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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Struggle Has Not Changed

After much consideration and further reading I think it important to put the SCOTUS decision in some perspective. Contributing to my further assessment were Kerodin's Post and the one over at Zion's Trumpet.

Something of which I was aware, but did not illuminate in the first post on the subject, was the good done by the Roberts opinion. Yes, good. The reason I did not reflect it was to avoid the overall contradiction between the way the decision will be understood by the masses and the way it will be understood by constitutional scholars. These are two very different cats. The scholar looks at the Constitution as devined by the brilliance of previous jurists and their rulings become a composite of situational rights, often called judicial review.

So, there are two ways to look at the SCOTUS decision: one from a layman's point of view focusing on what has been done to their rights and what further limitations and penalties they face as a result of the ruling; the other is from a Constitutional scholar's point of view which looks at each ruling as another layer of definition of those rights and when they might be exercised or dismissed.

I did not go into the minute detail of the ruling because it simply does not matter. A tyrannical force bent on submission of the people uses the Constitution where it greases the skids and ignores it where does not. I have not seen in either Republican or Democratic administrations any difference on that plane. The Patriot Act hated and reviled by the leftists was no less a burden and intrusion into the rights of the citizen than the Affordable Care Act that they applaud. Vice versa the Republicans. Each will, or have, come to hate each ruling when it is turned against them.

The Roberts opinion does a few good things from a scholar's point of view, it rejects the Constitutionality of the mandate as a penalty, but upholds it as a tax. That is important for purely political reasons that will become clear as time goes on, i.e. repeal. It strengthens the 10th Amendment from the position that while a state might refuse to apply the law, only the funds to enact the law can be withheld from that state, all current funding must stay in place.

From a layman's point of view the ruling is disasterous as it puts in play all of the restrictions, demands and taxes that were inherent in the law to begin with. The people don't care if the penalty is a tax or not. They should, but they don't. Businesses have to now pare down their workforce to fall under the restrictions, because these businesses do not have the capital to pay for the healthcare, or to fight for waivers. Larger corporations will be able to fight for the waivers, or threaten to end their purchases of healthcare for its employees, who will be able to get their own healthcare via the government, or private providers. Look for healthcare supplements to incomes, but for much fewer jobs.

There are still many ways to fight Obamacare and win, but that is lost on a people who suddenly have their lives and understanding of the laws thrown into chaos.

I did not go into this detail before, because I hold that it simply doesn't matter. We are not at a place in this nation where everything stops due to any ruling by the Supreme Court. The tyranny pushes forward regardless of ruling, of rights or of reason. When "Congress shall make no law" means there are exceptions to that vague terminology and where "must not be infringed" means mostly not, but sometimes, where we agree that it should, all is lost to begin with.

We still have no friend on the Supreme Court. They do not work for us. There is no reliable champion to our rights, but us and the lengths to which we will go to secure them.

The second post I cited above is the one that led me to this revision of my previous post at TL In Exile. This is not a fight between Republican and Democrat. This is not a fight between Conservative and Liberal. The only fight taking place is between those who believe that our rights are given to us by God and those who believe they are given to us as priviledges from government.

The atheist can recognize common law and natural law if it makes them feel better about avoiding the religious connotations of God, but it does not change their side in the struggle. The Constitution is an expression of our rights as given to us by a creator. What is unconstitutional is that which takes the view that these rights are given to us by a benevolent government. One is absolute and the other is conditional upon obedience, but make no mistake, both are conditional upon behavior.

Power To The Admiring Serfs

I am grateful to Justice Roberts for making the last fatal decision of the Supreme Court. It has taken the mask of righteousness away from that body for good. They cannot go back, they cannot appear true arbiters of Constitutionality. To the extent that this ruling has dropped the scales from the eyes of the Tea Party, the medical establishment and the religious, who thought there could be some rational conclusion coming from one government body to another, it was good news.

The Supreme Court is government as much as any senator or congressman, as much as any president. It is clear that validating the goals and desires of government is the purpose of the Supreme Court in this age, even if they have to rewrite the law to do it.

Better news came from the House of Representatives that voted to hold Eric Holder in contempt. Yes, racism had to be injected into it, there is no other means of defense for the indefensible, but to make a show of it all, to discredit it in any way possible. Now, he must be tried and convicted, but that will take some time and who knows how that will turn out? It doesn't really matter since the very nature of the people's relationship to government has changed, at least to some who had not yet figured it out.

