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Monday, July 30, 2012

Eat Mor Chikin

No, I didn't forget how to spell, that is the message of Chick-Fil-A stores nationwide. It is a simple message. What is complicated is the left's explanation for why people should eat less chicken, at least less Chick-Fil-A chicken. Owner of Chick-Fil-A restaurants, Dan Cathy, stated his support for traditional marriage, that's the reason.

Despite the fact that until very recently this has been the position of Barack Obama, Obama has not been called a homophobic fascist as has Mr. Cathy. No one refused to let Obama speak because of his views on marriage. No one protested Barack Obama for his religious views. No LGBT group has ever attacked a Mosque for their views on homosexuality, which are far, far greater threats to diversity than anything a Christian business-owner has ever uttered.

Make no mistake, it is not Dan Cathy who is the ultimate target here, it is Christianity as a whole and punishing it by punishing its greater success stories is just a past time of the Marxist left. The Marxists don't want you to recognize that Islam is the greatest threat to homosexuals, with the death penalty taking the center stage of oppression.

As far as I am concerned until these groups, these civic leaders attack Muslim-owned businesses with the same zeal as they have attacked Christian-owned businesses and individuals, their cries outrage will always ring hollow. They are nothing other than bigots themselves, hate-filled fascists for attacking one religion and one religion only.

As an individual all I can do is Eat Mor Chikin. Not because I would discriminate against anyone, but because I detest the discrimination that is going on constantly against Christians in this society, a society oddly enough made up of about 83% claiming Christianity as their religion.

That seems odd, doesn't it? The fact remains because Christians will not stand up on Christian values for another Christian, or rarely is it so. But this is sort of different, the Mayors and City Council members who have denied permits to build Chick-Fil-A restaurants in their burghs increases the stench to the violation of freedom of religion. The forgotten part of the First Amendment is this: "...or the free exercise thereof (religion)." In other words, the government, any government under the authority of the United States is prevented from discriminating against any person, or business based on their religious beliefs.

No, Christians in general are not given to protest, it is just something they rarely do and they are losing ground politically in this nation because of it. The passage of Obamacare has whittled down their ability to refuse to participate in activities that promote abortion. They are being attacked on all of their core beliefs just to show the public that they have no moral standing on their beliefs and it is working, because there is still no protest.

The Chick-Fil-A issue presents a peaceful option, though. One doesn't need to hold a sign or go out into the streets to protest the actions of these government bodies and voices of irrelevant and hypocritical gay-rights groups (since they do not protest any Muslim organization). In this instance one might oppose these groups and these government bodies simply buy buying a Chick-Fil-A sandwich, and I don't just mean on Wednesday, the 1st of August as is suggested by some groups, but every day one is hungry and there is a Chick-Fil-A restaurant within driving range, or lunch hour. Go out of your way to visit one of these locations, even if you are not a Christian, but a patriot who believes the government ought to stay out of it.

It would be nice to see the out-pouring of thousands and millions of Christians finally stepping up to tell the government to butt-out, to honor the Constitution and the separation of Church and State, but in absence of that I would like to see the more peaceful approach utilized to the greatest extent possible. I will do everything that I can.


  1. I love me some Chick-Fil-A nuggets. They have the virtue of being real meat, not pressure-formed mush. I love the fact that they aren't open Sundays, like Hobby Lobby and Mardel. I appreciate their choice to forgo income to honor the Sabbath. I plan to go there on the 1st and to keep going there.

    Chick-Fil-A's PR Executive died on Friday. I've heard he died of a heart attack. It wouldn't surprise me if he died of stress following a flood of death threats.

  2. Hear, hear T.L.!! This entire "scandal" is a farce. While not a christian, nor a Chick-Fil-A customer as they don't have them in my neck o' the woods, I abolutely applauded Mr. Cathy's "Guilty as charged" comment. It's high time people stand up for themselves and stop playing the policital correctness game. Political correctness doesn't level the playing field, it panders to the lowest common denominator and takes us all down with it. The so-called officals that are making an issue of this are a disgrace to Americans everywhere. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  3. Creatures like Rahm Emanuel are incapable of feeling shame. That should be pretty obvious, based on their behavior. Political correctness is based not on any values they pretend to hold, but simply as a basis for distracting us from the real issues and giving them some distance from any responsibility for their actions.

    Since we are talking Chicago, there is no way to seek redress of the illegality of withholding permits/permission to operate a business based on the personal, moral choices of the business owner. There is no law, nor any justice, to be found in Chicago. Respecting and supporting Chick-fil-A is nonetheless the moral and proper thing to do.

    What profits they might have enjoyed in Chicago can be realized by patronizing them in other locations. I am not normally a fast-food eater, but I will seek them out whenever I am in a place where they do business.

    It is a good practice to do our best to turn the behavior of Leftist scum around to bring about the opposite effect from that which they were attempting.

  4. Went to Chic-a-Fil for lunch today at our local Mall. Its across the street from my office. Our Mall has a large food court, Chinese, Italian, taco-bell, and about two dozen other restaurants. It was 12:30 when I go there and all the order lines had 3-8 people in them.

    Then as I walked across I saw this HUGE mob, maybe 100+ people all lined up to get Chik-a-Fil.
    Put a smile on my face. The American traditionalist may be beaten down, but we are not beaten.

  5. I imagine you have seen the overwhelming support yesterday. Heartening.


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