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Monday, July 30, 2012

Eat Mor Chikin

No, I didn't forget how to spell, that is the message of Chick-Fil-A stores nationwide. It is a simple message. What is complicated is the left's explanation for why people should eat less chicken, at least less Chick-Fil-A chicken. Owner of Chick-Fil-A restaurants, Dan Cathy, stated his support for traditional marriage, that's the reason.

Despite the fact that until very recently this has been the position of Barack Obama, Obama has not been called a homophobic fascist as has Mr. Cathy. No one refused to let Obama speak because of his views on marriage. No one protested Barack Obama for his religious views. No LGBT group has ever attacked a Mosque for their views on homosexuality, which are far, far greater threats to diversity than anything a Christian business-owner has ever uttered.

Make no mistake, it is not Dan Cathy who is the ultimate target here, it is Christianity as a whole and punishing it by punishing its greater success stories is just a past time of the Marxist left. The Marxists don't want you to recognize that Islam is the greatest threat to homosexuals, with the death penalty taking the center stage of oppression.

As far as I am concerned until these groups, these civic leaders attack Muslim-owned businesses with the same zeal as they have attacked Christian-owned businesses and individuals, their cries outrage will always ring hollow. They are nothing other than bigots themselves, hate-filled fascists for attacking one religion and one religion only.

As an individual all I can do is Eat Mor Chikin. Not because I would discriminate against anyone, but because I detest the discrimination that is going on constantly against Christians in this society, a society oddly enough made up of about 83% claiming Christianity as their religion.

That seems odd, doesn't it? The fact remains because Christians will not stand up on Christian values for another Christian, or rarely is it so. But this is sort of different, the Mayors and City Council members who have denied permits to build Chick-Fil-A restaurants in their burghs increases the stench to the violation of freedom of religion. The forgotten part of the First Amendment is this: "...or the free exercise thereof (religion)." In other words, the government, any government under the authority of the United States is prevented from discriminating against any person, or business based on their religious beliefs.

No, Christians in general are not given to protest, it is just something they rarely do and they are losing ground politically in this nation because of it. The passage of Obamacare has whittled down their ability to refuse to participate in activities that promote abortion. They are being attacked on all of their core beliefs just to show the public that they have no moral standing on their beliefs and it is working, because there is still no protest.

The Chick-Fil-A issue presents a peaceful option, though. One doesn't need to hold a sign or go out into the streets to protest the actions of these government bodies and voices of irrelevant and hypocritical gay-rights groups (since they do not protest any Muslim organization). In this instance one might oppose these groups and these government bodies simply buy buying a Chick-Fil-A sandwich, and I don't just mean on Wednesday, the 1st of August as is suggested by some groups, but every day one is hungry and there is a Chick-Fil-A restaurant within driving range, or lunch hour. Go out of your way to visit one of these locations, even if you are not a Christian, but a patriot who believes the government ought to stay out of it.

It would be nice to see the out-pouring of thousands and millions of Christians finally stepping up to tell the government to butt-out, to honor the Constitution and the separation of Church and State, but in absence of that I would like to see the more peaceful approach utilized to the greatest extent possible. I will do everything that I can.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Stop Paying Taxes Now

For a long time now the trend has gone against the Constitution. The latest Supreme Court ruling that proves that as long as it is considered a tax the people can be forced to buy anything. The penalty for not buying shoes, handbags, cars or any other crazy thing they want us to buy to pay off their political friends can be as high as the products themselves so long as it is considered a tax.

The First Amendment has been under fire by hate speech crimes, by the the fact that one supports life over abortion and the laws against protesting certain political figures as long as the Secret Service denies the opportunity.

The Second Amendment has been denied in every important way already.

The Fourth Amendment has been under fire since the passage of the Patriot Act and has been heightened under the Obama Administration who seeks to use drones to surveil every movement of the people and the development of the TSA into an intrusive and invasive police force. 106 independent political organizations (towns and cities) have been given permission to begin flying drones over our heads to keep track of us, to identify organizations pursuing their First Amendment rights to peacefully assemble and petition the government for a redress of grievances.

