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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drop The White Flag and Fight

The announcement of Santorum only confirms what we all knew, that no matter who got the GOP nomination there would be a big-government liberal in the White House after the 2012 election. The announcement only sets the field. Santorum would have been no different, in my estimation, none of them would.

I know I have been through this before, but there is no, none, zero chance that any government stooge will ever do anything to keep the U.S. from economic collapse. They couldn't if they wanted to. No president would be able to get congress to propose and pass a law that would drastically reduce the deficit. Look at Wisconsin to see what the nation would look like, look at Greece, look at OWS unleashed, it would erupt, they all know that. American spring.

Liberty cannot be secured under the current system. It cannot. As the nation drifts closer to chaos consider the moves the government could make, the moves they will have to make when they suddenly come to the realization (as I had to at one point in my business life) that the bills on the desk cannot be paid. They will be the first to know that those checks will not be in the mail and they will act.

Where do you fit in that scenario?

The Tea Party is the biggest wasted effort of the American people to date. It is as if George Washington assembled his army, consolidated his ranks, prepared to fire and blew kisses at the Brits. The Tea Party represented the angst and frustration of many more people than ever joined, people genuinely aggrieved, properly angered and motivated and then, what? They became a minor player when they should have commanded the stage, brushed off accusations of racism with a roll of the eyes and steam rolled on. Their hesitance, their propriety resulted in the blowing of kisses, the weakness in the knees at all the wrong times.

I stood on history's doorstep in Denver, watched as the moment passed for the Tea Party to become what it had to become to change the course of American history. I was disgusted. In that brief moment there came a time to act, to engage, to provide the outrage that would have inspired the courage of those left at home, behind their monitors, on their couch and was admonished severely for my efforts.

"This is not how it is done," I was told. No, this is exactly how it is done. Expose the left for what they are, get them to commit the Boston Massacre all over again.

Fear not!

I know the response from the Tea Party, it rings in my ears even without having yet been said. It is predictable, they are predictable when they need to be unpredictable. They needed to be the wild card to make this election about something instead of nothing. They needed to be the leaders they have claimed as a title. They needed to do what the PatComs are doing. Take nothing off the table in the first negotiation.

It was actually a moment when peace was possible that I saw drift past. Without courage, Mr. Chamberlain, the war is lost.

I welcome those of the Tea Party who feel as I do. You need to change tactics as I have. You need to see the way to victory is not through capitulation. There is a time for peace and a time for war, but without the willingness to wage war, one cannot achieve peace.

At all times I am an advocate for peace, a hold out for the last possibility of it, but the troops are in OWS, in ACORN, in SEIU, in Soro's private provocateurs, they are marching on the last vestiges of our culture and our nation. They have maimed the intimate soul of America with the constant encouragement of the Executive Branch. We are being attacked on every front, we have suffered casualties, real and as analogy. They mean to drive us to the ground and put their boot on our collective necks. Drop the white flag and fight!


  1. Well said, it is beyond time to lock and load.

  2. We are ready indeed lets roll!

  3. TL, your best post ever. Drop the white flag and raise the black...

  4. Let me know when you throw the first snowball at the redcoats.

  5. Trust me, we are throwing them now, just none have landed yet. Suspended in air, perhaps.

  6. TEA Party....what a joke. Neocon Republicans hijacked the movement. They support Big .gov "conservatives" and the values of the same. My local TEA Party, Erie County, PA, let me know they supported continuing Big .gov.

    Good-bye TEA're a hoax and a joke.


  7. TL, I agree, however...
    Let's face it...any movement back toward Our Constitutional Republic is a step in the right direction whether it be through a free election, or a total resist and rebellion win. A good offensive move now would go a long way toward opening up the "dialog"...any stand that we take personally or in our AO will be a futile and probably fatal micro battle that will hardly make news let alone change anything but our core is honorable and admirable to die for our great cause, but it is far better to live to see what we have accomplished...our mentors in the side bars with their inspirational quotes were, like all of us, willing to die for Liberty and Freedom, but they wanted to live in peace with their families also. They made a plan and wrote a Declaration and they secured their homes and property and went about delivering their Declaration and taking the fight to the oppressors. There is strength in numbers, wisdom in preparation, and might in what's RIGHT...let's use all of our God given talents and attributes in this battle before we just "die" for the cause, as honorable as that will be...

