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Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dishonor Government Before God

The touchy subject of criminality continues to plague the patriot community. I hate to break it to the readership that criminality is necessary to any action against a tyrannical force. There would be no United States of America without the understanding and acceptance of the fact of criminality.

At the recent Liberty Summit I heard many proposals as to how to go about re-claiming liberty. Some illegal actions were proffered and quickly and resoundingly rejected. Okay, if that was a show for the presumed DHS official presence, then fine, but if that were a true sentiment among the patriot population, we have already lost any battle to reclaim liberty.

Make no mistake, this nation was founded by treasonous, graffitiest, thieves and rogues. To pretend to any other prospect is to give in to delusion. Just look at the lives of those who signed the Declaration of Independence to understand what they were willing to sacrifice to live free.

The very statement that we pledge our "lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor" had a definite meaning to them, more than to their persecutors. They would die, they would forfeit all their worldly goods and even the thing they held most dear, their sacred honor. These were not mere words to the men who knew that crossing that line, taking that step toward independence meant everything they loved, including their valued and cherished honor would be stripped from them, put on billboards (not the kind we think of) as to their treasonous acts.

Criminality? You are a criminal if you refuse the master, legitimacy is the bargain, the price to be paid by everyone involved, even them. Don't you see? Look at it form foreign eyes. Yes, the revolutionists are the criminals, until they prevail, then the excesses and abuses of those whom they rebelled against are the criminals. It is a matter of perspective, a shifting of paradimgn if you will. To the victor go the spoils and the winner gets to write the history of the battle.

Ladies and gentlemen, the readers of these pages, understand that criminality is the only pathway to liberty. There can be no other, because every action taken to secure that valuable commodity must be refused to us by law, by the regime in control. I will hear no objections based on party affiliation or current office-holders. It is irrelevant. The government in total, controlled by whomever, is the enemy of liberty and those closest to that tyranny is the Supreme Court, who has conveniently set itself up as the arbitrar of our rights. No such body could exist in a free nation.

Our rights, as stated to us by the founders, are given by God and no other is capable, by any sort of machination of Man can take them from us. Only our inability to demand them is at question.

Where would we be if those who gathered to throw tea into Boston Harbor considered their actions illegal and refused to do it? Where would we be if those signatories to the Declaration of Independence paused and withheld their signatures because it could be considered treasonous? What is lacking in the patriot community is boldness. Be bold! Step out and take a chance. Stand up to the ususrpers of the public good to throw in their faces the legal stances they have taken to rob us of liberty.

I will not wear a seat belt, ever. I challenge law enforcement to cite me, give me the opportunity to challenge their law on Constitutional grounds. I am defiant. I will allow no jurisdiction to make decisions for me. Understand that wearing a seat belt will save your life, will reduce injury in an accident. The fact of that I do not dispute. It is simply that the government has no role in that decision. The arrogance of a government that would deny me common sense by mandating my actions ticks me off and should any liberty-loving person. Challenge it every stinking time and they would change. Be bold!

Break the law to save liberty. Embrace criminality or you are not worthy of the title patriot. Go farther than that. Make the change in your thought process. Criminality is good. To be cited is a badge of honor. Go to jail for your actions. Do something to prove that you will not tolerate their demands. Refuse to abide their illegal intrusions into your rights. They have made criminal all rights that are yours by God. To do less is to dishonor God himself. I will not.


  1. Every assertion you make is correct, but I fear for you my friend. For we are still in the phase wherein "the nail that sticks up is hammered down", and the squeaky wheel doesn't get the grease but gets greased. The time for open rebellion will come but has not yet come. The reaction you get from fellow patriots proves that. Are we letting the opportunity slip through our fingers? Perhaps, time will tell.

  2. You are right. Do we march on Washington? Start running ops against certain targets? Simply refuse to feed the beast? What do we do? Anyone? Should it grow locally, and regionally? Would one or two bold acts spur the rest?

  3. I think it's important to distinguish between the types of criminality, just as it's worthwhile distinguishing thieves from rogues. Maybe I've been a rogue all my life, but I ain't no thief.

  4. Trudat. TL nails it.

    I said much the same thing here:
    Freedom: Offense - Defense

    and in an RTC speech linked within that post. Freedom cannot simply be "defended". Freedom requires OFFENSE.

