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Saturday, April 14, 2012

If The Darkness Descends

Here's the problem as I see it, whenever I attempt to communicate some ideas to the readers of this blog, I run into a problem. It is not that Romney supports guns and Obama wants to take them away, it is that every politician wants to take them away, either from an ideological police state mentality, or from a law and order, "make it safer for our guys, the government guys", point of view.

Does it Matter?

The fact is, I don't care if Obama wants to take our guns because he is a fascist, collectivist or whether Romney wants to take them away because he wants to be able to control society to a greater degree and give his government co-horts an upper hand in any conflict.

Guns aren't even the issue, the issue is control. I don't give a dang who has a gun, issue them to felons when they come out of prison if you want to. If they want one, they'll get it and use it to do whatever they want. Issue them to school children, what difference does it make? Those who will use them will get them and use them. Trying to stop it by taking the guns away from those who could stop it is insanity. One has to believe in the goodness of the people to understand my point. There are one hundred times more good people who would stop that insanity with guns as there are people who would do bad things with them.

The point is, we supposedly have a free society, I mean that is the point of America is its freedom, but everyday that loses a little bit of legitimacy and what is America without it? It is just another dictatorship of elected officials. The vote doesn't matter, cast them for whoever you want to, elect Barack Obama again, elect him ten more times. Nothing will change, every new insult, every new violation of freedom just makes the principles of freedom and justice that much more rare and that much more valuable and every politician will come after them, because freedom is the opposite of government. It is matter and anti-matter.

There comes a time when the average guy has to look out on his perfectly manicured lawn, his recycle bins and his low flow toilets and ask himself if this is what has been worth the blood of so many young men in the history of this nation. Is it?

People don't understand freedom anymore. The concepts of liberty are lost on them, it has become foreign, unusual, a little dangerous, even stupid to the properly trained and indoctrinated collectivist and that is what America is about today, whether openly or secretly, it is about collectivism. Everyone pays for the benefits of others and those paying are all just looking for a way to cash in themselves. It is a disgusting society of black marketeers and insider traders.

I don't know if there will ever be a time when enough of us look out on the landscape of a trapped and imprisoned population and decide that no one has the right to do to us what they have done. Those who have the money and the power look down on us rightfully and shake their heads at our lack of will, our lack of honest principles.

They have the will when they pass these laws that they know are unconstitutional, but they also know the system is so corrupt that no one will call them on it. They know that every cop has violated time and time again his oath of office. They know that every judge is as guilty as they are. It is a sham, it is a fraud. It is government.

I have been pleading and hopefully providing some inspiration to the patriot community, to encourage them that they are not alone in their thoughts or intended actions, that we are not all just crazy for believing in things most Civics teachers will tell you is nonsense, that the government doesn't really work that way, that every day, when the average guy wakes up he has been fleeced and bullied and pushed around by the system that they are not wrong, that there are others who know they are not crazy, that these are things to believe in, to risk for and perhaps to die for.

If there were twenty people who felt exactly as I do, who had the fortitude to go through with it, as I do, the world would be a different place. It takes a dedication, a desire to do something important, even greater than your life, greater than the lives of everyone you love. Read history, really take a look at it and understand that there were people one time who sacrificed everything on principle, it cost them something dear and meaningful, but they did something, the bastards had to pay the price for their pretensions to commanding a free people.

Look at the Alamo and don't tell me that there was one man in that situation who thought he was going to get out of it alive. They did it, they stood up, they said "no more" and they died for it. Yes, the average private, or volunteer probably thought their actions were stupid, reckless and would not have an impact on the future, but they were wrong. It created a new world, where Texas means something.

The question really is, is your life ever going to mean something? This is the question I ask myself every day. I could die of cancer, or get hit by a truck, or a drunk could come across the median and kill my whole family in a traffic accident. Is there honor in that? Will I have accomplished something with that sort of death?

We are all going to die, the question is how. I don't want to die a pedestrian's death when there is so much more to be accomplished with the years I have left, when there is so much more that needs to be accomplished. Our freedom was not purchased with the lives of the wealthy or powerful, it was purchased by the volunteer at the Alamo, the private on the landing craft at D-Day. Would you honor that with a hospital death, leaving your family drowning in medical bills?

There is something dreadfully wrong with the nation that was the only point of light in a dark and deadly history of the world. Think about it. Think about how many ordinary lives were taken to cement the power of Stalin, or the power of Pol Pot, or the power of Mao. Do we want to repeat that? Is that admirable?

