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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Enemy of Law

We know we live in a tyrannical time. We know we are marginalized by the government, which has become our masters in every sense, from dictating what we buy, what we recycle, what we think about the issues (no, not for most of the readers here, but elsewhere in America), what we accept as our social mores. Conservatives are wrong, simple, put that on the front page and in the tease of every news program and you won't get it wrong by much.

What is wrong, however, is not conservatism, but Americanism. Belief in a nation whose citizens recognize no authority, but God's and act in the interest of liberty instead of fidelity to the crown. We should, as Danica Patrick said: "trust the government to do the right things." We should go about our lives, go to work and make the money to pay the bills of a bankrupt nation which has shifted its purpose from providing a platform on which the individual can bring every talent to bear to create, produce and employ the nation to a system based on theft and extortion. All government is a form of extortion. Perhaps we agree with some of it, like when they lock up those who have stolen from us or murdered our family member, but those weapons of justice have been turned against the productive to ensure their future compliance with the extortion.

Honestly, the only reason we have not cleaned this bunch out of Washington is because we all are still employed, still trying to provide for our families and so far it still works for us. My daughter is going to college this year, I would do anything to make sure she is able to graduate with a degree, to set her up for life in this nation, no matter how it actually works out. And yet, there is a call from my nation to set things right, to do my duty, to remind me that what she will inherit from my generation is slavery. But she is not in chains, she is not likely to be beaten and made to do hard labor, for that I would do what any father would. It just isn't that clear-cut, is it? It is the gray we struggle with, not the principle, not the will, not the ability, just that weird gray area where it is not yet time to strike, but when it is, it will be so futile, so pathetic.

The enemy of law surrounds us, growing stronger every day, building resources with which to annihilate us all, or bend us to their will. We are the ones who need to be done away with and I am sure they cannot wait for us to make a stand, to put the final nail in the coffin of the most ardent supporters of liberty, to wipe us out and point to us as an example of the excesses of the Constitution and the bad things it does to good people. Tsk, tsk.

I am not doing what I know I should. I am built for times like these, but which betrayal is greater? That is the question on my mind from dawn til dusk. Is it the betrayal of my government against me and my kind, or the betrayal I would serve up to my family by leaving them alone, with bills to pay and no defender when the bad times start?

If things were worse for them and I saw the hunger in their eyes and the loss of spirit, it would be an easy choice, but they hang on, they go on believing that it will work out. I am guilty of planting that in their heads, for surely as long as I am alive, it will. And then, I take myself out of that equation and where are they then?

It must have been similar in the first days of the Revolution. The original patriots or traitors as they must have been called, all had as much to lose as do I, maybe more, given the conditions of life and lack of life insurance.

I know the pulse of Americans, I know they feel much as we do, deep down. I see anger in many eyes at what is being done, but they are all busy living their lives, too. How can we inspire them? How can we set the stage for a reversal? We need to find the Excaliber that unites a kingdom. I know it can be done, I have seen miracles take place in this nation started by one movement by dedicated people. Abolitionism must have seemed stupid and corny at the time, given the economic incentives of slavery, but eventually it won out against all of the most powerful sources.

Preach the gospel of liberty, be willing to engage as many as you can, there are willing converts to its cause and very little encouragement is required, most are eager to hear the sermon, thirsting for the cleansing message.


  1. This is it exactly! An everyday dilemma, forcing myself to be 'normal' around the unaware. The weight of knowing and not being able to do anything is almost unbearable. Paying the bills and knowing that you are feeding the beast seems to keep me in a constantly pissed off mood. I want to take action, but I want my family safe - I'm not sure that both are possible at the same time.

  2. Brilliant; that's the whole story in a nutshell. Formally, it's known as Pragmatism versus Principle. The slave gets to stay alive; that's why he goes along with being a slave.

    Me, I always sucked at Pragmatism. That's probably why I'm broke and may not even stay alive. OTOH I always have my Integrity and we live with ourselves every moment of every day. That's something, and I'm inclined to think it's everything. Ask me in a couple years if I'm still here. If I'm not, then I was probably wrong. For now, though, I'm going with, "The moral is the practical." I figure it's carried me this far.

    Tough times; tough choices.

    1. No different than all other men had to make throughout history.
      Live Free or Die, the Choice is yours.

      TOO bad all those WW II vets and the rest chose to fight eh wat?

    2. "No different than all other men had to make throughout history.
      Live Free or Die, the Choice is yours."

      Bingo. Same ol', same ol'.

      "TOO bad all those WW II vets and the rest chose to fight eh wat?"

      All wars are "too bad," I suppose. What's your point?

  3. I have considered this issue for a great number of years. I believe that: 1) a person has to develope a set of either principals or convictions and 2) when those have been developed, live by them no matter what - period. To do less makes a person a lier and to some degree a thief. Can I live with myself? Yes because I know what I believe and I am willing to stand for those beliefs - period. It frightens people, makes me somewhat unpopular (not that I care at this point) and will probably bring the 'man' down on me at some point in time but for me, I will go out swinging because I will stand for what I believe in - no matter what ..........
    It is (I believe) what being a citizen of our country is all about.

  4. Like rust, incrementalism doesn't sleep either. From Siren Song to Boiling Frog, the analogies are endless how we are lulled into inertia. Fear of repraisal, incarceration, loss are great de-motivators until - when "things" turn bad enough -priorities tip from "flight" to "fight". The key is knowing when the tip is imminent and having prepared, act accordingly. To do otherwise, to be immobilized by fear or uncertainty, is to lose. And lose it all. Daughters included.

  5. In other words we have not cleaned this bunch out of Washington because our cage is so well gilded.

    1. Yes , but when one cannot see or smell the Bars one is content or Blinded.

  6. Know what is right, and act accordingly. No one can do more. It will be apparent, when it is clear. The night seems to go on forever, but dawn does come.

  7. If you look at most revolutions historically you will see a timeline of when they occur. They do not happen when things get bad. They happen when things have been bad for a long time and seem to coincide with a slight improvement in conditions.
    My theory is people see that life can be better so they decide to make it happen sooner.
    We, America, seems to be the exception. The colonies rebelled from the crown after they couldn't take it anymore. Likewise the South stood up when they had enough of the North's heavy-handed government.
    When will this one happen here ? When enough people say; "you have overstepped your authority and we are going to put an end to this."
    In my opinion that happened 152 years ago and we haven't done anything about it yet.

  8. "
    Be sure you're right, then go ahead."

    Davy Crockett

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