    Solzhenitsyn indicates that the entire concept of innocence and guilt was swept away in his day. We're getting there now.

    So do we retreat from the incoming wave that declares us all guilty, thinking that if we stay dry then we're not really in the ocean of "criminals"?

    Do we hold our ground and wait for the wave of lawfare to wash over us so that we're all considered criminals by the state? (Not to mention holding onto the futile hope that the incoming wave doesn't pound us and knock us over in the process.)

    Or do we plow into that wave with all that we have to try and emerge whole on the other side-knowing that all that awaits is another incoming wave-or perhaps a riptide that will drag us in over our heads?

    Hard times my friends.

  5. There is a time soon coming where honorable men will wear their past history of prison time as a badge of honor. That time is not yet here.

    You're worse than useless when imprisoned. Ask OK pharmacist Lt. Col. Jerome Ersland how he feels about it.

  6. The question of whether to begin outright, overt resistance through acts deemed criminal is one of timing. In any crescendo toward revolution there are several phases:
    1. When the government possesses the allegiance of the great majority of the people;
    2. When it has begun to lose that allegiance, but can supplement it with psychological tactics (e.g., the use of propaganda to characterize visible opposition or resistance to the regime as "un-American" or otherwise evil);
    3. When it no longer commands majority allegiance, but is sufficiently feared to retain power (we may call this the "Waco and Ruby Ridge phase");
    4. When it neither has sufficient allegiance nor commands sufficient intimidating power to deter rebellion.

    It is massively unwise to attempt overt resistance in stages 1 or 2. During stage 3, only passive civil disobedience is prudent, for the suppression of active disobedience will almost always reinforce the fear component of the state's control. Of course, during stage 4, the test of arms has begun, and will determine all else.

    Our task lies in determining where in that progression America stands -- and getting it right beyond all question, because getting it wrong could doom the entire undertaking, as well as quite a few very worthy individuals.

  7. The day to march was at the end of 2009 Washington was snowbound, the senate was held over by Reid for the Health Care vote. We should have marched across the frozen Potomaic, as our Forebearers would have... crying "No King But King JESUS."

  8. The more I read from those posting in the "Patriot Community", the more disheartened I become.
    TL, we met in Mercer, and I was the one who proposed those acts which were rejected in favor of a bumper sticker campaign. "Bold"!?
    Long range plans to home-school your kids..."Bold"?
    Not wearing a seat belt, even though it is acknowledged to be a prudent safety measure, is "Bold"?
    Many in Mercer spoke of their personal "line" as being their own front door. That's way too late. It needs to be long before it reaches your neighbors front door. Otherwise, we are just "a thousand little campfires being extinguished one at a time" to paraphrase you, from an earlier piece.
    Mr. Poretto is correct in his summation re: phases.
    1 has come and gone.
    2 has been around for at least the last three years, with all the talk of "racist" and "constitutionalists", as though it's a dirty word, the damn near presumptuous vilification of veterans and "preppers" by DHS.
    3 Is here, as indicated by the abysmal, historically low polls on the opinion of congress and gov't in general. Yet we are all too afraid of their power and reach to speak frankly when in the personal company of other like-minded folks. I understand the concept of "Agents Provocateur". I understand what a "Confidential Informant" is. I described some of what I'm risking in order to speak of such things that are deemed "criminal". But that distinction is being made by folks that are, by your definition, mine, and many others, in fact criminals themselves.
    We will never reach phase 4. It will always have the technical power and prowess, and the allegiance of people like that low-life gestapo agent wanna-be Gabe ( to enforce it's will on us.

    "Poking the bear" isn't bold. It's foolish. It alerts the bear and then he turns and rips your nuts off. Best the bear never know you're there.

    Re-think "Bold".

    Dan Knowles
    3.225806 to the -9

  9. Today's Blaze has an article about a recent Gallup poll, and includes a poll of its own.

    The results of these two polls are very telling, to my mind at least, of the general attitude of the country. Some of the comments concerning this are telling as well, and even more disturbing.

    In a nutshell: there are nearly three times as many who'd vote for, or accept, a president who is a 'minority' member that would be totally reversed to what the Founders believed.