You are an American, your light shines into every dark corner of the world, illuminating the hopes of the starving and enslaved masses of the world. Every tortured heart and oppressed soul begs for us to shine, to bring them our freedom, our liberty and to that plea, to that cry, we do what? What do we do in response to that lost and empty plea from the oppressed billions? Do we fight for ourselves to make our nation the promise they have been given, or do we just switch on the TV?

If we fail to make that promise true, the darkness will fill the void of America, it is filling the void right now, we all know it. If darkness descends on us, it descends on the world and there may be thousands of years before human beings will know humanity again.


  1. TL,

    There are twenty who feel like you do. Perhaps, even a hundred. We shall see at the summit.

    The Darkness does not hold ALL the cards, they are NOT infallible,all knowing or unreachable.

    They fight among themselves as we do, they struggle amongst themselves for power and wealth.

    They sell each other out and back-stab as much or more than we do.

    The hold no principle higher than their own hedonistic pleasures and their own survival.

    The time will come and we will know. Sure as rain, sure as daybreak.

    1. Sir: Finding the twenty is indeed problematic. TL's posting is, one of his best.
      To guage the support for the impending necessary action, at whenever the moment, by the attendees at the "summit" would probably be in error.
      You see, some folks have ventured to that neck of the woods at one point or several in their lives and have been amazed that the good folks there can tolerate the oppression foisted upon them back east.
      Some of us have vowed --- never again.
      This oppression exists everywhere in this land. For the renegade-minded sort, the only salvation is how easily the oppression can be circumvented, until the time of our choosing. Some have recognized the noose tightening for decades and have countered this trend fairly successfully until more folks awaken. Part of the awakening is to remove ones self from overly repressive areas such as the eastern US. We wish well the various marches in the political centers back east, for whatever they will/willnot accomplish.
      TL is from out here I believe, and he is obviously a better man than some of us, his craw is yet to be filled.....I respect him and his endeavors.
      Some of us who have smelled the stink for so long
      will continue to prepare where our fight will possibly prevail and not feel the urge to venture into the mouth of the beast which we lost around 1865 or so.
      No offense to those who have the enemy surrounded by the inside......
      Jim Steel

  2. Words worthy of our founders.

    There is no lack of patriots or will, but the path is still unclear. A path chosen now would not be the same as the one chosen on the second wednesday this coming November. It's not that the mission would change, but the tactics would, so people wait and prepare.

    1. Nor wood it be the same path or tactics chosen this time next year. Go ahead and keep waiting till next time, continue waiting and and see what happens.

    2. Far younger, braver, healthier, and more intelligent men than I also sit and wait, hoping someone will lead them, not simply dare them. I expect the results of the election to clarify the future for all of us, and more importantly, to inspire leaders to lead.

  3. those who have the enemy surrounded by the inside
    ........most of the NCO’s in SF prefer to remember him as the leader, who, with NVA on all sides, refused extraction, saying, “No, No, I’ve got em right where I want em, surrounded from the inside.“

  4. Quoted and linked at

    Outstanding. One of your best, and that is saying something.

  5. I'll choose to be part of the 20. If the Alamo it is to be, so be it.

    Let not my name be forgotten with those hiding, waiting for the storm to pass.

    My name shall be included among those who stood against it.

  6. The day will come sooner rather than later, when the dog that doesn't bite will have had enough.

  7. "The ninety and nine are with dreams, content but the hope of the world made new, is the hundredth man who is grimly bent on making those dreams come true".

    In these times, I am a grim man.

  8. Amen.. the concept of Free Will is the essence of Liberty.

    Yank lll

  9. I disagree that twenty are hard to find. The issue is how to unite those that feel this way, and what to do with that united corps. Or we can all just keep blogging and not doing anything else.

    1. Erinyes is correct. The twenty wait, poised and ready. More than twenty, I've no doubt. What we need is a way to be brought together and a plan of action. For years I've watched people talk and blog, but nothing is done. What do we do, other than live by example and study history, economics, the writings of our Founders and those who inspired and informed them? We try to educate others, but aside from that, what do we DO?

      You're hardly alone or even just one of a small number, TL.