For us in the patriot/liberty community nothing at all has changed. We know now what we knew yesterday. That some others might come to the conclusions we have come to long ago, I guess there is some positives that could be taken from the day's events.

One more line crossed, one more day without revolt. Vote for Romney is all we can do, it is all that will be done as we watch the slow unravelling of society as it tries to cope with the disaster that Obamacare will bring to everything that it touches.

Perhaps now, if one is a dedicated patriot, is the time to infect the Tea Party with some huevos. To point out to the disillusioned that there is only one way back to Constitutional fidelity. Ballots and pledges have not worked, they have only secured justification for the criminals in high office to claim a purpose, to provide them with the next campaign slogan that will ensure their elections, so they can become the elite to weild the power of the federal government over the heads of their admiring serfs.

I will watch with interest the coming fallout from the day's events. I will scour the media for willing recruits to the cause. If we do nothing else, we should scoop them up and enlist their passion to join us. Build tribe. Let those who held out hope for our republic find solace and direction with in our camp.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Who Are We?

Every law passed in a free society is a partial definition of that society. The perpetual question at hand is: Who are we? When a law is proposed, it is that question that is being asked.

Sadly, the answer has been disappointing. We have chosen to be slaves, dependents and recipients of other's fortunes. We have accepted a role lower than those who govern us, lower than those wealthier than us. We have defined ourselves as the ones less entitled to a fair trial, less entitled to our own decisions, less entitled to our own bodies.

One might wrap up almost every law that has been written in the past 150 years as a partial definition of the above description.

Our Christian ethic, whether one is an atheist, or not, has led us to the proposition of charity. That ethic led to our first and most revered universities, it led to our greatest hospitals, to our proudest accomplishments of human advancement, to our most important charitable works. All of the great institutions once inspired by individuals seeking a method of repaying the society that had provided such great fortunes to themselves have been taken over by the statists and that ethic has been turned on its head.

No longer are these institutions guided, presided over and funded by the Christians and the ethic of offering to the less fortunate the bounty of their efforts owing that a good degree of their own success was derived from divine opportunity. Now, the statists have bent that vision into one of being owed to the less fortunate (and not believing in God's intervention) by those who only could have come to such success by fraud, cronyism and deceit.

Each law now takes this view. The people will not do on their own what society requires out of a sense of compassion and spiritual goodness, but must be forced to help the petitioners, must be coerced to offer payments to others (corporations, foreign nations, swindlers, etc), not for the glory of God, but in fear of the penalty of the state.

As these demands are greater and greater every day and the penalties harsher and harsher the kindness and compassion one might have once had has been stripped of them and replaced by resentment. With the state as the council to decide where these funds should go and to whom, they have stripped the source of the funds from the wisdom and discretion of those who produced them. It has become a formula for distribution rather than a critical decision of who is in need and who is merely a clever manipulator of the system.

We do not feel the joy we should at sharing our wealth, we feel resentment, we feel cheated when those funds go to someone who refuses work rather than to those who cannot find work. In a compassionate system the person who is destitute is not in need of funds, but in need of work. Those who offer kindness have no interest in giving money away, but do have an interest in providing opportunity.

What has been sacrificed is liberty. As an atheist one might still value liberty and recognize that the two possible forces that drive human endeavor are religion and government. The king or the priest. I ask: what other institutions are there that can command the masses?

It has been said that of the founders most of them were not religious, at best some of them were deists. Yet, throughout the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution there is the specter of God. On our money, on our oaths, etc. If the former statement is true, then the conclusion can only be that of the founders they recognized that there are only two choices to be made: the king or the priest.

We have seen in the patriot/liberty movements what advancements have been made by sheer appeals to reason. Yes, we have the unconditional right to arms, it says so in the Bill of Rights, clearly and without qualification. That is our appeal to reason, where has it gotten us? We have the unconditional right to free speech (just don't say that too loudly). We have the unconditional right to be free from unwarranted searches and seizures (just don't make that claim in the TSA line).

It is my opinion and my view of history that when we abandoned God as our justification, as our claim to our rights, we abandoned the only ally that might have led us toward victory against the state. That once we accepted the concept that there could be a purely secular government we made all oaths to it meaningless. Once "so help me God" became a useless formality in that pledge we made conspirators against us of public officials sworn to defend us. Sworn to what, exactly? In fear of what, exactly? We created a whole basket of Eric Holders.

