and how we will be thought of. I know that is a shocking revelation, but it is true. The result, they force feed us regulation after regulation, law after law and we take it in silence.   

We are the Muslims being fed pork to support the Obama Administration.