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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Resistance Has Started

The resistance has started, kicked off by a Liberty Summit which attracted attendees from ten states along with several representatives of other groups. In attendance was the Ohio Valley Minutemen who read a prepared statement that met with general agreement. Action will be taken in the weeks to come as a result of this summit and other PatCom(n)s arond the nation over the past several months.

Along with the efforts of Brock Townsend in North Carolina it was a good day for the Liberty Movement as well as patriot/freedom groups. Everyone who attended is gratefully acknowledged and those who were there know who they are and who they met. Thank you.

It was an extraordinary meeting which heard from all parties and were able to agree on definite actions that each could endorse, support and perform, some to a greater degree than others, but all agreed.

Okay, having dispensed with the minutes of the meeting I will get to the meat of the matter.

One must understand the forces we are facing and the condition of the nation at this point in time. For those who were unable or unwilling to attend any of the PatComs, the Summit or a militia meeting in the past few months, there is something evil brewing in this nation and the time for action has arrived. No one should take these words as a signal to move forward, but to begin the process of hardening oneself to the fact that there is no political solution left to the people.

Multi-national exercises are being conducted within the United States (Fort Collins, CO) in the coming weeks. NDAA has been passed giving the government unprecedented powers to round up radicals such as anyone hoarding more than 7-day's rations (a low enough qualifier that any home might become a target after shopping at Sam's Club). There has been a law passed that allows the Secret Service, when not otherwise engaged with hookers, the right to deny protest against the president. Every civil right of the American people has been modified, regulated and interpreted out of existence.

Get it? You have no rights, you have no redress, you have no legal standing in court, your home can be searched for "contraband" without so much as a witness against you.

Add to that the critical moments that have been scheduled like the Zimmerman decision in the Trayvon Martin case, the impending economic implosion, etc. Look for a race war instigated by our own president, who will just happen to have foreign troops on our soil during an "exercise" at roughly the time when that decision is announced.

Okay, I am not normally an alarmist, or a conspiracy theorist, but neither was Paul Revere.

There does come a time when too many critical events occur within close approximation that, viewed in retrospect, would look pretty obvious to even a casual observer. Consider that prior to war with Japan the United States had cut off their oil supply and the Japanese Ambassador was on U.S. soil negotiating its return. Everything was safe then, wasn't it?

What concerns me the most is that all of these things are taking place with no comment. There is no outrage. There is no commotion to alert anyone. Does that mean that these things mean nothing? That they are false flags intended to force us out into the field? Perhaps, this is why I am cautioning against action. Observe with prejudice, if it is your interest to care about such things.

Put the NDAA alongside all of the other events choreographed by the Administration and come to your own conclusions. I won't make any further observations about this, if it is a false flag, I won't play into it. If it is a real crisis, I will be involved at the most intimate level.

Friday, April 27, 2012

A Reckoning

We have passed into tyranny. There is no other conclusion one could come to. Yes, the masses continue on as before, seeking sports events on television rather than taking an interest in the machinations of government. There is the 90% rule in effect which recognizes that in any crisis, 90% of the people will remain subservient and idle while events unfold all around them. When they find a new master they will sigh and remain docile.

I would not have thought this true of the American, but it is. My hopes were greater than that for my people.

But, today marks the beginning of something. It is a coordinated effort across the nation through different groups to arrive at a response to the sham of a government we endure. It is not so important that there are multitudes of people involved, or only a few, it is only important that there are people now who understand that the Constitution is no longer in effect in America.

It no longer matters what the Supreme Court rules on any number of issues. It no longer matters what the government might do to enforce these decisions, or ignore them, as their will dictates. We are without a Constitution and have begun a journey on the path of tyranny. Every amendment that has brought the people protection from government has been turned around to protect government in violation of the intent of the Constitution and the direct wording therein. The founders are defamed in order to justify these attacks on our system. If two members of the government nod their assent, our rights are violated and we become criminal when we protest that injustice.

Let it be so.

