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Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Church of Liberty

Our nation is turning back toward slavery in a very real sense. One man might not keep another hostage, forced into labor to supply the wants of his master, but in every other sense the nation has turned to the same prescription as all the ages before.

What has been lost is the Gospel of Liberty, a gospel so strong that it created the United States of America out of nothing, freeing not only itself, but other nations threatened by the scourges of Nazism and Communism. It held at bay one of the greatest forces known to Man, the desire for security. The need for security is so strong that even good people will turn a blind eye to the fact that many will have to die to provide it. Soon, more will die as a result of restricted care, of prudent uses of resources, as those who died in the gulags and prison camps before them. Dead is dead and when the state makes the decision who lives and who dies it is on a par with the most murderous regimes the world has ever known.

We are there, now. Those in the patriot/liberty community speak often of reaching out to others, of community education on the value of liberty and the need to fight for it. There is a religion of liberty now facing persecution from the most powerful nation in the world and the people are being sold on the idea that they can all get free medical care (security) for the mere price of letting others die. They are making Sophie's Choice without the bat of an eye.

How far we have fallen from the people who looked tyranny in the eye and built a nation out of farmers willing to fight and die for the God-given rights of Man. What a brave people we once were. It was a bravery built on the concept of "righteousness will prevail."

Yes, we had slavery for nearly another hundred years, but where did the abolitionist zeal come from? From churches and clergy. It was from churches who believed in the sanctity of life and the gospel of liberty for all. They preached and preached about the sin of slavery and won converts to their cause. There were enough converts to divide a nation. I believe we were made to pay for that sin doubly, once in the horrors and decimation of the Civil War and again with the tyrannical national government it helped to embolden.

What the Christian ethic taught us as a people has been turned against us. Our charity has become an obligation, our desire to help others, as a Christian nation should, has been hijacked by collectivists and turned into a demand for payment.

America was once a place where freedom was possible and the power of liberty made us industrious and independent and able to reach for the stars with nothing deciding the destiny of our dreams but our own abilities. The free people of America made it a place of innovation and creativity and vast amounts of wealth. Out of the luxury of liberty we have come to a place in history where our very wealth is our greatest weakness. We have become so addicted to getting what we want no matter the cost that it has led us to the decision that others should die to provide us with something we otherwise cannot afford.

There is greatness in living as God intended, free and in dominion of no one but ourselves. Where we reject God and look to Man to provide for us, we fall into the trap of every other despotic force in the world. When we look to the state to save us, rather than our Christian brethren, we sacrifice everything noble in Mankind. Wherever the Church has stood aside, ruin has ensued: hospitals and medical care, schools and universities and above all government.

Where those who wield power over us no longer look to God to make their actions just, we get pushed and prodded and made to obey the power of the state. Where an oath to God means an oath to nothing we get leaders who are unbounded by humility and mercy. What good is a piece of paper on which words are written which require the administers of the law to swear before God, if there is no fear of retribution for their sin?

You are looking at it in the headlines of every newspaper in the nation. God intended Man to be free, the state is in direct opposition to that fact and the power behind it.


  1. ...therefore you shall serve your enemies, whom the LORD will send against you, in hunger, in thirst, in nakedness, and in need of everything; and He will put a yoke of iron on your neck until He has destroyed you.

  2. There will be a horrid time for when we pay for our sins of turning the other way for our silence speaks volumes, pray God has Mercy on all for the Government won't and never will.
    TL great piece.

  3. The church has committed just as many atrocities as any government. When men believe they can simply repent to receive forgiveness they will sin today and repent tomorrow. Allowing the churn to govern is nothing more than trading one totalitarian rule for another.

    It doesn't matter what a man believes, give him unchecked power and it corrupts. The ONLY way to check that power is through the governed. It will take more than Christianity to save this country.

  4. I was raised as a Roman Catholic, so I agree with RedWulf that the Church (RC, at least) is of no help.

    Three points, though: as an atheist, I disagree with RedWulf. While it may not take Christian churches to restore this country, it WILL take the Judeo-Christian moral code to restore it. That is what this country was founded upon, even to include those deists such as Jefferson, one of the most brilliant men to have ever lived. And be aware that the Jews were the foundation of that moral code, not just the Christians who formed later. If Christianity were more widely practiced (in truth, not in the lip service many give it), then that moral code would be more common today. Since it is not taught in our public schools, more and more of our children don't even get exposed to that moral code.

