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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Dreams Of Their Fathers

In working through my decision to support Kerodin's Liberty Congress, I had to come to some hard conclusions, the same I hope the readers will understand and consider when making their decisions as each will have to make their own and stand by it, come what may.

There is no escaping this conflict. There is no doubt (by what I have seen and what I have read) that the Marxists mean to have it, no matter what we do. Whether we stand in the doorway to our own home, or we stand on the streets of DC, they will come.

The hardest part is trying to figure out why Americans would be involved in the other side to this radical degree. Had they not had forebears who fought the same wars as ours, who enjoyed the peace as ours had? Had they not watched the same moments in history unfold: landing on the moon; Superbowls; the 1980 Olympic hockey team; the development of the internet? Didn't those moments (choose any of your own) cement us as a nation in the last century? Hadn't we put the other centuries aside?

Yes, they had, but there was always a thread running through them that spoke to a different inner instinct: injustice. Real or imagined, it is there, festering and with the OWS group it is bolstered by a sense of righteousness and superiority. Whether that injustice, real or imagined, is brokered by racial or economic realities, it burns like a hot iron and vengeance is the only salve.

They are being encouraged and marshalled by hardcore Marxists with the power of the federal government at their disposal.

For many of you this is old news and repetitive, but bear with me as it is an evolution in thought many others must arrive at and quickly.

The reason the conflict cannot be avoided is rooted in the spoiled, demanding nature developed since the 1960's. The ME generation. The need for instant gratification. The powerful rich who have hated this nation forever are growing old and they won't be able to see their dream if put off another decade.

Very simply the old hippies and union thugs, those worshippers of the collective, combined with the aboslute desire for vengeance among the marginalized classes spells one thing: there is no better time when they will have as much power and sense of empowerment as they have prior to the election, when the chief Marxist still commands the DOJ and the military. This is why it works on so many levels.

If the dreams of their fathers is ever to come true it has to come true now, this summer, when there is plenty of unemployed, spoiled brat, indoctrinated reinforcements with a sense of righteousness to draw from.

This is why I signed on to the Congress, but feel it will come too late.


  1. I've been reading your blog for about a month now. They are interesting and really open the mind. Todays writing really hits home for me as I feel as you do that the Marxists are in a position to suceed or maybe fail forever. We are at a crossroads that has been building for almost two generations. Like most I cannot see the end of this road, but I don't feel it is going to be a good one. As for the Congress meeting, I do not know enough right now to comment. I do know that something must be done and in my opinion, quickly. There is no more time left to ignore the problem or hide your head in the sand.

  2. Dreams of their Fathers? Perhaps for some my friend but for other young men who are supporting these femi-multi-marxist moves it is a lack of fathers and a lack of dreams of being who they were meant to be. They do not even know what it means to be an American Man. Whatever it meant once has been brow beaten and affirmative actioned out of them.

    I encourage the Liberty Congress move although I haven't been a flag waver for it. My problem is I am not sure any trip that far from home right now (or in November) is even reasonable for those of us who are Constitutionally geared. We need our resources where they will do the most good at ALL times/any given time and a move to come together would be a good time for the enemies to make their move as well.

    Perhaps I have too much Rand in me but we are seeing the femi-multi-marxist bleeding themselves out. The looters are getting desperate and letting them bleed a bit more maybe more beneficial for us right now.

    Taking a stance like that makes me a prime target for the fence sitter name but strategy is strategy.

    1. Everyone has to do what they think is right. I respect that and most would, or I hope they would.

      As for the dreams of their fathers, I was speaking more of the fathers of their movement, the authors of Marxism, rather than literal.

    2. You have a right to your opinion. However, I don't see how their "bleeding themselves out" when each new bill takes away more of our liberty, the police are continually becoming more militaristic, and regardless or who makes it into the White House their foundation is the same.

      The Founding Fathers of this country had a saying during their revolution, "Join or Die".
      I believe in the coming conflict both sides will take this stance.

      As far as fence sitters, one side will call them enemy and the other coward.