The Fifth Amendment has been by-passed by all manner of invasions from forcible DNA samples to surveillance techniques unheard of before.

The Ninth Amendment has never been given any weight in a court of law.

The Tenth Amendment has been trampled on by government coercion and extortion.

The big question to ask yourself is why is the Sixteenth Amendment sacred to a point of violation the due process clause?

The government has been given a charter to provide a certain society to its citizens, in trade, we agree to pay taxes. But, that has all been turned on its head. We are forced to pay taxes to a government that regularly and arrogantly violates all of the other amendments to the Constitution that protect the individual.

It has recently drifted into areas that it has no business being involved in such as the provision of health care, the bailing out of banks and other lending institutions such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, it has bailed out unionized industries and provided low cost loans to green industry companies which have failed nonetheless and provided no relief to the taxpayers.

The president has, since the iinauguration, used the Executive Order to the point which constitutes an abuse of power all with no resistance from the Congress or the Supreme Court.

At some point the people need to step in and decide that certain abuses will not be tolerated. The only civil and orderly way to do so, the last resort given to us as citizens, without causing a civil war, is to withhold our tax payments, to stop paying taxes of any form in whatever way we can find. If that is to en mass refuse to file income tax returns, so be it.

This will not work if only a few people decide to do so, it has to come from the greater number of outraged citizens, too loyal to take up arms and too civil to protest such egregious actions of our government. The one and singular protest that will bring the government to the bargaining table is to cut off the funds they rely on to make the whole process work. IRS agents get paid from our tax dollars.

Obamacare will enlist thousands more IRS agents. It is time to take a stand before they have those reinforcements in place.

One's own conscience must be the guide on this initiative, but if there is a way to stop the abuses and return this government to a limited and responsible form it is only through tax dollars and the ultimate neutering of the Sixteenth Amendment. Otherwise, we might as well get used to the servitude we have been saddled with these past decades. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Fourth-Grade Reasoning and the Fall of the Constitution

Fourth-grade reasoning is ruining this nation. The fact that anyone in this nation thinks this way is disheartening enough, but to consider that Jerome Christensen is just typical of about 50% of the citizenry is just downright terrifying. His column on a Winona Arizona Daily News page found here, (H/T War on Guns) is just purely simple-minded garbage from someone who has never been taught to reason. His summation is if the Second Amendment would allow James Holmes to amass an arsenal, then maybe it is time to repeal the Second Amendment.

I wonder where this fellow was when the federal government allowed thousands of automatic and semi-automatic weapons to flow across the border? If a federal government would allow the transfer of a legitimate arsenal, not just a few pistols, a shotgun and an AR-15 semi-auto, then what should happen to that federal government? As he suggests about the Second Amendment, maybe it is time for it to go. I'm for that, at least those in charge of it at the time.

Mr. Christensen must not have been counting the thousands of Mexicans who were killed using those thousands of weapons transferred by Project Gunwalker, but he does count white people in a theater, does that make him a racist? One might never know.

For people like Christensen there is never enough ground to give on the side of the Constitution, as he says: "Times change. Our Constitution should change with them." Again, it is an orderly society they seek, a totalitarian society where the government is in control of the people, not the other way around. James Holmes could have just as easily tossed a few of his homemade grenades into the theater rather than use guns, but that seems to escape Christensen's logic.

Where is Christensen's call for the repeal of the Fourth Amendment? Would not a routine patrol through the apartments and homes of the city have revealed Holme's intent, preventing the slaughter? Would the repeal of the Fourth Amendment not also reveal all sorts of crimes taking place within a given city: meth labs, possession of illicit drugs, possession of child pornography, possession of human captives as is revealed every now and then and blazoned on every headline?

Where is Christensen on the hundreds and thousands of lives that are saved every year by gun owners defending themselves? I guess that doesn't prove his point, so it is left out of the discussion, but it is not lost on those of us who understand that there is no law that will keep weapons out of the hands of the lawless and one James Holmes does not erase a thousand who have defended their lives and the lives of others by the use of legally obtained weapons. Case in point here.

