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Friday, July 20, 2012

Defenders of the Realm

The interest of the average American today is an orderly society. They no longer care about how that society is constructed, only that order is established and maintained. Liberty is of no consequence to them, most do not know what is in the Constitution and are further baffled by those of us who do.

As noted here and elsewhere, the patriot is in the unenviable position of having to go to war to establish what has been established, but largely ignored in the attempts by government and people alike to establish a more orderly nation.

As each establishment is targeted and oppressed alarms are raised, but there is no general confederation of the oppressed. None seem to realize an attack on the church is also an attack on the Fourth Amendment. The connection is lost. Individualism is a good thing where it is understood that the protections afforded in the Constitution are broad-based and affect us all in one way or another. To fail to recognize this is the ultimate failure of our system.

Those who do not own or even understand the ownership of guns as a threat against tyranny do not care how many arms or people are restricted so long as it produces the orderly society they seek. Since they do not recognize that they might also be branded as those disrupting orderly society by their religion, they go along with all other abuses. When it comes to them, they wail and moan, but will not even seek or accept the confederation with groups they do not understand.

Those of us who recognize that any abuse is against the Constitution and therefore every citizen residing under its protection, we are as outraged when the Catholic Church is required to provide, or at least pay for, abortions as we are a U.N. treaty outlawing private ownership of weapons.

The revolution, as has been pointed out elsewhere, is taking place as we speak by the very politicians we have elected to protect the Constitution. We are the defenders of the realm, they are the invaders, the revolutionaries. We seek to stop the revolution, undo it, but like so many other revolutions it is supported by a wide diversity of those who seek to benefit from it.

When the revolution is instigated by the sitting government and its officials the people are in poor position to stop it, or even address it as such. Do we set up banners and proclaim our opposition to the revolution? Would anyone understand what we are talking about?

Barack Obama is the revolutionary, not us. We are the traditionalists, the Constitutionalists against whom he has begun his war. From the highest seat of government the revolution has begun. George the First (W.) made all of it possible and now the war is in full swing. No, the feds have not begun to round us up, because we are of no consequence. Any direct attack on the patriot/liberty movement would only build sentiment for the movement and that does not serve the revolution. Ignoring us and attacking the unorganized citizenry with edicts from the throne have worked quite nicely so far, why would they bother with us? We are just a noisy little rabble on the fringes.

There are many things that confound our action, all of which are not designed, but are consequences of other things that are designed. So, at whom do we direct our ire, exactly? If we could answer that simple question, we could work toward individual goals in that direction.

Who is most to blame? That is a tricky question because it most logically comes back to us, the people, the citizenry cheering for the revolution. It cannot be the president as he acts with the consent of the congress and the Supreme Court. Yes, it is all of them in one way or another. So, what institution do we focus on? Let us come to agreement on that first, then lets talk of action, of standing in the way of the revolution.


  1. Local, local, local.

    “Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean.”

    The Regime members that are not initially swept will then clamor for aid and protection from their Superiors.

    The Regime has not the forces to answer all of those pleas.

    Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

    -- Goethe

  2. The People: Partially to blame until 1865, but 100% to blame since, no ifs, ands or buts.

    1. Brock Townsend,

      As in Kipling's MacDonough's Song, perhaps?

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  3. Sadly, there is nothing to restore, the Constitution was a seriously flawed document before the ink was put to paper.

    A return to the Articles of Confederation might suffice, but we Southrons are likely to not act to restore those either because we don't want further association with the Yankee states of the Northeast.

  4. The citizens of this nation have been actively and aggressively targeted by a domestic enemy for more generations than I care to think about.. sometime back in the 20's it started.. now we have intentionally stupid, lazy, self absorbed citizenry who revel in their false concept of a contrived Liberty and have no intention of pissing off their benefactor..
    They have no clue and I have no patience for acceptable ignorance. Our enemies remain our enemies and must be dealt with eventually.. those who stand will be in good company, something most wont understand or care about.

    Yank lll

  5. Local targets alone just won't cut it. You could remove the entire law enforcement apparatus in your own locale (not likely, but possible) and you would simply be called insane, or a "Tea Party racist", or a "lone wolf militia member", or some other such label designed to remove any validity from your efforts.

