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Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Beast Reveals Its Blackened Soul

I don't usually address the individual nature of the public servant as that is not a monolithic thing, but rather a spectrum of individuals who work in government. Many might have found themselves once brought into the fold during war, or enlistment, and realized after their hitch was up that it was an easy transition from military service to public service. It might be nothing more complicated than that.

Others saw their duty as police officers a long time ago, before hundreds of judicial rulings turned them into a quasi standing army for the collectivists, but they are so close to retirement that rather than fight the beast, they have found an uncomfortable peace with it. Or, they might have been lawyers determined to put the bad guys in prison and joined the government as a county, state or federal attorney. It may not have been their preference that the Supreme Court had ruled the way it had, or that laws they disagreed with were put into place and it became their duty to prosecute those laws. Again, as time went on the beast might have snuck up on them and now it seems futile and even disastrous to fight it. (I would suggest as a side note that it is time to own up and stand up)

It is for these reasons and perhaps a million other scenarios one might entertain that I find it hard to go after the individual in government, though I have before. It is a fact that our governments perform a lot of functions in society, some that are not constitutional, some that are exactly constitutional. So, what part of their duties do I take exception to, exactly? 10%? 30%? You see, it is hard to determine exactly that part of their employment with which I disagree.

My rhetoric, therefore, reflects the understanding that not everyone in government is bad, or collectivist, or even liberal. So, I use the term "government" to mean the things that as a whole the government does that is wrong and unconstitutional.

And then, just when I come to this reasoned and perhaps generous conclusion about the people in government and their somewhat trapped, unintended role in its greater abuses, I am met with the sort of vermin that have brought about the opposite conclusion, that they are all traitorous wretches with nothing but the club to raise and threaten all of us un-connected, un-protected slobs who only exist to feed the beast its due rations of blood and bone.

I will not repeat the profanity used against us all as readers and bloggers when I point the reader to the comment section of the previous post, let the government jackal speak for him/herself in all the glory that is due to this particular type of cretin. The names he/she lists as his/her personal goon squad are the names of US Attorneys and the like. I refer to the commenter as he/she as I cannot determine gender based on the Anonymous comment, because the accuser, the bully, the Marxist who stopped by to comment did so anonymously, unlike myself who puts his name to everything he writes. Who stands willing to accept the punishments this commenter, this government goon, would heap upon me for the words I have to say and the authority I cite.

Let me repeat so that my intent is clear and open to all whom might read these pages. This government is corrupt, it is without consent of the governed, it is bankrupt, it has stolen the riches of the people and dumped it on banksters and unions and government workers. It is far beyond its authority and there is a reckoning coming and if I am the first to be hoisted on the spears of these Marxists, I will gladly wear the badge affixed to my breast with their crooked knives.

Come and get me, make an example of me, breed a thousand others like me with your persecution. I am unafraid.


  1. Bob from ClevelandMay 3, 2012 at 4:58 PM

    Masterful, it's a wonder they were anonymous.

  2. breed a thousand others like me with your persecution

    Yes and posted.

  3. The Government has defaulted on its original pact with the people, and now operates without, and beyond the scope of, Nature. As you know, no government can long endure under such arrangement. The employees will not do a thing to you personally. For they do not think the need exists. When it is time, someone will take all of the sites down at once. For is not commonplace these days that the first consideration when determining their M.O. be that of quantifying that which is not Constitutional?

  4. You know what concerns me - educators (so-called anywho). I homeschool 5 beautiful and intelligent children. And in the "it's for the children" crapola I see more personal liberty being destroyed via our kids in the form of indoctrination and the idiocy of what passes for learnin'. They are attacking the family and the nation by propaganda force fed into children who are being turned into drones, un-critical un-thinking serfs.

    What I watch is the continued foolishness of so called public education and in Alabama most all schools answer to a state BOE and are under a state jurisdiction, not local. And as the Feds and states seem to be coming closer to a national standard curricula I am concerned my right to homeschool may come under more direct fire. I will defend my right and my kids. I don't care if one of those drones comes to my home for an "inspection" or to inform me my kids must go to their indoctrination centers. I don't care if it is some little old lady just doing her job or some new hire do-gooder. I don't care what law they write this is what is most important to me (I care about taxes, regulations, fees, TSA gropes etc but this is way more important to me) They will be met with resistance as my kids are God's gift to me and the wife - not the state - and as such I will use extreme prejudice to keep the ghouls from getting their hands on my family. These are the government goons without excuse who cannot hide behind the it's my job.

    Robbie Palmer


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