  10. I am a Liberty movement of one. I understand that the best thing I can do at this juncture in time is live by example and act by the founding principles of sovereign power inherent to unalienable natural rights of this republic. I know like I believe others believe there are many like me, that like me and like them they are watching for signs they are indeed not alone. I believe I am not alone any longer. That is the turning point for me. We are legion. It is not imposition of tyranny and erosion of Liberty that I have been waiting for as a sign to me it is time to stand up, there is not any doubt on that score, it is the sign of brotherhood of Liberty. I am part of a wave, a wave that is imperceptible in the beginning, like a tsunami, and like a tsunami it travels long distances spreading and growing in strength with barely an indication of its potential, till it rises up to inundates its intended victims with irresistible force.

    Aim small, miss small.

  11. Remember this well:
    “Scarcely have our minds been able to emerge from the astonishment into which one stroke of parliamentary thunder has involved us, before another more heavy, and more alarming, is fallen on us. Single acts of tyranny may be ascribed to the accidental opinion of a day; but a series of oppressions, begun at a distinguished period, and pursued unalterably through every change of ministers, too plainly prove a deliberate and systematical plan of reducing us to slavery. When the representative body have lost the confidence of their constituents, when they have notoriously made sale of their most valuable rights, when they have assumed to themselves powers which the people never put into their hands, then indeed their continuing in office becomes dangerous to the state, and calls for an exercise of the power of dissolution.”
    -Thomas Jefferson, A Summary View of the Rights of British America. 1774

    As TL said, Guns are not at issue:

    "...Local jurisdictions and state jurisdictions may not ignore the Constitution.
    Can a business, a city, or a state decide on a little slavery, for the common good? NO. The 13th Amendment is the law of the land. And those Amendments are part of the Constitution from which those jurisdictions draw authority.
    The Constitution acknowledges unalienable rights, granted by your creator- It does not 'grant you rights'. You have unalienable rights as a result of being human. We Constituted this government to protect those rights. Any law repugnant to the Constitution is Null and Void. Any government that makes itself repugnant to the Constitution, violates it's
    foundation, thereby rendering itself Null and Void.

    Can a business, a city, or a state decide to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms? No more than they can choose slavery. No Constitutional entity can retain authority by violating the Constitution..."
    From 2012 and 'The Choice'

    It starts with each of us. If you believe that any of this slavery, this imposition of tyranny, is justified or acceptable, even a tiny piece of it is, well then we are slaves. Slaves who put the leg shackles on ourselves.

    Kiss my arse...
    I don't need, want, require, or care about "permission" for Liberty.
    I know what I'm about.
    And it all starts with me.

  12. I guess I could put my feelings another way: Is it IF the darkness descends, or do we collectively feel that it has already BEGUN to descend? If the latter, what do we do about it, and WHEN?

  13. All around me I see, read, and witness, a myriad of styles of resistance and redress. It comes in all flavors imaginable. One thing it ain't is the violent kind. Well I for one regard that as a credit to such a vast number of American's, regards in the highest esteem. Not that I struggle with violent recourse as a method of lawful constitutional redress. Quite the contrary. I believe it is a grand and noble thing.

    What I find so assuring and uplifting is these forms of peaceful redress are to be found everywhere, in increasing instances, by normal folks, by people involved in publishing their perspectives on Liberty and tyranny across an array of media's.
    It takes personal courage and intestinal fortitude to display ones heart felt beliefs, leave one open to the revealing truths of ones principles.
    I see an evolution of understanding, a cottage industry of the Liberty movement so to speak.
    It is a spreading of the gospel of Liberty I'm referring to.

    In no doubt in my observations, the tone of expression of understanding the enemies of Liberty, and how each of us has a obligation to back up our Liberty has taken on a substantial note of late. I think it is the result of a higher plane of understanding along with standing up for the Liberty and freedoms below our feet.
    But, the simple fact this is taking place is a sea change in so many ways.
    It is good to see this, to be a part of it.
    What will most likely come to be out of this is difficult to predict. I think the ground game has changed. The tea party as it was has changed into something smoldering below the leftist radar. Of course the Left’s problem with the Liberty movement is that it represents the triumph of the individual. Something it can not understand because it can not face the false nature of its own agenda.
    I think more folks are becoming involved in a quiet but determined manner. Gone are the happy days of thinking that the will of the people expressed in peaceful gathering would woo and sway the treasonous and the tyrant representative. That innocence is happily a thing of the past in general. As Ayn Rand said- “You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.”

    A new birth of a core of Patriots is forming. The statists are loosing the narrative. The lies and corruption are becoming evident to far more people than ever before, the danger these corruptions represent, and more important, those in and out of our government who perpetrate such crimes and treason are recognized as where the danger of tyranny lies.