    Policy makers and those who direct that the unConstitutional regulations are pushed upon us by agencies such as the EPA, DOE, IRS, etc. are the ones who need to live in fear of their actions. I'm talking about people like the EPA supervisor who spoke of crucifying citizens to make others toe the EPA line. Judges who convict people who own malfunctioning firearms, prosecutors and US Attorneys who try to convict men who have killed in self-defense and then call them child molesters when they fail to get them convicted. Child Protective Services workers who take children from their parents simply because they have posted comments on a right-wing web site.

    Sure, some of those folks will be local to some patriots, but if they are not they should be made to see the error of their ways nonetheless. Am I advocating violence? Each of us will have to decide that for ourselves. Kerodin has spoken of directing them to leave first, and then acting more forcefully if they refuse - as they likely will, not believing any of us really mean what we say. We haven't so far, have we?

    I can't say when the dance will begin, but when it does, or when your own line is crossed, I do know you will need to go at it with a vengeance. If you want to be successful more than once, you will need to act decisively.

  6. T.L.,

    Here's an answer that no one likes, understands, or wants to get excited about. All the other answers focus at too low a level. Local, local, local is so very important in so many ways it is impossible to comment on. But domestically, our highest level enemy is the Federal Reserve. (boring; I know, that what I just said.)

    Once that den of vipers are not only cleaned out and replaced but gone and destroyed forever will we have a chance at restoring Liberty. If you're looking for one common enemy, they're it.

    However, that fix will only be temporary because the international banking cartel will continue to look for ways to once again get control of our country and our money and someone is always willing to sell us out for a price.

    The ultimate and deepest cleaning will have to take place at the international central banking level and that will have to be done periodically because the price of freedom is constant vigilance. We are not only fighting a war that appears to be based in political and economic philosophies; but a bigger one of international greed and world domination... as the saying goes, "follow the money."

  7. Lets not beat around the fucking bush here. For the "elites",(who are anything but), this All comes down ultimately to guns. Everything these ruling class scumbags do revolves ultimately about guns. Why? Because simply, it is guns that give these pieces of human garbage their power. It is guns, in the hands of those that they fear will rise up against them, that they fear is a threat like nothing else. And they are correct. It is guns that if they are to take over our country, must control in order to rule with an iron fist. It is guns that they must take from the populous in order obtain that absolute power. It is guns they understand like none other are the real power behind anything. Especially Liberty! Guns are, in the greatest profound concept imaginable, the teeth of Liberty. For all the bullshit rhetoric about old fashioned outdated concepts of the founding of this here Republic of rule of law, the elites know the existential threat to their power, their very lives is embodied in the right to keep and bear arms. In no uncertain terms, it is, guns, force of arms our system of government now lives by. In a civil society, in a society based on the virtue and principles of reason, the government has no use for arms against the citizenry. A citizenry that regulates itself through natural order of natural law, liberty, and the creation of prosperity. But tyranny, the imposition of it, does. Tyranny, as you and I and those imposing know full well, grates on ones life prosperity and liberty like an abscessed tooth.
    Ultimately, it is these very same guns they desire to take from the rest of us, that are behind that tyrannical power. Where the threat of escalation in establishment and continuation of that power gained through violation of the rule of law, are guns that they use to enforce everything if you refuse to submit.
    So it is guns in the hands of We The People that they fear most. Something that which our founders understood from 1st hand experience. It was, it is, guns that are the ultimate bulwark against tyranny, and the only teeth contained in our natural order of the rule of law of our civil society of our Constitution. The legal, lawful power to abolish government, government not of our choosing or making, the one created by these same "elites", who strive never ending through decades and decades to take those guns from us all, a government that has now become destructive of the very ends it was designed to support.

    Any thing else is a cheap side show.

    It is the liberty to keep and bear arms that the tipping point balances. Not for a second do I think, if we had not that God given natural right to self defense, would there be a question of the day. I would not even have that freedom, it would not exist but for the arms I bear.

    When the idea that the laws, regulations, imposed, laws outside the purview of the framework of rule of law of our founding blood, when the reality that what is good for the "elites" only applies to the "elites" begins to sink in to the minds of the middle class, all we have worked a life for, to be damned as bitter, racists, too rich, damned for clinging to our morality, our faith, our gospel of liberty, well the idea that the gun is all that's left of sovereign will, and these "elites" want that also, well, there is your tipping point.

  8. "Any thing else is a cheap side show."

    You ain't shittin' there. How could it be about anything else? After all, nothing but physical force can make a person do what he doesn't wish to do.

