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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Singing On The Train

The true fact of life is that the SHTF in 2009. Everything since the announcement from George W. that we had to break free market principles to save the free market has been two-fold: A) keep the people from storming Washington and ransacking the place; B) give the elites enough time to hide their billions from the crash.

Enter Barack Obama and whoever pulls the strings, the Marxists, this is the economic chaos that has preceded almost every revolution, but the American Revolution. They knew it coming in, it was better than they had hoped. All the work had been done under George W.'s watch and it would be smooth sailing with popular support for the transition, the honeymoon would last years.

Enter the Tea Party. This is what has angered the liberals so much, the prize was before them, with a president who would pursue the end game and then enough of the American people woke up that the Marxist transition became work. The harder the Marxists pushed, the more they wanted to take, the more difficult it became. Obamacare was supposed to be a walk in the park, it was not. The Tea Party erupted over it and nothing has been the same.

So, while 2009 was the year the SHTF, there have been some clever moves made to hide it, to distract the people from what actually happened. Some of them figured it out, but not enough and they were elderly and non-violent so even though there was some significant resistance, it was all political, it wasn't anything the Marxists couldn't work around, but it's now taking much more time than they thought. I don't think there was supposed to be a 2012 election at all. There still may not be.

Obama continued on the original path that he had planned, or someone did, Soros probably. Obamacare and the resistance to it threw them off, but they haven't stopped anything. Look at all they have been able to put into place anyway, bold, in-your-face moves. Why? Because it is the script, they just thought they could order it, they didn't think they would have to sell any of it.

So, the Tea Party bought some time for the patriots to organize and the trillions in debt has bought the Marxists some time to finish up.

The Marxists haven't stopped their pursuit of American wealth and power and the Tea Party hasn't stopped blocking the road, they are just not butting heads in a physical way, it is a cold war of sorts. Perhaps it is a sideshow, if you want to look at it that way, it doesn't make any difference.

This is the situation as we know it. But, when people talk of when the SHTF, it makes no sense. When they wait for a leader after the SHTF, it is confusing. It already hit the fan, just because one refuses to recognize the excrement sandwich they are eating, doesn't mean their breath doesn't smell like it.

I know it's hard to go to work everyday, make enough to pay the bills, look at your children across the table from you and not feel like everything is sort of too normal for things to be this bad. It feels like it should be worse, or something, like the other shoe has not dropped, but I tell you that is an illusion. It is like a spirit who doesn't yet recognize they are dead.

I have broached the subject of leadership lately on a few blogs to get the feel of where the mentality is, what people are feeling and thinking about. It is terrifying. America is dead and no one is willing to accept it, that the big event they have been waiting for has already come and gone and just because another payment has been made on the credit card, they think there is some event about to happen. Maybe if a few more payments can be made things will turn around. It won't.

While we, the Patriot/Liberty Movement is waiting, idling the time away in anticipation of an event that happened three years ago, the others have been putting in place everything for the transition and we get mad every time they put something else through, more laws, more freedoms disappearing, more spying on the people, UN laws accepted as US laws and we get upset. That is the war going by, folks, it is happening all around you, to you. Just because you haven't felt the bayonet in your back, it doesn't mean it isn't there that it isn't just a matter of time before people start disappearing. You see blue sky and think that when it gets bad, you will react.

You haven't and may never as long as you can sing songs on the train to the camp. 


  1. What do you propose we do? Perhaps you should break this trend of lamentation, step up, and lead.


  2. I know plenty about the enemies of liberty and freedom. I've been fighting the good fight for 12 years. I spent that time attempting to educate the masses as a news aggregator and distributor. Awakening the masses is no longer the solution to winning the war. Millions are already awakened. Unfortunately the bad guys are running the show, and because they control the government, our elected officials, and the media - they are winning the war. Their end game is to steal as much as they can before they crash America and the world, kill off 90% or so of us - and then surface and rule what's left. How do we beat that? I don't know.

  3. 300,000,000 (MILLION) people in the U.S. and you ask what we can do???

    300,000,000 (MILLION) people against a few thousand?? Really nothing we can do huh??

    Even if lets say, I don't know 50,000,000 of us actually fight and do something, I bet a lot of this stops, and the U.S. stands on her feet again. But do YOU have the BALLS to fight???

    Our do you have the disease known in America as, " It's all about me syndrome "

  4. take the hard line with Obama supporters.

  5. Every day we should pray for this all to start, and then right after that we should pray for forgiveness since there will be a horrendous loss of life (the humanitarian disaster and not battle)...

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

  6. Seems like the default position of people (most of them anyway) is apthey. Between the make believe mentality, welfare mentality and 'don't bother me' mentality only a few are left to take a stand. Make no mistake, our enemies are well financed, have the message machine and a strong following. If the collaspe happens, expect a nasty time with no certain outcome.


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