    This is where the tireless work of the pioneers of the Liberty movement has paid dividends.
    It is time as TL says to move on.
    It is time to stop the bitching and complaining. Time to take that energy and convert it into the next level of fomenting constitutional forms of redress.
    Redress others can be inspired by and find inspiration to create their own inspiration towards Liberty.
    This is where the seed of leaders of Liberty take root.

  14. "A new birth of a core of Patriots is forming. The statists are loosing the narrative. The lies and corruption are becoming evident to far more people than ever before, the danger these corruptions represent, and more important, those in and out of our government who perpetrate such crimes and treason are recognized as where the danger of tyranny lies."

    I prefer optimism to pessimism, and I prefer identification to both. I think you've got it exactly right here, as usual, but that cuts both ways. It's a good thing that many in the so-called liberty movement are waking up to the more fundamental principles, but it's a bad thing insofar as it puts the ne'er-do-well's backs more against the wall. As it stands, that seems certain to spell trouble.

    I don't really have a point here, and I sure like your vision over what I see on the news. I just can't imagine these yahoos giving in to reason or persuasion, or even demands. It's just not in their nature; a thug is a thug is a thug.

    Nothing in the human realm is inevitable, of course. But we're asking for something to happen that's never happened before, AND there isn't the least reason to suspect it'll happen this time. I'll keep hoping right along with you, but I think it wise to have a Plan B too.

    1. Got to have plan B, and a plan C. Like you said Jim, a thug is a thug is a thug.
      Not to be pessimistic, but to look the enemy and the reality of the enemy right in the eye, these thugs, because I reckon that is exactly what they are, double breasted thugs, are not going to give up the power and wealth they have acquired.

      Just ask them.
      If they are honest representatives of constitutional government they would walk away from the power.

      Fat chance that!

      About those plans. The statists have plans within plans for all the probable contingencies concerning threats to their power and money.
      It is their standard operating procedure. It is how they have managed treason and tyranny on the scale they have committed.

      I contend it is not possible for them to bring their plans to fruition within the context of an aroused citizenry. Their success depends on the subterfuge and sleight of hand of fooling enough people long enough.
      That dynamic has changed quite a bit over the last few years.
      Sure there are millions of willing dupes useful to the agenda.
      None of that negates the truth of how broke we are as a nation, nor does it pacify the growing discontent with the disdain we are treated to as a serf class, (I'm talking about the productive class). Not to mention the cost of of living and loss of gainful employment. It is not difficult to grasp the reality it is not ourselves who have created such problems. It is the meddling of the elites in our business and affairs for their profit who are directly responsible. In their arrogance they no no bounds.
      Not hard to figure that all out when the government is hounding you for every last penny and sticking its nose where it does not belong.
      Takes a lot of money to run this machine of treason and corruption. The only source of funds is thru manipulating blue sky debt via the Fed and financial industry, and gouging the remaining productive American's. Both sources of grease for the skids are running dry.
      Add in the growing discontent at ground level in flyover land, all pontifications from the won, the pablum and misleading news the media and Baghdad Carney can fabricate, ain't worth a bucket of warm spit.

      Real movements of redress have a quality all their own. They begin within each of us. Nebulous in nature at first, they go thru fits and starts. But the seeds of that recourse have been sown. Nascent in this premise is a restlessness to be something more than a helpless victim of the statist curse. It takes time for many to look the danger in the eye and accept it for what it is. To wrap your mind around the reality and truth. To then understand the choices that confront us. After than comes an uprising of resistance. It manifests itself in almost countless but ingenious ways. Call it "Going Galt" or "System D", Patcoms, individuals acts of protest and redress, open carry, a bumber sticker, Liberty Graffiti on roads/signs/paper money/sticky notes on doors and gas pumps, your Minister advising his congregation to revolt against the mandate of birth control and abortion, commenting on a blog, these are all forms of redress. The funny thing about people is where one guy can do it, another figures he can too, or come up with an even more powerful form of resistance and protest. And we are nothing in America if we are not inventive.

  15. "the nation that was the only point of light in a dark and deadly history of the world ... You are an American, your light shines into every dark corner of the world, illuminating the hopes of the starving and enslaved masses of the world. Every tortured heart and oppressed soul begs for us to shine, to bring them our freedom, our liberty"

    This is just complete goddamn bullshit.