    I've got just one refinement. The guns are the MEANS. The END is the money. It's ALWAYS about the money. There might be a few nutcases who really just want the power, those rare sick-fucks who actually enjoy seeing others writhe in pain. But those few are spread equally around, I think. The elites are the elites because of the loot and that's all it's ever been about, since ancient Greece at least.

  9. Hi ya Jim!
    Hope you are well buddy.

    Ya, the means, tyranny by any other name.
    What do men with power want?
    What do men with money want?
    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    Interesting truth though, those means cuts both way's.
    Really really glad I live in a country where I have those same means.

    You get a gander at the pissing contest going on the next of TL's post's?
    Who needs king putt and his pals if you catch my drift.
    Nothing like a little impending tyranny, oops, meant to say hope and change, to divide people right when that is the last thing this country needs.
    The won and his minions have those fellas right where they want em.
    Age old tried and true dictators strategy. Divide and conquer.
    That is discouraging to see folks at each others throats.
    Hope they figure out what useful dupes they are before its too late.

    1. Things are pretty lousy, but I'm still here to bitch about it. Where are you, anyway? I'm in Central Michigan myself.

      "Interesting truth though, those means cuts both way's."

      No shit. The ONLY thing that made America America, was the 2nd. As you wrote, "Any thing else is a cheap side show." Anything else is just words, and words don't stop bullets.

      I'm not so sure those guys in the other thread are so divided. Since I always look for the principles, I see the differences as mostly detail. The battle has ALWAYS been individualism versus collectivism, and I don't see how anything else matters. You can build the finest building in the world but if the foundation is cracked, it's coming down.

      At this stage of our societal collapse, I'm inclined not to give a shit what anyone else believes, as long as they keep their damn paws off me and mine. If Justin supports the particular sinkhole of Israel, that's alright with me---just don't do it with MY earnings or MY blood. If Dan supports some idealistic vision of FedGov or LocalGov, then he should go for it too---but again, NOT as some claim on me or mine.

      You know where we disagree, and it's my disagreement with the Randians too. Even were I to concede the supposed rationality of Rule of Law, it just doesn't matter. That's an IDEA, not an ACTION. The ACTION can only be DONE by volitional beings who DECIDE to do it. Hasn't happened, isn't happening and ain't gonna happen. IOW it's a fantasy, any of its logic notwithstanding. Plus, there's some trouble with the logic in the first place, but again that just doesn't matter. The FACT is that we're each alone--in the sense that we make our decisions alone--and if some guys are going to try to be thugs, then they must be treated as thugs and not rational beings. That's that...Rule of Law can never change this and make them other than what they are. For everyone else, which is almost all of us, we need only one Law: Live, and let live.

      As I see it, and as the evidence proves, our decent nature will take care of the rest.

      Personally I don't care how anyone else gets there, whether by God or Country or Community or Egoism. They can have their lives and hopefully we can mutually benefit from interacting. But if not, not. I'm way too close to losing my own life to bother trying to argue or fight about it...unless I'm left with no option, of course. All I know is that I've got my life right now, and I sure 'nuff own it and am responsible for it. That's the end of it for me, and I damn well intend on keeping my life for just as long as I can.

      It sure would be nice to see you writing some stuff on the zerogov forum. We're running out of people who still have faith in Rule of Law. Forget about a piker like me...let's see you hold up against Buppert!

    2. Mr. MT Top Patriot,

      Did you read all my comments at the "pissing contest" you refered to ? My comments and disgust are directed specifically toward the neocon RegT and his continuing support of the nation of Israel. Support that he has never denied would be in the form of American blood and continuing treasure, American dollars. Another neocon, Justin Paign, then attacked me for my opposition to foreign entanglements, especially with Israel. Poster Paign went to great lengths to describe a brutal death that I deserved, at his hands, through the crosshairs of his rifle.

      There were no comments in that remarks thread regarding the unconstitutional soetoro-obama. My remarks were, and those addressed against me by the neocons RegT and Justin Paign, about my steadfast opposition to supporting foreign nations, including Israel, with our blood and treasure in continuing, undeclared wars.

      At what point in time will you alleged patriots say NO to American foreign wars ? At what point in time will you render support for Americans such as myself who are tired of maimed and dead Americans resulting from the imperialist aggressions of Washington D.C. ?

      RegT, Justin Paign and many more Americans are just like those two. They endorse the loss of American lives and the bancruptcy of this nation in continuing, foreign wars that have nothing do to with the defense of this nation.

      Truly, there are enemies amongst us.

      DAN III


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