Let those in government come to understand that it was the Constitution that gave them protection from the masses and having disavowed it, violated it, re-worded it to suit their particular political agendas they invalidated it. They have cut the strings which held us at bay and gave them time to reconsider their rash actions, to rectify it before we revolted against them. They have not.

This government has lost its understanding of the purpose it served, which was to protect our rights, to defend them with the force of arms, if necessary. It is for this purpose alone that it was created and supported by the people. This government, like all others, exists only with the consent of the governed. Most people in the world do not recognize they have the power to unseat any government they find distasteful, they live in fear of their government and their death squads, unable to see past their fear that it only takes a few dedicated citizens to rally the others to the change. Recently, in Libya and in Egypt this has become clear to them as it has always been clear to us.

We have nothing left to defend with our lives but ourselves and our rights as these were not given to us by our government, but by God. The government, designed by the Constitution and empowered by the people only served as defenders of these rights against invaders and usurpers, traitors and provocateurs.

Through several bills and court actions against the states the federal government has proven itself hostile to those values that we hold dear: Life, Liberty and Property (each a part of the Pursuit of Happiness). As Jefferson said so long ago: That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.

And so, here we are. Our government has become destructive of these ends. The Patriot Act has become the agent of harassment and invasion of privacy, of violating our principles. The DHS and TSA only fix a spotlight on the abuses of government, but there are so many ways in which the government has long sought to bring us under control, demand of us our liberty and dictate our thoughts. It is to a point where their legitimacy is gone.

The government does not have the money to make good on its promises and everyone will discover that soon enough. Cities, counties and states have bankrupted themselves trying to emulate the federal plan and we, the working few, are left with the tab for these ill-conceived and poorly managed programs.

We don't have to take it. The government has violated its charter and no longer deserves the protections we offered them in the bargain. The government has chosen to become a free-agent and work for its own good instead of ours, to work against us to get more for itself. Fine, we will let them have it their way.

The government should be considered a hostile force in our land and treated as such, challenged as such, made to prove their authority at every turn, not just their ability to exert force, any bully can do that, let them prove that they have not violated the charter by seeking to return liberty to the people to validate the Constitution which gives it power. Until that time, they must be considered illegitimate and traitorous.

Today the work begins. Whether one has made it to the Liberty Summit this morning, or not, today is the day to start implementing your own plans to bring this government down, no matter how little one might be able to do, it will have a cumulative effect as others come to realize the power we have as citizens and the tenuous grip they have on power without our consent and support. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Every Branch And Vine

If one were standing on the brink of societal collapse and they knew it deep down, but society moved along, normalizing the absurd and treasonous, desperately trying to deny the obvious, what would you do? What have you done? It is at that point right now, is it not?

It is time for action, pure and simple. This is a nation gone insane, rationalizing everything designed to protect the people as a reason to protect the government from the people.

We, as citizens of America, have been given a valuable resource in the Constitution, but more importantly the letters and thoughts of those who fought the war for independence and those who inspired and led it. Nothing in their writing suggests that the government should be given ultimate authority over the people and that the people should submit for their own safety. This is an alien thought to those brave founders, it was in violent protest to this prospect which began the conflict.

The TSA, instituted by George Bush, is the exact sort of reasonable oppression that the gullible public typically embrace, which, a few years later, runs amok. The threat is always dire predictions of catastrophe that would befall the people were they to resist the tyranny. In the days of the American Revolution the British offered protection from Indian attack, from the hardships of the frontier and yet our forefathers shrugged off their compassionate threats and said: "We can do for ourselves."

Ours is a complex society. The government has stepped in to provide many things: maintained highways and roads; social security; protection from terrorism; protection from each other; all in the name of liberty, the freedom to travel, to conduct business for ourselves, but that is no longer an easy burden to carry and the yoke must be shrugged off and the chances taken.

The Liberty Summit is next weekend in Mercer, PA. It is a gathering of those who have acknowledged this fact, or it would seem. It is not so important that we see hundreds of people for the sake of numbers, it is important to know who will take the time to participate when the chips are down and the roll has been called. It is important to find the twenty or so people with whom one might begin their resistance to this onslaught of government oversight and control.