My reverence for the Constitution does not stem from the brilliance that is evident in its drafting, but in its simple message that God is a greater power than any man, any government. What is sought to protect by the power of the government is what every person is endowed with by their creator, life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or property. Where we have made exceptions we have deviated from the vision God has for each and every one of us and from our bounty derived from this

Every law passed today reflects a distancing from the principles of the founding toward a collectivist state, a dependence state, a totalitarian state. Every law passed today is in contradiction to God's vision of freedom and liberty for Man. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Are You Ready For Thursday?

There are some hard truths to be embraced before anything will be done in the patriot/liberty community. One of those is that the majority of people will never be so inconvenienced that they will voluntarily move toward liberty. Liberty holds no value for most people who sing the national anthem at baseball games. They are just words they are supposed to revere.

The majority is looking for someone or something to help them live a more comfortable life. Some are willing to swindle and commit fraud in order to be successful. Hard work of survival is not in their bloodstream. Those of us who understand hard work, who would not find survival off the land so much different from survival working every day as we do now are not all that plentiful. If your job is not physically demanding, I trust you have committed yourselves to training to overcome that fact.

So, here we are, fit and ready, annoyed and disgusted by what we see around us and the pieces keep falling into place. TSA is given a wider mandate, etc. It is this part of the movement that I do not understand. Where do we jump off? I suppose as long as life is tolerable we will continue along, waiting for that moment, which I hold has come and gone, easily managed by the politicians of the day.

From 9-11 on we have watched the total reversal of America. Each step along the way, from the Patriot Act on down, we have swallowed it. Each Supreme Court ruling has made us angry, but has not instigated rebellion. Each banker that got bailed out, each big corporation that contributed to political campaigns has gotten a pass while people like myself have been grilled and hounded by the IRS for the slightest error (an IRS run by a tax cheat nonetheless).

Recently, The Trainer was visited by the FBI and his whole group. What was that about? It was a warning: We can get to you, all of you at the same time and take you down. That was the message delivered to someone who supports and defends the Constitution, delivered by someone who is intent on violating it. And, what do we do? When do we start sending our messages to THEM?

They offer to us real and personal costs for action while they push and shove their weight around with no consequence to them. That is a pretty powerful position and they use it for all it is worth. So, working within the system, did The Trainer complain to his congressman about the intimidation? What was the justification for it? Who sent them and why? In the absence of action, should we not do the least that is available to us?

I am growing tired of empty gestures and hollow words. This is one reason I have not been posting as often of late. I have my own battles with the powers that be that are non-stop. I do what I can to strike back at the beast in ways that inconvenience them, that take up their time, that runs them about and it all still seems useless. Every day I near the point where writing stops and I concentrate on my own agenda.

Preparations are fine, they are necessary and I hope everyone survives the first die-off. For myself, I am not so comfortable in the defensive strategy and prefer an offensive alternative. It is the difference between waiting for someone to hit you and being prepared for the blow and hitting them first.

Are you ready for Thursday?

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Dishonor Government Before God

The touchy subject of criminality continues to plague the patriot community. I hate to break it to the readership that criminality is necessary to any action against a tyrannical force. There would be no United States of America without the understanding and acceptance of the fact of criminality.

At the recent Liberty Summit I heard many proposals as to how to go about re-claiming liberty. Some illegal actions were proffered and quickly and resoundingly rejected. Okay, if that was a show for the presumed DHS official presence, then fine, but if that were a true sentiment among the patriot population, we have already lost any battle to reclaim liberty.

Make no mistake, this nation was founded by treasonous, graffitiest, thieves and rogues. To pretend to any other prospect is to give in to delusion. Just look at the lives of those who signed the Declaration of Independence to understand what they were willing to sacrifice to live free.

The very statement that we pledge our "lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor" had a definite meaning to them, more than to their persecutors. They would die, they would forfeit all their worldly goods and even the thing they held most dear, their sacred honor. These were not mere words to the men who knew that crossing that line, taking that step toward independence meant everything they loved, including their valued and cherished honor would be stripped from them, put on billboards (not the kind we think of) as to their treasonous acts.