The massacre in Colorado is just one instance of things gone wrong, of a person gone wrong. It is not a society that is wrong, it is not a document that is wrong, it is a person. The whole world is an arsenal, if one wants to view it as such, but the desire to kill is personal, it is unhampered by laws or reason. The sort of carnage envisioned by Holmes was brought on as much by the Hollywood hypocrisy of hating guns, but continually glorifying them in their movies and television to make money. Still, it wasn't a movie or television that forced Holmes to his ends, it was himself and the lack of any sense of self-restraint.

Day after day the startling events of a nation are recited on the nations newspapers, dotcoms and TV news shows. There are over 300 million people in this nation, there are bound to be a fair share of nuts and lunatics in that number. We, the general public, hear of only a few of the more sensational that find their way through the cloud of persistent data begging for our attention. Because the greater share of that cacophony is liberal we mostly hear of the factoids brought forth to encourage us to get rid of some portion of our Constitution that stands in the way of the government taking a greater role in our lives. As if the government can fix it.

Christensen's logic, or the lack thereof, attests to only one thing: government control. He is an every day lackey of the system, of totalitarianism. Holmes built an arsenal of bombs and guns, he did that. Without the Second Amendment Holmes would have used chemistry to devise a poison gas; he would have set fire to the place; he would have constructed something resembling a tank to drive through the theater, etc. The desire to kill is the problem, not the method or tool used to implement it.

Holmes is unusual in that he acted on his impulse to make fantasy reality, as with the perpetrators of Columbine High School, the previous worst massacre in Colorado history. As media corporations seek to increase their profits, they produce things like 3D to draw in the viewing public, to make the experience more real. There is a line to be blurred and they readily try to blur it, they seek to erase the line between fantasy and reality. Sometimes it works, but that is not a cause, it is an opportunity for an individual mind, unrestrained by a sense of morality, to do as it pleases.

The Constitution, Mr. Christensen, was written with the underlying belief that morality would guide the hands and hearts of the populace. To the degree that morality is supplanted by the desire for self-gratification and legitimacy of one's own depravity people like James Holmes are bound to surface out of the social goo created by it.

Join me on EJ and the Bear this Saturday night July 28th at 9 to join in on a discussion of this post and other news.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The Time Is Upon Us

The purpose of this blog has always been about reasoning with those who happen upon its pages. It has been about trying to convince those who are able to step out and take up the work of restoration. I have sought desperately to find that solution that would enable the United States to function as the light of liberty cast into a darker Third World of oppression and degradation even as the darkness has settled upon it.

This blog has never personally attacked the other side, other than to identify them as Marxists. It is not my style to blame someone else for my troubles. Barack Obama is not to blame for pursuing the plans he has so readily and overtly had from the beginning. We are to blame for allowing our nation to fall into such depravity and self-loathing to have tolerated his political ideology to take root in this nation. Out of selfishness and wealth we have turned our heads and kept mum about the revolution taking place from the top down.

Oh yes, we have shouted our disapproval on these pages and others. We have attended Tea Party events and protested the worst of the egregious programs voted in by our representatives, but that was not enough, was it? We failed to constructively turn the ship of state around. This November will be nothing other than a joke where we elect Obama again, or someone quite similar. There is no choice and the evil things planned for us will go on undaunted.

My intent so long ago, when I started writing here, was to forestall the inevitable. I had to give it a try. I had to try and use the weapons at my disposal to turn some opinions around, to reach out and give comfort to those who saw the world as I do, but more importantly to try and do something that would stop the insanity headed our way.

We will soon be party to a filthy business. No one will get out clean. Either we will discover that we are capable of unheard of atrocities ourselves, or we will be consumed by the fires of hatred set by the very people we have voted into public office.

Look at your Mayor, your local policeman and imagine them for a moment not as the good people you see at church, or wave to on the street, but as the very people who will identify you as a terrorist and drag you out of your home to face obscure criminal charges made up in the desperation for control. You represent a threat to them because you speak your mind, or possess the ability to resist the next phase of captivity.

