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Sunday, April 8, 2012

High Level Instigation

There are times when society seems as if it marches along a wide avenue unafraid of the distant edge, while at other times it seems balanced on the edge of a razor, the slightest move causing it to slip into disaster and chaos.

Our president has precipitated the latter.

Through his co-hort, Eric Holder, who has turned a blind eye to every act of racial violence and intimidation against whites, Obama has contributed to the view that whites are open game for any violence that smacks of poetic justice for the ancient sin of slavery.

Any act might have led to the crisis Obama and Holder have hungered for, but the Trayvon Martin case apparently will do the job. Without a condemnation of the bounty put out by the New Black Panther organization for Zimmerman, the faulty tweet by Spike Lee and the escalation called for by Al Sharpton, the beating of a 78 year old white man who was told: "This is for Trayvon" is just a typical and predicted behavior by those who rightly consider the silence of our political and law enforcement leaders as assent.

With these abuses in mind it is not surprising that some white people, who justifiably feel targeted, might seek to defend themselves or others like them. In this case it is a group of National Socialists called Neo-Nazis in this piece by the blog Miami New Times. They patrol the streets to prevent violence done to whites as a result of whether or not Zimmerman is held on charges or is set free. Since the DA already failed to press charges on the night of the killing, anything the DA might do now, other than to refrain from pressing charges, must be the result of threats and intimidation.

I don't know how race wars are started, but this would seem to be a pretty good lead in if I had to devise one.

The next step would be Eric Holder's Justice Department racing in to illegally disarm the National Socialists, running them off or imprisoning them. What then? How do we, as a liberty movement, handle that? Without wanting to side with Neo-Nazis, as the blog calls them, don't we have an obligation to support their rights as we would any other group determined to protect the innocent and stand up for Second Amendment? Are they even Neo-Nazis? From whom do we get our information? Some blog? I did feel a bit put off by some of the statements made by the leader, but that aside, the group patrols the border regularly and have just moved up to Florida in response to the open unease of the white community in Sanford.

Is this not the role of the liberty movement anyway? To protect when the police will not, or can not?

None of us have been able to predict the coming unrest, most of us considered it would be the result of an economic collapse. Some were sure it would come down to a political crisis. What if it all results from a fomented and scripted race war instigated by the most powerful man in the world? Our president?

Here's the reality check for the movement: what is your trigger now? What is your line in the sand in light of these developments? Would we sit back and watch the race war develop and spread across the nation fearful of being called racists for participation in self defense? Surely, there are numerous blacks in our ranks, where are their loyalties at this point in time? While none of us, I think, would be attracted by the idea of standing up for our rights alongside true racists, what if we are left no alternative but the increasing power of the state?

Were not the Hutaree left out to hang in much the same way as these supposed Neo-Nazis will be in the days to come? I don't like this. I don't like being pushed into a box with people with whom I disagree with on many levels only because I agree with them on one, the right to self-defense or defense of the defenseless.

We very probably will not be given the luxury of choosing our battles, or defending our rights alongside those with whom we would choose, but choose we must and soon. I don't know if the Trayvon Martin case is the catalyst for the worst we can imagine, but it could be. Are you prepared and if so, for what are you prepared, the unexpected? 


  1. a group of National Socialists called Neo-Nazis in this piece by the blog Miami New Times.
    First hand from the comments.
    SargeApr 7, 2012 03:11 PM

    I read this on your blog yesterday, and since I live here in Sanford I decided to go find out for myself. I walked around downtown for over an hour yesterday and today and other than some undercover dicks ... there is nobody out of place here in the city. No Nazi's No Militia No colored panthers. If they are here, they are hiding really well.

  2. Forgive the language here, but this is too easy. A collectivist is a collectivist is a collectivist, and fuck 'em all. Plus, they don't come any worse than Obama and Holder, so they would be rotten choices to copy.

    My advice? Don't even think of falling into this two-bit trap. Protecting one's neighborhood is all good, but everything else is nothing but bait---"Play our game, and it doesn't matter which side you take." Don't do it; way too many already are.

