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Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Step Forward

It occurs to me that the best of us seek the justification of the Constitution to act, to not appear lawless and out of control. We seek some sort of sanctification, legitimization in our desire for liberty. We are not unreasonable about this, we don't demand the destruction of our government, only that it would work the way it has promised to work. We want to be able to count on something.

In the face of that we have endured court rulings, legislation and regulations that have deliberately stripped us of our status as citizens of a republic and placed us all somewhere below even the most meager of civil servants. We have been informed by so many different interactions with government on all levels that we are to obey the rules and regulations made by some committee somewhere with some form of authority over our lives.

We rebel in the mildest of forms, we protest, we sue for redress even when it gets really bad and obviously illegal. When TSA gropes our child we burst forth, risking imprisonment alone and prejudiced against by the conspirators of collectivism in the media.

Ultimately we are left with two avenues of recourse, burn the whole system to the ground, or engage them in court. We are stymied because we don't have the resources to engage them in court other than to save ourselves from the injustice at hand, but there is no one to take on the bigger issues of liberty. We might beat a rap for disorderly conduct and terroristic threats, but the meat of the matter will never be settled. Another patriot will be subject to the same account-draining defense as the first. There is no end to it. It is the key oppression that the state exerts over us all, fight it and go broke or accept it and set precedent.

If there is one single thing all of us could do to work against the tyranny of the system today and without exception, without substantial sacrifice, is to fund a liberty defense fund and hire a premiere Constitutional advocate to take up our cases as they present themselves. We could then intentionally break the rules, establish cases and attack they system by its own means. If nothing else happens it would at least give us a front to begin the attack. It might buy some time and expose our cause to the greater community. Since participation hinges only on donations to the fund, one might support our cause with little effort on their part and no commitment whatsoever.

I believe the greater public is sympathetic to the way in which our liberties are constantly under attack and being a capitalist, I don't expect any real Constitutional talent to do anything for free. It is the Sinn Fein approach to establishing legitimacy while conducting covert operations with another arm.

We are now a fractured and distanced movement with no cohesion to speak of. PatComs have brought us together and allowed us to share valuable information and to make instrumental contacts, but it is all too slow to stem the tide. It is great for preparation toward some eventuality, but there is nothing to actually stop the abuses that roll on without resistance.

Resistance comes in many forms, it can be overt or covert, it can be of the mildest form or the most arduous, but it must exist and it must be an ever-increasing drumbeat against those who would enslave and imprison us without breaking a sweat. A liberty defense fund could transmit across all groups, through all persuasions of the different ideologies and movements at hand. It is a step forward while other actions are being prepared.


  1. I don't have deep pockets, but I'd get on board for that.

  2. I like the idea of a defense fund, but what becomes of our homesteads while we sit in jail guilty until proven innocent? Who feeds our children and supports our wives? My first responsibility is to my family.

    I'm sure we all know two members of the Huttarree still sit in jail with no bail. Yet a federal judge rulled in their favor.

    There are many issues that need to be worked out on many fronts. For this reason and many others I look forward to the summit.

    Mike M.

  3. It is almost a prerequisite that when you write something TL, it stimulates much consideration on a higher plane.

    Why oh why, do I need permission to stick up for my natural primal rights?

    You know something? I don't need no steenkin' permission to defend my property, my family, my republic, My Liberty. That is just the way it is, that the demand that I beg permission for something that always was mine is ludicrous. That I become a criminal and outlaw if I do not get this permission for something that has always been my Liberty is the ultimate act of treason. That the mere expression on my part that this is so garners me status as a domestic terrorist says it all. It is tyranny exemplified on an order of magnitude.
    It pisses me off like nothing I ever imagined could. It disgusts me to my core like the odor of corrupted flesh that can never be got rid of. I somehow feel soiled by this tyranny. The stink of it permeates everything. How can one not be repelled by it?
    The Constitution is representative of that higher plane of primal freedom. It codifies something so basic, so natural, but in a strange way it escapes the expression of lucid everyday thought. It requires something from the heart to become real. It is tangible, but so allusive. It is a paradox. Intrinsic but so difficult to define, but it exists sure as the sun rises. It is a great mystery of human nature, this thing called living free from tyranny, it must be, why do so many fail to grasp the profound but intrinsic nature of it. Why, how can so many despise it and warrant its destruction by any means necessary?
    Why is Liberty neglected as a forlorn 2nd cousin by so many?
    It is such a simple thing all said and done. It shall not be infringed. Don't get much more pure as that. What part of shall not be infringed is so fucking hard to understand?

