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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Last Act Of Diplomacy

It seems like a long time ago that the majority of people woke from their hundred-years-slumber and saw that our government had become abusive to, destructive of and unresponsive to the citizens it daily fleeces to feed the machine of government. They shook their collective heads and those blissful days of 1960's America fell like scales to the ground. Most Americans were not involved in 1960's Vietnam War protests, or the "free love and drug" culture of Haight Asbury. They were children running and playing in the yards and fields abundant with creatures and adventures. As time went on the toys got bigger and more expensive and more fun.

It seemed like only a few weeks later they woke up older and everything they had believed about their government had changed. I don't know that the government had changed much from their childhood, but they suddenly recognized the changes that had taken place while they played house. All of the promises made by the government suddenly looked like they might not come true, that there would be no massive fund to take care of their retirement. Instead of having a retirement fund of their own, they watched it crater, lost with the stock market shocks of realizing that bad loans would not be repaid, that there were no sacred promises anymore. The values of their homes dropped like a rock and there was nowhere to turn for relief. Screwed, right and proper by the government and banks they had always trusted.

Poof! Tea Party, 9-12 organizations popped up, angry people at town hall meetings. After living a largely law-abiding life, these people realized that they had been snookered out of their savings and the perpetrators were getting bailed out with billions of their tax dollars, a double whammy for a trusting public. Heat and fury ensued and they changed the 2010 election to put in people they trusted, the new people, Tea Party people, real people, who, often sold them out just as quick as any other politician had. Oh, maybe the newly elected held a line or two that had to be held, but when the big questions came down the pike they were converted to just another political jellyfish.

Now what?

It is important to acknowledge the successes of the Tea Party/9-12 organizations: they impacted America in a big way, an unexpected way. They changed the political landscape and drove conservatism into the daylight. They dispelled accusations of racism, of astroturfism and stood firmly on the ground of righteousness. No doubt about it, but they missed one big, big truth of politics: diplomacy without the threat of force is just a big pillow fight.

The Tea Party/9-12's have become a political force. But, they are a naked political force with no pretensions to competition with the powers that be. They stand kindly asking for permission to move forward with their agenda of re-instituting the Constitution in American politics and they will receive that permission when hell freezes over. It is time to be impolite, as abusive as the system has been to them, demanding as a DMV clerk, as insistent as a fat IRS agent.

Where are their security forces? They won't do it themselves. Who stands between them and Trumpka if he should make good on his threat to launch an assault of union labor leg-breakers on them? When the mix gets loud, who will the Tea Party/9-12's call? Forget 911, they ain't interested in arresting a bunch of union brothers and sisters, ask Breitbart about that one when you get there.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Tea Party/9-12's, this is real business, rough business and so far the establishment Republicans have led you down the path to nowhere. They have taken your initiative and turned it to their purposes all the while feeding you the myth of non-violence. They will force-feed you a moderate like Romney and you will vote for him. Nothing significant will ever change until you choose to embrace the last act of diplomacy and bring your numbers to bear on the real problem of corrupt government.

We are not far from having to make real life and death decisions, the sort that our founders faced with honor and gunpowder. Will the Tea Party/9-12's shrink from that role, or embrace it and make alliances with their natural supporters? At one point or another one must get on the train, or derail it. The choice is up to them, but when Obama blackmails a justice to vote in favor of Obamacare, the decision will be theirs to take political force and flush it, or ask for a hand with the harder part of diplomacy.

Do I really have to illustrate the alternative? The acceptance of Sharia Law in America; the total disenfranchisement of the legal voter (actively taking place on a small scale now); the abolition of the right to gather and petition the government (at the risk of being labeled an Anti-Government Extremist) and on and on. It does not end, this path that our government is on, not with Romney, not with anyone.

Ball's in your court. Get back to me when you think it through.


  1. Though a little encouragement with the Texas court's demand. Did you receive my reply to your email?

  2. Thanks for putting into words a thought that has been buried behind too much unimportant crap.. its long past due and the time is close at hand.

    Yank lll

  3. I dont know what you guys had as a Tea party experience but I can safely say its been utterly co-opted and will even tell you why it happened.

    Most of the people making up the rank and file just want to go back to sleep. They will gladly support locking someone up for smoking some herb and just as willingly support the trillion dollar murder and mayhem of some meaningless war.

    The only ones and I mean the only ones that were different were the so called Ron Paul supporters indeed just the libertarians, so named paulbots because well ridicule is the only defense against logic and truth. These have been shown the door from the national level to the local.

    You have no idea how heartbreaking this realization was for many of us. After the 2010 election most of those that seemed our compatriots turned on us in a very large way.

    There will be no help from the TP they are going back to sleep or worse aiding and abetting even as I type this.

  4. Let me enter in here. I used to be afraid. when i woke up as a child the darkness always made me feel vulnerable. I told my Grandfather once.He thought for a bit and then told me: "humans are always afraid of what they dont know So God gave us a brain to learn. There are books in this house you can use to understand what this world contains. Yes there are bad things out there but you can protect yourself with knowledge." So as i read books on history actually i became a better student both in school and in life.
    Today most worry about the government.i went to vietnam i learned by accident the true reason for that war.
    I came home formed, with others of my ilk started 7 man patriot cells in oregon, and northern california.
    This prepares the rest of this story.

