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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We're About Two Years Away...

The issue for me is simply this: I don't want to re-write the Constitution, or go to war with the powers that be, or move to another country, or take a county in Wyoming and make it ours and push out from there. I don't want to do anything. I want to work, make money, send my kids to college and die on my father's place. Between now and then I would like to walk the ground my Great Grandfather's Great Grandfather walked in Kentucky.

It doesn't seem like so much to ask for, unless you expect the freedom that will allow all of that.

Here are a few more things I don't want to do: I don't want to harness my daughter to a government loan that will enslave her to do as they say with that education; I don't want to use their light bulbs, or buy their cars, or worship Gaia instead of God, or submit to Fourth Amendment violations to fly in a plane, ride a train, or even get on the interstate. (by THEY, I mean Government Extremists)

The trouble is we are about two years away from stopping at TSA checkpoints on the interstate on ramp and showing our papers, explaining where we are going and why we want to go there. Perhaps they might want to separate us from our children and ask these questions know, just to keep us all safe.

We are about two years away from sitting in front of some TSA flunkie moved down to Obamacare Central because she couldn't keep from sniffing people's underwear at the airport and trying to explain why I think I merit an appendectomy given my age and likelihood of dying anyway. I don't want to get permission to get medical treatment I pay for so that others who don't pay for it can have their sex changed. I darn sure don't want to have to sit with my wife while she argues why she should get cancer treatment given her age and likelihood of dying anyway. (no, my wife does not have cancer and probably never will)

We are about two years away from having to get a menu from the state, that we take to our national grocer in order to have filled, by then grocery stores will have to have been nationalized to keep us safe from ourselves and becoming obese that would further tax the resources now scarcely available through the transformation of the health care system from one that could transplant hearts to save anyone's life no matter how dire it appeared, to one that cannot save anyone's life (because it would be a waste of resources on someone who might die anyway) but can treat everyone's boo boo, change their sex or provide abortion on demand.

To Continue...once we have the Gaia friendly ingredients which contain nothing harmful (or good) we can go home to our wind-powered home which is monitored and kept the right temperature by the power company who got subsidies to build their wind plant, so it is not too cold in the summer or too warm in the winter, but the right amount of electricity used to not be too big of a tax on the electric grid they forgot to fix while they were mandating the purchase of Government Motors Volts to be charged when everyone is trying to cool their homes and cook dinner. We might even have to wait until a slot opens up when we can use the oven, so as not to tax the grid, sometime around 11:00 pm.

We are about two years away from having to manually separate our garbage into appropriate bins and weigh them so that we do not exceed the capacity of the new ecologically-friendly landfill equipped with tarps and water to accelerate the decomposition process and that creates usable methane gas (a thing hated from cows, but loved from trash), but must be continually monitored so as not to over tax the size of the tarp or cause undue water use, or emit too much Co2 by using too many trucks to pick up the weighed and sorted garbage, or risk a fine for going over the limit, improper disposal of articles, unseparated garbage and unfiltered liquids. Fines imposed by the county and enforced by the sheriff.

We are about two years away from all of it, it is all trending this way.

Instead, I would rather choose my own food, throw away what I want to, use light bulbs that help me see, flush my toilet with the amount of water I think will do the job, build something on my property if I want it there, drive what sort of vehicle that seems to fit the lifestyle I have come to enjoy, drive where I want to, when I want to, get on a plane and fly where I want to, when I want to, send my daughter to college without watching her break down in tears when her dreams cannot be fulfilled because the government needs more teachers and not so many...whatever it is that she wants to do. (keep in mind that all of these things are limited by my ability to pay for them, which is the only reason I work as hard as I do and that might change in two years).

In short, I would rather be free than compliant. Is that so much to ask? It didn't used to be this way and that is why instead of drifting along until all this comes to pass I will take the steps necessary to prevent it, with my freedom if necessary and my life if necessary. And then, if it all comes to pass anyway and everyone left is resigned to it, I won't have to see that dead look in the eyes of everyone I love, who have been force-fed this hell by any Government Extremist.