    Is it courage, intestinal fortitude? Faith in something larger, faith in God, a higher power? Is it conviction, principles, morality? Is it something as simple as good old fashioned honesty? What is it that separates those who cherish their Liberty, and those who whore it out for baubles, the pettiness of power over their neighbor, shiny things, the excitement of larceny justified in the form of entitlements, and a politicians promise?

    There is a fight over this. It is almost funny, America today is akin to the battle between two personalities in a schizophrenic mind. What makes it so serious is this is where the big fight is happening. The tried and true time honored method of conquest by any self respecting tyrant is divide and conquer.
    If it is by the barrel of a gun or by the ballot box, the divide that hobbles us all in one way or another has to be bridged, overcome to the extent possible by the means at hand. Even 3% is a huge number in America of today. Never neglect the power of the will of the people in this equation. It is this sovereign supreme power that is key.

  4. "I somehow feel soiled by this tyranny."

    What a mouthful. Philosophically, that's the whole thing. It's the con, wrapped up in a single sentence---cause the mark to believe that there are higher things than his own life, that he could never on his own live up to the magnificence of human life. Happiness is not his to deserve, but only for him to contribute to the if "society" could somehow experience happiness. What a load of shit; what a simple con. No wonder decent men feel despoiled.

    The common man understood this in the 17th and 18th Centuries, as he enjoyed the fruits of the immense production. Thus did they have to do away with the Articles only 8 years after the founding of this country...can't have a citizen thinking he's good enough to run his own life; gotta grab that money, for the "higher good."

    For the looter/moocher, it never was about anything but lining his pockets with the loot; it never is. But for the common guy, it never was anything but this one flawed premise. Everything else is detail. It's why neither the Constitution, nor even Rule of Law itself, can fix any of this. Nothing will ever fix it except correcting the one mistaken premise.

    We are each worth it. Period.

    1. You somehow feel infected by just the smell of this corruption called government Jim?
      It sickens me to no end. One of the reasons, and there are many, I come here and other venues of Liberty is to cleanse myself of the filth that gets in my craw after watching the illegal alien anointed won lie through his teeth, or some lying sack of shit in Congress perpetuate the big lies. It's getting to the point where just going to the County office is an ordeal in humility. Oh boy am I fed up. It is getting more difficult with each passing day to keep my peace and remain a humble Citizen of Liberty.
      I listened to a fellow at work talking about how it is going to come down to a fight by arms, how the only remedy he could see was to throw off our tormentors by armed revolution. He pointed out how can us ordinary people go up against the political machine, with all its influence money and peddling, the corruption that is so entrenched, the petty power, a case of dynamite couldn't begin to loosen it. There was 17 guys standing around listening intently and adding their agreement. No one I could tell disagreed with this fellows assessment. One dude added the caveat that it was not what had to be done, but when was it time to shoot the politicians? If that wasn't the statement of the moment. No one seemed the least flummoxed or put off by the comment. If anything, it was an amazing display of solidarity. This is from guys who you never hear a curse word, who hold family and friends in the highest regards. Not angels, but good men who obey the law, attend church, will do anything without hesitation to help each other, who work hard as anybody. Men I look up to and respect.
      Good company let me tell you. It is not the first I have heard these viewpoints expressed in my community.
      In that moment it was so clear, these are the American's who the anointed one and all his ilk are terrified of. The men, whose mission the the legacy media is to destroy through character and cultural assassination.

      I believe at least where I live in these rural parts, this is to a greater degree partly representative of the understandings and perceptions of the tyranny and treason imposed on us by the ruling/political class.

      Call me a little slow. I learned something the other night, realized fully as never before. It wasn't what needs doing. I reckoned we all most of us know.
      It is when.

      What say you Jim?
      You always have a valuable insight to add.

    2. Sorry, I missed this. Quite a story. You work at an unusual place, I think, though there is a HUGE difference these days between urban and rural areas. I'm mighty glad I got the hell out of the city.

      I've got no valuable insight on this. I try to look for the positive in things, and that's gettin' tougher by the day.

  5. Really? Gonna put your trust in this court system?

    How has that worked out? Don't waste your time, money or effort.

    Look @ the Idaho couple - the Sacketts. Even in "winning" the case they lost. And what did they win?

    The priviledge to appeal a ruling, to the same agency that prosecuted them. Gee, wonder how that will turn out??

    Look at the Mormon group in TX - the gummint has spent $20 MILLION on the case - and if you'll recall it came about as a false witness spoofing a 911 call.

