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Friday, June 29, 2012

Power To The Admiring Serfs

I am grateful to Justice Roberts for making the last fatal decision of the Supreme Court. It has taken the mask of righteousness away from that body for good. They cannot go back, they cannot appear true arbiters of Constitutionality. To the extent that this ruling has dropped the scales from the eyes of the Tea Party, the medical establishment and the religious, who thought there could be some rational conclusion coming from one government body to another, it was good news.

The Supreme Court is government as much as any senator or congressman, as much as any president. It is clear that validating the goals and desires of government is the purpose of the Supreme Court in this age, even if they have to rewrite the law to do it.

Better news came from the House of Representatives that voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt. Yes, racism had to be injected into it, there is no other means of defense for the indefensible, but to make a show of it all, to discredit it in any way possible. Now, he must be tried and convicted, but that will take some time and who knows how that will turn out? It doesn't really matter since the very nature of the people's relationship to government has changed, at least to some who had not yet figured it out.

For us in the patriot/liberty community nothing at all has changed. We know now what we knew yesterday. That some others might come to the conclusions we have come to long ago, I guess there is some positives that could be taken from the day's events.

One more line crossed, one more day without revolt. Vote for Romney is all we can do, it is all that will be done as we watch the slow unravelling of society as it tries to cope with the disaster that Obamacare will bring to everything that it touches.

Perhaps now, if one is a dedicated patriot, is the time to infect the Tea Party with some huevos. To point out to the disillusioned that there is only one way back to Constitutional fidelity. Ballots and pledges have not worked, they have only secured justification for the criminals in high office to claim a purpose, to provide them with the next campaign slogan that will ensure their elections, so they can become the elite to weild the power of the federal government over the heads of their admiring serfs.

I will watch with interest the coming fallout from the day's events. I will scour the media for willing recruits to the cause. If we do nothing else, we should scoop them up and enlist their passion to join us. Build tribe. Let those who held out hope for our republic find solace and direction with in our camp.


  1. We've tried the soap box, and ballot box, I think we can just about forget the jury box......

  2. The same thing will happen to Holder as did Reno during that administration.
    Remember that? Never came up for a full vote. Nothing.
    Move along now.


  3. The only solution is to go to guns.



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