Yes, we are in the first phase of captivity as we speak. Our government has already been revolutionized beyond recognition and we are digital captives right now. They know where we are, who we are and how to get a hold of us at a moment's notice all by use of a computer and GPS. That is captivity. Try to escape. See how quickly you become a suspect once you try to erase your digital fingerprint. Those who have already gotten out are considered terrorists, those who are trying to get out are considered terrorists. It is nothing to put out an arrest warrant and instigate that visit from your local chum, the cop.

The cold war has been taking place for generations, the hot war is coming. It doesn't matter what happens on July 27th when the Senate considers the U.N. small arms treaty, because they are already prepared for the aftermath of a positive vote on it and once someone is already prepared, why not just go ahead and prosecute the event? The events in Colorado are just what they have been waiting for and a positive vote in the Senate would just fit right in, wouldn't it? But now, even if it doesn't turn out favorably, why shouldn't they just go ahead with the plan as if it had? What is one more Executive Order, after all?

This is the moment we all should have worked to forestall. This is the time in history all of us have been putting up stores against. This is when all of those Oathkeepers said they would stand up, yet they have been in meetings, they have gotten the script already, where are they? Have they said a word about the impending orders that will come after the 27th? No.

We see the battle lines clearly now, don't we? It doesn't matter how the vote goes, it is just a matter of time before Colorado becomes the reason rather than the vote. The plans are too well laid, don't you see? This is the big grab and they think they are ready for it. Whether through tighter regulations, or outright invasion, they mean to have our guns so they don't have to face them in the future.

My suggestion is simple. Don't take it lying down.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Defenders of the Realm

The interest of the average American today is an orderly society. They no longer care about how that society is constructed, only that order is established and maintained. Liberty is of no consequence to them, most do not know what is in the Constitution and are further baffled by those of us who do.

As noted here and elsewhere, the patriot is in the unenviable position of having to go to war to establish what has been established, but largely ignored in the attempts by government and people alike to establish a more orderly nation.

As each establishment is targeted and oppressed alarms are raised, but there is no general confederation of the oppressed. None seem to realize an attack on the church is also an attack on the Fourth Amendment. The connection is lost. Individualism is a good thing where it is understood that the protections afforded in the Constitution are broad-based and affect us all in one way or another. To fail to recognize this is the ultimate failure of our system.

Those who do not own or even understand the ownership of guns as a threat against tyranny do not care how many arms or people are restricted so long as it produces the orderly society they seek. Since they do not recognize that they might also be branded as those disrupting orderly society by their religion, they go along with all other abuses. When it comes to them, they wail and moan, but will not even seek or accept the confederation with groups they do not understand.

Those of us who recognize that any abuse is against the Constitution and therefore every citizen residing under its protection, we are as outraged when the Catholic Church is required to provide, or at least pay for, abortions as we are a U.N. treaty outlawing private ownership of weapons.

The revolution, as has been pointed out elsewhere, is taking place as we speak by the very politicians we have elected to protect the Constitution. We are the defenders of the realm, they are the invaders, the revolutionaries. We seek to stop the revolution, undo it, but like so many other revolutions it is supported by a wide diversity of those who seek to benefit from it.

When the revolution is instigated by the sitting government and its officials the people are in poor position to stop it, or even address it as such. Do we set up banners and proclaim our opposition to the revolution? Would anyone understand what we are talking about?

Barack Obama is the revolutionary, not us. We are the traditionalists, the Constitutionalists against whom he has begun his war. From the highest seat of government the revolution has begun. George the First (W.) made all of it possible and now the war is in full swing. No, the feds have not begun to round us up, because we are of no consequence. Any direct attack on the patriot/liberty movement would only build sentiment for the movement and that does not serve the revolution. Ignoring us and attacking the unorganized citizenry with edicts from the throne have worked quite nicely so far, why would they bother with us? We are just a noisy little rabble on the fringes.

There are many things that confound our action, all of which are not designed, but are consequences of other things that are designed. So, at whom do we direct our ire, exactly? If we could answer that simple question, we could work toward individual goals in that direction.

