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Monday, April 2, 2012

A Righteous Insurgent

One can only hope that the threat Barack Obama made to the Supreme Court concerning their decision on Obamacare will stiffen the back of Justice Kennedy, so often the hinge upon which conservative hopes balance, leading him to vote with his intellect rather than his spine to strike down this ridiculous law.

A president, any president, who speaks about pending decisions is irresponsible. Any president who brings into question the authority of the Supreme Court by emphasizing their "unelected" status and presenting the overturning of legislation as "unprecedented" (though it is routine and in fact the only reason to take a case) and making the outrageous claim that such legislation was broadly supported in the legislature when it was barely passed and not supported by Republicans in the House at all, is a reckless liar.

This is the vulgarity of Barack Obama that I detest. It is the willingness of this president to drag everyone into the gutter, as was Bill Clinton's habit as well. I find no decency with such men. Their flaws, their mistakes become general and ascribed to all of us in a way as to drag us all down to their level. The media is all too willing to back them on it, to help them explain to the American people why they should not be held accountable for "human" errors. Bill Clinton had his perverse sexual lust and Barack Obama has his perverse power lust.

I believe that Barack Obama has learned that the tide is against him, that Obamacare could easily be ruled against and so he must step out there and get ahead of it. He had to pre-empt the decision by interjecting some vague threat that they should not undo a law passed by the legislature, that they need to think about what they would be doing as the "unelected."

This is the way Obama plays his hand, with muscle and threats. It is the Chicago Way. Let him bully those in black robes. The ruling, either way, will cause great upheaval. If it is found Constitutional now, I must say that it was done through backroom threats, the completion of the corruption of the government. No ruling in the future could be relied upon.

For all of its flaws and bad decisions, all of its misguided sense of creating a civil society at the base of many rulings, the idea that it can be intimidated by presidents, that no law backed by Obama can lose in the Supreme Court removes any chance for justice. It removes any pretense to anything other than some sort of Third World dictatorship.

I look upon this particular ruling as the signal to any and all that we are either slaves or free. Now, I don't mean to intimate that we are free if it goes my way and slave if it doesn't. The fact is, we are slaves now, but it is a sort of an informal slavery like when one goes to work for someone who eventually doesn't pay. Obamacare, if found Constitutional, is the sort of slavery where they tackled you, shackle you and beat you until you produce. The first, I might overlook and resolve to get paid first next time, but the other turns me into a righteous insurgent.

The very fact that Obama has inserted the implied threat that these are just people who are unelected and will have denied the free goods to his OWS army, smacks of a coercion to violence. Not unlike refusing to arrest the New Black Panthers for obvious voter intimidation, not unlike allowing Trumpka's offer to use union labor as an army against the Tea Party to go without comment, without denial, without an attempt to restrain them from it.

What we see in this president is a willingness to use volunteers to do the filthy work of a gangster. We see a man so obsessed with violence against opponents that he would not restrain it and act as an accomplice in his silence. Was it not Obama's suggestion that his opponents should be "hit twice as hard?" This seemly display should encourage his opponents, but they lay down one by one before him, fearful of his wrath.

It will be time in the near future, I think, that he should feel the wrath of the American people who tire of his boorish threats and thuggery from the Oval Office. With any justice at all they will, at the very least, remove him from his office and let him consider his future as a citizen among them next election day.


  1. I don't really believe ass-face is a citizen anyway, and living among us? He's a parasite, living ON us. His smiley-faced facism is just something he will wear until it doesn't work, and then we'll see the real Obongo. Kind of like when King Kong broke throught that wall, after years of living on the other side of it. There's something he wants bad enough to destroy everything here. The Peoples Republic of America. And he can't have that until all the power there is, is solely in his hands. President Barrack Hussein Obama. Sounds just like one of those scum bucket African countries, doesn't it? Here it comes.

  2. I had a dream.......that a million, or 2, or 3 of us pissed off patriots (that has a nice ring to it!)That a million of us PISSED OFF PATRIOTS marched on the District of Criminals, surrounded that unholy hell hole, each of us with a shank of rope, and cleaned house! (Hope there are PLENTY of tall trees!)

    Maybe replace the rope with our MBR's and 1,000 rounds on strippers. I've asked this before, and I know it's been addressed here and on other forums, but what exactly is your (our) line in the sand?? I agree with TL that we will be slaves if the Robed ones don't overturn this socialist piece of garbage. NO ONE. NO ONE. NO ONE can tell me what to buy. PERIOD. End of story.