But, even if one does not participate in a gathering, their dedication to the idea, the principles that this government cannot go on ruling itself constitutional when it is not, is vital.

Tyranny does not begin with midnight trains and internment camps, it begins with a little safety rule, that while a good idea, buried deep within it is the concept that the government will help us keep ourselves safe. It begins with something as seemingly innocuous as a seat belt law, but in that seed is the growth of a giant tree extending every branch and vine into our lives, because we have accepted the idea that the government should enforce our own good thoughts on others. It comes when we think we can only be safe by making other people be safe.

It is a dangerous world out there. There are a lot of things that could hurt us and each one, each concern becomes a weapon of the tyrannical force that is our government. The fear of improperly prepared food, of sharp toys, are all that it takes to transform a nation of freedom into a prison. Every TSA agent who sifts through your things like a Nazi guard at a concentration camp, has that license to do so by your assent, by your concern for others and if you thought you were going to avoid them by taking a train, or driving a car, you are wrong. They will chip our cars and search the trains for our papers. They have the bug, they see the power and no government is able to resist that drug.

It is time to act against it, to take some chances, to let dangers exist before we find ourselves the safest of all people, those restrained from themselves, locked away in a padded room and fed sterile food and filtered water.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

If The Darkness Descends

Here's the problem as I see it, whenever I attempt to communicate some ideas to the readers of this blog, I run into a problem. It is not that Romney supports guns and Obama wants to take them away, it is that every politician wants to take them away, either from an ideological police state mentality, or from a law and order, "make it safer for our guys, the government guys", point of view.

Does it Matter?

The fact is, I don't care if Obama wants to take our guns because he is a fascist, collectivist or whether Romney wants to take them away because he wants to be able to control society to a greater degree and give his government co-horts an upper hand in any conflict.

Guns aren't even the issue, the issue is control. I don't give a dang who has a gun, issue them to felons when they come out of prison if you want to. If they want one, they'll get it and use it to do whatever they want. Issue them to school children, what difference does it make? Those who will use them will get them and use them. Trying to stop it by taking the guns away from those who could stop it is insanity. One has to believe in the goodness of the people to understand my point. There are one hundred times more good people who would stop that insanity with guns as there are people who would do bad things with them.

The point is, we supposedly have a free society, I mean that is the point of America is its freedom, but everyday that loses a little bit of legitimacy and what is America without it? It is just another dictatorship of elected officials. The vote doesn't matter, cast them for whoever you want to, elect Barack Obama again, elect him ten more times. Nothing will change, every new insult, every new violation of freedom just makes the principles of freedom and justice that much more rare and that much more valuable and every politician will come after them, because freedom is the opposite of government. It is matter and anti-matter.

There comes a time when the average guy has to look out on his perfectly manicured lawn, his recycle bins and his low flow toilets and ask himself if this is what has been worth the blood of so many young men in the history of this nation. Is it?

People don't understand freedom anymore. The concepts of liberty are lost on them, it has become foreign, unusual, a little dangerous, even stupid to the properly trained and indoctrinated collectivist and that is what America is about today, whether openly or secretly, it is about collectivism. Everyone pays for the benefits of others and those paying are all just looking for a way to cash in themselves. It is a disgusting society of black marketeers and insider traders.

I don't know if there will ever be a time when enough of us look out on the landscape of a trapped and imprisoned population and decide that no one has the right to do to us what they have done. Those who have the money and the power look down on us rightfully and shake their heads at our lack of will, our lack of honest principles.

They have the will when they pass these laws that they know are unconstitutional, but they also know the system is so corrupt that no one will call them on it. They know that every cop has violated time and time again his oath of office. They know that every judge is as guilty as they are. It is a sham, it is a fraud. It is government.

I have been pleading and hopefully providing some inspiration to the patriot community, to encourage them that they are not alone in their thoughts or intended actions, that we are not all just crazy for believing in things most Civics teachers will tell you is nonsense, that the government doesn't really work that way, that every day, when the average guy wakes up he has been fleeced and bullied and pushed around by the system that they are not wrong, that there are others who know they are not crazy, that these are things to believe in, to risk for and perhaps to die for.