Who is most to blame? That is a tricky question because it most logically comes back to us, the people, the citizenry cheering for the revolution. It cannot be the president as he acts with the consent of the congress and the Supreme Court. Yes, it is all of them in one way or another. So, what institution do we focus on? Let us come to agreement on that first, then lets talk of action, of standing in the way of the revolution.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Sin of Inaction

This is the story of America. It was born long before it was established as a refuge from religious persecution. The allure was a land where the citizens might worship as they pleased, free from government endorsement of any specific sect such as the Church of England. The first immigrants were not seeking a land with no religion, but one of freedom to worship as one pleased.

To deny that this fact that has marked the United States as a religious refuge to the masses for over two centuries is to deny reality. Muslims today see this as a weakness to be exploited, to be used against us and even with my opposition to the Muslim faith as represented by suicide-bombers and wife-beaters, I am tolerant of their faith and their presence within these borders. We will have to sort good from bad another day, but now, I recognize their rights and desires to practice their religion free from government intervention or oppression. I am not so crazy about the government support they receive under this administration.

We are a Christian nation, even if not everyone in the nation is a Christian. We are Christian because we believe in those values that are important, given to us by God in the Ten Commandments. Our laws are based on those codes of conduct. There are a few truths one might count on in a land of deceivers and manipulators: 1) all rights are inherent to the individual and given to us by God; 2) we have the obligation to secure those rights to our posterity, lest they be destroyed and our children are unable to live in the manner prescribed by God, making them all guilty of our sin.  It is a sin, I believe, to walk away from that obligation, it is a sin much too great to be forgiven, because it enslaves generations. We might be willing to give up our freedom for security, but if rights are God-given, as I believe they are, we sin when we fail to protect them for the following generations.

If you are an American and a Christian and you do not see the obligation to fight to preserve the nation that has set so many at liberty across the globe, that has supported so many poor and disadvantaged across the seas, then I wonder how you can call yourself either. This is not a fight between liberal and conservative, it is a fight between salvation and damnation. No, not your salvation, but the salvation of billions of other souls who look only to the United States for their sustenance both of nourishment and of spirituality. Do your expect China to support the Christian outreach centers in Africa, who drill water wells, who provide medicine for HIV patients, who raise funds and create orphanages, schools and yes, churches? Will Russia do it? France? Spain? Portugal? Is not the suffering of billions enough reason to fight for the engine of salvation: the U.S.?

Our wealth, provided by a relatively free market and capitalism, has spawned our great humanitarian efforts worldwide. That will all end if this nation is allowed to continue in its despotism, its tyranny. The government will be working too hard to suppress the likes of me and so many others, so desperate to control our lives and funnel our production to their ends that all of that will go by the wayside. There will be no "disposable income" it will all be spoken for by the government. There will be no charitable causes greater than survival and paying taxes.

Free health care? For millions of Africans it is supplied by us, with our donations to charitable causes and church tithing, because we have it. When we don't, they won't. Their free health care, provided by us and a few other nations, will disappear and billions will die of AIDS. We will isolate ourselves from the world as China did, as the Soviet Union did. Without God, we are just another selfish, dependent nation breeding feeders, not producers. We are self-centered on what we can get from the government, not what we can provide to other nations.

I plead for the Christians in this country to wake up and understand what you sacrifice when you go to church and fail to see all that is crumbling around you, when you protect your soul and cast all others to fire. It is selfishness, it is unbridled ignorance. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Enemy of Law

We know we live in a tyrannical time. We know we are marginalized by the government, which has become our masters in every sense, from dictating what we buy, what we recycle, what we think about the issues (no, not for most of the readers here, but elsewhere in America), what we accept as our social mores. Conservatives are wrong, simple, put that on the front page and in the tease of every news program and you won't get it wrong by much.

What is wrong, however, is not conservatism, but Americanism. Belief in a nation whose citizens recognize no authority, but God's and act in the interest of liberty instead of fidelity to the crown. We should, as Danica Patrick said: "trust the government to do the right things." We should go about our lives, go to work and make the money to pay the bills of a bankrupt nation which has shifted its purpose from providing a platform on which the individual can bring every talent to bear to create, produce and employ the nation to a system based on theft and extortion. All government is a form of extortion. Perhaps we agree with some of it, like when they lock up those who have stolen from us or murdered our family member, but those weapons of justice have been turned against the productive to ensure their future compliance with the extortion.

