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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fourth-Grade Reasoning and the Fall of the Constitution

Fourth-grade reasoning is ruining this nation. The fact that anyone in this nation thinks this way is disheartening enough, but to consider that Jerome Christensen is just typical of about 50% of the citizenry is just downright terrifying. His column on a Winona Arizona Daily News page found here, (H/T War on Guns) is just purely simple-minded garbage from someone who has never been taught to reason. His summation is if the Second Amendment would allow James Holmes to amass an arsenal, then maybe it is time to repeal the Second Amendment.

I wonder where this fellow was when the federal government allowed thousands of automatic and semi-automatic weapons to flow across the border? If a federal government would allow the transfer of a legitimate arsenal, not just a few pistols, a shotgun and an AR-15 semi-auto, then what should happen to that federal government? As he suggests about the Second Amendment, maybe it is time for it to go. I'm for that, at least those in charge of it at the time.

Mr. Christensen must not have been counting the thousands of Mexicans who were killed using those thousands of weapons transferred by Project Gunwalker, but he does count white people in a theater, does that make him a racist? One might never know.

For people like Christensen there is never enough ground to give on the side of the Constitution, as he says: "Times change. Our Constitution should change with them." Again, it is an orderly society they seek, a totalitarian society where the government is in control of the people, not the other way around. James Holmes could have just as easily tossed a few of his homemade grenades into the theater rather than use guns, but that seems to escape Christensen's logic.

Where is Christensen's call for the repeal of the Fourth Amendment? Would not a routine patrol through the apartments and homes of the city have revealed Holme's intent, preventing the slaughter? Would the repeal of the Fourth Amendment not also reveal all sorts of crimes taking place within a given city: meth labs, possession of illicit drugs, possession of child pornography, possession of human captives as is revealed every now and then and blazoned on every headline?

Where is Christensen on the hundreds and thousands of lives that are saved every year by gun owners defending themselves? I guess that doesn't prove his point, so it is left out of the discussion, but it is not lost on those of us who understand that there is no law that will keep weapons out of the hands of the lawless and one James Holmes does not erase a thousand who have defended their lives and the lives of others by the use of legally obtained weapons. Case in point here.

The massacre in Colorado is just one instance of things gone wrong, of a person gone wrong. It is not a society that is wrong, it is not a document that is wrong, it is a person. The whole world is an arsenal, if one wants to view it as such, but the desire to kill is personal, it is unhampered by laws or reason. The sort of carnage envisioned by Holmes was brought on as much by the Hollywood hypocrisy of hating guns, but continually glorifying them in their movies and television to make money. Still, it wasn't a movie or television that forced Holmes to his ends, it was himself and the lack of any sense of self-restraint.

Day after day the startling events of a nation are recited on the nations newspapers, dotcoms and TV news shows. There are over 300 million people in this nation, there are bound to be a fair share of nuts and lunatics in that number. We, the general public, hear of only a few of the more sensational that find their way through the cloud of persistent data begging for our attention. Because the greater share of that cacophony is liberal we mostly hear of the factoids brought forth to encourage us to get rid of some portion of our Constitution that stands in the way of the government taking a greater role in our lives. As if the government can fix it.

Christensen's logic, or the lack thereof, attests to only one thing: government control. He is an every day lackey of the system, of totalitarianism. Holmes built an arsenal of bombs and guns, he did that. Without the Second Amendment Holmes would have used chemistry to devise a poison gas; he would have set fire to the place; he would have constructed something resembling a tank to drive through the theater, etc. The desire to kill is the problem, not the method or tool used to implement it.

Holmes is unusual in that he acted on his impulse to make fantasy reality, as with the perpetrators of Columbine High School, the previous worst massacre in Colorado history. As media corporations seek to increase their profits, they produce things like 3D to draw in the viewing public, to make the experience more real. There is a line to be blurred and they readily try to blur it, they seek to erase the line between fantasy and reality. Sometimes it works, but that is not a cause, it is an opportunity for an individual mind, unrestrained by a sense of morality, to do as it pleases.

The Constitution, Mr. Christensen, was written with the underlying belief that morality would guide the hands and hearts of the populace. To the degree that morality is supplanted by the desire for self-gratification and legitimacy of one's own depravity people like James Holmes are bound to surface out of the social goo created by it.

Join me on EJ and the Bear this Saturday night July 28th at 9 to join in on a discussion of this post and other news.


  1. Great post TL. Looking forward to hearing the interview as well. Unfortunately there will never be a shortage of evil people in this world and there definitely won't be a shortage of the who use evil deeds to further their own agendas.

  2. Wow! It's really disheartening to see not one other comment on a topic as important as this but 40+ topics from people arguing over whether or not we support Israel. Says a lot about the state of our movement, I gotta say.

  3. Anon@2300:

    Perhaps you should wake up and smell the coffee ? Your dismissal of the American support of Israel as non-important is indicative of your lack of indifference toward American sovereignty. The Israeli government blatantly murdered and wounded hundreds of Americans during their aerial attack on the USS Liberty, 8 JUN 67. The American government covered up the attack. In turn our beloved government has sent hundreds of billions of OUR money to the Israelis, Egyptians, and a host of other middle East nations. Perhaps you too should question the legitimacy of our decades long support for Israel and otber nations ? Perhaps you should question why we have the 2 ID on the North Korean border ? Perhaps you should question why we have an illegitimate occupant of the West Wing ? Instead, you make ligbt of an argument pro/con regarding Israel and foreign entanglements as so much rubbish.

    "There Are Enemies Amongst Us"

  4. TL,

    As bad as Christensen/similar's anencephalically emotive vomitus is regarding the 2A, at least it's confined to firearms. Apply such 'logic' to rape elimination, substitute Lorena Bobbitt/similar misandrists for Sarah Brady, appropriately edit the anti-2A/pro-thug cult's claims/contentions to fit the subject, & you'd have the same infantile mentality making the same equally asinine (& borderline insane) pronouncements. The most disturbingly revealing thing about the leaders/allies of the anti-2A/pro-thug cult is that they KNOW they're peddling BS. To slightly paraphrase a line from a movie, it's not that Christensen/similar anti-2A/pro-thug cultists don't know the difference between good & bad policy, they just don't give a damn.

    Cassandra (of Troy)


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