If there were twenty people who felt exactly as I do, who had the fortitude to go through with it, as I do, the world would be a different place. It takes a dedication, a desire to do something important, even greater than your life, greater than the lives of everyone you love. Read history, really take a look at it and understand that there were people one time who sacrificed everything on principle, it cost them something dear and meaningful, but they did something, the bastards had to pay the price for their pretensions to commanding a free people.

Look at the Alamo and don't tell me that there was one man in that situation who thought he was going to get out of it alive. They did it, they stood up, they said "no more" and they died for it. Yes, the average private, or volunteer probably thought their actions were stupid, reckless and would not have an impact on the future, but they were wrong. It created a new world, where Texas means something.

The question really is, is your life ever going to mean something? This is the question I ask myself every day. I could die of cancer, or get hit by a truck, or a drunk could come across the median and kill my whole family in a traffic accident. Is there honor in that? Will I have accomplished something with that sort of death?

We are all going to die, the question is how. I don't want to die a pedestrian's death when there is so much more to be accomplished with the years I have left, when there is so much more that needs to be accomplished. Our freedom was not purchased with the lives of the wealthy or powerful, it was purchased by the volunteer at the Alamo, the private on the landing craft at D-Day. Would you honor that with a hospital death, leaving your family drowning in medical bills?

There is something dreadfully wrong with the nation that was the only point of light in a dark and deadly history of the world. Think about it. Think about how many ordinary lives were taken to cement the power of Stalin, or the power of Pol Pot, or the power of Mao. Do we want to repeat that? Is that admirable?

You are an American, your light shines into every dark corner of the world, illuminating the hopes of the starving and enslaved masses of the world. Every tortured heart and oppressed soul begs for us to shine, to bring them our freedom, our liberty and to that plea, to that cry, we do what? What do we do in response to that lost and empty plea from the oppressed billions? Do we fight for ourselves to make our nation the promise they have been given, or do we just switch on the TV?

If we fail to make that promise true, the darkness will fill the void of America, it is filling the void right now, we all know it. If darkness descends on us, it descends on the world and there may be thousands of years before human beings will know humanity again.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Drop The White Flag and Fight

The announcement of Santorum only confirms what we all knew, that no matter who got the GOP nomination there would be a big-government liberal in the White House after the 2012 election. The announcement only sets the field. Santorum would have been no different, in my estimation, none of them would.

I know I have been through this before, but there is no, none, zero chance that any government stooge will ever do anything to keep the U.S. from economic collapse. They couldn't if they wanted to. No president would be able to get congress to propose and pass a law that would drastically reduce the deficit. Look at Wisconsin to see what the nation would look like, look at Greece, look at OWS unleashed, it would erupt, they all know that. American spring.

Liberty cannot be secured under the current system. It cannot. As the nation drifts closer to chaos consider the moves the government could make, the moves they will have to make when they suddenly come to the realization (as I had to at one point in my business life) that the bills on the desk cannot be paid. They will be the first to know that those checks will not be in the mail and they will act.

Where do you fit in that scenario?

The Tea Party is the biggest wasted effort of the American people to date. It is as if George Washington assembled his army, consolidated his ranks, prepared to fire and blew kisses at the Brits. The Tea Party represented the angst and frustration of many more people than ever joined, people genuinely aggrieved, properly angered and motivated and then, what? They became a minor player when they should have commanded the stage, brushed off accusations of racism with a roll of the eyes and steam rolled on. Their hesitance, their propriety resulted in the blowing of kisses, the weakness in the knees at all the wrong times.

I stood on history's doorstep in Denver, watched as the moment passed for the Tea Party to become what it had to become to change the course of American history. I was disgusted. In that brief moment there came a time to act, to engage, to provide the outrage that would have inspired the courage of those left at home, behind their monitors, on their couch and was admonished severely for my efforts.

"This is not how it is done," I was told. No, this is exactly how it is done. Expose the left for what they are, get them to commit the Boston Massacre all over again.

Fear not!