Honestly, the only reason we have not cleaned this bunch out of Washington is because we all are still employed, still trying to provide for our families and so far it still works for us. My daughter is going to college this year, I would do anything to make sure she is able to graduate with a degree, to set her up for life in this nation, no matter how it actually works out. And yet, there is a call from my nation to set things right, to do my duty, to remind me that what she will inherit from my generation is slavery. But she is not in chains, she is not likely to be beaten and made to do hard labor, for that I would do what any father would. It just isn't that clear-cut, is it? It is the gray we struggle with, not the principle, not the will, not the ability, just that weird gray area where it is not yet time to strike, but when it is, it will be so futile, so pathetic.

The enemy of law surrounds us, growing stronger every day, building resources with which to annihilate us all, or bend us to their will. We are the ones who need to be done away with and I am sure they cannot wait for us to make a stand, to put the final nail in the coffin of the most ardent supporters of liberty, to wipe us out and point to us as an example of the excesses of the Constitution and the bad things it does to good people. Tsk, tsk.

I am not doing what I know I should. I am built for times like these, but which betrayal is greater? That is the question on my mind from dawn til dusk. Is it the betrayal of my government against me and my kind, or the betrayal I would serve up to my family by leaving them alone, with bills to pay and no defender when the bad times start?

If things were worse for them and I saw the hunger in their eyes and the loss of spirit, it would be an easy choice, but they hang on, they go on believing that it will work out. I am guilty of planting that in their heads, for surely as long as I am alive, it will. And then, I take myself out of that equation and where are they then?

It must have been similar in the first days of the Revolution. The original patriots or traitors as they must have been called, all had as much to lose as do I, maybe more, given the conditions of life and lack of life insurance.

I know the pulse of Americans, I know they feel much as we do, deep down. I see anger in many eyes at what is being done, but they are all busy living their lives, too. How can we inspire them? How can we set the stage for a reversal? We need to find the Excaliber that unites a kingdom. I know it can be done, I have seen miracles take place in this nation started by one movement by dedicated people. Abolitionism must have seemed stupid and corny at the time, given the economic incentives of slavery, but eventually it won out against all of the most powerful sources.

Preach the gospel of liberty, be willing to engage as many as you can, there are willing converts to its cause and very little encouragement is required, most are eager to hear the sermon, thirsting for the cleansing message.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Church of Liberty

Our nation is turning back toward slavery in a very real sense. One man might not keep another hostage, forced into labor to supply the wants of his master, but in every other sense the nation has turned to the same prescription as all the ages before.

What has been lost is the Gospel of Liberty, a gospel so strong that it created the United States of America out of nothing, freeing not only itself, but other nations threatened by the scourges of Nazism and Communism. It held at bay one of the greatest forces known to Man, the desire for security. The need for security is so strong that even good people will turn a blind eye to the fact that many will have to die to provide it. Soon, more will die as a result of restricted care, of prudent uses of resources, as those who died in the gulags and prison camps before them. Dead is dead and when the state makes the decision who lives and who dies it is on a par with the most murderous regimes the world has ever known.

We are there, now. Those in the patriot/liberty community speak often of reaching out to others, of community education on the value of liberty and the need to fight for it. There is a religion of liberty now facing persecution from the most powerful nation in the world and the people are being sold on the idea that they can all get free medical care (security) for the mere price of letting others die. They are making Sophie's Choice without the bat of an eye.

How far we have fallen from the people who looked tyranny in the eye and built a nation out of farmers willing to fight and die for the God-given rights of Man. What a brave people we once were. It was a bravery built on the concept of "righteousness will prevail."

Yes, we had slavery for nearly another hundred years, but where did the abolitionist zeal come from? From churches and clergy. It was from churches who believed in the sanctity of life and the gospel of liberty for all. They preached and preached about the sin of slavery and won converts to their cause. There were enough converts to divide a nation. I believe we were made to pay for that sin doubly, once in the horrors and decimation of the Civil War and again with the tyrannical national government it helped to embolden.