    I propose that we do the same...the declaration is already written for us, let us drop the white flag, raise the colors of the resistance, secure our homes and families, Constitutionally arm ourselves and "march" to Washington and demand the arrest and prosecution of the tyrant and his czars...then should we die, it won't be in vain...the line has been crossed, we must act and we must act now...our representatives might then put down their white flags and join the fight or, let them die for their unworthy cause!!
    God Bless the Patriots, and God Bless these United States of America!
    Now, Let's Roll...

  8. BTW...I have no truck with the Teapartiers, I think that their biggest problem was that they tried to exercise their 1st amendment rights without the benefit of their 2nd amendment other words they "took a knife to a gun fight"...they also trusted well meaning, albeit, spineless people to represent us against an established Washington machine that was bent on their predetermined agenda (fundamental change?) 2010 elected representative has even vocally stood up to the 'leadership', or risk, what, their LIFE?....they were laughed out of Washington when they marched last time and didn't even get the publicity that they deserved...

    We need all the true allies that we can get, and I think that with a plan and some real leadership, they will take heart as we all have and if not join us in an armed march, at least watch our backs and resupply us....let's not alienate them yet, I think that there are some true patriots in their ranks who hunger for a plan...they have not put up any flag yet, they are searching for leadership to follow and a cause big enough to die for, I believe...we are all in the same boat!

    I am not a part of any teaparty, nor have I ever been, but I think that they are the heart of America in reality, and with a plan they would find their hidden soldiers heart and be better friends than foes... just my opinion, I am still in it for keeps, one way or the other! keep the faith

    1. UncleScott....have you had any personal interactions with TEA Party organizations ? I have. Many who support TEA groups are political conservatives who are registered Republicans. They didn't renounce their party affiliation and work thru TEA parties for freedom and liberty. Rather they just joined the TEA party bandwagon to support their vision of liberty by supporting mainstream, career politicians having the letter R after their names.

      Was the original intent of TEA honorable ? Yes. But it was co-opted by the same scum who only represent the right wing of the same political bird.

      To hell with "parties". I have little use for 'Pubs, Dems, TEA or other parties. They all want to restrict one's freedom in the form of ruling elite governance.

      DAN III

  9. Dear TL,
    There is many forms of resistance taking place. Just the idea in ones mind is the beginning of the resistance. Many acts of resistance are singular and isolated. that they are taking place is manifold. It does not matter they are below the radar, it does matter they are from the ground up. "From the ground up", those are the roots of Liberty. I believe this is how the natural order of recourse is metamorphosing from ignorance to enlightenment
    Consider my regards of advice, think in terms of the positive effect your writings, along with others have had. It has not been in vain. The efforts and tireless work by you and others has reached across to many. Great strides have been made in subtle but fundamental ways. This is how the message spreads in uncontroversial ways. Think of it as the grapevine of freedom spreading the gospel of Liberty and righteousness of resistance.
    I can only speak of my own experience in this matter, that experience is, tangible things are the fruit of the message.

    Please do not loose faith in the process TL. I certainly understand and agree with your frustrations. Take heart you are not alone in a sense of futility.
    The fight for Liberty is a love hate relationship. It is an emotional roller coaster. The runaway freight train of tyranny has effected us all in one way or another. Not all who will do so, find the idea of Liberty a concept natural in the beginning. Remember it is generations of American's who have been brainwashed by the statist agenda that require the tool of understanding that leads to enlightenment.
    There are plenty of arms and ammo. What is always in short supply is people who have what it takes to present the reasons for fighting tyranny, redressing the wrongs, and presenting the forms of recourse that are proper for restoration.
    In some ways, that requires far more courage and honor than through the barrel of a gun.