    3. If you wish to make reference to the American Revolution then perhaps it is fair to point out that most individuals who participated made their choice locally, called up by state or local militia. Even the scattered protests were conducted by the locals until the bullets began flying and then the standing Continental army was very small.

      I believe regional or even statewide meets and such are very worth while. I have some issues with asking people to travel half a continent or more under the climate we are living in today. It seems an awful chancy move until we have the local structure and support in place that our founding fathers had.

  3. Had they not had forebears who fought the same wars as ours, who enjoyed the peace as ours had?

    Many, many didn't and please check your email. Thanks.

  4. Well said, T.L., be well and God bless.

  5. I totally disagree with the "imminent nature" of this laser focused single potential outcome among many. If you study the economics and history, (Tainter, Taleb, Rickards, Fergusson) we are definitely at a point at which the system cannot get any bigger, and will likely collapse economically - A complex system cascade failure. The implications are that it will be impossible to have a world gov, or even sustain the US gov in it's current state, and means that power (political and economic) will fall down to the more local level.

    What's that Chinese stratagem again? Oh, yea:

    Watch the fires burning across the river (隔岸觀火/隔岸观火, Gé àn guān huǒ)

    Delay entering the field of battle until all the other players have become exhausted fighting amongst themselves. Then go in at full strength and pick up the pieces.

    DC is a waste of time, let it destroy itself, also anyone close to DC risks getting caught in the undertow as it goes down. It would be more than prudent to stay the hell away from that rat's nest. Post economic realignment, which we are accelerating toward at rapid pace will force completely new structures of power and politics. We should focus on being a primary party in the new reality, not the old one.

  6. TL, there is a lot to consider in the Anonymous post of May 9 12:12pm.
    We see a lot more OWS leftists with their distorted sense of entitlement, unable to discern between free market capitalism and crony capitalism, braying about the injustice of the 1%, etc.
    They are out, as are their counterparts in Greece, Spain, France...whereever the Socialist system of legal plunder is beginning to fall.

    I for one wouldnt mind watching the fires burning across the river for a while.

  7. By my last comment, What I mean to say is this: Let the left and the Statists bleed themselves, kind of like Iraq and Iran in the 80's.

  8. Most Americans have been subtly castrated while they slept. They have no idea what is coming, but keep being told by our government that there is nothing to worry about - the govt. and the media have almost complete control over what everyone hears and sees. Plus, we have a massive population of leeches, those who will do anything asked of the govt. because Big Brother is paying all the bills.

    The Web has opened a big channel into homes, but probably too late to spread the alarm as thoroughly as needed. I doubt we can do anything more, short of violence, to change things. But this is where the colonists stood when they wrote the Declaration of Independence. All is not lost, but there will be great sacrifice in the process of recovering our freedoms and liberty.

    All one can say is "be prepared and stay the course." Our country is worth everything we pay in the battles to come.

  9. this fight is way older than the oldest hippie,it has been going on since we got here.maybe the whole plan is to see who will fight for their liberty.maybe they are the only ones who deserve it.just sayin

  10. T.L. - well said. For me one of the most wonderful documents ever written on human affairs was the Dec. of Ind. I would love to be a part of something similar and would proudly put my insignificant name to the list.

    Yet it is as much my fault as anybodys in that I have done nothing to stop the approaching darkness of tyranny. But I have tried to live as our Founders envisioned - I have not taken gov't handouts, I am a business owner, I homeschool etc. While I was trying to live my life as responsibly as I know how without taking from anyone else the gov't became what I hate. I tried to vote to keep America on the right path - but now realize even those I thought would do right have turned on me by not protecting my freedoms and by enabling more curbs on my freedom.

    I am not afraid of the consequences (heck, .gov already monitors me I'm sure because I come to sites such as these) but I do have some concerns -- It will be no simple matter to overcome the satists who love .gov.

    Please do not take this as an insult to the III movement but as you said and as I have believed for many years now, there are too many Americans who want a tyrant, a cradle to grave government. I like what you say I like what the III and many other patriot types stand for but will you be in charge during a reset, will you control the process for re-establishing America??? I would hope so, but what is the long-term plan to come out on top vs. all the other groups - Marxists, OWS, Environmental whackos, lawyers, Repub types or Dem types who helped put us here?