What the Christian ethic taught us as a people has been turned against us. Our charity has become an obligation, our desire to help others, as a Christian nation should, has been hijacked by collectivists and turned into a demand for payment.

America was once a place where freedom was possible and the power of liberty made us industrious and independent and able to reach for the stars with nothing deciding the destiny of our dreams but our own abilities. The free people of America made it a place of innovation and creativity and vast amounts of wealth. Out of the luxury of liberty we have come to a place in history where our very wealth is our greatest weakness. We have become so addicted to getting what we want no matter the cost that it has led us to the decision that others should die to provide us with something we otherwise cannot afford.

There is greatness in living as God intended, free and in dominion of no one but ourselves. Where we reject God and look to Man to provide for us, we fall into the trap of every other despotic force in the world. When we look to the state to save us, rather than our Christian brethren, we sacrifice everything noble in Mankind. Wherever the Church has stood aside, ruin has ensued: hospitals and medical care, schools and universities and above all government.

Where those who wield power over us no longer look to God to make their actions just, we get pushed and prodded and made to obey the power of the state. Where an oath to God means an oath to nothing we get leaders who are unbounded by humility and mercy. What good is a piece of paper on which words are written which require the administers of the law to swear before God, if there is no fear of retribution for their sin?

You are looking at it in the headlines of every newspaper in the nation. God intended Man to be free, the state is in direct opposition to that fact and the power behind it.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Open Letter to the Tea Party Nation

I read with interest several comments on the TPN website about a post of mine that had been reproduced there. Some very good questions were raised. Most of them about what I might have ever done, what I expected the Tea Party Nation to do, etc. Well, it was directed at the whole Tea Party, but TPN is a significant contributor to qualify.

What the Tea Party as a whole could be doing is reaching out to local PatComs, you can research the movement at any number of the websites on my sidebar and if your interests are the same, you might consider joining one, or putting one on yourself. If not, we understand.

Another thing would be to help fund a Liberty Defense Fund for those of us who are willing to push the buttons of the government that has taken everything from us. We will push back, but it is a lonely feeling in a jail cell with only your poor cellmates for comfort. I am not suggesting that we would do anything not legal under a proper understanding of the Constitution. But, what they make illegal by illegal means can only be challenged by accepting the fact that you will be arrested. A legal defense fund could help us exonerate ourselves and provide some interesting case law for the Supremes to hear. Either way, one does not have to support any action to provide funds for the defense of people who did nothing but stand their Constitutional ground.

You could push the politicians you have gotten elected to make a stronger case for investigations into the actions, as having Constitutional oversight responsibility, of many of the abuses of the Obama Administration, put up a fight for the Constitution.

Other than that, you might embrace us, even if from afar as kindred, if a bit unruly spirits. Disown us publicly if you must, but don't let us swing.

If you could help with these few things, you will find a group of individuals who cannot wait to poke the bear. We are, in effect, asking for a little paint and some hatchets to help us have our own little Tea Party.

I know you think this can still be handled politically. The Liberty/Patriot Movement rejects that completely. It is off the rails already, waving a lantern in warning will do no good now.

What have I done? I was with Judson at the first Tea Party Convention. I was at several Tea Party events where we faced off with SEIU, most notably in Grand Junction, CO and I was there at Glenn Beck's 9-12 event, I have evidence of everything I say, for the doubters. What I have done since is also known within this small, but able party of patriots. When I say I have pledged my life, my treasure and my sacred honor, I have lost all but one in the pursuit.

Where I broke with the Tea Party is when it refused to see that the gig was up, that no amount of favorable elections would ever change the avalanche of excrement headed our way. Time is short, the economic shell game cannot last forever. It is time to prepare and to start poking the bear, legally, but not without consequence.

Do a little of this homework and think about it, we are here and ready when we think we might get a little cover from our brothers.

T.L. Davis

Monday, July 2, 2012


This is the constitutional crisis the Tea Party has been waiting for. If ever there were justification for action instead of debate, the Tea Party has been handed their opportunity. If ever there were a reason to surround the Supreme Court in protest, this is it.