I know the response from the Tea Party, it rings in my ears even without having yet been said. It is predictable, they are predictable when they need to be unpredictable. They needed to be the wild card to make this election about something instead of nothing. They needed to be the leaders they have claimed as a title. They needed to do what the PatComs are doing. Take nothing off the table in the first negotiation.

It was actually a moment when peace was possible that I saw drift past. Without courage, Mr. Chamberlain, the war is lost.

I welcome those of the Tea Party who feel as I do. You need to change tactics as I have. You need to see the way to victory is not through capitulation. There is a time for peace and a time for war, but without the willingness to wage war, one cannot achieve peace.

At all times I am an advocate for peace, a hold out for the last possibility of it, but the troops are in OWS, in ACORN, in SEIU, in Soro's private provocateurs, they are marching on the last vestiges of our culture and our nation. They have maimed the intimate soul of America with the constant encouragement of the Executive Branch. We are being attacked on every front, we have suffered casualties, real and as analogy. They mean to drive us to the ground and put their boot on our collective necks. Drop the white flag and fight!

Sunday, April 8, 2012

High Level Instigation

There are times when society seems as if it marches along a wide avenue unafraid of the distant edge, while at other times it seems balanced on the edge of a razor, the slightest move causing it to slip into disaster and chaos.

Our president has precipitated the latter.

Through his co-hort, Eric Holder, who has turned a blind eye to every act of racial violence and intimidation against whites, Obama has contributed to the view that whites are open game for any violence that smacks of poetic justice for the ancient sin of slavery.

Any act might have led to the crisis Obama and Holder have hungered for, but the Trayvon Martin case apparently will do the job. Without a condemnation of the bounty put out by the New Black Panther organization for Zimmerman, the faulty tweet by Spike Lee and the escalation called for by Al Sharpton, the beating of a 78 year old white man who was told: "This is for Trayvon" is just a typical and predicted behavior by those who rightly consider the silence of our political and law enforcement leaders as assent.

With these abuses in mind it is not surprising that some white people, who justifiably feel targeted, might seek to defend themselves or others like them. In this case it is a group of National Socialists called Neo-Nazis in this piece by the blog Miami New Times. They patrol the streets to prevent violence done to whites as a result of whether or not Zimmerman is held on charges or is set free. Since the DA already failed to press charges on the night of the killing, anything the DA might do now, other than to refrain from pressing charges, must be the result of threats and intimidation.

I don't know how race wars are started, but this would seem to be a pretty good lead in if I had to devise one.

The next step would be Eric Holder's Justice Department racing in to illegally disarm the National Socialists, running them off or imprisoning them. What then? How do we, as a liberty movement, handle that? Without wanting to side with Neo-Nazis, as the blog calls them, don't we have an obligation to support their rights as we would any other group determined to protect the innocent and stand up for Second Amendment? Are they even Neo-Nazis? From whom do we get our information? Some blog? I did feel a bit put off by some of the statements made by the leader, but that aside, the group patrols the border regularly and have just moved up to Florida in response to the open unease of the white community in Sanford.

Is this not the role of the liberty movement anyway? To protect when the police will not, or can not?

None of us have been able to predict the coming unrest, most of us considered it would be the result of an economic collapse. Some were sure it would come down to a political crisis. What if it all results from a fomented and scripted race war instigated by the most powerful man in the world? Our president?

Here's the reality check for the movement: what is your trigger now? What is your line in the sand in light of these developments? Would we sit back and watch the race war develop and spread across the nation fearful of being called racists for participation in self defense? Surely, there are numerous blacks in our ranks, where are their loyalties at this point in time? While none of us, I think, would be attracted by the idea of standing up for our rights alongside true racists, what if we are left no alternative but the increasing power of the state?

Were not the Hutaree left out to hang in much the same way as these supposed Neo-Nazis will be in the days to come? I don't like this. I don't like being pushed into a box with people with whom I disagree with on many levels only because I agree with them on one, the right to self-defense or defense of the defenseless.

We very probably will not be given the luxury of choosing our battles, or defending our rights alongside those with whom we would choose, but choose we must and soon. I don't know if the Trayvon Martin case is the catalyst for the worst we can imagine, but it could be. Are you prepared and if so, for what are you prepared, the unexpected? 