    In the first place human freedom did not begin with the United States, and it will not end with it either. One could make a coherent argument that the average German under the Second Reich was more free than most Americans have been for the past 30 or 40 years - for one thing the Kaiser would pay for his train tickets himself! - and the last century or two of the Holy Roman Empire (1600s-1700s) involved much more accountability to local authorities than Congress has had for quite a while. The principle of "a man's home is his castle" originated under the English kings and goes back a long long way, but didn't make it to the two-century mark in the USA. The gradual unification of France involved legal clauses for practically every single province added to the crown to the effect that their local laws and customs and rights would be preserved and continued and guarded by the king as carefully as the national laws would be, and this was actually done, until the Revolution upset all the applecarts.

    I have a lot more I could say about this but have other things I need to do this morning.

    The United States is not and never was God's unique and never reproducible gift to mankind. It was a worthwhile experiment. Its failure is not an unparalleled disaster. Thinking about it in such terms does no one any favors.

    1. First of all, your comparisons are complete bullshit, whitewashed historical nonsense. And, to compare them to America of the last thirty or forty years is the point I was trying to make you moron.

      Stop hating your country and start trying to do something to save it. Stop trying to rid your stupid guilt here. We were a great nation, don't ask me, ask the billions in other nations who would rather be here, or did until we turned into them.

    2. The principle of liberty is not the reason immigrants come here. If it was, they would act (and vote) to defend it once acquired. Instead they vote Democrat. "Great" is not a good reason to love one's country, because as soon as that country ceases being great, people stop loving it - which will likely be the case with the USA, Americans don't know how to love it anymore outside of "we're #1!". And if my comparisons are whitewashed nonsense, no doubt you can provide specifics.

      The country ceased to belong to me and I ceased to have any rights over it (in practice, regardless of theory) decades ago - arguably before I was born. I have nothing to defend on this score.

      But I'll stop bothering you on this, as you're clearly not interested.

    3. Actually, one clarification - voting Democrat is the form it takes now, but immigrants have been behaving similarly back since before the civil war - creating political machines, ethnic enclaves, favoritism, and so on. That isn't a recent development at all, and principled liberty never had anything to do with it.

  16. u want to win?pray for bunches of thugs like me and mine.
    Liberty Valance

  17. If I catch your drift, LV, I buy it. Obviously "thug" here doesn't mean someone who will use force to defend himself or his values, but rather one who (tries to) obtain values by overpowering others. That is, a looter.

    Big difference; sorry if I wasn't clear.

  18. Dear TL,
    Thought you and my fellow American's here on your blog would find something I came across extremely informative. It is along the lines of the logic many of us seek in regards to when is enough enough, and what constitutes tyranny. It delves into many aspects of Liberty verses tyranny, an eloquent description of the just causes and comparative justice of redress and rebellion.

    It is very well defined in a brief clear context.
    If it is answers you seek, I can not recommend reading it enough.

    I'd go as far as to say it deserves a posting by you TL, with my sincere regards.
    It is a gold mind of provocative thinking in the Liberty movements quest for just causes.

    Interview of Dr. J. Martino concerning his book "Resistance to Tyranny":

    Dr. Martino's book is available at Amazon:

  19. Dr. Martino's book is a great resource as is Jefferson Mack's Invisible Resistance to Tyranny which gives a different perspective both of which my wife got me for Christmas along with Michael Bunker's Surviving Off Off-Grid: Decolonizing the Industrial Mind. All worth the time to read

    Another of your good reads TL.

    "I will not be forgotten
    This is my time to shine
    I've got the scars to prove it
    Only the strong survive

    I'm not afraid of dying
    Everyone has their time
    Life never favored weakness


    There are more than 20, more than 10 fold 20...

  20. Hey TL,
    I posted a comment on Doug Ross's blog in regards to the promise the dictator made about not increasing taxes.
    Hope you don't mind, I stole your profound quote about restoring the Constitution to find refuge from people like you and I.
    Do I get it TL?

    Comment posted to:

    This is what I wrote,
    "After all, being that obama is a "constitutional law" professor, posing as a dictator who circumnavigates the rule of law as he see's fit to advance his special interests, this is my license to follow suit. If obama claims he is a man of the people, and he has the power to get away with corruption, treason, and tyranny at will, it only stands to reason no laws are valid any longer for a little people like me.

    If the won and every one of his corrupt double standard elite entitlement lying ass stealing thieving mooching cronies do not like it, well I have only one thing to say.

