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Saturday, June 2, 2012


Here's the question: Is it better to let someone lead who is so intent upon it that his leadership will provide cohesion to the Liberty Community? We are now a ragged bunch of individuals seeking only self-defense against a tyranny better thought out, better prosecuted than our efforts toward liberty. We are behind, struggling with some manner of discourse with our fellow citizens that will wake them up, that will save them so that we might have reinforcements. But, we are approaching the moment when we can no longer look out for the sports enthusiasts and game show attendees among us.

If we banded together tightly, how many would there be? 300? I doubt it. What is that? One thousandth of one percent of the population?

I am not being defeatist, but I have watched this community being ripped apart, divided from the beginning. Two factions become five, five become twelve until we are doing nothing more than sitting alone in our bunkers waiting for the knock on the door to make our individual valiant attempt at resistance.

Principle? There are only a few left to us, stand together or die alone. Those are principles. Honesty, integrity, truthfulness, purity? I don't know. I can have them for myself, but do I distance myself from all of those who do not? That would leave precious few in my tribe. Anyone could be an agent provocateur, anyone, so who do you trust? No one, that's who and so again, one is alone in the bunker.

Who trusts you? Why should they? Would you put your life in MY hands, the lives of your wives and children? I wouldn't. Again, alone.

Were an FBI, DHS, LEO intent on sowing discord and division, it could not be done any better than this.

I have been quiet these past weeks knowing all of this, wondering if I should say something, or just melt away. It doesn't take much to fall off the radar, to become invisible. Shut down the blog, go away. As easy as tending to my own, I distance myself from everyone and everything. I have fought this compulsion steadily, so before I go...

Let me break something to you: we need a leader. The process of divining that very individual is happening now, whether that is clear to everyone, or not. I don't care who it is, to be honest with you. Pick anyone you want, pick the DHS agent among us for all I care, it can't have any greater disaster written on it than all of this bickering and name-calling and dividing up sides.

Again, alone.

I had greater hopes for the Liberty Community, the Threepers, et al. There is the supposition that by being local that we will somehow survive the first die-off...and then what? We emerge to a scene out of the French Revolution where the FSA vilifies and destroys the capitalists and constitutionalists? Many more of them than us and they don't need guns.

I have been accused many times of not seeing the whole picture, of not buying into the program, of being naive, of not prepping enough, of not buying enough guns, etc. Here's how naive I am: as I see this playing out there won't be much to survive for.

My dreams had been to help an unwilling public come to grips with the facts that will readily reveal themselves to one and all. I had hopes that I might be able to convince more to fight for the rights given to us by God and secured by the Second Amendment. Now, I see that the unity we needed to accomplish anything...anything is being squandered in an attempt to commandeer and control the movement.

Well, by all means, get to it. If you intend to lead, then step out there and claim leadership, let the few who refuse your leadership fall by the wayside. If you can, bring this motley crew to bear, shape it up, get it ready to fight and lead. I'll follow, if you are competent.

One thing I know, we should not be worrying about setting aside stores, those should have been secured long ago. Guns, again, long ago. What we should be doing is building tactical teams and being given orders to secure this, or disrupt that...and we are not. We won't do it on our own, individually, I have seen how well that works out.

So, I say again, I will forgive your lack of integrity, your lack of honesty about your intent, your lack of purity to the ideals of the founders, let others worry about that. It is time to lead and if we are not ready to follow, shame on us, if you are not ready to lead, shame on you.

Here's how naive I am.  


  1. Don't go away yet, you are not the only one thinking like this. "All we need is a leader."

  2. Perhaps looking for a leader is the exact opposite of what is needed.

    Large, leaderless or autonomous groups with common goals or sets of principles are far more effective.

    What are the movement's principles?

    What are some tasks autonomous groups can take to further the principles of the group?

  3. I'm not certain the premise that the Liberty Movement was once a singlular, homogenous entity that is now divided holds.

