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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Imperious Barons

There have been a few posts lately taking issue with the Constitution. AP points out that "as ratified" is a non-starter for him due to its lack of repudiation of slavery and other issues. Kerodin points out that the paper itself has no power.

Okay, but this leans back to a post I started yesterday, but didn't finish. There is no aspect to the Constitution that makes it magic. It has to be endorsed and supported by the people. This is why I have called the Constitution invalid, there are not the people to support it, most don't even know what's in it, even while they claim the protections of it.

Kerodin and AP are right, the Constitution is not a panacea for the ills of the nation. The point is to make the Marxists reveal that they hate the Constitution, let them destroy it. But, we will not re-write it, we don't even have the understanding of how to do it anymore. Those who wrote the Constitution had lived through tyranny and oppression unlike we have yet to know. They had foreign armies on the soil, committing atrocities to their families. I am not saying we won't get there, but we are not there, yet.

What they wrote, they wrote against themselves, knowing that there is no good government, only more restricted, more controlled government.

The value of the Constitution is simply that it makes those in power obvious hypocrites. It forces the enemies of it out into the open. It is justification for those who need it. It is a marker, nothing less. We cannot go back to it. Even if we could, it includes slavery, the lack of women's sufferage, etc. There are good things that have evolved from it, but through the appropriate amendment process.

What we have now is simply judicial fiefdoms. Imperious barons prosecuting their personal visions of social evolution. In the process they have convinced many of us that there is no justification needed for action. There is freedom and slavery, nothing else but degrees thereof.

While I harp on the Constitution, I know that most of my blathering is just for those who think there is some legitimate means of resistance. I don't think we need it. We do not need to justify our actions through the Constitution, but others might.

We cannot go back to it, but we can demand that the ideals that spawned it are alive and held within the hearts of those patriots of today, because the Constitution is nothing other than a declaration of the power of the people over their government, not the other way around. If one understands and believes that the individual is supreme, what else needs to be established?

TPTB have twisted ever word, every intent to serve themselves, yet the words remain, plain and in simple terms to anyone who cares to read it. We don't. Forget it, it doesn't matter, because we are determined to have liberty through whatever means secures it, or death. That is the original intent of the Constitution, to provide the legitimacy for those who need it and the rest, like us, we don't need it. We know we are not free and nothing else matters.

The imperious barons have thus far succeeded. We need to recognize that in order to move toward them, to take them to task for their treason. Once liberty is stolen from one, it becomes precedence and used to steal more from others. There is no end. What we suffer today, we will suffer ten-fold tomorrow. Or, they will.

We need to stiffen our backs, bow our necks and get down to the real deal. I am ready. Are you? It begins on Memorial Day. Spread your cards, put them on notice, prepare to engage. The fight will not be pretty, but freedom is not free. Engagement will be messy. Some of us will die and be imprisoned. It should be our honor to do so, to fight for freedom, to make it costly, to make it painful.

Let them know we are coming, then do not fail to arrive.


  1. Hear, be it! I will stand and be counted!

  2. The Constitution does not repudiate slavery, but neither does it demand it. It is more perfect than any document I've ever read, and so much more perfect than my mind could conceive. I will use it, and only it, as my call to arms.

  3. As Greece was occupied during the Crimean and Cold wars, we must displace the current residents with Albanian Pelasgian aborigines (Kosovar Style) to keep them from giving the soviets access to the straits and propogate their Heresy of Photius.

  4. Great post, but I would add that one of my favorite documents is the Declaration of Independence. Our Founders clearly and concisely laid out their reasons for breaking with their government and in a very well reasoned way said.......that's all folks. This came before the Contitution and may even be more important because it gave all subsequent actions legitimacy. That is what we need today - well reasoned and legitimate indignation to restore Liberty to man.

    Robbie Palmer

    1. I believe that the time has come to deliver the Declaration of Independence to the Capitol again!

  5. A short commentary : The only ONE item the founding fathers were derelict in doing when they wrote the law of the land was they had no provision for punishment for anyone that violated this great work of art.

  6. Had to run and forgot one thing - but isn't this essentially what Kerodin is doing Nov. 3. A sort of Dec. of Independence? I await to see his document.

    Robbie Palmer

  7. The provision was the ballot box. Unfortunately, they never envisioned the possibility of the process becoming so bastardized nor the interest of the public being so apathetic. We are just beginning to see the interest of the citizen being revitalized. Our pain must first become unbearable.