    And my last concern. Our Founders may not have all been Christian but many were and the rest seemingly understood the value of a Christian worldview to a secular society. That is, as far as my understanding of history, why the American revolution was a success for freedom in the world. Lafayette went back to France with freedom in mind but I don't believe he and the others were willing to acknowledge God as the source of that freedom. And what they got was a bloody riotous mess. And seems to me to be the same for every revolution for "democracy" since then - they have forgotten the source of Life and Liberty and without that source all you get is mans attempts which will fail. I am not looking for a theocratic state just one that knows from whence our freedoms come. America is unique. Will the III acknowledge God, will He be the cornerstone for putting America back to rights? I fear what will happen if we don't have the statement that "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights..." as part of our worldview.

    You may think me naive and stupid and may ban me from commenting. I want to fight for freedom, I fear a world without the freedom we have enjoyed in America and I do not want to leave my nation to the jackals. I want America to be restored but I must continue to consider the issue. Until then thanks for your eloquent and though provoking work.

    Robbie Palmer

    1. Robbie,
      I could be you.All your fears are mine.I have been self employed for 30 years.I admit to receiving government welfare.I took unemployment pay for a couple months after I was discharged from the Army.I was a true believer.I want to put this in some way that can convey the sense of loss I feel and not just the bitterness.The Lord knows I am bitter.I watched this country take some of the people who loved it the most and treat them with complete indifference.OK,fuck it,don't mean nothin.
      Now they take my money and give it to the fat cats who ran their shit into the dirt.k.fuk it,means nada.And the banks are promised,(by our gov.)that we will pick up 75% of their mortgage loss.And they get the house.Nice deal.No matter what they get phat.Well fuck that.If I am to be a slave,I plan on being a mighty pissed offf one.
      We r being run by a criminal org. who can not do the job right.At least the Hells Angles would run the place at a profit.
      Try not to think about what our kids get left with.
      Frankly you sound like a pussy.
      Another reason we are here.
      So in closeing I would say we are all to blame.Now lets find out who will help fix it.

  11. Anonymus @ 5:50 said "Frankly you sound like a pussy.
    Another reason we are here."


    Because I refuse to follow someone blindly. I like what I have seen by T.L. and Kerodin and find them to be spot on in describing the problem. But that doesn't mean they have all the answers to fixing the problem and quite frankly all they got at this point is a march to deliver a parchment (sorry if I missed something that addresses the after). Great idea and I'm all for it - but what specifically comes after they ignore the petition? Guerilla war, arrest of the traitors ???????

    Why, because I don't want to die in vain? Especially if an ill advised action plays into the hands of the DHS and others and makes it harder for real progress by better means to be done by other Patriots. If it is a good plan that goes bad so be it, I will diefor the right reasons.

    Why, because I sound like a girly man? I have considered killing and being killed to protectmy family, I have tried to envision it inmy mind. But truth is until confronted I don't know. But you don't know either whether or not I will fight like a cornered cat when push comes to shove. And for all I k ow you are an arnchair bravado spewing hack who will whine and blubber like a scared child. Or you may be the one guy I might want on my side in a scrape. Until then I am a scared rabbit in your mind and you are a dangerous big-mouth. Oh, and I did sign my real name and you signed anon - go figure.

    Why, because I love God. Buddy boy I have read my Bible and I don't see wimpyness in those pages. I see times when God used ordinary men to fight real battles against evil and wrongdoing. Abraham fought to get Lot back, Moses stood up to a King and fought against others, Joshua fought many battles, A kid named David took on a giant, Solomon defended his nation, and so on. Yes I should tread carefully when choosing to fight but I find nothing that mandates Christians turn into weak kneed sobbering infants who refuse to stand up to the evils of this world. Matter of fact Deitrich Bonhoeffer, a pastor, came to the conclusion that it was a Christians duty to stand up and he did. He joined a plot to assasinate Hitler and it cost him his life. If I feel it proper in God's plan I will fight.

    Why, because I worry about my kids. Well I would rather fight now than have my sons and daughter have to endure even worse - this is my responsibility not theirs (for now).

