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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Stench Will Find You

We are under attack. Is there any other way to say it? Free speech? Are you nuts? One might offend a liberal. One might notice that offending the religious, offending the Conservative, offending the patriot is, of course, allowed under rules that no one other than liberals understand. It allows them to hate people for using "hate speech" which might be only mildly offensive.

This is the world we stand to pass down to our children. Do you understand the implications of that? It is the utter destruction of ourselves. It is the polite suicide of self. I know there are wealthy individuals, owners of corporations, who visit this blog. Are you sincerely willing to watch the destruction of not only your nation, but yourselves? They are priming your children with the rot that allows this injustice of judgement without a fight, so that your capitalistic nature dies and all is left is LEFT?

Capitalism is not the death of humanity, as they have claimed, it is the start of it. Without capitalism there is no engine to the ship of compassion. It doesn't matter if the wealthy themselves are without compassion, or fully immersed in it, they must hire people to do their business from among the masses and those are good, decent people who believe in compassion and charity, not forced charity, not governmental confiscation and distribution, but honest charity, the sort that comes from a Christian or generally decent concept of doing the right thing.

The entire power structure, i.e. Hollywood, news, sports, educators and even capitalists themselves are decidedly anti-capitalistic. I suppose once one has achieved great wealth it is their prerogative to simply ignore all of the principles that enabled that wealth so that they are invited to Hollywood parties and allowed to hob nob with the socially influential, but once they have allowed the socialists the voice, it will be used to hang them from the lamp posts in Hollywood and if one were to doubt this possibility, consider the evil rhetoric used by the Left against Sarah Palin, a woman who did nothing but validate feminism. Is there one thing the Left has refused to do, anything that might suggest they are less than the average German Auschwitz guard?

This is the backward world the Left, the Marxists, the collectivists offer us. This is the insane hypocrisy which they promote in open and idiotic ways every day. To enable that is a crime, it is a treason to those very principles which brought America from a backward, backwoods group of rebellious colonies into the light as the greatest power in the world, more compassionate, more giving, more dedicated to the needy, largely through the influence of Christianity, than any other nation in the world.

To give that away to simply turn one's back on those principles is a greater injustice than that which will befall the rich if the new regime succeeds. I pity thee, for I will have no pity when the time comes and they surely will not. You sir/madam are the dessert as the final course in this feast of conflict. Yes, the things which have brought you success in the previous system will be of value, but not from you, on both accounts you will be the lesson to the rest, one as an exploiter and the other as a traitor.

Conservatism is under attack, whether wealthy, or happily middle-class, anyone in violation of their (the Marxists) dogma is a criminal, not just a bad person or one of little conscience, but a criminal deserving of a camp, deserving of punishment and who will be meting out that punishment? TSA agents, IRS agents, DMV employees, those who are practiced in the heartlessness and imcompassionate enforcement of arcane and moronic regulations, regulations that empower the state over the individual. Nothing could be less American, less capitalistic, less compassionate.

Go your way, try your manipulations on those sorts of people. I will fight, I will stand for principles, not because I seek the destruction of self, but because it is my mess and I intend to clean it up. While you might give over the nation to those insane and despotic individuals lacking in compassion and consideration for any other than themselves, I will not.

Charity is worth fighting for, decency is worth the risk. Without it how are we, this nation, any different than Stalin's regime? We are not, sadly we have followed the narrative, allowed ourselves to be bullied into compliance and meekness. It is time to rise up, to use every weapon at one's disposal to fight this beast, to deny the most even plan they have for this nation.

Hide if you want, the stench will find you.


  1. the stench will find you.

    Indeed and posted.

  2. Once people have great wealth, the goal is to prevent others from achieving it. The Socialist state is a great means for that. Yes, the uber-wealthy will lose some of what they have, but the rank and file will lose everything. Soviet bosses might not have been rich by Western standards, but they had more and better food, cars, Black Sea dachas, televisions, and freedoms that the average Ivan could not even hope to acquire. And, unlike in the West, the rabble could not rise to supplant or join them, nor would they likely fall, so long as they played ball with the Party.

  3. Tell me again why we are doing nothing but letting the traitors and conspirators incrementally screw our nation and it's people until November 2nd......seems that we have a good plan, but one that could and should be prosecuted as soon as we can secure our homes and march....a lot of damage can be done and lots of defensive moves can be set up in 5+ all cancers, early detection and swift action promotes a better chance of recovery....are we going to celebrate our independence this 4th of July in chains and under this despot and his criminal administration????

    1. While I support Kerodin's effort, I don't expect it to last that long. My prediction is that June will be the month it all comes undone. Then, all bets are off we will be too busy defending our own and pursuing traitors to attend anything.

      But, if it makes it that far, I will be there.

    2. Thank you TL, we are like minded, I think. I, like you, don't believe that we will be able to make a good offensive move if we wait until early November. I think, as you do, that we will be thrown into a defensive mode shortly after Memorial Day because the polls and the signs seem to be shifting away from a sure re-election, and the civil war (the government's plan "B")will be set into motion. Rest assured if, and whenever we make a move I will be there with my tribe.


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