    TL, I first started following you a while back when your business was failing. My heart went out to you and your family.
    I'm glad to see your relocation in God's country, and your continued writings. TL, you are a force.

    I too own a small business that has struggled since the mighty Kenyan took office. I will shut my business down before I'm told that I have to buy anything, Especially something from the government. I suspect there are several thousands of small business owners like me out there. The government has no business to be in business. None.

    Question--What's it called when the government owns: the worlds largest auto makers, controls 50% (or more) of all home loans, bails out their friends businesses with OUR money,
    prints it's own (worthless) money, and forces it's serfs to buy it's own products? Hint, it starts with an S, and ends with ocialism.

    I had a dream..No, I HAVE a dream.
    What is YOUR line in the sand?

    1. Thank you for your kind words. My line was a long time ago, but I am working within the time frame of others. I keep having to move my line back until I get to the ones who recognize their own. Eventually there will be enough of us to effect a change.

      I believe that finding Obamacare constitutional will be that line for others, enough so that I can finally step across mine.

  3. TL I wish I could share your optimism that there still exists a possibility of defeating this monster in November. I am NOT advocating that we don't try, I am simply trying to read the writing on the wall.

    A "president" who has already ignored Congress, the Constitution, and who has basically stated that he will ignore the findings of the ultimate appellate court of the country will not allow something as insignificant as an election to stand in the way of his completion of the destruction of America.

  4. Obama has become the lowest common denominator. As president, ones becomes the leader by everything he does or does not do, one can not be the elected leader and live in a vacuum.
    Look how the rats flock to him. With each passing day obama cultivates, nurtures what is the worst of us as a people, culture and nation. Predictably and consistently, he strives to bring out the worst of us. There is no lack of willing, and unwilling, partners in this campaign.
    Everything this man represents, and through the political vehicle of the honorary title of highest elected representative of we the people, everything he touches, is somehow infected with corruption, dishonesty and or deceit. It is innate. He has preyed on every foible and character defect we as a people understandably have. Exemplified what is worst, and elevated himself to position of deity. Where what is his is his, and what is yours is his. Where that pertains to him, where it is the purview of his and only his status above us all. Where the double standard is played out in the ultimate game of chicken. Where it is Liberty only when it suits his needs and ends, and the rest of us best not forget that fact.
    Liberty is no longer, like the rule of law is only for the little people.

    Everything he touches turns to lead.

    Nothing has remained unscathed in the path of destruction this man has wrought. In the broadest sense he has waged a campaign of carpet bombing every aspect of the unique qualities of America, of American's themselves, in the narrowest sense he has carpet bombed our sense of personal pride of place by bringing into question our values and faith. He has rampaged through our identity as a people, what we stand for. Agitprop of malaise.
    His campaign of tyranny is truly personal. Not just against the guiding principles of our system of rule of law, or our principles of virtue and based on Judea Christian mores and philosophy, but personal in the intimate sense.
    Here is true dictator, where he emulates through the power of invested trust of office the statist dream of incursion and triumph into the most private sanctums of our lives. Where every facet in the sphere of our lives is dictated to and controlled by a chosen few.
    Obamacare is the lynchpin of this tyranny.

    He was the chosen won.
    Chosen for the hate he embodies, the color of his skin, his unshakable belief in the statist way, his predatory nature, the progeny he is. But most of all he was chosen because of something he can never be, something he despises. A natural born American.

    Up his arse.
    Up all their arse's!

  5. There is an amazing flip side to what this dictator has been attempting to do to this great country. While he has brought out the worst in many, he has, and I hope to his everlasting chagrin it is, brought out the best in far more people.
    Strategically it is a good thing obama and his ilk has shown themselves unequivocally as the tyrants and traitors they are. Obama may very well be the best thing to happen to America in a long time.

    There is nothing like the face of dire straights to bind and bond folks for the good. And it is our common good that is at stake in no doubt.
    If I was obama and his pals, I'd be terrified of an America that isn't going to put up with my tyranny.

    Unleashed there is nothing that is going to stand in the way of it's righteous indignation.
    It is time.

  6. "Nice court ya got there; be a shame if something happened to it."

  7. Whether Obamacare is ruled as constitutional or not doesn't truly matter. If it needs to be used as a line for some, so be it. Down side to that is if the Supreme Court rules against it, then time is wasted on yet another line.

    A yoke is upon our shoulders placed there by our government. Its existence alone is justification for rebellion. That we have the ability to shake it off necessitates that we must. Liberty demands it of us.