    Go pound sand.

    I can escalate things on that score.

    I am not morally beholden, or legally obligated, to honor any law beyond what is required in the US Constitution, of me and my government, in particular any and all law created by the people who have hijacked my government, any longer.

    When I say go pound sand, this is what I mean:

    It is not mine to restore the power of the Constitution. It is mine to show them the wrath of American's such as me without the protections the Constitution offers them.

    Let them restore it to find refuge from me.

    (PS, I kind of stole that last comment from the great TL Davis.)"

  21. You know what to whomever reads my words?

    There ain't gonna be no darkness in My country long as I have a heart that beats.

  22. Rollory, I missed your comments last week. While I think your analysis of our current state is correct--we're no more free than any number of previous empires--I think you're completely wrong about what motivated immigrants.

    Quite obviously it was liberty, and the sort of liberty the world had never known previously. Most of them came with absolutely nothing but their skills, or even just dreams and desires, and made them come to fruition. This was not possible anywhere else previously, and they flooded the gates precisely for that freedom---to make their lives the best they could be. There are stories upon stories of exactly this, and it applies to immigrants from everywhere...Europe, Mexico, Cuba, Asia, you name it. There was something different about this country, whether you call it Liberty or Capitalism.

    I think you're being misled because of the way they let it go, or the way it was misunderstood. It's easy in hindsight to see the statism and collectivism, but quite different when you're in the middle of the incremental creep. Most people think they're "doing their part" to keep the system going, and to those immigrants this system was the best ever created.

    The mistake, of course, was believing that "the system" created the liberty, when in fact it was just the people themselves. As this error carried on, "the system" just got bigger and bigger, and people never realized--as you correctly note--that this was actually the opposite of that which brought them here.

    That's why so many of the smart ones now are trying to figure out how to get out, instead of in.

  23. What TL expressed about great many people not interested in such things as the rule of law, the gospel of liberty, their very freedom, what obama and the rest of the criminals at the helm are at heart, how that effects them in both the short and long term, is reality. What is real also is these are folks who deal with what Liberty they hold dear on an emotional basis. This can not be passed out of hand lightly. Inherent in this is also the key to awakening their sense of place in America, the skin in the part they have to play in all of our Liberty beyond their immediate material and emotional needs.
    The statists have had profound success in engineering and manipulating the emotions of millions. It is as Alynski and Marx contended about controlling the masses.
    What I contend, what I emphatically agree with TL about, is how can the very idea of Liberty be dovetailed into that emotional engine of the great many voters not interested in it? Liberty, the threat to, it has to hit them right upside the head, smack em right in the face, in the one place that is sacred. The question becomes what is the sacred? I don't think these folks are lemmings, thought at first blush it is easy to mistake them for it. No, I think it is allusion that drives them. A self created, and also shared, allusion that is out of fear of loosing normalcy, that as long as one does not face the reality, as long as one buries reality, this fear of change, under a blanket of a ruse of comfort, all will be well. It is the allusion of having the Liberty to choose, not Liberty itself. Only a liberty of having the freedom of having permission of an allusion of a benevolent government. Structure and continuity. It's evil nature disguised as lawful and rightful, and the boogeyman of power over all and any. There is a certain comfort and safety in this for many. This is what the statists the elites play into. In times past it was easy to gain power off this complacency. Now, it is a more fragile thing. The elites are running out of space money and time. The Liberty movement has made serious inroads into the statist realm. It is on tyrannies flank. Whether it can roll up that flank without recourse to armed redress is the paradigm upon us all, which way it goes with these emotional American ostriches is the penultimate social and political battle of Liberty and tyranny in our time.
    How to arouse and alarm these folks from their self destructive slumber?
    That is the question.
    The key lies in the fact most of these people can not be despised, ignored, or discounted out of hand if Liberty is to prevail peacefully. Or through armed redress.
    After all, for thick or thin, better or worse, we are all brothers and sisters. Better late to the party than not at all.
    The question we may be need to be asking is how to make it a welcoming thing to come into the fold of Liberty. How to nurture that emotion and desire for continuity and safety?
    Aren't we after all emotional creatures?
    Isn't Liberty a creation of our emotion for something better? Something we can depend on for our safety and security that is of our own individual making freely?

  24. Lotta stuff there, MTP. You sure got it nailed with this...

    "Structure and continuity. It's evil nature disguised as lawful and rightful, and the boogeyman of power over all and any. There is a certain comfort and safety in this for many. This is what the statists the elites play into."

