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Sunday, May 6, 2012

And A Soldier Dies

When it comes to Kerodin's Convention in DC, I am in.

From the first day they passed the seat belt law in Colorado, 1986, or thereabouts, I knew it would come to this. I chaffed at the first sign of a government obsessed with my safety and knew that one day it would grow to the point that something would have to be done about it. It never stops at common sense, once they snare you in the trap of considering it a good law, you are all but done.

There are no good laws that protect oneself from one's own decisions, even though there are stiff consequences for failure to follow common sense, it is the law that makes it tyranny. It is not for the government to decide what is or is not a good decision. They are simply there to make the sewers run. Now, they do everything in the world for us, but that.

There is good in all evil, or it would not work. When they stop you at a DUI checkpoint, they have seized you and searched you without cause, without sworn testimony as is required by the Fourth Amendment. Is it good that they get DUI offenders off the road? Sure, but at the cost of providing a precedent that the Fourth Amendment is invalid? Is it good that the Fourth Amendment is invalid? Answer that one after they have ransacked your home, torn apart your bedding, sifted through your computer, looked through your sock drawer, found any number of personal and perhaps humiliating things that are not illegal, but make you cringe at any rate. What they know as a result is that you have hemorrhoids, or take medicine for a nervous condition, or dye your hair, or whatever else is none of any one's business, but they know it and they shouldn't. And, they didn't even need a warrant, because you are not being charged with anything, it was just a suspicion, un-sworn, unattested to, but they had a feeling you might be doing something wrong based on some of the things you wrote on a blog or on Facebook. Tsk tsk tsk.

And, if you are a cow who has obediently walked the path to the trough and back to the pasture, have no fear, you are their kind of cow.

We all have comfortable lives that could go on without the "in your face actions" that the conference proposes. I have a good job now that pays a considerable sum, though I still face debts and obligations from my failed business. But, I feel no great need to go out and make myself anymore of a target than I already have by writing this blog. Except that they will not quit, they will not cease and they will not desist in demanding more and more and more. Were they responsible and generally ethical about the way they have done business before, I might give those in government the benefit of the doubt, but they have not.

They have literally stolen billions of dollars from the poor sots who foolishly believed in paying taxes, in investing in 401ks, in having IRAs to bolster the fraud of Social Security and they literally gave it to banksters to keep them from going out of business. They gave it to car makers to keep them from going out of business and when they say they have repaid it, they have not. Trust me, I looked into it, they have not. What they did is a little bit of creative bookkeeping. They gave GM to the union workers, but those workers did not repay the losses. They did not give me money to stay in business and when they took my taxes, they did not say that they would do with them what they did, they claimed that those taxes would go to the vital needs of the nation. They did not.

Once a government begins to extort from you your hard-earned money it is one thing, it is what we call "civilized government" but when they do nothing with your funds but give it to people who will contribute to their campaign, we call it theft. Sorry, no better words for it. When all of those banks and brokerage firms needed money, the government gave it to them, straight from our pockets to theirs. And now, those same firms can't wait to return the favor out of corporate "profits" which mean your distribution will be an involuntary campaign contribution. So when they hide behind the seal of the United States Government, they find not that they have increased their status by the seal, they have only cheapened the seal to one of the average street con and it means nothing.

When they stand behind the Constitution as their authority, having violated every precept of it, they have not increased their status, they have cheapened the Constitution to mean nothing. A  burglar with a badge is no less a burglar.

I have been criticized for relying on the Constitution as some form of protection from all of this, let me reveal now that I do not. What I write is to encourage others that there is legitimacy for their actions, but I know the Constitution is mere garbage in the eyes of the powermongers in government, and if it is not grand in their eyes, nothing else matters. If the Constitution is not the most revered document ever to be drafted by Man, in their eyes, it is all a bloodbath waiting to happen, and it is not, so it will.

I have been criticized for not doing more preparations. Well, there isn't a lot of prep to do when survival is not the issue. Death is the issue and how it is done. There are letters to write to my children, to my wife, to my mother and brother, those are my preps. What is done after I am gone cannot be scripted, except to have my people where others can protect them. I won't be there.

This is not a liberty game.

I have been criticized for not taking the Liberty Summit and making it a platform from which I could pursue greater power in the Patriot community, for not organizing a permanent organization, for not looking ahead to some great role in this struggle.

I am a soldier and a soldier dies so that others will fight.

I have no delusions. My time is marked. I know the end is near. It doesn't matter whether it comes as a result of the Convention, which I really think will be too late. It doesn't matter if it comes when I see others being victimized by a band I cannot hope to vanquish as a result of either racial tensions or economic collapse. It does not matter if it comes defending my AO, it does not will come. I am just that sort.

I will say this, I did not serve in combat. I was in the Air Force at a time of relative peace. I recognize that it was this time that I was saved for. And, I say that with no great sense of sacrifice or honor, it is just a fact.

I am in the oil field, on the front lines of a dangerous occupation. I have seen a hundred stupid ways to die. I have had friends who worked in the oil field for several years and die stupidly on "days off". People get killed all the time doing the most mundane and foolish things, every day...every day. So, when given the opportunity to die for my country, to die in the effort to set things right, to die in an effort to spare someone else...I have seen a million useless deaths, let me have mine this way, for this purpose.

To those who might think me courageous, courage is built in a strong family. Build a strong family and march to the sound of the drum.


  1. Damn, that brought tears to my eyes.

    I'll be standing right next to you and Kerodin.