Friday, April 6, 2012

For Our Posterity

There is only one purpose of the Liberty Movement for me and that is to "secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity." Without the qualifier of "our posterity" I would not have any reason to remain idle, not one minute longer.

My liberty is lost, there are no lines that need to be crossed to push me toward action, those have all been crossed. The single thing that has kept me on the sidelines so long is the prospect that my duty is to secure liberty for our posterity. A self-indulgent single act to take retribution against those who have stolen my liberty would be easy. I know those who have taken it, I know where they are, I know what to do about it. But, does that do one single thing for the generations to come? Not in my estimation. In fact, it could set the movement back ten, twenty years.

We are supposed to be intelligent, we are supposed to out-think the miserable wretches who wake up day after day working for the power of the state. We focus on the Constitution as our legitimacy, but in truth it is the Declaration of Independence that holds the key, not only for what to do, but when and how.

A study of the American Revolution demonstrates that there were not just a bunch of individuals going off here and there randomly expressing their displeasure, but a coordinated movement toward independence. It included leaders in taverns encouraging those less enthused about the prospect of independence that it was to their benefit. There was the committee of correspondence that utilized hundreds of different people who could not even write under their own names for fear of reprisals writing editorials in local papers and printing pamphlets. There were the rascals, of course, who took immediate actions and threw Tea Parties and rebelled in other ways.

George Washington did not go riding into the teeth of the British Army to prove a point, or out of a lust for action. He was thoughtful and often had to retreat to a stronghold in order to regroup and re-man his army. He poked and prodded and struck out at their weaknesses, saving his troops and employing them in a strategic way.

If this is not what we are about, this Liberty Movement, then I don't know what our purpose is. I don't know what I am doing here. This blog is an attempt to reach out to others who feel as I do, who feel as the reader does, to coalesce, to build the resistance in whatever form that might take. The Liberty Summit is an attempt to take that resistance and put it into action. To take a further step toward the goal.

I completely sympathize with those tired of talking. I am too. I am tired of writing this blog and putting my ideas and thoughts out there for others to embrace or reject, but I think it is an important step, this phase. To whatever degree it makes the load lighter for us all, great, but there will come a time when the talking is over, when the writing will do no further good. But, anything that endangers the liberty of posterity and serves only to satisfy my whim is a loss for the movement and a loss for America.

If anyone knew the exact right move to make, I would be with them. Just let me know when you get there.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Step Forward

It occurs to me that the best of us seek the justification of the Constitution to act, to not appear lawless and out of control. We seek some sort of sanctification, legitimization in our desire for liberty. We are not unreasonable about this, we don't demand the destruction of our government, only that it would work the way it has promised to work. We want to be able to count on something.

In the face of that we have endured court rulings, legislation and regulations that have deliberately stripped us of our status as citizens of a republic and placed us all somewhere below even the most meager of civil servants. We have been informed by so many different interactions with government on all levels that we are to obey the rules and regulations made by some committee somewhere with some form of authority over our lives.

We rebel in the mildest of forms, we protest, we sue for redress even when it gets really bad and obviously illegal. When TSA gropes our child we burst forth, risking imprisonment alone and prejudiced against by the conspirators of collectivism in the media.

Ultimately we are left with two avenues of recourse, burn the whole system to the ground, or engage them in court. We are stymied because we don't have the resources to engage them in court other than to save ourselves from the injustice at hand, but there is no one to take on the bigger issues of liberty. We might beat a rap for disorderly conduct and terroristic threats, but the meat of the matter will never be settled. Another patriot will be subject to the same account-draining defense as the first. There is no end to it. It is the key oppression that the state exerts over us all, fight it and go broke or accept it and set precedent.

If there is one single thing all of us could do to work against the tyranny of the system today and without exception, without substantial sacrifice, is to fund a liberty defense fund and hire a premiere Constitutional advocate to take up our cases as they present themselves. We could then intentionally break the rules, establish cases and attack they system by its own means. If nothing else happens it would at least give us a front to begin the attack. It might buy some time and expose our cause to the greater community. Since participation hinges only on donations to the fund, one might support our cause with little effort on their part and no commitment whatsoever.