    There is no line to be crossed, no last straw, or final action/law against us. We are either free, or we are not. Liberty or slavery. There is no gray area, for it too belongs to slavery.

    If we choose liberty but do not fight for it, no freedom can be had.

  8. RedWulf, I agree with the gist of what you're saying, except that you're already free. This is a matter of ontological fact. You're talking about freedom in a social context, and it's questionable both whether social freedom can't be had without fighting, and especially "that we have the ability to shake [the tyranny] off." I'm not saying we don't, just that it's not as clear-cut as this sounds. Optimistically, I'm inclined to believe that the tyranny can't be beat by fighting it off, but that it doesn't matter. Death philosophies create death, presumably in this case economic suicide.

    MTP, as always I agree with your analysis of Obama...a little light, if anything. Still, it doesn't even touch the nature of the problem. Interestingly enough, you mentioned it yourself in your comment. In your words, it's the scurrying rats that are the problem, not the bait.

    TL, I've got an intricate point for you. The righteousness of any action you take can rest ONLY on you. I know that sounds crazy since you'd retort that if a man were pointing a gun at you and you dropped him, obviously your actions rested on what he did.

    Well yes, but only in the most trivial of ways, like if a car were coming at you, you'd get out of the way. The righteousness of that action is not to be found in the car, just as the righteousness of ANYTHING you choose to do cannot be found anywhere but within yourself and your values.

    This too is an ontological fact and the failure to see it has been the great error of humanity, from the beginnings of so-called "civilization" right up to today's righteous freedom movement. It is a righteous movement for the most part, but not many people understand WHY it's righteous. You do largely, because you understand and live Capitalism, but still we've all been taught that to utter the reasons why, is the greatest sin of all. It's the Emperor Has No Clothes, writ large.

    There'll be more on this particular point on Easter Sunday, and I'll be sure and post the link then.

  9. Jim, I must disagree

    It is not a matter of ontology. Otherwise you could argue that a man chained to the wall in a dungeon is free, as long as he believes it so. Turning freedom into an "ontological fact" (i.e. a perception or interpretation) moves it from the physical plane to the metaphysical, rendering freedom worthless. The physical is always greater than the metaphysical. Freedom then is measured worthless because chains are physical and thoughts/perceptions are not.

    However, the measure of something isn't necessarily by what is attained, or had, but by its cost. Laying down ones life for something makes it greater than that life. Since millions have payed for freedom with their life, freedoms worth is great indeed. Freedom then becomes more valuable than something physical. (Those most free would then be the ones fighting for said freedom. For they pay a greater price, increasing freedoms value)

    Thusly, freedom is physical and not metaphysical. A man cannot be free within the confines of chains, it would be an oxymoron. Freedom (Liberty) is a state of being or an action. Something tangible to be had, or taken away.

  10. "Jim, I must disagree."

    Nah, you could agree. That was my point!

    The ontological fact is that sort of freedom, as in "free will." Political freedom is something else, obviously not any sort of ontological fact. And you're right---the ONLY way the ontological fact of freedom can be abridged is with outright physical force, as being chained in a dungeon.

    I won't touch metaphysical; too ambiguous.

    The only thing we really disagree about is value. Political freedom doesn't carry any intrinsic value---not because it isn't good, but because nothing carries intrinsic value. The man who gives his life for this sort of freedom (owing to the ontological fact of his being free) is just saying that he values political freedom more than his own life. That's cool, and it's also a definitive proof that life itself isn't the "ultimate value," as many aver.

    But it still doesn't make value intrinsic. Value is ALWAYS an individual judgment by an individual person. That's not moral relativism or anything like that; it's just a plain identification. " whom and for what?" Without an answer to that, there is no referent for value. With an answer, we can figure out whether it's rational or not, which is why it's not moral relativism.

  11. I refuse to refer to the illegal Indonesian scoundrel, obama, as "president". Doing such lends legitimacy to his illegal occupation of the West Wing. Why give soetoro-obama the respect of an office title he doesn't deserve ? He is in direct violation of Article II, Section I of the Constitution.

    Hopefully we will all start seriously preparing for the bloodshed that I believe is inevitable should the obama scoindrel be illegally retained in the West Wing.

    Lock & load.


  12. "...still we've all been taught that to utter the reasons why, is the greatest sin of all. It's the Emperor Has No Clothes, writ large.

    "There'll be more on this particular point on Easter Sunday, and I'll be sure and post the link then."


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