  2. Time to shake off the veil of xbox and Starbucks. Hundreds of people are shot in the streets every week for doing what we are doing. America is not special in that regard. Simply cushioned. The cruise ship scene from wall e sums it up perfectly. Feed us, entertain us, tuck us in at night, and close the curtains to prevent the light from the flames from disturbing our beauty sleep. We will be there as well. I would rather have a III on my tombstone than an iPhone.

  3. DAN III will join you and Mr. K, 6 NOV 12, at the D.C. event.

    For Liberty.


  4. Cash is mandatory in a market based economy and without it you have nothing. If they control your cash they control you. It's not the money, it's control. Remove or reduce the cash base and you have removed or reduced their control over you. Can you figure out how to live without cash? Me neither, but I am working on it, and so are others. Their next move will be to attack those that have removed themselves from the system. But, they cannot attack everybody, they do not have enough enforcers. Where this is eventually going is the citizenry will attack back, one thug at a time. Just grab a random gov't employee and dispatch them, one at a time. Most of the thugs are cowards and will flee when the word is out that there is an open season on their head. Now, we fear them. That needs to change. They need to fear us. How can that happen? They work for us, but they act like we work for them. How did this happen? It needs to change. It need to do a 180. The 180 will not happen in a nation of fatassed cowardly pussy's. The men with ballz are being dragged down with the majority of men that have labia's.

    1. You waste your effort going after "random gov't employee(s)". There is only ONE group that is a worthwhile target at this time. And they are the enablers for EVERY OTHER traitor. Target them and you will make gains. Go for the others and you merely waste your efforts. The others are readily replaceable. Their enablers are NOT.

    2. "First, let's kill all the lawyers." Well, that's headed in the right direction, anyway. I like the "enablers" tag. We all know who they are, don't we?

    3. Mark Matis,

      3 words you may find thought provoking:

      Cochon du Fougasse

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  5. TL, we'll all be heading off to our just rewards in good company. I've got your 6 if it comes to that, or a someplace/one to take cover behind while we resupply and reload. That goes for all that will attend.

  6. The Muster Drum.

    Do ye hear the roll of the Muster Drum
    Rattlin' in your brain?
    Can ye hear the tramp of Redcoat files
    Comin' up your lane?
    Rifle and horn and hawk ye have.
    Will ye join us in The Fight?
    Then find a tree or wall, Good Friend,
    And mark well your bright front sight!

    For they're comin', Lad, they're comin' fast,
    Their bayonets agleam.
    And maybe we can't stop 'em here
    And maybe they'll cross your stream,
    To burn your house and barn, my lad,
    Put your family out in the night!
    Then find a tree or wall, Good Friend,
    And mark well your bright front sight!

    We can harry 'em, harry 'em, in the road,
    ‘Til they wish they'd never come
    To confiscate our powder and arms
    And carry off our Gun!
    We can show the World we're Free Men
    Who'll Stand, Defend the Right!
    Now find that tree or wall, Good Friend,
    And mark well your bright front sight!

    A Nation of Riflemen we can be,
    If you'll enlist and arm and train!
    Our ghosts are waiting for you, Friend,
    On range and firing lane.
    Can YOU hear the roll of the Muster Drum
    By your fireside warm and bright?
    Will YOU rise to find YOUR tree or wall
    And mark well YOUR bright front sight?

    For the need is NOW, my stranger Friend,
    And it's urgent and it's plain.
    The forces ranged against us
    Now have everything to gain.
    Take up the Call! Raise high your heart!
    Answer the Muster Roll!
    Stand shoulder-to with Friend and Friend.
    Learn teamwork. Have a goal!

    And mebbe, just mebbe, you won't be alone
    Some cold and fearsome night
    When to live you must find your tree or wall,
    And mark well your bright front sight!!


    1. Habcan, Can you point me at the music for that? I don't remember any such song.

    2. HABCAN,

      See also MacDonough's Song

      Cassandra (of Troy)

  7. And now we are finally starting to understand what our Native American brothers felt when we ran rough-shod all over them not so long ago. Crazy Horse said. "Today is a good time to die!" He knew that the end was near, and that being with the Great Spirit was the only answer left.

    I am with you, brother. I have lived my life as well as I knew how, and always thought that our country was the only way to go. Those feelings have left me now, and I'd just as soon go out proudly as die in my sleep.

  8. T.L.

    You say your a soldier and do not wish to lead. Yet you already lead us. Through your writings you have lead many to open their eyes. You have lead through inspiration. Now you lead us by example.

    The greatest liberty of man is the ability to choose his own fate.

  9. T.L - you may claim no leadership but I find you to be very articulate in expressing what needs to be said. I am in agreement with you but cannot put it in such fine words, so thanks for that.

    Personally, I wonder of Nov. 6 may be too late - looks as if the summer is going to be hot inmore ways than one. I asked once but noone said nada - is there anyone in AL. of like mind? I am prepared to defend my home, my family but am ill equipped to handle a larger confrontation - and not just physical. Maybe you can't say so I will have to get lucky in finding a like minded group.

    Robbie Palmer

    1. Robbie, that is not really my area, down there. I think there would be several, though. Mike Vanderboegh at Sipsey Street operates in Alabama, you might check out his site and see if there are any like-minded groups from there.

    2. Robbie, I am not in AL, but I am very close. Email me.

  10. Bob from ClevelandMay 7, 2012 at 2:40 PM

    I will be there, if there is still there.

    1. We could only HOPE for a huge smoking crater....but cesspools rarely burn.

    2. They sure do...

      Given enough gasoline.

    3. I said rarely ;-)

  11. With you - no other plans...

  12. There are always plans until we achieve liberty. But the summit was an event, not a platform.

    I return to the single individual working with others to do what can be done.

    We arrived at an action and will implement it, I sought no other goal.


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