I believe the greater public is sympathetic to the way in which our liberties are constantly under attack and being a capitalist, I don't expect any real Constitutional talent to do anything for free. It is the Sinn Fein approach to establishing legitimacy while conducting covert operations with another arm.

We are now a fractured and distanced movement with no cohesion to speak of. PatComs have brought us together and allowed us to share valuable information and to make instrumental contacts, but it is all too slow to stem the tide. It is great for preparation toward some eventuality, but there is nothing to actually stop the abuses that roll on without resistance.

Resistance comes in many forms, it can be overt or covert, it can be of the mildest form or the most arduous, but it must exist and it must be an ever-increasing drumbeat against those who would enslave and imprison us without breaking a sweat. A liberty defense fund could transmit across all groups, through all persuasions of the different ideologies and movements at hand. It is a step forward while other actions are being prepared.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Last Act Of Diplomacy

It seems like a long time ago that the majority of people woke from their hundred-years-slumber and saw that our government had become abusive to, destructive of and unresponsive to the citizens it daily fleeces to feed the machine of government. They shook their collective heads and those blissful days of 1960's America fell like scales to the ground. Most Americans were not involved in 1960's Vietnam War protests, or the "free love and drug" culture of Haight Asbury. They were children running and playing in the yards and fields abundant with creatures and adventures. As time went on the toys got bigger and more expensive and more fun.

It seemed like only a few weeks later they woke up older and everything they had believed about their government had changed. I don't know that the government had changed much from their childhood, but they suddenly recognized the changes that had taken place while they played house. All of the promises made by the government suddenly looked like they might not come true, that there would be no massive fund to take care of their retirement. Instead of having a retirement fund of their own, they watched it crater, lost with the stock market shocks of realizing that bad loans would not be repaid, that there were no sacred promises anymore. The values of their homes dropped like a rock and there was nowhere to turn for relief. Screwed, right and proper by the government and banks they had always trusted.

Poof! Tea Party, 9-12 organizations popped up, angry people at town hall meetings. After living a largely law-abiding life, these people realized that they had been snookered out of their savings and the perpetrators were getting bailed out with billions of their tax dollars, a double whammy for a trusting public. Heat and fury ensued and they changed the 2010 election to put in people they trusted, the new people, Tea Party people, real people, who, often sold them out just as quick as any other politician had. Oh, maybe the newly elected held a line or two that had to be held, but when the big questions came down the pike they were converted to just another political jellyfish.

Now what?

It is important to acknowledge the successes of the Tea Party/9-12 organizations: they impacted America in a big way, an unexpected way. They changed the political landscape and drove conservatism into the daylight. They dispelled accusations of racism, of astroturfism and stood firmly on the ground of righteousness. No doubt about it, but they missed one big, big truth of politics: diplomacy without the threat of force is just a big pillow fight.

The Tea Party/9-12's have become a political force. But, they are a naked political force with no pretensions to competition with the powers that be. They stand kindly asking for permission to move forward with their agenda of re-instituting the Constitution in American politics and they will receive that permission when hell freezes over. It is time to be impolite, as abusive as the system has been to them, demanding as a DMV clerk, as insistent as a fat IRS agent.

Where are their security forces? They won't do it themselves. Who stands between them and Trumpka if he should make good on his threat to launch an assault of union labor leg-breakers on them? When the mix gets loud, who will the Tea Party/9-12's call? Forget 911, they ain't interested in arresting a bunch of union brothers and sisters, ask Breitbart about that one when you get there.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the Tea Party/9-12's, this is real business, rough business and so far the establishment Republicans have led you down the path to nowhere. They have taken your initiative and turned it to their purposes all the while feeding you the myth of non-violence. They will force-feed you a moderate like Romney and you will vote for him. Nothing significant will ever change until you choose to embrace the last act of diplomacy and bring your numbers to bear on the real problem of corrupt government.