Criminality? You are a criminal if you refuse the master, legitimacy is the bargain, the price to be paid by everyone involved, even them. Don't you see? Look at it form foreign eyes. Yes, the revolutionists are the criminals, until they prevail, then the excesses and abuses of those whom they rebelled against are the criminals. It is a matter of perspective, a shifting of paradimgn if you will. To the victor go the spoils and the winner gets to write the history of the battle.

Ladies and gentlemen, the readers of these pages, understand that criminality is the only pathway to liberty. There can be no other, because every action taken to secure that valuable commodity must be refused to us by law, by the regime in control. I will hear no objections based on party affiliation or current office-holders. It is irrelevant. The government in total, controlled by whomever, is the enemy of liberty and those closest to that tyranny is the Supreme Court, who has conveniently set itself up as the arbitrar of our rights. No such body could exist in a free nation.

Our rights, as stated to us by the founders, are given by God and no other is capable, by any sort of machination of Man can take them from us. Only our inability to demand them is at question.

Where would we be if those who gathered to throw tea into Boston Harbor considered their actions illegal and refused to do it? Where would we be if those signatories to the Declaration of Independence paused and withheld their signatures because it could be considered treasonous? What is lacking in the patriot community is boldness. Be bold! Step out and take a chance. Stand up to the ususrpers of the public good to throw in their faces the legal stances they have taken to rob us of liberty.

I will not wear a seat belt, ever. I challenge law enforcement to cite me, give me the opportunity to challenge their law on Constitutional grounds. I am defiant. I will allow no jurisdiction to make decisions for me. Understand that wearing a seat belt will save your life, will reduce injury in an accident. The fact of that I do not dispute. It is simply that the government has no role in that decision. The arrogance of a government that would deny me common sense by mandating my actions ticks me off and should any liberty-loving person. Challenge it every stinking time and they would change. Be bold!

Break the law to save liberty. Embrace criminality or you are not worthy of the title patriot. Go farther than that. Make the change in your thought process. Criminality is good. To be cited is a badge of honor. Go to jail for your actions. Do something to prove that you will not tolerate their demands. Refuse to abide their illegal intrusions into your rights. They have made criminal all rights that are yours by God. To do less is to dishonor God himself. I will not.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Singing On The Train

The true fact of life is that the SHTF in 2009. Everything since the announcement from George W. that we had to break free market principles to save the free market has been two-fold: A) keep the people from storming Washington and ransacking the place; B) give the elites enough time to hide their billions from the crash.

Enter Barack Obama and whoever pulls the strings, the Marxists, this is the economic chaos that has preceded almost every revolution, but the American Revolution. They knew it coming in, it was better than they had hoped. All the work had been done under George W.'s watch and it would be smooth sailing with popular support for the transition, the honeymoon would last years.

Enter the Tea Party. This is what has angered the liberals so much, the prize was before them, with a president who would pursue the end game and then enough of the American people woke up that the Marxist transition became work. The harder the Marxists pushed, the more they wanted to take, the more difficult it became. Obamacare was supposed to be a walk in the park, it was not. The Tea Party erupted over it and nothing has been the same.

So, while 2009 was the year the SHTF, there have been some clever moves made to hide it, to distract the people from what actually happened. Some of them figured it out, but not enough and they were elderly and non-violent so even though there was some significant resistance, it was all political, it wasn't anything the Marxists couldn't work around, but it's now taking much more time than they thought. I don't think there was supposed to be a 2012 election at all. There still may not be.

Obama continued on the original path that he had planned, or someone did, Soros probably. Obamacare and the resistance to it threw them off, but they haven't stopped anything. Look at all they have been able to put into place anyway, bold, in-your-face moves. Why? Because it is the script, they just thought they could order it, they didn't think they would have to sell any of it.

So, the Tea Party bought some time for the patriots to organize and the trillions in debt has bought the Marxists some time to finish up.

The Marxists haven't stopped their pursuit of American wealth and power and the Tea Party hasn't stopped blocking the road, they are just not butting heads in a physical way, it is a cold war of sorts. Perhaps it is a sideshow, if you want to look at it that way, it doesn't make any difference.

This is the situation as we know it. But, when people talk of when the SHTF, it makes no sense. When they wait for a leader after the SHTF, it is confusing. It already hit the fan, just because one refuses to recognize the excrement sandwich they are eating, doesn't mean their breath doesn't smell like it.

