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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Resistance Has Started

The resistance has started, kicked off by a Liberty Summit which attracted attendees from ten states along with several representatives of other groups. In attendance was the Ohio Valley Minutemen who read a prepared statement that met with general agreement. Action will be taken in the weeks to come as a result of this summit and other PatCom(n)s arond the nation over the past several months.

Along with the efforts of Brock Townsend in North Carolina it was a good day for the Liberty Movement as well as patriot/freedom groups. Everyone who attended is gratefully acknowledged and those who were there know who they are and who they met. Thank you.

It was an extraordinary meeting which heard from all parties and were able to agree on definite actions that each could endorse, support and perform, some to a greater degree than others, but all agreed.

Okay, having dispensed with the minutes of the meeting I will get to the meat of the matter.

One must understand the forces we are facing and the condition of the nation at this point in time. For those who were unable or unwilling to attend any of the PatComs, the Summit or a militia meeting in the past few months, there is something evil brewing in this nation and the time for action has arrived. No one should take these words as a signal to move forward, but to begin the process of hardening oneself to the fact that there is no political solution left to the people.

Multi-national exercises are being conducted within the United States (Fort Collins, CO) in the coming weeks. NDAA has been passed giving the government unprecedented powers to round up radicals such as anyone hoarding more than 7-day's rations (a low enough qualifier that any home might become a target after shopping at Sam's Club). There has been a law passed that allows the Secret Service, when not otherwise engaged with hookers, the right to deny protest against the president. Every civil right of the American people has been modified, regulated and interpreted out of existence.

Get it? You have no rights, you have no redress, you have no legal standing in court, your home can be searched for "contraband" without so much as a witness against you.

Add to that the critical moments that have been scheduled like the Zimmerman decision in the Trayvon Martin case, the impending economic implosion, etc. Look for a race war instigated by our own president, who will just happen to have foreign troops on our soil during an "exercise" at roughly the time when that decision is announced.

Okay, I am not normally an alarmist, or a conspiracy theorist, but neither was Paul Revere.

There does come a time when too many critical events occur within close approximation that, viewed in retrospect, would look pretty obvious to even a casual observer. Consider that prior to war with Japan the United States had cut off their oil supply and the Japanese Ambassador was on U.S. soil negotiating its return. Everything was safe then, wasn't it?

What concerns me the most is that all of these things are taking place with no comment. There is no outrage. There is no commotion to alert anyone. Does that mean that these things mean nothing? That they are false flags intended to force us out into the field? Perhaps, this is why I am cautioning against action. Observe with prejudice, if it is your interest to care about such things.

Put the NDAA alongside all of the other events choreographed by the Administration and come to your own conclusions. I won't make any further observations about this, if it is a false flag, I won't play into it. If it is a real crisis, I will be involved at the most intimate level.


  1. Can ya quote the part about the 7 day supply?

    Can't seem to find it.

    1. It's one of the indicators and when Rand Paul says it sometimes objectivity departs the room for a couple of minutes... The issue regards what is a "covered" person for purposes of defining who may be a terrorist or deemed a "threat" (and by extension possibly subject to detention by US Armed Forces). 7-days of stockpiled rations, along with other things, are "indicators" that the G-funded "fusion cells" like to cite in their justification for making a nexus between an American citizen and a threat. As a white 'middle-class' (whatever that is) Constitutionalist, a veteran, trained at arms, "stockpiling ammunition" (usually 2 boxes of Walmart Blazer is stockpiling) and/or producing my own, holding "traditional conservative values" and "resistant to Government incursions in the area of taxation" as well as a believer in a purity of States' rights, I'm already on Big Sis' list - the upside is that I'm in some very good company it seems.


      7 days of food.

  2. At what point would a false flag cross the line into a psychological warfare? Such actions are just the nails of the hand already around our necks. God bless chicken and tater salad. III

    1. If China keeps selling a walkman as an iPad, when does Apple get to sue for damages...

  3. TL, was a good day indeed. Three card monte incoming. Remember the other card up your sleeve is an ace. Keep it safe, use it wisely. Thanks for the fried chicken.

  4. not quibble about the definition of any word within a given "law". The scoundrels in this entire government care not about Websters Dictionary or our Liberty and Freedom. They only care about controling the common man, the serf.

    If any one of you believes those in the judiciary, the legislative or executive arena at all level of .gov, city, county, state or fed, give a flying damn about the "law". YOU are a damn fool. For the ruling elite, THEY are the law. Only THEIR definition or interpretation of law is what matters.

    The ruling elite care not for us. They only care about maintaining control and power.

    The time is coming for hemp and lead. The country we grew up in is no longer. Beans, bullets and bandages. We're going to need them all.

    It was good to meet you T.L. Thank you for all you do.


  5. what a great weekend to be able to attend a summit that leads us forward to confront the mass that destroys our constitution and liberty,to all the patriots that attended from all over our country a bond that shall not be broken as we move forward in these times of of last count14 states were represented including pa,vt,ny,ky,wv,oh,il,mich,wisc,nc,vir,mass,mont,ga,with tn being represented by ovm 15 total may god bless you all


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