    I don't think you have the time or funds to waste - the oligarchy can do whatever it wants with the courts blessing. You cannot.

    It is Rand's "ultimate inversion".

    Think it through.

    1. No, I obviously do not put my faith in this court system, that is the point. But, on what other front do you see the majority of liberty-minded folks actually engaged in the fight? Any?

      Sure, there are those of us who are intimately involved in many ways of seeking liberty, of fighting the system, but we are few.

      I am looking for something to engage the enormity of folks who feel as we do in a lot of cases but are prevented from ANY action at all due to the high cost of action, action I am always willing to take.

      Again, this is not an either/or situation. One doesn't have to sit idle because nothing has worked, yet. Do they?

      I just find it difficult to understand the mindset that is willing to thwart action because it is not the action they think will work. I have been punching every button, moving every lever I can find and still do not see a "cure-all" for our situation.

      You would deny one option because it does not solve all of the problems? Maybe the Hutaree would have benefited from this Liberty Defense fund. Maybe others who get entangled will be able to get out on bail and continue with their lives while the court system attempts to grind them into mush.

      Inaction is not the answer to imperfect action. This movement suffers not from hitting the wrong nose, but in not hitting any noses.

    2. Folks don't understand that the funds wouldn't be meant to counter the millions that .gov would spend against any one or group of us. They could certainly be used toward bail or to counter some legal actions that would respond to the mere fact of being represented - hopefully by an attorney who is also a patriot and would be working pro-bono, or at a discount.

      Often the mere presence of legal representation is enough to get the other side to back off or at least be more reasonable. _Miller_ was lost because no one was available to counter the .gov's lies and manipulation. Miller's attorney admitted he wasn't going to do it for free, IIRC.

  6. I don't disagree with you, but some of these things you speak of already exist. To see what I mean, watch this video:
    or see the whole video and thread here:

    There is a self organized communications system already in place, through social media. Being through social media, it's almost impossible to squash. It's self organized, and will just pop up somewhere else if one avenue is closed.

    We have a huge army of individuals that support our cause, look at this gathering in Berkley, Berkley of all places!

    There are some defense fund groups that are taking up our causes (, - the GOA), and other mainstream ones are moving in our direction (ACLU). I'm not discouraging you not to do it, but in order for it to work you have to have critical mass.

    I would suggest we get the III percent movement positioned to be the emergency backstop / collision airbag of the Ron Paul movement. Start linking up in the community in facebook. The next revolution (anywhere in the world) will be covered on twitter and facebook.

  7. Justification?The Constitution was written in plain language.Anyone who reads that document and does not see the outlaw government we have warped into is a fool not worth listening too.The fact that we have been complicit in our march into slavery does make the chains sit heavy for me.
    Till we write our history we will be called outlaws.
    As for the fund,I think by the time we have a fund we might have something money can not buy.A little Honor.I do not see much of it as a slave.
    Bill Fletcher

  8. Go ahead and throw money and legal effort at Leviathan. He'll just smile and throw more back. Why in hell should we fight on their terms? The game is set, and matched. A different battle ground is needed, to achieve different results than we have already seen. Sure, and I'm a peaceful man. Continually going back to the valley of disaster, and fighting the same losing fight makes me angrier, because it's not smart. I don't have a better solution, but a better start would be to try something new. Gettysburgh doesn't need to be fought all over again.

  9. Bill,
    Just because someone is wrong, it does not make them a fool. They do not see these things because they were taught not to see them and they have never had an "eye opening" experience. For most people, they think things are the way they are supposed to be because they were taught that, not because they are fools.
    I'm kinda speaking from experience here. I'm 34, and while I grew up in a very rural area with a couple of good teachers, I made it out of high school and college (2 year tech school) without any true understanding of the Constitution or Liberty. I did a few stupid things in my day and I finally ended up in the Army. Even while active duty, I didn't understand. Sure, I grew up with the freedom that my parents allowed me (which, come to find out, was more than most kids my age had), I had read that thing that I supposedly pledged an oath to (I drank a LOT at that time, I just needed something to give me a paycheck and keep me out of jail). It really wasn't until after I got out and tried to live on my own, when I started encountering the red tape required just to live in most cities, then I started to question things. Then I started to read and learn. Then I started to care. Then I re-pledged my oath to the Constitution, and I meant it that time. Now, I will be the first to admit that I'm almost never the smartest man in the room (I try to choose my friends wisely), but I was never a fool. I was uneducated. The two words do not mean the same thing.
    Calling someone a fool because they don't see things the same way you do seriously underestimates their abilities.
    We cannot afford to underestimate any of the FSA or the OpFor.