    That point aside, "A Leader" may be just what is needed by a percentage of FreeFor. If folks want "A Leader" with a title, with authority to speak and act on their behalf, and if potential "Leaders" come forth and honestly disclose their positions, their intent and goals, I'll support the process as best as I am able for folks to find that person.

    If such a process helps motivate people to prudent action, it has potential benefits. Many folks will opt out, but I suspect many would respond favorably.

    Sadly: Those who will want the title are not worthy of it, and those who are worthy of it, will not accept it.


  4. "If folks want 'A Leader' with a title..."

    ...then they're probably not folks you want to deal with. Live. Let live.

    Every person has exactly the same leader, whether he admits it or not.

    And there is nothing besides integrity and honesty. How could being a leader possibly trump that? Have we all gone mad? If you want a leader, especially a dishonest there really a shortage of those?

    I nearly came unglued when I read that "call to action" about the rocks. "Call to action?" What the hell is that about? Somebody else is going to call to action and I'm going to do something...something I didn't do on my own without the call to action? I mean, really now. It might be one thing in a tactical situation, but as a plan to live one's life?

  5. Perhaps one can compare the III Percent to the TEA Party movement in the sense it is not a formal organization with dues, newsletters, etc. The III Percent is an idea expressed by like-minded individuals. The same as the TEA folks. Sadly as the media discovered the TEA effort, local TEA groups were infiltrated by establishment Republicans and Neocons. The movement was hijacked and thus lost its intent. Those within the original TEA movement allowed the hijacking to happen. TEA folks are their own worst enemy.

    I myself have differed on blogs with several III type folks. I'm very nationalistic. I don't believe in helping other countries with our blood and treasure. I don't believe in promoting and endorsing foreign, especially Commie Chinese junk, over fine, similar products still made in the USA. I have chastised those in the III movement who continue to endorse and support the same political careerists, example: former IRS lawyer Michelle Bachmann. For the III Percenters who believe such ideals reflect those of the movement Bless You. But for me, those types of III Percenters are not my cup of tea (no pun intended).

    We III are not formal. We don't have rules or by-laws or policies. We are few. As CA says at Tribe, local Patriots. For even in a large infantry unit, company, battalion, brigade, the numbers don't count. The only thing that matters when it starts raining incoming is who is on your left, who is on your right, and what you can see to your front. NOTHING ELSE MATTERS.


  6. The only thing I am saying is that we haven't really done jack without a leader. Should you do something on your own? Sure, go to it. If Jim Klein does not need a leader and won't take one, and won't do anything he doesn't want to do, I am sure his AO is spic and span of any illegal unconstitutional activity, because he dang sure would have taken care of it by now.

    My only point was that if we need people together who we trust and respect to get anything done, well, there are dang few of those people I have ever met and there is certainly not the time to meet and get to know the 9 million that would represent III%. If we cannot act without knowing what is unknowable, then we cannot act and it is time to move on to other devices.

    1. "If Jim Klein does not need a leader and won't take one, and won't do anything he doesn't want to do,"

      C'mon, I didn't say all that. Plus, nobody will do what they don't want to do---not ever. The very utterance is technically oxymoronic.

      I wrote two primary identifications, and they both stand...

      "Every person has exactly the same leader, whether he admits it or not."


      "And there is nothing besides integrity and honesty."

      You know they're both true. The first is a simple fact,absolutely undeniable. The second is debatable in a fashion, but I happen to know that you agree with it, because you've written enough to make it clear.

      If I'm wrong, then just say so. Is there something more valuable to you than your integrity and honesty? If so, what?

      "I am sure his AO is spic and span of any illegal unconstitutional activity, because he dang sure would have taken care of it by now."

      That would be something, eh? What's the point, that it's wrong to throw bricks through some nitwit's window, but it's right if Mike calls for it to happen?

      My point was, and is, that rightful action cannot depend on some leader declaring it to be a rightful action. I find it hard to believe you really disagree with that, but if you do, I'm all ears.