    I mean this in the most grateful light TL, your greatest strength, your most formidable weapon in your fight for Liberty, is your ability to reason, your written word. The ideals and reason you use to advance the cause of Liberty is quite simply priceless. You are held in high regard by many. Your talent for stating the obvious truths is unique. Don't loose that. Don't loose the forest for the tree's.

    I need your wisdom. I think many do. I think many are searching for wisdom and insight required to go forth and fight.
    To know they are doing the right thing.

  10. Another excellent essay T.L..

    To me it is so sad that a violent revolution is probably coming to America, sooner or later. As a disabled Vietnam-era vet, an Oathkeepers member, a 3%er, and much more; I would certainly prefer a peaceful solution to the rampant runaway tyranny coming from our government, and a return to our Constitutional Republic.

    So sad that those in power have no desire for such a return, and that they will not return the freedom and liberty they have taken from us without a fight.

    For twenty years I have pursued every peaceful method available to me to effect change. As all of us reading this know, the political stooges in DC, owned and controlled by the elite, have no interest in any beneficial change.

    JFK was correct when he said, "If you make peaceful change impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable."

    The elite are preparing for it, and they plan on sitting offshore in their compounds while freedom-loving patriots and the brainwashed stooges in our military and law enforcement battle it out in America.

    I hope us good guys win.

    But as Sir Winston Churchill said, "If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without blood shed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves."

  11. Magnificent comment, Fred. You're moving the world, TL; that's heady stuff for a single individual. Nobody knows where this will go, but you can be damn sure this post, and others, will have something to do with it.

    I've been writing a whole post just to deal with this post. If I ever finish it, I'll post a link. For now you've got me mostly speechless, which itself is a rare event. Basically, it's encumbent upon us to beat 'em with wits, if that's at all possible. The question, obviously, is whether it is.

  12. What Fred and Jim said, ya.
    It is inevitable at this point American's are being set up to do a large portion of the dirty work of unwitting class and racial warfare on themselves.

    From the elites position, it is a priceless strategy to have your subjects go at each others throats, while they set back behind their redoubt of security of convenient "law" and the sanctum of usurped government in luxury and safety.

    I maintain it is the inherent decency and faith of the clear majority of America's is all that stands in the way of this shit storm of hate and envy the elites are working to stir up.
    They desperately need American's to go for each others throats in order to implement the next stage of imposition of tyranny.

    From across the spectrum of the ruling class, by the very nature of the sphere of wonton corruption and unchecked greed for ever more power over other men, the cause and effect of their manipulations in every facet of our lives has bared a fruit the results of which we as a people have been herded into separate distinct cultural, political, economic, and religious divides. These ruling class monsters, because monsters is what they truly are under their veneer of wealth and power, have brilliantly distorted, then used our very own unalienable liberty and freedoms against us.
    They have in a nut shell, pitted us against each other.
    The usefulness of this is priceless.
    It is The time honored system of divide and conquer.
    It is the tyrants way throughout history.

    The largest obstacle to creation of an uprising of constitutional redress, whatever the form, capable of throwing off the chains of corruption and tyranny is getting the simple message of the truth across these divides in a way easy for every man to grasp in the perspective of their everyday lives.
    It is of paramount importance that we in the Liberty movement circumnavigate and outflank the statist system of control of "The Message" through the use of a guerrilla campaign of spreading the truth.
    Resistance through peaceful means is only limited by ones imagination. There are methods of individual protest and spreading the message that very powerful. They take courage and some ingenuity, but as America's we ain't nothing if not resourceful.

    I ain't giving up on peaceful redress till the bitter end. It is time for extreme methods of that peaceful redress though. There are ways, and right now, it is perfect timing. The future is on everyone's mind. It could be one word, or phrase that changes everything in that persons mind you touch.

  13. Tea Party, stop turning the other cheek. Take on the leftist socialist head on!

    Hilary Rosen planned her attack. She executed it with hate and spittle. I now LOVE Ann Romney. She gracefully rebutted the crap of Hilary Rosen.


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