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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Open Letter to the Tea Party Nation

I read with interest several comments on the TPN website about a post of mine that had been reproduced there. Some very good questions were raised. Most of them about what I might have ever done, what I expected the Tea Party Nation to do, etc. Well, it was directed at the whole Tea Party, but TPN is a significant contributor to qualify.

What the Tea Party as a whole could be doing is reaching out to local PatComs, you can research the movement at any number of the websites on my sidebar and if your interests are the same, you might consider joining one, or putting one on yourself. If not, we understand.

Another thing would be to help fund a Liberty Defense Fund for those of us who are willing to push the buttons of the government that has taken everything from us. We will push back, but it is a lonely feeling in a jail cell with only your poor cellmates for comfort. I am not suggesting that we would do anything not legal under a proper understanding of the Constitution. But, what they make illegal by illegal means can only be challenged by accepting the fact that you will be arrested. A legal defense fund could help us exonerate ourselves and provide some interesting case law for the Supremes to hear. Either way, one does not have to support any action to provide funds for the defense of people who did nothing but stand their Constitutional ground.

You could push the politicians you have gotten elected to make a stronger case for investigations into the actions, as having Constitutional oversight responsibility, of many of the abuses of the Obama Administration, put up a fight for the Constitution.

Other than that, you might embrace us, even if from afar as kindred, if a bit unruly spirits. Disown us publicly if you must, but don't let us swing.

If you could help with these few things, you will find a group of individuals who cannot wait to poke the bear. We are, in effect, asking for a little paint and some hatchets to help us have our own little Tea Party.

I know you think this can still be handled politically. The Liberty/Patriot Movement rejects that completely. It is off the rails already, waving a lantern in warning will do no good now.

What have I done? I was with Judson at the first Tea Party Convention. I was at several Tea Party events where we faced off with SEIU, most notably in Grand Junction, CO and I was there at Glenn Beck's 9-12 event, I have evidence of everything I say, for the doubters. What I have done since is also known within this small, but able party of patriots. When I say I have pledged my life, my treasure and my sacred honor, I have lost all but one in the pursuit.

Where I broke with the Tea Party is when it refused to see that the gig was up, that no amount of favorable elections would ever change the avalanche of excrement headed our way. Time is short, the economic shell game cannot last forever. It is time to prepare and to start poking the bear, legally, but not without consequence.

Do a little of this homework and think about it, we are here and ready when we think we might get a little cover from our brothers.

T.L. Davis


  1. If...if, the Tea Party would shake loose from the GOP and realize the incredible power to free this nation it possesses, poking the bear would be a daily occurrence. What say you Tea Party? -55six

  2. Some are us are ready to poke and prod. Some of us do it as we are able and can afford to.
    There is much more that I would personally do if it weren't so damn expensive and I knew I could get a Constitutional Lawyer on my case with a phone call instead of having to sell my soul.

  3. I think the tea party, the liberty movement, those few in government, the military, who honor and stick to their oaths, the entire dynamic of the face of Liberty, is going to change. And it will not be of their doing, the movement to Liberty as we know will be eclipsed by people in the wings.
    Don't ask me to explain it, because it is something no one can predict with accuracy of details of time place and people. It is just a gut feeling. It is going to come out of something been smoldering for a long time. The roots of which come from the understanding of the truth, a sinister evil truth, that cross a myriad of cultural and geographical boundaries, that the elites have really fucked things up royally. They have done everything within their power to kill, (and the reasons don't count for nothing), the golden goose that is America's wealth, it's prosperity. I'm not talking money or gold, or shiny things, I'm talking its intrinsic wealth, it's people who where free to create prosperity on such a level that it is the greatest act of equality and happiness, man ever created. You see, inherent in this loss, this theft and destruction of incredible riches, the Liberty and happiness, the security and safety this prosperity freely created, without it, Liberty ceases to thrive, ceases to exist ultimately, and the evil inherent in this robbery via the ruling classes, the political clowns, the radical and greedy traitors, is something both sensed as the very root of loss, and the very reason why in of itself.
    The truth that it is destruction through economic warfare, upon the good hard working people of this nation, remove them from their very sustenance, their inherent prosperity. Eat out their sustenance, rob them of their very seed corn, so as an elite you create inordinate power over millions, garner enormous riches unto yourself, and you destitute those millions upon millions to such a degree, these creators of prosperity, who because of exactly this ability to create prosperity even under the harshest, expensive, repression of free market enterprise, through regulatory tyranny, leaving enough crumbs to create a level of existence for this prosperity class where they are consumed and hobbled by the burden of existing hand to mouth.
    Hard to revolt and destroy ones tormentors when you have to use every last bit of your remaining prosperity to keep a roof over ones head, afford heat, food, water, and other essential basic necessities.
    These are the quiet ones. They have suffered much. Endured insult upon injury, weathered every racial, cultural and economic divide. These are the ones obama and his ilk fear. It is they who he called bitter, belittled out of fear their inherent inner strength of faith, overt strength of arms, the might and right of their traditions.

    You can say what you want about my gut feeling.
    One thing hard to discount is that gumption and grit, the energy and determination this prosperity class possesses.
    You got to ask yourself, what is it going to be like when this class turns that energy into payback for the wrongs done to it and their prosperity?

  4. Great analysis MTP, but here's the answer to your last question..."It may not matter." Production has been so stifled for so long, not to mention people being habituated to the Free Shit, that they may extract their revenge and have nothing left on which to build.

    That's what would make it the Endarkenment, of course. No matter what, though, it sure looks like we're going to start over. Personally I'd settle for even that, since the productive ability of men is nearly boundless, but it looks like the assholes are so dedicated to death that they won't allow even that.

    We'll see, but I think you'll be giving up on that peaceful, lawful hopie changie stuff soon. Nice post, though.


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