      "My only point was that if we need people together who we trust and respect to get anything done,"

      Right! This is what we agree about, and always have. The response is only too obvious: "So be one."

      Further, I know that you are one. I'm just pointing out that others will be too, when they decide...not when you or I want them to decide.

      "Every person has exactly the same leader, whether he admits it or not."

    2. I know you are right on many of your points, Jim, but we can't all decide to act only when it suits us, to do only what we like, no organization works that way. No company can be run on those principles. Accepting leadership does not minimize the effort or the importance of the individual, but it gives it some structure, it allows several individuals to set aside their priorities for the bigger objectives.

      Also, being a person of honesty and integrity as I feel you are, does not mean we need the same out of our leaders, sure it's great when that is the truth, but often the leaders are the lesser of the unit, not the greater.

      I am not naive and neither are most of us, so to expect the exception rather than the rule does not further our goals, which I might point out, is to arrive at greater liberty, not less.

    3. In the old days, I'd be pointing out how "having leaders" and "greater liberty" aren't prima facie synonymous!

      But these days, I point out how excellent your first paragraph is, and how it's contextual. Obviously in most tactical situations--business, sports, battlefields, to name just three--team formation and the necessity of leaders is clear. If this turns into a literal battlefield, I'll be taking orders. But that's not very likely, for various reasons.

      I'm not trying to prove leadership is a valueless skill. I've been nothing but self-employed for 33 years. That's leadership, of something anyway. You don't do it by following.

      Of course leadership is necessary, but it's done in the context of individuals living their own lives. THAT'S the "bigger objective" and that's what must NEVER be forgotten. It's to LIVE ONE'S OWN LIFE. There is no bigger objective, even as there can be a team situation where one puts one's actions in the hands of a leader or manager. Even when he puts his very life in that man's judgments, it's because his own judgment causes him to believe that's the wisest thing to do. So unless someone's talking about actually mustering, this is all much ado about nothing. Literally REQUIRING a leader, like to literally live, means one has made some mistake somewhere.

  7. No one or nothing can ever dissuade me from believing in the greatness of this Republic and its people, it's foundation of ideals of Liberty and the idea of rule of law.

    I will never surrender. I will never submit. I will always carry with me in my heart the wonder and beauty of Liberty.

    I don't give a shit about these assholes robbing us blind, stealing our prosperity, pointing their fingers at folks like us calling us terrorists and extremist, making rules and edicts to create the illusion of power, kiss my arse.
    Up all their arse's!

    A lot is going to happen in the next 2 years.

    I think we live in a time where things have to get worse tyranny wise before the dynamic changes that creates the great melting pot of redress to Liberty. Where the leaders will come from.

    There is another angle to all this. I'm betting there's folks like don't want to hear of it. Peaceful redress. It's beginning. A lot of folks in the liberty movement pooh pooh the tea party. It's not the commercialized version, but the ground swell tea party made up of millions where the great power of the sovereign lays. This has to run it's course for better or worse. Better and Liberty is assured. Worse, and this is where the hard case redress comes from. This is the legions and it's leaders. This is what scares the ruling elite white. Why do you all suppose the incredibly dynamic and thrilling idea's of bringing the fight to the treasonous and corrupt through the process of peaceful redress that Sarah Palin espoused was attacked with such ferocity? Why the 5th column went after her with such vile vehemence? The mere existence of a grass roots rejection of the bullshit and lies, the traitors and treason, the economic tyranny and war on our prosperity, is the existential threat to these bastards. Sure the prospect of armed violent revolt to their tyranny is not discarded out of hand. It is the war of hearts and minds that they fear most. And those hearts and minds of a nebulous grass roots uprising of peaceful lawful redress through the process of rule of law and natural law of Liberty and dignity of man is something that contains power that can not be defeated, can not be denied.