    1. My point is that when it comes, whether this is it, or not, it might come in a way that makes us hesitant because of the company it puts us into, such as OWS, what if the smart move was to cooperate with them until the time to break away and conquer? Are we willing to do that sort of thing?

      No, I know, stay in your bunker until all is well.

    2. "No, I know, stay in your bunker until all is well."

      Oh, hell no. The other guys have range cards too.

      I get your point, and I understand the conundrum. My point is much simpler---never, ever sacrifice. It's not a sacrifice to not be willing to live as slave or slavemaster, even if it means death. But it is a sacrifice to turn oneself into the rotten collectivists that comprise the enemy, and it's /that/ which I'm saying, "Don't do."

      I'm not offering a tactical strategy, because that can be terribly complex in this sort of scenario. Even the Occupy Gang has some valid points, and somewhere, somehow there may even be a politician who's not a looter. I don't care about any of them, because my hands are full being the best I can be.

      All over the country, people who never would've thought of such a thing, are quickly becoming racists and buying right into the collectivist claptrap which is the philosophical basis of statism. That's the only warning I meant to give, and that's why Obama, Sharpton and the rest of the nitwits are only too willing to help it along.

  3. Dear TL,
    The unintended consequences, and no doubt the intended, are fraught with disaster. I suspect a created disaster consisting of racial divide is a very useful tool to the obama regime. It dovetails very well into the statists strategy of overthrowing our Republic.
    Divide a people then rule them.

    Whether it is intentional incitement of racial warfare, a false flag operation, like Gunwalker, and or by whom, it probably won't matter, it is undoubtedly going to be utilized one way or another as crisis as a means.
    What I'm saying is the Kenyan's regime must be licking their chops and wringing their hands in utter tyrannical glee. This is too good an opportunity to pass up for those clowns. I have to state that in no uncertain terms, I would not put it past these dirtbags had a hand in it.
    There are no coincidences in obama's amerika. Besides, they are frugal and efficient if they are nothing when it comes to the tyrants time honored strategy of divide and conquer. Nothing like this goes to waste. Your talking about a group of psychopaths who's hands are bloody up to the elbows in murders with the gunwalking repercussions of operation Fast & Furious. A foul collection of demented social misfits in the white house and the department of "justice", commie crazies, sycophants, and critical race theory bigots who enable and support extremists such as the New Black Panther Party using violence to commit vote fraud, and posting a wanted dead or alive bounty on Mr. Zimmerman. Undoubtedly for the purpose of destroying this Constitutional Republic.
    These "racially motivated" murders, and subsequent race baiting astroturf, dovetail quite nicely, along with the timing, into the narrative of class and racial warfare they are infamous for being directly involved in hawking. Let alone the value gained stirring up the base of racial entitlement free shit crowd. It is also the lefts get out the vote on afterburner.

    I suspect like you this is only the beginning.

    If we as a people are too busy fighting each other, well lets say the usefulness of this turmoil becomes manifold to the consolidation and triumph of absolute power.

    Just what the Liberty movement can not afford at this juncture in time and place. You can bet your right arm this racial baiting is going to be used to politically assassinate the Liberty movement. From there the sky is the limit. It is just the excuse required to unleash the praetorian guard and give them free reign. Can't have all that armament and material just sitting around gathering dust.

    God help us please. This great nation is going to need all of your wisdom and faith before this is over.

  4. The civil society may be defined as follows:

    "...the totality of voluntary civic and social organizations and institutions that form the basis of a functioning society as opposed to the force-backed structures of a state (regardless of that state's political system) and commercial institutions of the market."

    This is the war we face. It is a civil war. It is one we must win or everything we cherish is lost.

    This war is war on reason.

    Reason is what enabled the founding of this great nation. It is reason that is going to ultimately preserve and save it.

    One thing to keep in mind, reason is not like a bullet, you never have regret that reason can not be taken back. Reason never requires justification. Reason never harms anyone. It is reason that separates humans from animals.
    That should tell you something about the tyrants traitors and crooks who require the destruction of civil society in order to rule over men.

    As attractive as armed redress is in the face of such tyranny as we are faced with, it is reason that is paramount regardless of the recourse taken.

    As dire the future appears, it is well and wise beyond measure that it is reason that determines the course of redress. We only get one chance at restoration of the Rule of Law, one chance to re-moor our civil society in the reason of the Constitution.
    It is the reason we believe in something so profound as the 5000 year leap of our civil society, a people who if they are not nothing, are based in the concept, a culture, of reason.
    It is the reason why we are under attack on all fronts.
    Because a people of reason can never be conquered from the inside out, from the top down.

    1. Mountain Top-

      Just curious: where did you find that definition of civil society?

    2. At another fantastic Liberty blog by Doug Ross:

      The excerpt is located at a link on Doug's above blog posting:

  5. Great stuff as always, MTP. Damn, that first one was overflowing with some fine adjectives!

    It nearly kills me to be the one to break this to you, but your Rule of Law ain't gonna get us out of this mess. It'd be lovely if it could, but logic always holds. Just take a look---EVERY tyranny is the "Rule of Law." Worse, NO system of ANY "Rule of Law" has EVER failed to devolve into one sort of tyranny or another.

    Those are odds you ain't gonna beat, no matter the purity of your intention. Sorry.

    1. No doubt Jim. I don't think the rule of law is going to get us out of the mess we are in on its own either. It is very difficult to put into words and convey what my premise was.

      I'll give it another try.

      If all anyone does to redress the tyranny we have is go out and start shooting and killing, rampaging around on a campaign of vengeance and payback because we got tyranny ruling men, and the motivation is frustration and anger, I imagine it would not be long before what we got is a fucking armed free for all were everyone is killing everyone.

      Now in my mind this is the crux of the matter. Without a defining purpose, some form of guiding principle based in the rule of law, along with some form of an organization of men and material, well, even with force of arms this Republic is a goner. After all, isn't it the corruption of the rule of law in the first place that has delivered us today to the straights we are in? Isn't it the violation and destruction of the principles of sovereign power in the hands of we the people that is pissing you and I off?
      Got to fight for something buddy. Might as well fight for what, and by, what we know is the right thing.

      If we don't, we ain't no better than the tyranny we despise.

      And isn't the fact that there is no coalition of the willing in tangible form that for all intents and purposes our worst enemy in the Liberty movement?

      Take for instance the Tea Party. Now I've read in so many instances that the Tea Party was a flash in the pan. It has come and gone. Kaput! Well I have a problem with that. Those MILLIONS of folks just didn't materialize out of nothing, and they did not just disappear. Those are real honest to god flesh and blood Americans who stood for something and stood up for that something, in vast numbers.
      The thing is they all got together and did what they did, and not for light or casual reasons.
      What they did was in the purest form, grass roots. From the ground up. It is principles and gumption of a magnitude unimaginable, only dreamed of before.

      How can that energy be captured to the next level. Because obviously what happened at those tea parties and subsequent 2010 elections has been ignored by the ruling parties.

      What motivating factor is it that brought so many together? What was it that galvanized so many to act?
      Where these motivating things grounded in the principles of representative government and the rule of law?

      I say again, those are real people, they did not form out of thin air and disappear into the ether. That energy came from individuals, it was not astroturf, it was bonified real old fashion anger and genuine concern from the ground up. They are out there.
      And a greatest feature of it all, they are Legion.

      What is it going to take to motivate those millions again?
      Are they looking for some sign, some event, what will rile their gorge and turn them into a force that can not be reckon with? That will not be denied?
      In this lies the keys to the Republic. The preservation of a Republic based on the rule of law.

      The rule of men? How is that working out for every one?

      A rag tag bunch of yahoo's blasting away for mom and apple pie ain't going to cut the mustard no matter how you slice it.
      It is the idea that what you are fighting for is grounded in principles of unalienable freedoms and rights. You know, Liberty, Prosperity, Happiness. It is because of these principles of a mans primal freedoms, legitimizes his fight. By consequence it is something for others to get behind with good conscience. With heart. After all each of us is only human. The rule of law is not the tools of redress, it is the motivation behind the redress we require.

      That is what accurate deadly aimed rifle fire is for.

    2. Mountain Top -

      I would hazard a guess that what holds the Tea Parties and the 9/12ers and the like in the position they now occupy is hope and the belief that the system is not yet too far gone. They see a political crisis and hope for a political solution, rather than seeing the existential crisis that many of us here perceive. Regarding the 9/12ers, Mr. Beck has been preaching non-violence for years now, making many of the same points we make around here.

      My local Tea Party group has, as points 2 and 5 of its statement of purpose:

      2. We do not support secession.

      5. We do not condone violence in any manner; violence will not be tolerated.

      This is the statement of a group, and a movement, that has to go the extra mile just to assure those in power if its peaceable intentions. As soon as the movement rose to national prominence, the MSM started dragging it through the mud. While the Democracts abused us, the Republicans have used us. Any of us who are paying attention realize that only a few 'Tea Party' Republicans have held the line.

      As to the question, "What will it take?", I think you hit the nail on the head regarding the Rule of Law. As Tea Partiers see that the Rule of Law has been abrogated, and that neither major party respects individual liberty, they will start thinking outside the ballot box. As Tea Partiers, they are already several steps down that path. They see that "there is something rotten in the state of Denmark", but they don't see the whole pattern. They don't see the current system as post-Constitutional. I don't think any one event will change their minds about it. Rather, different Tea Partiers will change their minds as a result of different events and series of events.

    3. Makes a lot of sense what you said. Time is going to tell whats up. It is the tea party as a movement that has faded, but not the people who constituted it. They are still out there, and if their actions of the past are any indications, we haven't heard the last of most.

      I wonder often are those folks of the tea party needing and or looking for a different method of redress in concert with their perspective now that the huge gatherings in 2010 did not garner the results that should have transpired with a legitimate representative government?
      What form would be attractive to these people, and take things to a higher level of redress?

    4. I am reminded of Patrick Henry's Liberty or Death speech: "We have petitioned; we have remonstrated; we have supplicated;" The Tea Partiers, myself among them, have called, written, emailed our representatives, went to the town hall meetings, donated to help spread the Tea Party message, and used our online presences to educate those around us. Finally, we voted like good little citizens. I'm not much for public displays, but many of my fellow Tea Partiers also went to their first political protest, then many afterward. We did all the polite, orderly, respectable things we were supposed to do 'to make a difference'.

      But, the train is still headed off the cliff.

      Have I felt defeated in the past? Yes. Have I felt like maybe the Tea Party failed in some way? Yes. Though I felt that way, I was wrong. It didn't fail, not completely and not entirely.

      Perhaps we should start being impolite, though I don't think a lot of Tea Party folks would cotton to being disorderly. Before Occupy, a lot of Tea Party folks defined themselves as productive citizens, as opposed to being free-loaders. After Occupy, they defined themselves additionally as being orderly and consistent in contrast to the anti-commercial hipster hypocrites and the disorderly neo-Hippies of Occupy. A path forward for the Tea Party would have to preserve that self-concept by helping Tea Partiers be more productive personally and locally while still helping them peel away from a national government and a national economy that are both rigged. The end-state of such moves would be full engagement local System D as well as voter and tax strikes. However, that will be hard and will test the resolve of many. My means would not last long if I just walked away from my job.

    5. System D. There is everything to be said for it. Guerrilla warfare on an economic level. It is also Liberty in its purest form.

      It is easy at moments to become discouraged when all around us it looks like there is little hope for redress. There has been amazing progress in awareness people have for whats happening in the past few years.
      I believe without doubt the enemies of Liberty understand this and the window of time remaining for them to impose their tyranny is rapidly closing, it is a race to impose their agenda before to many American's wake up. As the saying goes, "the times they are a changing." Psst, don't say nothin', but i think they are scared shitless an awakening is taking place. Their success hinges on the opposite. You can bet our words here scare the hell out of them.

      We are right to be fearful of the repercussions of the statists agendas, they have done much damage, damage regardless of the outcome in the near future will continue to have impacts on all of us for some time to come. It took 100 or so years for the tyranny we got to happen, by ballot box or cartridge box, it is going to take some time to redress it.
      It is well to harden oneself to these realities. It is wise if for no other reason it brings strength, character, resolve, and steadfastness to the cause. Are these not key attributes needed for what is coming?

      Sometimes I wonder if it isn't so much lack of awareness of our Liberties and freedoms, the assault upon them, but a sense of resolve needed to stand up for our Liberty and freedoms that is what many search for. After all we have lived fat and very happy, in a nation with almost limitless amenities and conveniences, resources and supplies, that make America a truly wonderful place to live. The idea you might have to suffer grave consequences, even death for your actions to preserve your own Liberty takes some getting used to. Some serious soul searching. And each of us has to figure it out in our own damn way. That doesn't mean you don't give a crap or are going to chicken out.
      Understanding resolve, understanding the need to have that resolve could very well be a key to the redress far past what transpired within the tea party. It is this uniquely nebulous act of uprising, spontaneous in appearance, that holds great power once unleashed.
      Who knows these things? I don't. I'm going by intuition and faith in what makes America great saying things like this.
      Tell you all this, The Fat Lady isn't even warming up yet.
      Ya thing suck. Ya the tyrants and their lickspittles have free run on our arses. But that is on their terms. All hoity toity ekitist crap. Take that and shove it Mr. It is going to be some serious shit when it is on our terms.
      But I believe with all my soul that as long as the idea of Liberty exists in us, well the fight isn't even started yet. We are talking about a nation of free men, Liberty that has enabled the accomplishments in one century in so many endeavors of improving the lot of the entire world, than maybe in the entire history of humanity and all its people combined.
      I'm just a coal miner, a regular Joe, but I have to say, looking at it from that perspective, tyranny as we have today will be vanquished one way or another, it won't stand.
      Not as long as folks like me believe in Liberty. After all, isn't this why originally our Liberty became so?

    6. A Reader:
      We need a good liason between the Tea Party and the 912's and this liberty movement.

      They do not see the Sinn Fein comparison, but they should, they must to understand that all of their political power is nothing but dust unless there is that other side, the bad side they can disown, disavow, but they have to understand that it is cooperative effort and not go too far.

      This is the nexus to make anything happen, if they would understand it.

    7. I kept thinking about this after leaving my last reply. The political Left has a long and celebrated history of 'direct action', including walk-outs, sit-ins, mass marches, persistent demonstrations (now called Occupations), and all the rest of it. Right now, they are working on the 99% Spring, which fits with most of the patterns and traditions they've developed so far. It fits their origins and appeals to their self-concept as the brave, enlightened dissidents fighting the power. The Tea Parties could engage in the same sorts of direct action, but I don't think they will until conditions change somewhat. They think of themselves as the people who keep the wheels turning and the lights on. In order to address the system as from the outside using the left's standard direct action tool kit, the Tea Partiers would have to hold onto their resolve and their understanding of Liberty while at the same time losing a great deal of faith in the system itself. These days, a Tea Partier is someone who would fly the American and Gadsden Flags from the same staff. If ever their faith frays and their resolve hardens, they'll be flying the Gadsden flag, or the Gonzales Flag, or Dixie, all by itself.

    8. TL:

      I am trying to get involved with my local Tea Party group for much the same reason. Given what I've already said about my own locals, the "Liberty is to Tea as IRA is to Sinn Fein" analogy would not be well received, just now, so my goal will be get to know people and engage with them in their local government work. The last event my locals have scheduled have been local candidate forums. I like their focus on the local races. Our Liberty movement needs to know what they're doing, so we can support them and if worst comes to worst, help them defend themselves. The Tea Party being what it is, I suspect many of them are already gun owners. I further suspect that many more of them are armed than were armed two or three years ago.

  6. The upcoming race wars are intended, and have been planned for a while. If anyone has read any of the Ulsterman Washington Insider pieces, they would have known this is what's going to happen this summer. In not so many words, this was indicated last year, and will continue uninterrupted until well after the cities burn post election day. He wins, the cities burn. He loses, the cities burn.
    And you know what happens to roaches when the house they live in burns....they move on to the next one.
    You have less than 2 months to finish your preparations and get things settled...plan accordingly. This summer is going to be very hot indeed.

  7. TL's question is incredibly important. It is the question at the root of the tyranny we have today:

    "What then? How do we, as a liberty movement, handle that? Without wanting to side with Neo-Nazis, as the blog calls them, don't we have an obligation to support their rights as we would any other group determined to protect the innocent and stand up for Second Amendment? Are they even Neo-Nazis? From whom do we get our information? Some blog? I did feel a bit put off by some of the statements made by the leader, but that aside, the group patrols the border regularly and have just moved up to Florida in response to the open unease of the white community in Sanford.

    Is this not the role of the liberty movement anyway? To protect when the police will not, or can not?"

    It is the defacto role of every American by way of natural law. It is the power of the sovereign as in natural primal rights to defend and protect itself from all enemies of Liberty and the rule of law. If "law enforcement" is not enforcing the rule of law in the form of equality of man, regardless of all social and cultural aspects, it is no longer a legitimate force of upholding the rule of law. It is in itself become an outlaw organization of usurpation and tyranny. There is no gray area in this. It is equal, or it is not.

    It is no longer enforcement of law if it picks and chooses what to uphold and what not to uphold. Equality of men demands equal justice within the bounds of the prescribed Liberty of the foundations of our Republic. Anything less is tyranny.

    Does the Liberty movement have the legitimate inherent power to uphold the law? I think it can not be a movement to Liberty if it does not protect all equally. If not it is no better than the tyrants it seeks to vanquish from its midst.

    See, something missing in this narrative to this point in time regarding the malignant meme the statist promote that anyone who stands for Liberty and the rule of law as supreme is somehow extremist, a radical, filth. Of course when the Liberty movement cowers in fear of this character assassination, a golden opportunity to exemplify its ideals, principles and virtues is lost, when it upholds equality of all men, in the face of such vitriol of political assassination, it exemplifies itself as steadfast and noble cause where all men benefit. We as a movement do not have the luxury of picking and choosing. We have to stand our ground on our principles, no matter how distasteful it may first appear to the pallets of our social sensibilities. Or how dangerous to our bodies and prosperity.
    Principles are all we have. Or we are worse than the ones who crave to rule over us.
    And we can never be victorious.

    1. First, define law, liberty, and equality. And then we'll know your ideals, principles, and virtue. Or, does law, liberty, and equality give us the luxury to pick and choose to each, his own ideals, principle, and virtue? So, the question must be asked, is it an advantageous position of the liberty movement to treat all ideals, principles, and virtue, with equality? If so, then I say, here we are. Or, as it is said, a man in known by the company he keeps.

    2. To me it is not defined by My ideals, principles and virtue. It is defined by the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.
      Defined by the principles of representative government.
      Defined by the rule of law.
      Defined by republican form of government.
      Defined by the intent of our founders.
      Or have I missed something here?

      What else would I fight for?
      Anything less is tyranny to me.

      If you are asking me to define these things on terms I think are justifiable, I think you missed what I was saying by a country mile. Are you picking an argument for the sake of one? If so, I think you may need to understand your own question first. Those things you ask me to justify, are they not natural law of free men. That is what I was trying to define.
      Those things do not require justification.
      They are absolutes.
      There is no bargaining on them.

      Your question: "So, the question must be asked, is it an advantageous position of the liberty movement to treat all ideals, principles, and virtue, with equality?"

      No, it should be the position the Liberty movement can advantage its position, base its principles of being, by to treat all with equality of men, which is the fundamental basis of the equality of the rule of law. The rule of law. It is a unique concept. Something never codified and exemplified in a nation state before. It is that rule of law that prohibits men from ruling over others. It is the rule of law that has been violated with the intent of removing the rule of law from our body of governing principles so men can rule without limits or responsibility for our Liberty they trespass on and destroy.

      Those ain't my principles. Those are all of our principles. Principles of Liberty.
      They are what the body of rule of law protects.
      If we are a movement of Liberty, we must adhere to those principles. So how can you pick and choose as TL asks?

      Picking and choosing is what got us into this clusterfuck in the first place. Every one of us is guilty of it. Getting away from those principles is why we are in trouble today.

      Does that make sense?

    3. Ask a question and get asked if I am trying to pick an argument for the sake of one. Meh.

      Okay. Are the laws of nature and natures God a roving line in the sand? Do we pick and choose what the laws of nature and natures God are, as defined by our own individual version of what our ideals, principle, and virtues are?

      I dare say that if a man will not be ruled by the laws of nature and natures God, its ideals, principles, and virtue, then he will be ruled by others. And, I dare say that if your neighbor will not be ruled by the laws of nature and natures God, its ideals, principles, and virtues, he will attempt to rule over you.

      And, if the laws of nature and natures God are to be defined by individual whim for himself what the ideals, principles, and virtue are of the laws of nature and natures God... then the laws of nature and natures God is but a thing blowing whichever way the wind blows. And, a house divided can not stand.

    4. That's all sensible, Curtis, but the problem is this: "Therefore...what?" In a nation of 330 million, lots of people are going to have different views of the laws of nature. And some, foolish though they may be, will be based on whim, just as you say.

      Shall we rule over them, with our knowledge of the actual laws of nature? Bad idea...even if they'd be better off for that, we wouldn't be. Being a slavemaster is as self-destructive as being a slave, maybe more.

      As far as whim-worshippers wanting to rule over us, there's only one logical answer..."No, you won't." That's what the "Patriot" movement is really all about, I think.

      The bottom line is that reality will take care of whim-worshippers. If they think ethylene glycol is water, they'll die. If they think they can live without earning their own survival, they'll die. This is the only sort of "justice" we need, as long as we can defend ourselves against any crazy ideas they may get, like that what's ours is theirs. Luckily, it's probably the case that we can.

      Personally, I don't think idiots are much of a problem. It's looters and moochers that are that, and the smarter they are, the more dangerous they are.

    5. Curtis, I meant no offense, your question was very confusing to me.
      Seems to me you answered your own question quite well.
      Makes sense to me.
      In the simplest terms, here is an eloquent definition of Liberty and even an answer to your question you had for me:
      "Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others." ~ Thomas Jefferson

      And...Freedom - “Nothing Else”

      Is freedom anything but the power of living as we like? “Nothing else.”-Epictetus

      About that equality thing:
      "Democracy and socialism have nothing in common but one word: equality. But notice the difference: while democracy seeks equality in liberty, socialism seeks equality in restraint and servitude." --Alexis de Tocqueville

      Here is a gem:
      "The Real Entitlement Mentality":
      “A political class that feels entitled to rule over the rest of us.”

      Taking the above to it's inevitable conclusion:
      "Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."
      - John F. Kennedy

      So in that light, if I may here is serious food for thought:

      "If the representatives of the people betray their constituents, there is then no resource left but in the exertion of that original right of self-defense which is paramount to all positive forms of government, and which against the usurpations of the national rulers may be exerted with infinitely better prospect of success, than against those of the rulers of an individual State. In a single State, if the persons entrusted with supreme power become usurpers, the different parcels, subdivisions, or districts of which it consists, having no distinct government in each, can take no regular measures for defense. The citizens must rush tumultuously to arms, without concert, without system, without resource; except in their courage and despair."
      -- Alexander Hamilton, a.k.a. Publius, The Federalist Papers, Number 28.

      That is the problem we are wrestling with, is it not?
      Is it not how the leviathan has boxed us into a corner?

      I would ask you to think about this now, something somebody we know put so succinctly and profoundly:

      "It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution. It is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them."

      "Let them restore it to find refuge from us."

      – TL Davis

  8. a man is known by the company he keeps.

    Which was pounded into my hard-as-a-rock head by my mother until it finally registered.:)

  9. I can't disagree with your sentiment, MTP. Every comment comes across as more brilliant than the last, and that's sayin' something.

    Obviously every person should be able to believe--and say--whatever he wishes, NO exceptions. That's a no-brainer and isn't even worth discussing. And every person should even be able to DO whatever he wishes, with the only exception being when it abridges the ability of another to do likewise. Live; let live. I know we agree about this.

    Further, I understand that it's the goal of Rule of Law, especially in the American tradition, to codify this. It's all about individual liberty, after all. We agree about that too. The problem, quite obviously, is that no matter how you word it, you're left with Rule of Men. There's just nothing else out there. "Words can't stop bullets" and all that. There simply is no way to allow the overwhelming force of government, or "the Law," to be in the hands of other than a minority group of people.

    You and I undoubtedly agree that it's ONLY the 2nd Amendment that allowed this country to be as free as it was in the first place---there was always that implicit check on the powers of that minority. The thing is, look what happens anyway. The power of that minority grows incrementally--even unnoticeably--until it rules the schools, commerce, travel and every other facet of life. You can argue that this is due to the decent majority failing to pay attention, but so what? Even those that did pay attention, didn't manage to stop the onslaught. I trust you've read Garet Garrets "The Revolution Was" ( ) and that was back in 1938. He wasn't asleep, but what did it actually DO??

    I'm not trying to prove that all is lost, because I don't believe that at all. I guess I'm just trying to prove that CALLING it "Rule of Law" will never make it anything but Rule of Men. Like I say, that's all there is out there. This is foundational, axiomatic if you will, and I think it's a mistake to believe we can somehow eliminate this as a truth.

    IOW we've got to deal with it, and abdicating that responsibility just ain't gonna cut it. If there's nothing but individuals out there, and there isn't, then we might as well proceed forward as if that's the way it is. Logic ALWAYS holds, and no set of rules or laws is EVER going to be able to justify the enslavement of ANY person. And absent ANY person's consent--whether about his actions or about taking his earnings--that person is being enslaved, period. What it's called can't possibly change that.

    Now me, I might very well consent to the principles laid out in the Constitution, and certainly the DofI. But again, so what? You and I being convinced of their justice can't give us some right to force the next guy to go along. Being "best for society" is no justification at all, particularly when the whole point in the first place is that "society" is to be RESTRAINED from interfering with the individual.

    It's a damn mess, that's for sure. I only know how to think in principles and let the details follow from that. That's why I think yesterday's release at is so important. It may not provide the specific political answers, but it sure 'nuff sets out the foundational principle, and I can't think of any other way to start. "Begin at the beginning," I like to quip, and that's about the best I've got for now.

    1. "It's a damn mess, that's for sure"

      I hear you Jim.
      It's a pickle no doubt.
      As far as the rule of law is concerned, i think this guy said it for me in spades.

      “The social contract exists so that everyone doesn’t have to squat in the dust holding a spear to protect his woman and his meat all day every day. It does not exist so that the government can take your spear, your meat, and your woman because it knows better what to do with them.” Seen on Facebook, October 22, 2011

      I like to refer to Admiral Stockton. His reason and guiding principles are rock solid. They cut through to the crux of things. I find it most inspiring:

      "The optimists. Oh, they were the ones who said, 'We're going to be out by Christmas.' And Christmas would come, and Christmas would go. Then they'd say, 'We're going to be out by Easter.' And Easter would come, and Easter would go. And then Thanksgiving, and then it would be Christmas again. And they died of a broken heart."
      Another long pause, and more walking. Then he turned to me and said, "This is a very important lesson. You must never confuse faith that you will prevail in the end – which you can never afford to lose – with the discipline to confront the most brutal facts of your current reality, whatever they might be." The Stockdale Paradox, CMOH Recipient Vice Admiral Jim Stockdale

    2. I like the social contract quote, MTP. Very sensible. I hate to turn epistemological on you (not really!), but a thing is what it is, not what it was intended to be.

      You and I can declare till the cows come home what we intend by the "contract." But every contract has two parties, and people like Barack Obama, Barney Frank and Elena Kagan are on the other side of this one.

      I'm not party to this contract, and that's that. No power in the universe can change that, except my own mind.

  10. TL, I can't say as I could stand with anybody calling themselves Socialist anything. For any reason. While I understand teh claim of a "White Civil Rights organization", it's kinda' laughable comin' from these guys.
    I look forward to meeting you.
    Dan Knowles

  11. I think we need to relax, take a step back and not rush to the end of this dangerous episode. But be prepared with supplies and plenty of extra loaded magazines.


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