    Second, we are indeed slaves. When your life stands or falls on what the State can make you do, it is indeed quite literally slavery. You do not need to feel the lash of a whip, nor to be placed in slave quarters, or forced to remain on a plantation to be a slave. Ask the Jews of over two thousand years ago, along with those enslaved by Rome.

    It doesn't matter that we can "choose to be free". The black slaves in both North and South could - and some did - choose to be free, at the cost of their lives, or the lives of their loved ones. Some of the Jews of Warsaw chose to be free, and they died almost to a man, woman, and child. The people who died at Waco chose to be free, and practice their own religion (whatever we think of that sect), but we saw how that turned out, man, woman, and child once again.

    Third, the "Civil War" - truly the War Against Secession - was a war against slavery. But NOT black slavery. It was a war against the slavery imposed by a Federal government that refused to operate according to the Constitution, a Federal government which chose to ignore the Declaration of Independence and for what that document stood. The South attempted to leave the Union because of tariffs and taxes, not because of slavery. Lincoln used slavery as an excuse, a rallying cry, much as Hitler used the Jews as his, and didn't make an issue of it until after he had already begun moving against the South. (It is documented fact that Lincoln not only actually supported slavery until it became convenient not to do so, but tried to get all blacks deported to Liberia.)

    We have indeed silenced the Gospel of Liberty, but we need either the Gospel or the moral code it represents in order to get it back. A people who are not moral become the Left. A people who are not moral neither wish for nor need Liberty. And certainly do not deserve it.

    1. I've believed the same all my life and I've never heard it expressed better. Bravo.

  5. Man is capable of the most unspeakable acts, in turn, he is capable of the most heroic deeds.

    This moral code predates both Christians and Jews.

    Since the beginning of mankind, we have always desired Liberty. There has also always been men who hunger to reign over others. Hence, it is the nature of man to war.

    1. My focus was on God moreso than Christ, which pre-dates everything. The desire for liberty is inherent to Man, even if the gospel of liberty is anathema to modern education. Wonder why?

    2. Yes, but teaching that moral code which predated both religions requires language and the ability to articulate the code in some fashion, even if it is as simple as a father teaching a son, "Good men don't do that to women."

      The Jews - who pre-date Christ and the Christians - codified much of that moral code, so it could be taught more easily. So that the little children and the adult children who needed an explanation could get one. Much like people often need an explanation of why men are sovereign as opposed to being subjects.

      That is why the Constitution was written. So that we could teach it, live by it, and (where we failed) not forget it. People blame the Constitution for being badly written, an imperfect document, but it was more a matter of deception on the part of those who came to power. If it did not work as written, those liars and deceivers wouldn't have needed to hide what they were doing, they would have simply done it.

      The Judeo-Christian moral code enables people to understand - and correct themselves when they fail - how we need to treat each other. Including killing a man when he needs killing. When it is actually followed instead of merely getting lip service, it works quite well. Anarchy would work just fine if it included a people who followed the J-C moral code, in the majority.

      The failure occurred when we stopped following the code as a nation, when the immoral Left began subverting it, right up to glorifying sodomy, lying, cheating, and politicians. But I repeat myself.

    3. This moral code predates both Christians and Jews.

      Yes, and ever since then, mankind has mucked it up because they have REJECTED the author of that moral code. There are consequence for rejecting it... and then we call God... cruel when we have no one but ourselves to blame.

      Come out of her, my people, lest you share in her sins, and lest you receive of her plagues.

      We have a choice. It was given to us. We can accept it... or not.

  6. Your paragraph brilliantly states:
    There is greatness in living as God intended, free and in dominion of no one but ourselves. Where we reject God and look to Man to provide for us, we fall into the trap of every other despotic force in the world. When we look to the state to save us, rather than our Christian brethren, we sacrifice everything noble in Mankind.
    Thank you. Like all truths, you said truth with economy of words.

  7. God bless you, TL,

    We must remember that before there was a U.S. there was an A.

    We Americans invented the United States to serve our public purposes. As it ceased to serve our purposes some time ago, run amok as it were, it lacks justification instead existing for itself, which is to say, it is a practical organized criminal syndicate.

    I submit that it is high time for us Americans to reassert our proprietary interest before we lose everything.

  8. TL,

    Perhaps the best you've ever written.

    I'm seeing an ever greater exposition of the moral basis for Liberty around the sphere. That's a very good thing.


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