    I think it needs to be given every consideration, that there exists millions of good folk in America who whilst they surely grasp the resorts to armed constitutional redress, and many are preparing, it is the option of last resorts.
    But furthermore, it is the notion that once the plug is pulled, where armed revolt begins, all hell is going to break loose. Everything breaks down. The crazies and the blood-lustful, the criminal instincts, pogrom and balkinization, gangs and tin pot potentates, all and more, come out of the woodwork, and it's a fucking free for all. A clusterfuck where this great nation becomes a sitting duck vulnerable to not only every psychopath domestically, but the hordes of tyrants that populate the rest of God's green earth. There's a lot of folks with an axe to grind when it comes to America.

    Careful what one wishes for.

    It has taken 80 years for this system of tyrannical pillaging of our treasure, this cultural corruption of our sovereign system of rule of law, 80 plus years of Fabyan deception, a century of the long march to brainwashing of generations in order to overthrow our constitutional republic from the inside out.

    The serfs are getting restless and American's make rotten slaves. American's make for the worst kind of careful vengeful enemies of those who will not stop robbing and trespassing them.

    I don't care what any one says.
    It is a testament of the highest order to the good nature and respect for the rule of law and common decency of people of America, that the only trigger pulling going on is from the direction of tyranny.
    Those in power do not understand how lucky they are they are not swinging on a rope.

    1. Are you offering an over-under on that two years?

    2. Hey Jim!
      Hope you are doing well.

      What I'm offering Jim, is the truth.
      I'm the truth.
      I'm the worst nightmare of tyranny.
      I think.
      I have a mind I use to seek the truth.

      I believe in this place called America. A Republic created from the concept of rule of law, natural Liberty, the rights of man before above and beyond any entity or construct of power but God, and my freedom.

      I believe in something so grand it defies definition of how important it is to me.
      I believe what The Constitution stands for.

      I'm the nightmare of fear and loathing coursing through obama and his minions dreams.
      I'm the nightmare of the corruption rife within our representative form of government.

      I believe in we the people.
      I believe in the sovereign rule of power we of the people have.

      I don't have to lie, or spin, or create memes from whole cloth.
      I don't have to produce propaganda or agitprop.
      I don't have to steal the prosperity of others.
      I don't have an agenda.
      I don't have ulterior motives.
      I don't digress.
      I don't want to overthrow this Great Nation from the inside out.
      I don't hate the people of this Great Nation or what they stand for.
      And I certainly do not know what is best for others.
      I do know what is best for me.

      I know what I am about, I know what this great nation is about.
      I know tyranny when I see it.
      I know the truth.

      I'm an army of one.

    3. Mt Patrior, you write of "Liberty" ? We have little Liberty here. The Republic is long dead. "Liberty" ? Surely you jest ? Lucky to have a mortgage paid for ? Have house payments you make on time but decide to forego the property taxes ?. Watch how fast your local know the guy with a gun and a badge, comes and tells you and your family to get OUT of his house.

      "Liberty" ? I've got a bridge I could sell you....

      DAN III

    4. I think we live in a time where things have to get worse tyranny wise before the dynamic changes that creates the great melting pot of redress to Liberty. Where the leaders will come from.

      Agreed and posted.

    5. No argument from me, MTP; never is.

      I'll take the under. No way it'll take Romney more than a year to do what needs to be done. All the bloggers will be wishin' they still had Obama You heard it here first.

      This is bad, but it ain't as bad as the trains to the camps and ovens. It takes a leader to do that.

  8. Local, and local. Build a Tribe. That's all I care about right now. A leader will show up. Can Tribes Unite and resist till then?
    Papa Mike

  9. We need a leader and a well-organized and well-funded system in place. I'll add to it that the FF were a diverse group, as are we, but they were in a much more compact area. We are spread out over the entire country, united by the internet. Many of us have those core values you mention, but not all. Many of us have financial resources at our disposal to buy guns, ammo, supplies and build shelters to house that materiel. Many of us do not. We are united by a common desire: To protect and defend the Constitution and its values and to live as free men unfettered by unnecessary and illegal government intervention. We are also united by the internet.