I know it's hard to go to work everyday, make enough to pay the bills, look at your children across the table from you and not feel like everything is sort of too normal for things to be this bad. It feels like it should be worse, or something, like the other shoe has not dropped, but I tell you that is an illusion. It is like a spirit who doesn't yet recognize they are dead.

I have broached the subject of leadership lately on a few blogs to get the feel of where the mentality is, what people are feeling and thinking about. It is terrifying. America is dead and no one is willing to accept it, that the big event they have been waiting for has already come and gone and just because another payment has been made on the credit card, they think there is some event about to happen. Maybe if a few more payments can be made things will turn around. It won't.

While we, the Patriot/Liberty Movement is waiting, idling the time away in anticipation of an event that happened three years ago, the others have been putting in place everything for the transition and we get mad every time they put something else through, more laws, more freedoms disappearing, more spying on the people, UN laws accepted as US laws and we get upset. That is the war going by, folks, it is happening all around you, to you. Just because you haven't felt the bayonet in your back, it doesn't mean it isn't there that it isn't just a matter of time before people start disappearing. You see blue sky and think that when it gets bad, you will react.

You haven't and may never as long as you can sing songs on the train to the camp. 

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

God Help Us

Let me state quite clearly that the previous post, Naivete, was not written to call for a leader, it was to expose some issues concerning leadership. My statement was that we need a leader, what needs to be done cannot be done arbitrarily, it must be done deliberately, with planning and tactics and overall strategy. We are too small in number to be effective otherwise.

Yes, if we were being invaded by a clear enemy with different uniforms and ways of speech, we could in a very random and arbitrary way resist by whatever means available. We could individually identify and clearly see our target and what could be done, with the assistance of other citizens who are also quite concerned with the invasion, perhaps.

But, we are not. We don't even know who the enemy is for sure, it might be the next door neighbor, or he might think it is us.

While I might often state things as questions, or play devil's advocate to inspire the debate, believe me, I have no misunderstanding of the issue. We need a leader. Now we might engage in any number of debates along those lines, who, when, how, etc. But the fact of it is not in dispute as far as I can tell.

The key issue, then, is who among us is acceptable to all? None? Okay, who is acceptable to most? None? Okay, of those who are acceptable to the few willing to follow them, why are they acceptable? The answer to that will have a million different reasons all pointing to the fact that few if any of us are willing to look at the other's favorite as ours.

The point of the debate was to expose the fact that when one leader gains favor here, for these reasons, he will necessarily lose favor there, for those reasons. We need a leader, but we are unwilling to be led by anyone except those we choose and for our reasons.

My purpose for raising the debate was not to call for a leader, but to expose the fact that as it stands, we cannot be led.

"Give it time, many more will have to become angry, much angrier than they are now and when that point occurs a leader will step forward."

This is undeniable truth, I believe it with my whole heart.

The difficulty I am having with it is that this will be a flash, not a slow fuse and the sort of people prepared to rise will be the worst of all leaders for our movement, not to get things straightened out, I believe someone will rise and sort things out, give people the peace of mind so rudely and recently ripped from them with the turmoil. But, he will not be "our" guy, will probably not believe in the Constitution at all. He will do us much more harm than we can imagine. But, he will make the trains run on time.

"And, that will produce the leader from our midst!"

Sorry, the train will have left the station as far as the rest of our would-be supporters are concerned. We are back to the numbers we have now, but with much less freedom of communication, much less liberty in general and probably hunted down individually for the very actions we take now to preserve the rights and liberties that are duly ours.

If we have years, by all means, build tribe, educate, persuade, cajole, anything that brings them around. Be prepared to pull them towards us for training as they wake when their own ox is gored, when finally they have cancelled television programming, or so drastically altered it that Dancing With The Stars cannot be aired.

But, if you woke up tomorrow, as we woke up in 2009, only this time the system did melt down, the European Union dissolved, the poor suddenly multiplied by millions overnight, tycoons jumped from buildings, crashed their planes, hung themselves, etc. The world called on America to put them back on track, but it was unable, broke, suddenly trembling on very wobbly supports itself. To who then would they turn? China? At what price? Do you think they won't pay it?