We are not far from having to make real life and death decisions, the sort that our founders faced with honor and gunpowder. Will the Tea Party/9-12's shrink from that role, or embrace it and make alliances with their natural supporters? At one point or another one must get on the train, or derail it. The choice is up to them, but when Obama blackmails a justice to vote in favor of Obamacare, the decision will be theirs to take political force and flush it, or ask for a hand with the harder part of diplomacy.

Do I really have to illustrate the alternative? The acceptance of Sharia Law in America; the total disenfranchisement of the legal voter (actively taking place on a small scale now); the abolition of the right to gather and petition the government (at the risk of being labeled an Anti-Government Extremist) and on and on. It does not end, this path that our government is on, not with Romney, not with anyone.

Ball's in your court. Get back to me when you think it through.

Monday, April 2, 2012

A Righteous Insurgent

One can only hope that the threat Barack Obama made to the Supreme Court concerning their decision on Obamacare will stiffen the back of Justice Kennedy, so often the hinge upon which conservative hopes balance, leading him to vote with his intellect rather than his spine to strike down this ridiculous law.

A president, any president, who speaks about pending decisions is irresponsible. Any president who brings into question the authority of the Supreme Court by emphasizing their "unelected" status and presenting the overturning of legislation as "unprecedented" (though it is routine and in fact the only reason to take a case) and making the outrageous claim that such legislation was broadly supported in the legislature when it was barely passed and not supported by Republicans in the House at all, is a reckless liar.

This is the vulgarity of Barack Obama that I detest. It is the willingness of this president to drag everyone into the gutter, as was Bill Clinton's habit as well. I find no decency with such men. Their flaws, their mistakes become general and ascribed to all of us in a way as to drag us all down to their level. The media is all too willing to back them on it, to help them explain to the American people why they should not be held accountable for "human" errors. Bill Clinton had his perverse sexual lust and Barack Obama has his perverse power lust.

I believe that Barack Obama has learned that the tide is against him, that Obamacare could easily be ruled against and so he must step out there and get ahead of it. He had to pre-empt the decision by interjecting some vague threat that they should not undo a law passed by the legislature, that they need to think about what they would be doing as the "unelected."

This is the way Obama plays his hand, with muscle and threats. It is the Chicago Way. Let him bully those in black robes. The ruling, either way, will cause great upheaval. If it is found Constitutional now, I must say that it was done through backroom threats, the completion of the corruption of the government. No ruling in the future could be relied upon.

For all of its flaws and bad decisions, all of its misguided sense of creating a civil society at the base of many rulings, the idea that it can be intimidated by presidents, that no law backed by Obama can lose in the Supreme Court removes any chance for justice. It removes any pretense to anything other than some sort of Third World dictatorship.

I look upon this particular ruling as the signal to any and all that we are either slaves or free. Now, I don't mean to intimate that we are free if it goes my way and slave if it doesn't. The fact is, we are slaves now, but it is a sort of an informal slavery like when one goes to work for someone who eventually doesn't pay. Obamacare, if found Constitutional, is the sort of slavery where they tackled you, shackle you and beat you until you produce. The first, I might overlook and resolve to get paid first next time, but the other turns me into a righteous insurgent.

The very fact that Obama has inserted the implied threat that these are just people who are unelected and will have denied the free goods to his OWS army, smacks of a coercion to violence. Not unlike refusing to arrest the New Black Panthers for obvious voter intimidation, not unlike allowing Trumpka's offer to use union labor as an army against the Tea Party to go without comment, without denial, without an attempt to restrain them from it.

What we see in this president is a willingness to use volunteers to do the filthy work of a gangster. We see a man so obsessed with violence against opponents that he would not restrain it and act as an accomplice in his silence. Was it not Obama's suggestion that his opponents should be "hit twice as hard?" This seemly display should encourage his opponents, but they lay down one by one before him, fearful of his wrath.

It will be time in the near future, I think, that he should feel the wrath of the American people who tire of his boorish threats and thuggery from the Oval Office. With any justice at all they will, at the very least, remove him from his office and let him consider his future as a citizen among them next election day.