  8. If the Constitution means so little, and in the hands of activist judges it doesn't mean squat, then where does the FED .gov derive its authority ?


    1. They derive their authority in their hunger for power. They derive their authority in their arrogance that "they" know what is the best for us. They derive their authority in the indoctirnation of how many generations of Americans that have been told how to be "patriotic". They derive their authority in the militant police presence they have nurtured throughout our land. They derive their authority in their ability to arrest you, imprison you, and even kill you and your family.
      It is what it is.
      Miss Violet

    2. The .fed gets its power from a populace that is uneducated/unthinking, weak and disinterested in any aspect of its life beyond the Tv screen.
      From our McDiets through the lack of interest in educating our children, our dependance on drugs- both legal and ilicit- to our circus of athletic entertainment and preoccupation with anything of a sexual nature, "So long as we can have those, who the hell cares what a politician will do? They're going to do it anyway," is the chorus refrain of the common man.
      In short, a slothful and weak generation has allowed them to take their power.

  9. You're right. The only question that bears an answer is "Are you a free man, or are you a slave?"
    More to the point, which would you have your children be ?

  10. up in the northwoods by greatlakes looking for a sign...

  11. "...We cannot go back to it, but we can demand that the ideals that spawned it are alive and held within the hearts of those patriots of today, because the Constitution is nothing other than a declaration of the power of the people over their government, not the other way around. If one understands and believes that the individual is supreme, what else needs to be established?

    Dear TL, The above you implied in your book "The Constitutionalist"
    This was an epiphany that changed everything for me.
    It is Sovereign power derived from natural law and Liberty.

    ..And nothing, no "power", no "authority", no "law", regulation or dictator, nor demigod, elected representative, apparatchik, ruling elite, or their Nomenklaturer lickspittles within regulatory tyrannies, and anything else outside those natural laws of Liberty and Freedom, hold sway over me.
    I'm done. I have no respect for my government, it is a farce. Those who function within its realm, whether they understand or not, are enablers or proponents of tyranny.
    Because I understand this, and make no mistake I understand this profoundly, my government is not in any fashion imaginable representative government of my sovereign existence.
    It is the truth of truths that today, in this moment in time, that I, I am a servant of government.
    That is not Free.
    That is not Liberty.
    That is not Prosperity.
    That is not Sovereign will.
    To prove I am saying the truth, a truth that any American with an iota of understanding of the realities of power of our government, if I was to assert my Sovereign will, stand my ground and refuse to bend my knees to the power government imposes in its own interests, I would be confronted with an escalation of force ultimately manifesting itself in the form of power enforced via the barrel of a gun.
    The telltale of truth of this, is at no point, in any form, does there exist a mechanism in our government to halt the transgression of force for the benefit of doubt of the Sovereign person. The aggression of force only works in the direction of enforcement to the detriment of all forms of sovereign will and power.
    All devices of Liberty, of the protection of Liberty, have been waylaid by my very own government for the purposes of denying Liberty.

    That leaves only 2 choices.
    Submit...or not.
    I know what my choice is.
    I understand, what my choice is.

    I like the US Constitution. It is the greatest testament in human history. It is something very great to believe in and aspire to. The ideas it contends. That is the crux.

    We don't need no steenkin' constitution!
    We the Sovereign, we are the constitution!

  12. Look to Patrick Henry's and others arguments against the ratification of the Constitution and you will find that the Founders disagreed on how best the values of Liberty could be protected. The Constitution has long been dead as it has been abused and abused by those seeking power for their own special interests. Although the downward path started shortly after the ratification Lincoln effectively buried the Constitution in 1861 and since then those that have followed have from time to time either thrown more dirt on the grave or pulled back some earth but none has taken us back to our roots.

    Bottom liner is that neither the Declaration nor the the Constitution brought forth anything more than a great attempt at verbalizing the very fact that every man. woman and child has rights that they are born with. Rights that come from the Creator. Rights that come from their Creation. Government by its very nature will do nothing but transgress against those rights. The Constitution is nothing more than an gallant attempt to control the very power the Founders created in the centralized government they formed. In the end they did not fail. We did.

    So where to from here? "We are the Sovereign". Agreed. I will live free. More than that I want my children and grandchildren to live free. What will be the cost and how many will be willing to pay...


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