  1. Wow....this is your best yet!
    I don't want to do those things either. I prefer to live the way I live now, paying my own, with money I earn doing what I'm good at, and spending or saving the "excess" in the way that *I* see fit.

    1. Thank you, Jim. I think it is a systematic government that forgot its purpose was liberty. "Forgot" might be generous. It doesn't change the condition, or the remedy.

  2. I'd prefer not to do those things with you. It is sad that we must consider things like pioneering to a place like Wyoming, or practice catch-me-if-you-can games of Felony tag as training exercises for a time that seems imminent, when we will be forced to commit felonies just to eat or get decent medical care.

    I am now 45 years old. I started when I was 43. I've had more static from "Patriots" than from FedGov. (StateGov is giving it a whirl).

    I can calculate course and speed - nothing is going to change if FedGov fails to offer a massive over-reach, or implosion forces everyone into a new paradigm.

    You or I (or you and I) could step off the porch, and we'd die alone, because very, very few would follow.

    I hope something changes my pessimism at Mercer.

    I am not sanguine that Liberty has any real chance. I am not sanguine we can even open opportunities for our next generation. The names History knows for changing the direction of the world are conquorers and martyrs, and men who were willing to wear those brands.


    1. As time has gone on and I have re-read some history, I have come to realize that the wyoming project might be the best idea out there. I do have the opportunity to move in Sept.

    2. Beauty, pure and simple

  3. I am right there. I would rather,,,,

    Sadly, if WE don't do what we do, THEY WIN, no questions. Even if WE do what we do, they could still win,
    If WE don't try, I can't speak for others, but myself, I couldn't look in the mirror again. I couldn't look into my own eyes and live with the look coming back at me.
    I couldn't look into the eyes of my granddaughter and live with myself.

    I would rather,,,,,

    But Until they lose, or we are all killed in the process, I will do what I do.

  4. Two years.

    That's a long time and the blink of an eye.

    With the events we see unfolding in the news and reading about online, I hope you are right TL.

    I can smell the hot putrid breath from behind me.

    I hope we win this race against time.

  5. Which is why I've been posting what I have lately. Time is short. We must act NOW, or resign ourselves to slavery. I will not look my children in the eyes and tell them I didn't do everything I could. I hate cold, but if it comes down to moving to Wyoming I will do it. And I will leave my parents and my Grandmother behind in doing so, because my ultimate responsibility is to my children. As I see it, they have no future. I'll be damned if I leave them that world without dying to change it. And I'm sick and tired of waiting for the keyboard commandos to get off their dead asses and do something! I hosted a PATCOM, and I'm flat broke every month after paying the bills. What the hell is everybody else's excuse? Fear or laziness. Sorry (not) if I "offended" anyone, but I'm sick of B.S. excuses for inaction. I've heard them all, and I have zero sympathy. Lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way...

  6. I think your sentiments are felt by many of us. You have often asked what was the point of a liberty summit. This should not be confused with a national PatCom as some describe it, and I let it go at that, cause sort of it is, but not in its nature.

    In its nature the liberty summit is a gathering of delegates, though any individual is welcome, but the idea is to gather these different ideas from the many different sectors of the nation in one place, give them voice, find a direction and proceed to DO, not talk, not write, not post, but DO something.

    I am just as willing to attend any PatCom that my schedule allows and I look forward to them, when I can. These things should support each other, not detract or diminish, but if TX is pulling in one direction and is subverted by someone in AL who is doing something just the opposite, it will not be seen as a whole and really, the Feds are not worried about us as scattered groups, because they know we will not accomplish anything but to give them targets.

    1. I don't recall questioning the point of a Liberty Summit, in fact I have supported it and linked numerous times throughout my PATCOM postings. But never mind that, YES we need to find a direction. And above all, we need to set aside petty bickering over semantics and minor points to focus clearly on one thing: Liberty. Without compromise. Otherwise, we might as well just go ahead and check ourselves into the camps now and get it over with. PATCOM and Liberty Summit were meant to go hand in hand. