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Friday, April 6, 2012

For Our Posterity

There is only one purpose of the Liberty Movement for me and that is to "secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity." Without the qualifier of "our posterity" I would not have any reason to remain idle, not one minute longer.

My liberty is lost, there are no lines that need to be crossed to push me toward action, those have all been crossed. The single thing that has kept me on the sidelines so long is the prospect that my duty is to secure liberty for our posterity. A self-indulgent single act to take retribution against those who have stolen my liberty would be easy. I know those who have taken it, I know where they are, I know what to do about it. But, does that do one single thing for the generations to come? Not in my estimation. In fact, it could set the movement back ten, twenty years.

We are supposed to be intelligent, we are supposed to out-think the miserable wretches who wake up day after day working for the power of the state. We focus on the Constitution as our legitimacy, but in truth it is the Declaration of Independence that holds the key, not only for what to do, but when and how.

A study of the American Revolution demonstrates that there were not just a bunch of individuals going off here and there randomly expressing their displeasure, but a coordinated movement toward independence. It included leaders in taverns encouraging those less enthused about the prospect of independence that it was to their benefit. There was the committee of correspondence that utilized hundreds of different people who could not even write under their own names for fear of reprisals writing editorials in local papers and printing pamphlets. There were the rascals, of course, who took immediate actions and threw Tea Parties and rebelled in other ways.

George Washington did not go riding into the teeth of the British Army to prove a point, or out of a lust for action. He was thoughtful and often had to retreat to a stronghold in order to regroup and re-man his army. He poked and prodded and struck out at their weaknesses, saving his troops and employing them in a strategic way.

If this is not what we are about, this Liberty Movement, then I don't know what our purpose is. I don't know what I am doing here. This blog is an attempt to reach out to others who feel as I do, who feel as the reader does, to coalesce, to build the resistance in whatever form that might take. The Liberty Summit is an attempt to take that resistance and put it into action. To take a further step toward the goal.

I completely sympathize with those tired of talking. I am too. I am tired of writing this blog and putting my ideas and thoughts out there for others to embrace or reject, but I think it is an important step, this phase. To whatever degree it makes the load lighter for us all, great, but there will come a time when the talking is over, when the writing will do no further good. But, anything that endangers the liberty of posterity and serves only to satisfy my whim is a loss for the movement and a loss for America.

If anyone knew the exact right move to make, I would be with them. Just let me know when you get there.


  1. The cunudrum, ready for action, getting old, but knowing full well that we must do everything possble to not make the wrong move. You are doing what many of us do not have the ability to do. Drive on, you are doing it well!



  2. Brock nailed TL

    Faith is of the essence.

    Patience is a hard road to hoe.

  3. Your dead nuts right TL.

    It speaks volumes about millions of American's that no one has pulled the pin.


    God Bless us all please.

  4. MT Top Patriot....there are more weapons being sold today than in 2009 after the soetoro-obama election. One can hardly find military caliber ammo. Foreign ammo such as ComBloc 7.62x39 is sold out in many supply channels.

    If one believes Americans are buying food, ammo, and firearms only to be ordered to "turn them in" under martial law or other soetoro-obama edicts, they are mistaken.

    Got lead ?


    1. DanIII that's what I was implying. It is an understatement of huge proportions what with the extraordinary numbers of weapons and ammo in the hands of the populace, peaceful redress remains the form of recourse.
      It is a statement on the virtue of the people of America, that while armed redress is within the rule of law, that there is compelling justification to take this course, no one has.

      Like TL put it so succinctly.

      Now I'm taking a wild shot here, no pun intended, but would it not be too far a guess that quite a large majority of these folks stocking up on ammo and arms, are not the anointed one's regime of apparatchiks, useful dupes and free shit zombies?
      I could be totally wrong. I'm just assuming things based on my perspective of things.

      Guess the real question, who is buying all these weapons and material?
      Why are they?
      What do they expect to pass in the future that motivates them to do so?
      And, what are actions are they planning on taking?

      Are we are going to find out in the not to distant future?

  5. Be patient. I began reading your blog to gain the view point of someone I did not agree nor understand about 2 years ago. That was before I realized that I am not free, that my percentage of slavery equals the % I pay in taxes that support those whose lifestyles and principles are contrary to mine. I do feel there is some justified government role in society, which is unfortunately overshadowed by the illegitimate roles government has embraced. I figure about 1/4 of my liberty goes to the latter; I am 1/4 slave.

    That was 2 rifles, 2 shotguns, 2 pistols and about thousands of rounds ago.

    Some resistance members are more valuable as spokesmen; me, I am just tinder waiting for a spark.

  6. Be your own spark, everything and everyone around you is tinder.

    Just a matter of how fast, how hot, or how much it burns. Hitting the slow burning stuff first sometimes doesn't fan the flames that need to burn the most.

    Making sure your intended sparking point is the right one to prevent it ALL from going up in smoke is how we get through this with the ability to bring something back out of the ashes.

  7. Come join us and learn what's going on within the Southern nationalist movement . . .

  8. quite a large majority of these folks stocking up on ammo and arms, are not the anointed one's regime of apparatchiks, useful dupes and free shit zombies?

    I believe that they are but a small part.

  9. I will say it again TL, you certainly do have a way of saying what needs to be said.

    We are all dead men. What I do is for my child. I will not leave him this mess that has been left to me.

    Or God forbid I do, he shall at least find that the sword and shield lay at hand. There are those that will teach him to use it. Free your mind, your ass will follow. Free your hands, their chains cannot hold you.

    We could have voted our way out of this in 1964. Rombama is not going to do anything but squeeze the remaining juice from OUR fruit.

    Non Sibi Sed Patriae.

  10. To my Liberty compatriots-

    I understand your frustration. We would be men of action, not only men of words. My belief is that the next step needs a trigger, and not the trigger of the Liberty movement tries to wrest pieces of America from Washington. That would be suicide, and I agree with TL that it would set the movement back hugely. But what of the trigger? Keep the USSR of 1989 in mind. It collapsed of its own weight. Washington will do the same, only in a much larger way. The collapse of the USSR did not affect every nation on earth. The collapse of the Dollar will cause the collapse of DC. That is your trigger, friends. And the trigger will likely begin outside the US as the Euro dies at the same time that China seeks to supplant the Dollar with the renminbi as world reserve currency. Either one will kill the Dollar. For now, prepare, train your bodies, save gold and silver...and lots of ammunition. DC is going to try to disarm us, not by taking our guns, but taking our ammo.
    Russ Longcore


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