    Your opinion is duly noted and all I have to say is we'll see. And I do agree with your last line - let's find the ones who can make the difference.

    Robbie Palmer

    1. Robbie, you shouldn't worry, I am a Christian, that is well known and even the atheists in our midst understand that it was clearly stated that this system is not functional without the role God plays in it.

      I mean, from whence did these rights come? Not government, not even men, they come from our Creator, our understanding that there is a thing greater than men or governments, there is nature and the human soul yearns for freedom, even when the responsibility for it is lacking, there is still a sense that as an individual, we seek to run our own show, to do our own thing, to negate criticism of our choices, that WE have a mind and seek to use it, even Marxists seek freedom for themselves even if they have to enslave the masses to get it.

      Were this not true we would all live communally and seek to please the hive. Some might do that, but there is always someone right next to them who wants to take advantage of that weakness and they see it as weakness.

      Do not follow us, lead yourself and see where you need to go.

    2. Precisely sir. And lest we forget some of our anscestors tried this in the Virginia colony, and the communalism almost cost them their lives in this new land.

      On the other matters, I meant no disrespect to you or your views, I always enjoy your posts and have respect for your thoughtfulness. I only question to be sure I do the right thing - BTW the Dc event as I see it now - is worthy of being followed. I guess I like Davey Crockett's mindset regarding being sure you are right and then acting on it. This is too important for ready fire aim.

      R Palmer

  12. We are preparing on the local and State levels.

  13. I believe in a much more muscular Christianity.In the book don't they talk about selling ur cloak and buying an assault sword.

    1. Yes and actually the words came from Christ himself, spoken to his disciples. And the thing I have never heard a pastor or theologan speak clearly on is the fact that they, the disciples, already had one sword on hand. To me this could very well mean that self-defense was perfectly acceptable and perhaps expected by Christ. And there is no record of Christ ever asking the disciples why they were packin' or an admonition to get rid of the dngerous instrument. If He was against all violence, justified or not, would He not have made an object lesson, a parable for this? I suppose there are times to "turn the other cheek" but there are also times to stand and be counted.

      R. Palmer

  14. Took a momment to go down the blog roll on the right.I wonder if Jose Guerena thought he was protecting his children by doing what he was doing.Turned out he was safer in a combat zone.
    I am not passing judgement on you.I would not want to make that choice.But guys go off and risk it all for them every day.U aint so special.U got a choice that is hard.Grow the fuck up.

  15. ALL,

    Please go to and review the entry dated 7 MAY 12. The commentary posted there supports Mr. Davis' essay here.

    Prepare....the S is going to HTF and Chicago's globalist summit 20-21 May is a precursor of what is to come.


  16. I have to say something to everyone. It is something I have been searching for, but did not really understand the importance of it. I think we all have much to say, much to contribute each in our own way.

    No one is an island on to Liberty. We all have to on to Liberty together. If we do not, we are doomed. If we do together, our Liberty is assured. The luxury of time of gestalt of understanding our Liberty is growing to a close. As TL has stated, it is time to take action. Quite so. The reasons are obvious. Yet, to be victorious on to Liberty, we of Liberty have to do the thing our forefathers had in spades, solidarity. From all walks of life, our founders came together, they chose reason over impulse, faith in their course over fear, faith in their cause, faith in themselves collectively, faith in the great creator. This faith, a movement of irresistible force, is strength unconquerable, formidable, it is something that makes men freemen, not serfs or slaves, faith, courage, that spits on tyranny.

    If we are to be the America we talk and write about, the America we desire in our hearts, the Americans we know we are, we have to come together. This is where our power lies. Our sovereign unalienable God given Liberty. It is ourselves. It is not on a piece of parchment in a glass case. Our Liberty is us.
    It has always been, us.
    We must become a singularity, a force that nothing nor no one can vanquish.
    It is our becoming a singular force, a unified voice, it is the source of the greatest power, that will prevail against the evil of tyranny.
    We did it once as a nation.
    We can again.
    It is as simple and profound as choice.
    I choose Liberty.


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