America, then, alone, suffering from riots and disorder. Banks closed, savings lost. Do we then step in front of the steam roller, the raging mobs of terrified people lost without a debit card, starving and looting and say: "The Constitution will save you? Here, come on our side, we have food and shelter?"

No, we will have to have been much better organized long before that, years ago.

I believe we are not far from 2009 again (certainly not three years, maybe not even three months) and it won't unfold as a well told story, each part in its place, but as a chaotic flash where the cries of even 300 patriots go unnoticed and discredited as the source of all the people's discomfort. "Without the limits of the Constitution, we could have solved this much sooner! Down with the Constitution."

That's what I think and why many of us who would like to be choosy about a leader, ought to seriously and honestly stop to think that the opportunity to spread the Gospel of Liberty is fading, if not gone already. I think we should be figuring out how to battle those who will come to power with the specific and popular purpose to put an end to all of this Constitution nonsense and just let the government do what it needs to, to help the people.

God help us.

Saturday, June 2, 2012


Here's the question: Is it better to let someone lead who is so intent upon it that his leadership will provide cohesion to the Liberty Community? We are now a ragged bunch of individuals seeking only self-defense against a tyranny better thought out, better prosecuted than our efforts toward liberty. We are behind, struggling with some manner of discourse with our fellow citizens that will wake them up, that will save them so that we might have reinforcements. But, we are approaching the moment when we can no longer look out for the sports enthusiasts and game show attendees among us.

If we banded together tightly, how many would there be? 300? I doubt it. What is that? One thousandth of one percent of the population?

I am not being defeatist, but I have watched this community being ripped apart, divided from the beginning. Two factions become five, five become twelve until we are doing nothing more than sitting alone in our bunkers waiting for the knock on the door to make our individual valiant attempt at resistance.

Principle? There are only a few left to us, stand together or die alone. Those are principles. Honesty, integrity, truthfulness, purity? I don't know. I can have them for myself, but do I distance myself from all of those who do not? That would leave precious few in my tribe. Anyone could be an agent provocateur, anyone, so who do you trust? No one, that's who and so again, one is alone in the bunker.

Who trusts you? Why should they? Would you put your life in MY hands, the lives of your wives and children? I wouldn't. Again, alone.

Were an FBI, DHS, LEO intent on sowing discord and division, it could not be done any better than this.

I have been quiet these past weeks knowing all of this, wondering if I should say something, or just melt away. It doesn't take much to fall off the radar, to become invisible. Shut down the blog, go away. As easy as tending to my own, I distance myself from everyone and everything. I have fought this compulsion steadily, so before I go...

Let me break something to you: we need a leader. The process of divining that very individual is happening now, whether that is clear to everyone, or not. I don't care who it is, to be honest with you. Pick anyone you want, pick the DHS agent among us for all I care, it can't have any greater disaster written on it than all of this bickering and name-calling and dividing up sides.

Again, alone.

I had greater hopes for the Liberty Community, the Threepers, et al. There is the supposition that by being local that we will somehow survive the first die-off...and then what? We emerge to a scene out of the French Revolution where the FSA vilifies and destroys the capitalists and constitutionalists? Many more of them than us and they don't need guns.

I have been accused many times of not seeing the whole picture, of not buying into the program, of being naive, of not prepping enough, of not buying enough guns, etc. Here's how naive I am: as I see this playing out there won't be much to survive for.

My dreams had been to help an unwilling public come to grips with the facts that will readily reveal themselves to one and all. I had hopes that I might be able to convince more to fight for the rights given to us by God and secured by the Second Amendment. Now, I see that the unity we needed to accomplish anything...anything is being squandered in an attempt to commandeer and control the movement.

Well, by all means, get to it. If you intend to lead, then step out there and claim leadership, let the few who refuse your leadership fall by the wayside. If you can, bring this motley crew to bear, shape it up, get it ready to fight and lead. I'll follow, if you are competent.

One thing I know, we should not be worrying about setting aside stores, those should have been secured long ago. Guns, again, long ago. What we should be doing is building tactical teams and being given orders to secure this, or disrupt that...and we are not. We won't do it on our own, individually, I have seen how well that works out.

So, I say again, I will forgive your lack of integrity, your lack of honesty about your intent, your lack of purity to the ideals of the founders, let others worry about that. It is time to lead and if we are not ready to follow, shame on us, if you are not ready to lead, shame on you.

Here's how naive I am.