    Until the people in this country come to their senses, there will be no 'restoration', no 'revolution', no 'new covenant', no 'turning back the clock' (to a Constitutional Republic form of government). In short: this country is doomed to become a totalitarian state ruled by a elites who have only their interests in mind. All the while the plebian mentality will bitch and moan as they lay upon their faces and kiss the feet of their masters.

    'See something, say something,' is their mantra. Be very cautious with whom you share your thoughts: they probably are the enemy of liberty.

    Welcome to the gulag, Patriots.

    1. The people of this country WILL NOT come to their senses. It's not in them. That's the core of III percent.

  10. Shy Wolf, atheist and patriotism are not mutually exclusive. Half the Founding Fathers were deists or borderline atheists and few of them were very Christian at all.

    As far as resisting, its not about bullets and beans. The US military and police complex is too strong and too many people depend on state transfer to support radical change.

    In addition the patriot movement doesn't have widespread legitimacy to run anything. People in say Chicago have little interest in taking orders from some 3% guy. Neither do Hispanics in Texas (the majority of the youth population) Black in cities or a lot of other peoples. It is a racially complex situation and a recipe for chaos.

    What patriots need to do IMO is work too self sufficiency, buy less, recycle more, have less economic activity and become networked and independent. Forgive a hippie-ism "Tune in (to patriotism) turn on (to real life) and drop out (of the economic rat race. In essence sewing ones own clothes becomes a great radical statement. The ultimate tool of radical revolution is a sewing machine. (Starhawk I think)

    Keep strong , keep it up and you choke the beasts food supply (its already happening witness the debt) and its own contradictions will either kill it or weaken it enough to act.

    However the maybe 20% of the population that are patriots, sympathizers, fellow travelers or people willing to accept those terms are not most of the population. Its about the population of the UK and it won't need or be able to control or keep the whole US.

    At that point, do understand that you won't get the whole enchilada. You just get you land, they get yours and in time when your population grows you can take it back.

  11. I believe in something that lies at the crux of my Liberty. If I, refuse the concept that, the tyrant class has power over me, I am free and live in Liberty. No matter how draconian and oppressive those who think they have power over me before the rule of law of my Constitution and Bill of Rights, before God. Well, to those whom presume, kiss my arse.
    In fact, up your fucking arses.
    It is that simple.

    Persecute me, jail me, beat me, shoot me, hang me, villainize me. Never work. Nope, I know what is right, I know the Truth.
    The truth set me free.
    I am a freeman.

    I suppose to some I am the most dangerous kind of man alive.
    Somehow, I get a warm fuzzy feeling from that. That alone places the mantle of legitimacy on me in a manner of our great founders. If I was not dangerous, there would be no truth of Liberty, if no Truth of Liberty, I would not be dangerous. The signs are everywhere. American's who believe the same are classified as such things as "domestic terrorists", "right wing extremists", bitter, ones who cling to such outmoded idea's of traditions of happiness and prosperity by ones own druthers, rule of law and not men, holy scripture, arms to defend that Liberty from those who would take them to avoid those arms turned on them for their betrayal and malfeasance, we are called "racists" even. Called the very things Liberty is not. How fitting considering the sources and their intent. Even so, I embrace the meme I am those things. It is a badge of honor. I am in proud company.
    I am simply not afraid of tyrants. How could I, when I know in my heart the cause for Liberty is just and lawful, it has moral legitimacy. It has the legitimacy tyrants and tyranny can never have. Like the truth, legitimacy in its own right reveals all. It is a power all its own.
    It is that legitimacy that is the bridge to Liberty, it is that Legitimacy, that is the quintessential existential threat to tyranny's rule.

    You see, it is the leap of faith our founders had. That 99%, not 3 percent, of the battle, was that the idea of Liberty would bear fruit when men believed in their own sovereignty, their dignity of Liberty.

    Arms are easy.
    An idea that empowers the sovereign, that is hard.

    We all know at some level, you can not kill an idea. I suspect you can not kill Liberty either. It is a small, yet profound leap of logic, and, faith, to bridge the idea.
    Liberty is a fickle thing, the more it comes under assault, the greater its inherent power, in case of the times that come to us, it is the idea that is threatened with extinction that the power of and legitimacy of sovereignty that Liberty lays.
    And it is growing.