    In California and southern Oregon is groups of Sheriffs who are making(history) they are assuming their true rolls of sheriff .Its also spreading from Arizona to states around them.
    Sheriff Mack and one Keith Broader have by themselves with the help of we the info gatherers and motivated individuals now have 900 counties into those Data bases and there are only 3100 counties in this country.
    Now lets see. If we of the few can bring together almost 1/3 of the counties in this country in less than 2 months what is our possiibility to having over a half in 4 months?
    But then we have computer commandos who would rather notgethis new shoes dirty.
    Look people If were going to get this ball rolling its going to take intelligent action. UI have told so many others and im telling you.
    your p[ower isnt in the 3 communist ururpers in Washington DC. Its in your woodswhere you live. Here and other places (read about Arizonas Sheriff possees which contain militias. Or Northern California where Sheriff Lopey through the 3 EPA,Forestservice and Water agency out of his county.

    Its time to go to your counties get constitutional sheriffs in you form citizen groups like<committees of information and safety and support him with manpower he will keepthe feds at bay. Once obama sees hes really losing now hell try to over extend his power to a point that even blind people will see through him as The Emporer has no clothes.

  5. Yup, I started out at a Tea Party, now I'm hear. trying to prepare for whats coming. I have small children, which influences some of my decisions. I'm defensive, like most of us here. Firmly believe that the US has crossed the point of no return, no matter who is elected.

  6. What exactly the turning point is, where folks in this country decide that peaceful revolution, redress and restoration of the rule of law is no longer possible, is the conundrum.
    Wish I knew.

    Yet the reality that violent revolution is not too far off is quite well known. And I say this in the context where those of us who do not have our heads in the sand, or are not willing dupes that just hope by ignoring reality, that by doing so it will just go away or does not exist, where all we have is our own best judgement, where we must each of us decide on the most personal level when it is time. That enough people will reach that point at the same moment in history, and have the courage, the courage of their principles and convictions to step into the storm and face it head on.
    The tyrants taking us down this path know it serious as a heart attack. The evidence they know is all too real.

    One way or another, there is going to be a turning point where the corruption of our government, the screwing we have been taking, is absolutely intolerable to people. That somebody, or maybe more than one, do something out of protest that becomes the paradigm of revolution. It will be something unique or it could be totally iniquitous at first glance, the timing, the place, the circumstances will be a great catalyst. One thing it ain't gonna be is astroturf. It is going to be the kind of thing that is grassroots in its purest form. Something so many instantly identify with that it has a viral quality all its own.

    I know one thing for sure.
    After more than 200 years this republic is still here. I know that for more than those two centuries, there are those who have tried and failed to conquer this system of Liberty. I know that we are still here. I know it is far from over, that the questions of the day are far from being decided. I know that I am not alone in saying this, and because of this, I know I am not afraid, not afraid of tyranny, not afraid to say this.
    For all its warts, for all our foibles and faults, this is one hell of a great place, America. It is a nation full of great people, people who care, who have compassion, who can turn the other cheek and take a lot. But that don't mean we are fools or suckers, or mouth breathers who cling to guns and bibles and sense of place because we are ignorant or have an IQ below 100. No Sir, that is a great mistake to make.

    I believe we have to see where all this is going, that we are on the threshold of a great and profound gestalt of this republic. This is a nation born and bred on destiny. It is destiny that awaits us. That for all the bad that has befallen us, there is so much good that far outweighs this evil. It is the perception this evil is what is good for us, that it is acceptable, that it outweighs the nature of whats good in us as a people that requires vanquishing. Then and there is what constitutes the turning point. Whether it be by ballot box or cartridge box.

  7. I have another thought for you TL, you have to understand something, huge strides have been made in enlightenment and subsequent awakening across this land. You TL, and so many stalwart spokesmen of Liberty have planted new seeds of the tree of Liberty. The mere fact this is an existential threat to the corrupt and tyrannical powers that be speaks volumes as to how the message resounds. This "Liberty Movement" has to evolve, is evolving, its made from human nature, it is a fickle thing that metamorphoses in a myriad of forms till it begins to coalesce into the instrument of Liberty that overcomes all.
    The pen is mightier than the sword, but it ain't worth a bucket of warm spit without the sword. Our founders knew what they where about.

    Patience is a true virtue in this case. Tyranny is self defeating by its very nature. How can it be not? This ain't no banana republic, it just has a bunch of banana republic crooks and clowns with a whole lot of pals running it right now. They been bleeding us dry for generations, it is out of control. The money is all but gone. When there isn't enough to sustain the power and greed, that is when it gets really ugly.
    It is going to be real hard to shoot our way out of this unless the timing is impeccable. If the shooting begins, there is going to be more blood guts and dying to satisfy the most blood thirsty among us.

    We all have to be careful what we wish for.

  8. The tea party was doomed from the start because they used the system to fix itself, being internally corrupt, it failed. The "Liberty Movement" will not fail because like the RP Supporters they are individual believers acting in unison of purpose.

    For us to restore our Liberty we must become believers in ourselves, our liberty as a gift from God, not man, and in the righteousness of our purpose. Failing that, so will we fail.

    We all hear a lot of different things on this damn internet but I, myself, dont hear an awful lot of real conviction or dogged determination in our purpose.

    We should all make every effort to maintain focus.

    Yank lll

  9. TL,

    You are certainly right about calling 911. Look how they refused to police the crowds of unionists in Wisconsin when they were vandalizing their Capitol building. How they openly sided with the collectivists occupying that building.

    I wonder if it will be the principle of leaderless resistance tat will enable us to survive, function and just _possibly_ overcome the tyranny we face? It certainly won't be "working within the system". The real Tea Party did not work within the system. I think we will need to challenge the system before anything like a Tea Party will be of any use. Perhaps this time we will need a Lamppost Party.

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