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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Are You Ready For Thursday?

There are some hard truths to be embraced before anything will be done in the patriot/liberty community. One of those is that the majority of people will never be so inconvenienced that they will voluntarily move toward liberty. Liberty holds no value for most people who sing the national anthem at baseball games. They are just words they are supposed to revere.

The majority is looking for someone or something to help them live a more comfortable life. Some are willing to swindle and commit fraud in order to be successful. Hard work of survival is not in their bloodstream. Those of us who understand hard work, who would not find survival off the land so much different from survival working every day as we do now are not all that plentiful. If your job is not physically demanding, I trust you have committed yourselves to training to overcome that fact.

So, here we are, fit and ready, annoyed and disgusted by what we see around us and the pieces keep falling into place. TSA is given a wider mandate, etc. It is this part of the movement that I do not understand. Where do we jump off? I suppose as long as life is tolerable we will continue along, waiting for that moment, which I hold has come and gone, easily managed by the politicians of the day.

From 9-11 on we have watched the total reversal of America. Each step along the way, from the Patriot Act on down, we have swallowed it. Each Supreme Court ruling has made us angry, but has not instigated rebellion. Each banker that got bailed out, each big corporation that contributed to political campaigns has gotten a pass while people like myself have been grilled and hounded by the IRS for the slightest error (an IRS run by a tax cheat nonetheless).

Recently, The Trainer was visited by the FBI and his whole group. What was that about? It was a warning: We can get to you, all of you at the same time and take you down. That was the message delivered to someone who supports and defends the Constitution, delivered by someone who is intent on violating it. And, what do we do? When do we start sending our messages to THEM?

They offer to us real and personal costs for action while they push and shove their weight around with no consequence to them. That is a pretty powerful position and they use it for all it is worth. So, working within the system, did The Trainer complain to his congressman about the intimidation? What was the justification for it? Who sent them and why? In the absence of action, should we not do the least that is available to us?

I am growing tired of empty gestures and hollow words. This is one reason I have not been posting as often of late. I have my own battles with the powers that be that are non-stop. I do what I can to strike back at the beast in ways that inconvenience them, that take up their time, that runs them about and it all still seems useless. Every day I near the point where writing stops and I concentrate on my own agenda.

Preparations are fine, they are necessary and I hope everyone survives the first die-off. For myself, I am not so comfortable in the defensive strategy and prefer an offensive alternative. It is the difference between waiting for someone to hit you and being prepared for the blow and hitting them first.

Are you ready for Thursday?


  1. What's happening Thursday?

    Dan Knowles


  2. Supreme Court rules on Obamacare.

  3. Is that a flash-point?
    Do we expect certain demographics to go ape-shit if it goes the right way?
    Thanks for the response, btw
    Dan Knowles

  4. I'm not really sure on any of it. That was just my best guess. Kerodin over at IIIpercent and CA at WRSA mentioned Thrusday also, but didn't really get into any specifics.

  5. Nobody seems to get that it's lose, lose either way; I guess you'd have to know about michigan republicans and the insurance industry. I'd say that's the funny part, but it's not so funny.

  6. You idiots....the House of Representatives is voting to hold Eric Holder IN CONTEMPT OF CONGRESS over FAST & FURIOUS !

    So Google the above and LEARN the significance behind this historic event. You Sunshine Patriots disgust me with your ignorance and indifference. Morons !


  7. It's sad to read his comments regarding his "Legacy". They truly don't care in the slightest about the lives lost from this plan.

  8. Actions speak louder than words. Our government doesn't talk all that much while sometimes it seems thats all "patriots" do.


  9. Thursday is also the next Euro bigwig meeting to "solve" the European financial crisis. Nothing will be solved, Germany will still refuse to bail out its neighbors to the south. European banks and governments both are insolvent and have been downgraded by the ratings agencies. The collapse of their Ponzi scheme is preceding ours but everything is intertwined now, so an EU collapse WILL affect us. Keep some cash on hand. There is a stealth bank run going on in parts of Europe at this very moment. A serious meltdown could shut down the entire financial system for some period of time. If you haven't been there before, is a good place to get real political and financial news and commentary to keep up with what is going on.

  10. June 28th, 1776: Thomas Jefferson finishing and submitting the Declaration of Independence.

  11. I always thought you were the optimistic sort, Dan. A contempt charge would be a big, big deal. That's for sure, but nobody knows what it would mean in the long run. I'm guessing nothing, though there could be some interesting twists on the enforcement part. Why, what do you believe it has to do with liberty overall?

    On the health care end, the only thing certain is that everyone's going to be paying more, one way or the other. That's all I was saying.

    Seems to me we're in a boatload of trouble, no matter what deals the PTB work out over any details this week. Is that wrong---is there anything any of 'em could possibly do, to actually fix anything?

    Nope. This is where the so-called "freedom fighters" said they wanted to be---it's up to them. This is when each person has to figure out the right thing to do.

    1. Jim, what does a contempt charge have to do with liberty overall? Everything. When it is a member of the aristocracy being charged with contempt, it is little more than a symbolic gesture. I don't foresee John Boehner ordering the Sergeant at Arms of the House to go and arrest Holder when the vote finds him in contempt. If it were you or me? We'd be marched off faster than you can shake a stick.
      This hypocrisy is, by its very nature, a cancer to liberty...

  12. Actually, I meant that due to the Holder contempt vote and the SCOTUS ruling both falling on Thursday, it would be a good day to get the pulse of what this nation is about..

    Not that any of it means anything. No matter what happens we are not much better off than before, but if they vote Holder in contempt it might encourage others to have stiffer backbone.

  13. SCOTUS rulings on Obamacare and The House contempt vote are both sparklies. No matter the outcome neither will benefit us. No one in ANY .gov job is going to endanger their own paycheck. Its is all lose-lose for the "Movement".

    Don't be distracted, keep your eyes front and steady. Keep stocking, training and learning practical-tactical skills. The boom has already happened, we are just waiting on the shockwaves.


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