    Secondly, and I apologize if I'm wrong, but the impression that I get from reading your comment above is that you're sitting back and waiting for lead to fly. I make this assumption primarily based on your words "... A little Honor. I do not see much of it as a slave."
    Sorry, Bill, but I have my Honor, even while living under these conditions. How do I have honor? I do things to advance the Cause of Liberty. I talk to people. I go to rallies (armed). I break several "laws" every day. I call the representatives (I have both given them my opinion on a law up for vote and I have warned them about the dangers inherent in declaring war on us). I am also preparing myself and my family for the storm that is coming.
    Stop looking for Honor in other people, be Honorable yourself.

  10. "Stop looking for Honor in other people, be Honorable yourself."

    Another mouthful, and the only answer there is. Besides being perfectly logical, it's the only thing one man CAN do. Almost everyone, commie-libs and freedom-lovers included, have bought into the con that there's something else out there, some "higher cause" or "greater good." Honor may mean refusing to live as slave or slavemaster and therefore being injured, or maybe worse, because of that. But it's still individual Honor and there never was any higher cause or greater good.

    Nice job, Mark. I'm in on that strategy.

  11. "....expose our cause to the greater community."

    Where in the world did you ever get the idea the greater community gives one shit?

    The only escape route in any of this is straight ahead into the coming fray. Prepare. Engage.

    1. This is where this effort always goes awry. If you feel that way, step right up and engage. What is there to prepare for? You're not waiting for the greater community who gives not one shit are you? And, if not, what are you waiting for?

    2. The effort goes awry because your focus is distorted.
      Focus, man.

      Life is a constant preparation, prepare today for tomorrow, etc., always been that way.

      Please, that's for hand wringers, some of us have already moved on.

      Playing by THEIR rules has caused the mess as it is.
      Continuing down that path brings more of the same.

  12. You missed the point and its all about me sonny.I dont give a fuck for your liberty.

    1. Again, then go get your own, what are you waiting for? For me to sacrifice mine for yours?

    2. "You missed the point and its all about me sonny.I dont give a fuck for your liberty."

      I don't get it. It's all about me too, for me. But what does "liberty" mean if one guy's got it and the next guy doesn't? That's not liberty; that's megalomania or something like that.

      Isn't liberty a social concept? If not, what could it possibly mean? Everyone's already able to do whatever they decide, within physical constraints. Is that all you're saying?

      Though I do agree that the greater community doesn't give a shit. But then, I don't give a shit whether or not they give a shit; I only care about what they do. And lately, I don't even care much about that.

    3. Isn't liberty a social concept?
      It's an individual concept.
      Your last paragraph intimates that.
      "I only care what they do, but not really."
      jeezis chryst on a banana peel..........

    4. "jeezis chryst on a banana peel.........."

      I'm very impressed. If I'm too stupid for you, then you must have very high standards.

      Back to the point, then I guess you're saying that a single man on a deserted island could either have liberty or not have liberty. I'll be even more impressed if you can make any sense of that to a stupid guy like me.

  13. TL you are correct in that doing something even if it has little effect is better than doing nothing at all. It probably would have little effect on the larger picture without a lot of publicity but it would make a great deal of difference to those two Militia members or that Idaho couple.

    They keep kicking the dog that doesn't bite sooner or later the dog will had enough but that won't be a majority. Fully 50% of the American people are useless or worse for our purposes. As for your liberty and mine all must have it or none will keep it.

  14. We all need to pledge to head to the front, en mass, whenever and where ever that might be...hope we learn some organization and communication ideas at the first summits to aid in logistics...

  15. talk talk talk i will leave you wordsmiths 2 it

  16. 1st off, really good blog post! 2nd, there is a reason why we are armed & why we have the right to remove a government that has become tyrannical without any recourse left. Our Founders & colonial brethren endured over a decade of tyranny before revolting. Ultimately, their revolt was over the push to take weapons & ammo. The 1st battles of April 19th, 1775 were not wanted. But we pushed back. And we killed British troops & some of us were killed in battle. The ULTIMATE duty of a citizen & if you're a patriot is to fight back once all other means are exhausted. Clearly they are. A defense fund is a great idea but only a great idea that even if created, would not stymy what's going on. It will only patch small portions of a problem that is about to bust from the seams. We will have to revolt again & this time, there will be more of us than them. ~~ Matheus Grunt >>>


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