    Yep, and people honestly believe that they're going to die without it. The truth is, of course, that they're going to die with it. I mean, this is so obvious that it's hardly worth discussing. They already are, in fairly large numbers.

    As to whether lots of individuals are waking up, I'm not as confident as you. Sure, millions are more aware of the absurdities and the evil injustices. Anyone with half a wit understands the road we're on. You don't need a history degree to see that it's the same ol', same ol'.

    But the fact remains that nearly everyone WANTS this, for the reason you named above. Plus, almost NOBODY wants to deal with the underlying premises, the real mistakes we've made along the way. As with most things, people want to work from the "bottom-up," dealing with problems as they come along and figuring out the response to those.

    Philosophy is my thing and I see things exactly the reverse. I always deal from the top-down. To me, without dealing with the FUNDAMENTAL premises, it really doesn't matter how you deal with the details---it'll always fail, owing to the underlying contradictions. IMO this is the reason everything is such a mess, including among the so-called "freedom movement." All the decent, working, productive people know they don't want this, but they don't have a clear idea of what they do want. Normally this doesn't matter so much; people just live their lives and everything works out. But these days, people aren't allowed to just live their lives, so nothing is working out.

    1. They are gonna die with or without it, good point Jim!
      Like you put it, nothing is working out. Everything this tyranny of government touches is infected and is destroyed.

      Not everyone has to be aroused to redress. Just enough have to say....Enough! And its on.
      There is a tipping point to this Jim.
      I believe there are lots more folks like you and TL, and me, than we know. Numbers that count in the millions. Of course everybody who decides to step up counts, no matter what their past trepidations about doing so are or were. We are going to need all the friends we can get, every single one. Alienating the reluctant, or willfully ignorant, in ones mind or in life is not a luxury to be afforded if Liberty is to be victorious.
      What I was writing about had to do with cultivating the reluctant. The ones who still have a personal stake in their liberty.

      It is not the ones who sold out for entitlements and other enticing baubles that is miles away from getting the fools, the free shit dupes, and willing tools to mutiny on their oppressors. Those dupes are going to have the rug pulled out from under them soon as their usefulness is over, to end up being a pawn one last time of the state. They are in reserve, they don't know it, to be handy cannon fodder in a greater struggle, but this time literally, one last time.
      I think the elites know that an aroused armed citizenry of a certain number with a bone in its teeth who stand their ground and fight is beyond their capability to defeat. They can not defeat that kind of redress. They can not lie and cheat and connive their way out of that. But those useful tools above are useful to cause every sort of mayhem and destruction useful to holding onto that ruling class power even if only for a little longer. A buffer.

      Like the pig, every fucking one of us, willing or not, wanting to or not, is committed.
      No one gets a free ride or to ride this one out Jim.

      A culmination of every sort of corrupt human behavior of power and greed, unintended consequences of tyranny's meddling, and statist social engineering is about to descend on this Republic. The bill for all the debt dealing, blue sky fiat, and crony capitalism can no longer be kicked down the road. And it we the people who remain of the productive part of this nation who are going to have this bill shoved right up our arses. There is no other place where the money needed to feed this beast of tyranny can be found. It is the only source of prosperity and intrinsic wealth remaining. That beast needs money in an amount we can not fathom. It is right now at this very moment setting stage for coming after that remaining gold.
      That is going to be the last straw.
      That is the tipping point.

  25. "Useful idiots" sadly is the way to look at some folks, MTP—and that is perhaps the most depressing thing. Americans, at least by birth, who apparently don't understand/share our remarkable heritage...and may not even want to. Personal responsibility, pulling oneself up by the bootstraps, personal independence while simultaneously caring for one's family and friends seems so foreign to so many! They look at our paychecks and stick out their hand and don't even understand why that's immoral. It is mystifying, unnerving, and depressing.

    I think of the men who trudged across New Jersey, many unclothed and shoeless, hungry men, men who kept marching, leaving bloody footprints in the snow, and consider them kin, spiritual though not by blood. They inspire me daily. (If anything else, I don't whine and complain very often at all.)

    Do those with their hands out even *consider* those men and what they ACTUALLY fought and bled for?

    Yeah. Useful idiots. And they don't even know that the government they thing protects and cares for them is feeding on them and waiting to toss them into the maw of a waiting beast. Frightening and so, so saddening.


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