Yes, they are working to solve the constitutional crisis politically, but it can't be done politically. One might repeal Obamacare all they want, it does not change the ruling that throws open the doors to government control over one's life, over their health and over their death. The ruling cannot be repealed, it must be repudiated, Chief Justice Roberts must be impeached for abuse of power and/or treason and a new court must hear the arguments all over again. (Yes, I know Obama would insert a liberal justice, does it really matter?)

Logically, none of this can be done politically; not by electing certain members of congress, or by putting in power Republicans who have allowed all of the abuses of the Obama Administration without a single cry of protest.

There is no more important issue to a republic than the legitimacy of the vote, yet the Republicans have been largely silent on issues of voter fraud, except in their individual races. Eric Holder has not been made to pay for his statements that voter fraud cannot come close to the abuses suffered by "his people" so he will not prosecute clear and obvious examples thereof. That is reckless disregard for the very laws that substantiate and validate government at the beginning, it destroys the concept of legitimate elections, the one thing every politician needs in order to claim authority.

The Republicans have allowed Barack Obama to make illegal appointments, has tolerated his illegal Executive Order which would enable millions of illegals to become legal. That is a direct usurpation of Congress' power: Article 1, Section 8, fourth clause of Congress' power to "establish uniform rules of naturalization".

Republicans have allowed Barack Obama to purchase, not loan, private industry. Without a whimper, without a clamor, they have, as a body operating as a majority in the House of Representatives done nothing to hold this president accountable for his misdeeds and usurpations of Congresional power.

Electing them is going to make a difference? No, it will not. It will not turn back the hands on the clock, it will not give them backbone, it will not deter them from doing future damage to the Constitution themselves. Roberts was a product of Washington Republicans.

The Tea Party has formed itself into a political power of its own and has just as quickly proved itself to be as ineffectual and incompetent in that role as any other political power in the United States.

The Tea Party has always lacked an "if not..." counterbalance to its protestations, warnings and ultimatums. It has the power to force change, but it will not use it. It has become nothing more than a minor-league Republican support group.

Every avenue for the Constitutionalist and Patriot to demand and receive legitimate government has been denied. If not now, when? If not this, what? The crash and thunder that should have accompanied the Roberts ruling has not been heard. Those who still, despite all evidence to the contrary, think this government can somehow be righted are fools or cowards.

Right now, the Republicans in congress should be challenging everything the Obama Administration does, it should be holding investigations into abuse of power charges against every department under the direction of the administration: EPA, USDA, DHS, etc. To fail to do so is a capitulation of principles no future election or actions of the Republicans can reverse.

War has been declared upon the Constitution by those who directly benefit from its protections. Who else could do it? These are domestic enemies, there is no other definition that suffices. Is there any doubt? One might delcare that my statements are out of bounds, or too radical, but would they deny them outright? Is there one thing this government (including Republicans) have done, or not done that would support a defense for the charges I have made?

The Republicans are guilty of failing to support the Constitution by failing to invoke the power of congress to do what it clearly has the authority to do. It has the authority to not only hold Eric Holder in contempt, but to arrest and detain him to keep him from acting against the Constitution, but they will not do it, because they are afraid, they are cowards. By refusing to use the power of the Constitution they are destroying it as much as any Supreme Court ruling.

In absence of a champion, who would the Constitution look to for help? Those in power, capable and able to do it, will not. The Tea Party who has enough political capital to demand that those in power move to defend the Constitution, has not. Is it left to a ragged band of patriots? Why?

Why is it our job to move mountains and destroy ourselves in the simple pursuit of legitimate government when all of the power and all of the funds belong to those who will not do it and will not support us in our endeavors? These powerful and influential members of the conservative lobby protect themselves from bad press, but will willingly accept the fruits of our sacrifice, once dead and buried.

The Liberty Movement is being driven into a corner by both sides of the political structure: by the Democrats through open hostility toward the Constitution and by the Republicans for allowing it to go on unchallenged.

Why is it our burden? Perhaps we should rethink our objectives and our methods.