    So, what to do now? Who wants to lead? A leader must be vetted properly. I will not blindly follow some schmuck who has White Supremacist ideals he is hiding from the rest under the guise of being a noble defender of the Constitution.

    So, what to do, indeed...

  10. TL,

    We gave up our Liberty one at a time, alone. That is the way we will regain it.

    Most people, looking at our troubled country with its long history of injustices and human suffering, will attribute our declining Liberty to the greed, ignorance, and hatred of others. Rarely does anyone consider the possibility that his own attitudes, perceptions and beliefs may be the root cause of most of the country's suffering and declining Liberty.

    But in almost every case, they are.

    That is the way we will regain it, one at a time, alone.

    Now we've got to replace this bill of goods we've been sold and swallowed hook, line, and sinker.

    First we have to stop believing these lies ourselves and live our lives as moral freemen.

    Then we have to help as many other people as possible do likewise and when we do.... "government\authority" will implode upon itself when the foundation of lies it was built upon is exposed and replaced. I love to watch implosions when supporting structures are blown away.

    Then once again liberty will prevail.

    Its a lot like proselytizing one soul at a time. This is winning back one psyche at a time until we achieve sufficient mass to make a difference. Think of Rose Parks, "I won't move to the back of the bus." She decided to take her Liberty back.

    We as individuals must believe that "You're not the boss of me and I won't be your slave"

    Two little words. Standing up and saying "I won't" makes all the difference in the world. We can't, in most instances do it alone or we will be crushed one by one. The civil rights movement showed that when enough people say "I won't" at the same time, there is nothing that can be done by the "government to retain control."

    1. I believe everything you wrote, I do so now and will always. The problem is, nothing substantial has changed in the nearly 30 years I have been doing so.

      The wheels of change are in motion, we don't have three more decades to figure this out. That's all.

  11. "Sadly: Those who will want the title are not worthy of it, and those who are worthy of it, will not accept it."

    While true in principle K, this is not always the case in practice. When no one else want the job, nor will anyone accept responsibility for the job, you may find leaders in the most unlikely places.

    I believe that when the Movement calls, leaders of principle will step forward. Perhaps we will see in November.

    "If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader."
    ~John Quincy Adams

    This leadership quote recognizes that leadership is about what you do–not your title or position.

  12. I posed this question the other day to a fellow patriot: when the U.N. comes after our guns after the vote on ATT in July, is it each man for himself? Will we meet in taverns and hall as our Revolution fathers did when plotting against the British Crown? Can we assemble and organize when big brother is now able to hear and see everything since the "patriot act". Will we have to resort to the "Mad Max" or "The Postman" movie tribes modis operandi? Is it even possible to fight this fight. All one has to do is watch what they are doing to targets in Afghanistan and Pakistan with drones. They have been training Russians in Colorado. Recently, they have been doing mock martial urban training in Tampa with multinationals. They (our government) have been planning for this for years and now starting to do in your face stuff to show what we would be up against. Our military will not be the ones doing the enforcement... The criminals at the
    U.N. would be in charge of it. The Aussies and Brits rolled over like dogs when they confiscated thier guns. One good read on how they intend to do it is "America Disarmed" by the NRA's Wayne LaPierre.

  13. If they come for your gun will you surrender it willingly? I won't. Like others, I have made that choice. I have lost so much to government meddling in the last 4-5 years. All I worked for for 35 years. I have nothing left to give or lose. Anyone else out there in the same boat, or are most of us still living comfortable lives of ease, home, car and boats intact, credit scores in the high 700's or 800's, 401k's and retirement benes, medical and dental? I have little of that left. How many of us know what it's like to have to work overtime for straight time with osteoarthritis just to pay the rent and bills, and believe me brothers, it isn't because I don't have skills. I've got the resume and portfolio to back my skills up. It's the economy. A job IS the new promotion. I haven't got shit left except my guns, pawned and bought back several times over the past few years just to buy groceries. Which one of you in this thread is in my shoes? I'm not looking for sympathy or a free ride on someone else's coattails. I work. That's just my personal story. And I'm not advocating armed dissent, I've been to Kerodin's and I know the issues he's had with others. But a cause needs a leader and financial backing to work. Otherwise, we're on our own, and we will stand separately.