  12. So....where were all you "Patriots" in 1998 when Clinton and our beloved Republican controlled Congress sold the sovereignty of this nation down the crapper with MFN and PNTR for Red China ? "WTF is that" say you ? Most Favored Nation and Permanent Normal Trade Relations with the Commie Chinese were legislative dictates by the then and still ruling elites, to destroy manufacturing, sovereignty, and freedom in the USA ! Those aforementioned dictates allowed domestic manufacturers to move to Communist China, have Red Chinese citizens make products for American consumers, with no US .gov restrictions, dollars a day in slave wages, and import these products into the USA with NO TARIFFS ! No protection for American workers. No protection from dumping Red Chinese goods here. Loss of manufacturing jobs in the millions. Spin off jobs loss in the tens of millions. Continuous American involvement in foreign war. And deficits in the trillions of dollars ! Where were all you "Patriots" 25 years ago when our ruling elites sold our country, your future, and your children's futures down the fucking shitter ?

    The bulk of Americans today have traded jobs from the private sector to the government sector. Government, at all levels, provides the MAJORITY of jobs in this country. And .gov pays better than the private sector. We've traded sovereignty and independence and self reliance on foreign produced and owned products. All of you have let this train of manufacturing destruction run right over you. In all my readings on various blogs and sites do I ever read an essay on the destuction laid upon this country by imported goods and the subsequent loss off good jobs and family-sustaining wages.

    Look at your Hyundais, Toyotas, Hondas, Subarus, Black & Decker, Caterpillar, John Deere and other consumables made in or having parts in them from Red China, Japan, and other nations. Ask a soldier where the contents, the bandages in his IFAK were made, he'll tell you CHINA ! Hell, we can't even fight undeclared wars without asking the Commies to supply our medical supplies. Now look in the mirror. For it is you, "Patriot" who has wrought this economic and freedom destroying debacle upon yourselves. Upon this once great country. As you speak of loss of freedom, excessive taxation, a growing police state (a .gov job, right?), and fighting to return to the Constitution, many of you are proud of your foreign-made products. Arctic Patriot is one in our community who without shame glorifies Commie Chinese goods, and subsequent loss of jobs and freedom, being bought and sold in this country.

    So, what are you arguing for ? More freedom to spend our dwindling incomes on foreign dependence ? Or do you want a return to American self-sufficiency. A pride returned to this country because we once again become dominant in farming and manufacturing....IN PRODUCING !

    One last question for you PATRIOTS....what do you have to be proud of as an American ? Think about it.


  13. Remember that every action of the founders was criminal. The definition of criminal is made by those in power. More and more will be made criminal as time goes by.

  14. 30 years and counting. Every post and every comment on every patriot blog/website is like a daily dose of deja vu.

  15. Politics will never change, trade with nations comes and goes. It would take decades to legislate our way out of the current global situation. Vote for this, protest that. Quoting foreign policy history ( sorry dan :) )... There are a million things wrong with the system. From that aspect, training up the youth in the way they should go seems right.

    I was there at the summit, Knowles, there could be a time for your ideas as well. It's frustrating to wait and watch the vulgar machinations of our twisted system. But remember, there are others out there waiting as well. Who utilize their CLP on a daily basis and do a slow burn during the nightly news. Every revolution has a tipping point.

    It's ridiculous to assume that it will never happen, simply because it hasn't up to this point. Maybe somewhere there is a small group ready to go to ground and operate. Who knows? Maybe they already have a plan in motion. Maybe the comment section of a watched blog isn't the place to wonder such things aloud.

  16. On another note, self-immolation seemed to work quite well on several occasions for a spectacular revolution kick-off. Any volunteers?

  17. I agree with the premise of embracing criminality, but do it in a logical and purposeful way. Doing it arbitrarily or simply to make a statement doesn't seem worthwhile. We are too few to lose men (or women) in this way. If you are to do so, do it in ways that advance our cause.

    Create prohibited items of use. Develop black markets. Starve the beast of his taxes. Adopt a System D income. Develop 2nd realm strategies in your life.

    Being a criminal in this day is not necessarily evil. If you are a good man, it is likely necessary. But do it wisely.



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