  14. A leader is one who demonstrates by example, inspires others to great action, makes hard decisions, understands the value each member of his tribe brings to the table, surrounds himself with intelligent people, and then clears the path to let them do their work.

    A man or woman selected to speak or act on the behalf of like-minded people is a spokesman.

    A spokesman can be a leader, but is not necessarily a leader by act or definition and vice versa.

    A quick review of historical examples will demonstrate the political arm is typically the voice, or spokesman acting and speaking on behalf of the movement. The tactical arm is, obviously, the active operators. The political/public spokesman may not even know who the operators are (and in my opinion, shouldn't). Understanding how an infrastructure will come together is paramount. Galula and Martino as authors on the subject come to mind.

    The Liberty movement already has small unit leaders in their respective localities. Some are excellent; some not so much, but that is being handled by the local people and should not be of concern at this point, except to encourage, through the blogosphere, increased knowledge and training, much like that seen at Mosby's site.

    What is lacking nationally in the "Liberty Movement" is a uniting principle or principles that will galvanize the local leadership to network outside of their AO's and then move their people in (generally) the same direction: The return of government to operating limitations dictated in the Constitution, aka, "Restore the Constitution."

    Once that is achieved, all those things seen as necessary and lacking will follow, to include material support.

    The current barriers precluding these achievements boil down to one word at all levels: Ego.

    Ego precludes the subordination of self to a greater cause or higher authority. We've seen it playing out time after time after time. One man described it over on WRSA as a "circular firing squad." Ego falsely builds self-esteem to the point that the individual rifleman will refuse to sacrifice himself or any creature comfort unless every other member of his group sacrifices also, which breeds cowardice in the field.

    To hammer out the principles that will form the banner people will follow, we, as a movement, must discipline our own egos (that means accepting criticism at times (even if not phrased in the best of terms), not demonize each other or argue over truly petty issues in public venues, work with people we might not like or even despise (so long as they are working toward the same goal), put aside small differences in perception, and encourage the most people possible to get active with their local AO groups. We must support any action by our own that furthers the goal of restoration. We must agree that an attack on one is an attack on all, and abide by it.

    Once we get there, the movement will move forward.

  15. "Ego falsely builds self-esteem..."

    LOL. What if it TRULY builds self-esteem? What of it then?

    Don't worry Trainer, if it ever comes to it, I'll easily take orders from you. And I take orders well, too. Let's hope it doesn't come to it.

    Erinyes, I've been saying the gun issue's been dead for a while. I mean at this stage, how many people are going to willingly hand over (or even register) their weapons? "Here, boss, it's yours." Not too many, I gotta hunch.

    I agree with what Smithgroup55 wrote; I thought it was a great comment. I'm with Reverend Ike: The best thing I can do for the poor is not become one of them.

    Maybe the best way to have a life of liberty, is to live one. Yeah, I know...easier said than done. Still, it can't hurt to know what the hell one is trying to do.

    1. JK - I should have written,"....uncontrolled ego," because you are correct: Ego does build self-esteem and is necessary to develop what it takes to do what we are aiming to do.

      Thanks for making that distinction!

  16. Remember, although Washington, Adams, Jefferson and many others were great men, the times made the man. That very thing may happen again.

  17. Dear TL,
    It is a matter of legitimacy.

    Great strides have been made by you, all those in the new media of Liberty, each in their own way have contributed fundamentally to an awakening, an awakening with it roots firmly planted. Along with all of us who partake in the discourse to truth to Liberty. It is the spreading of the gospel of Liberty.

    Our founders established legitimacy. It was one of the fundamental core requisites to establishing a movement that gave leaders standing among the people. Gave rise to the reasons for leaders.

    I'm proud of you TL. Proud of what you are, proud of what you represent. Proud to be in your company others who partake in this discourse to Liberty and redress. You have inspired me, I look to you for answers. You are a leader in your own right. And you want to know why?
    It is because I believe in you, I believe in understanding what you write. I believe I am not alone. That's the truth. It is a truth among many truths. That is the dynamic and the paradigm that blossoms into what made it possible for this Republic and Liberty to be born.

    I got lots to say on this let me tell you.

    My regards.

    1. Thank you. Your comments show yourself to be among those you honor.

  18. Holy Shit!

    That's EXACTLY what I would say. Good job MTP.
    "Montani Semper Liberi"

    "I'm proud of you TL. Proud of what you are, proud of what you represent. Proud to be in your company others who partake in this discourse to Liberty and redress. You have inspired me, I look to you for answers. You are a leader in your own right. And you want to know why?
    It is because I believe in you, I believe in understanding what you write. I believe I am not alone. That's the truth. It is a truth among many truths. That is the dynamic and the paradigm that blossoms into what made it possible for this Republic and Liberty to be born."

    TL, you have the card. Place it on the table when the time is right.

  19. The key thing, IMHO, is what Mosby said the other day in this post:

    "... Do not be discouraged that you can't get more people to wake up to the need for preparedness and training. Take the people you do have and develop a training program that emphasize the quality of expertise. Make them masters of the fundamentals. Use them later to teach the newcomers, and you've created a force multiplier in each man..."

    If you are all you have, learn what you need to learn, while hardening your heart and your body, by any means necessary.

    If you are two, learn what you need to learn, while hardening your heart and your body, by any means necessary.

    Ditto for three, four, five...or a hundred. Mosby and hundreds of others are providing the "how" all across the country, as does the wealth of information still available in hard copy and the 'Net. Shooting, moving, and communicating are still the basis for successful action.

    Do not despair. Keep working on your fundamentals. Learn the 5WH (who, what, where, when, why, and how) on Bad People in your AO, and plan how to exploit that information.

    Things need to get much worse, and people need to get much angrier. Do not waste yourself. You are too valuable.

    Your time will come. Bank on it.

    And when it does, General Rommel had a good standing order, which (tweaked slightly) often flies as the WRSA mission banner:

    In the absence of orders, find something evil and kill it.

    68 years ago tonight, the word went out over the BBC Radio Londres program broadcasting to occupied France:

    Blessent mon cœur d’une langueur monotone...

    Do not think of yourself and your tribe as part of the Big Green Machine.

    You are Resistance.

    You are few.

    But you are powerful.

    Keep at your training.

    Wait for your time.

    You will get your chance to wound the Beast and his minions.

    Ihr kumt.


    -- ca

    1. Damn inspirational commentary. Bravo !

      DAN III

  20. Exactly... the times make the man. Just an old Marine here, but if I may, No King But King Jesus.

  21. We need a Leader?

    A leader needs something to lead.

    What do we have now?

    An internet phenomenon, called "The Patriot Movement", which exists primarily in blogs and other e-venues.

    In RealLife (tm), we have a LOT of separated groups and individuals, probably half of whom are infiltrated or controlled by .fed and the other half are waaaaaaay below the radar.

    Before Eamon de Valera stepped up the plate, there had been DECADES of organizing, behind the scenes and some not-so-behind-the-scenes, of a proto-resistance organization and a political party to give expression to that resistance.

    The Tea Party COULD have been that political party, but we see where that went.

    The Ron Paul movement MIGHT coalesce into a viable political American "Fenian" movement if they ever move past Ron Paul - who is the best candidate on the field but HARDLY a LEADER.

    On a side note... anybody remember Bo Gritz? Let's not repeat the mistakes of the past.

    1. I believe the leader will come. Whoever is to lead will show himself when it is the season to do so. If one were to make a statement now, he'd be met with accusations of terrorism from the media, investigations by the gov't, and if found clean, either misinformation would be released to disuade potential followers from following, or he'd dissappear. The resistance will gain momentum.

      The key is to be willing to stand up for those around you that take action.

      Locally, a girl got arrested for making bombs. She blew up a toilet with a pipe bomb and posted it on youtube or something. Stupid, illegal, but hardn'y harmful. she's got federal charges. Who'll stand up for her, help fund a legal team, support her parents, or even visit her in jail? No one. We'll let her rot for getting caught. We'll believe the media presentation of her guilt and go on with our day. Likewise, some local guys got arrested for plotting to release sarin in ATL. They're gone. None will help them. What if they were the leader? We just accept that they did what they were accused of and that's it.

      Be ready, stay legal, don't make threats, don't give the rat bastards anything to use against you. don't make their job easy for them.

    2. I remember Bo Gritz---which mistakes?

      Trainer, I don't know what "uncontrolled ego" means. It sounds self-contradictory. Isn't the ego (or self) precisely that which you do control AND that nothing else does? What's an uncontrolled ego? Can you give an example?

      I'm guessin' you mean "untempered" or "unrestrained" ego, or something like that. Those would be controlled, of course, and decided just like anything else. So if that's it, then we can debate whether that's a good or bad thing some other time. Otherwise, I don't think you'll have an example of an ego that's uncontrolled.

  22. I've been saying this since the 90s. We do need a leader. Pray to God that one appears soon.

    Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

  23. Sadly: Those who will want the title are not worthy of it, and those who are worthy of it, will not accept it.

    Very true because there is no Washington among us or at least not known to us yet. A reluctant leader but with strength and moral fortitude to see the fight through.

    There is also no John Stark who walked away from Washington's army to return to his home in NH because of the inequities within the general command but was willing to step back into service when asked by his state as long as he only answered to his state and not the general command.

    I am sorry but I believe the Republic is dead and has been for some time. It cannot be resurrected nor restored. The divisions among us is far too great. It is time to forget the Republic and look to the republics as they did when the country was first formed. North Carolina should be a sovereign entity and not held to interests of New York or California or Washington state. It may just be time to stand together in our own states or a state of our choosing and forget the sheeple waiting for the next season of American Idol or waiting for the next government handout.

  24. No thanks to you, Kerodin, LT, Arctic Patriot and all the others who put the effort forward every day. I post her and there beyond L&P but fight the beast every day. John Stark has been an inspiration of mine for years and I fly the Bennington Flag next to the 1st Navy Jack along with the Bonnie Blue outside my house.

    General John Stark sent a letter to his troops in 1809 as he was not well enough to make the trip to the anniversary ceremony for the Battle of Bennington. That letter contained the famous quote, " Live Free or Die, Death is not the worst of evils." My friends I intend to live free. More importantly I intend to have my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren live free. On top of that I do not intend to die but if I do so be it. So the question is if I am right and the big "R" republic is dead what next...

  25. Who was THE leader of the committees of correspondence in the 1760s? Perhaps we get a little ahead of ourselves. Time and events create or more probably reveal leaders. I believe Brock is correct in the time has not yet come.

  26. "So the question is if I am right and the big "R" republic is dead what next..."

    Remember that the American Revolution started as a confederacy of night watchman states, and slowly devolved to what we have today. Unless a culture of voluntary interaction takes hold, history will repeat itself. And all the rifle fighting in the world will ultimately amount to pissing in the wind.

    "But whether the Constitution really be one thing, or another, this much is certain - that it has either authorized such a government as we have had, or has been powerless to prevent it. In either case, it is unfit to exist." -a wise man

    I would also strongly argue that the liberty movement doesn't need a top-down organization with leaders. Keep building tribe. Bottom-up organization is good.


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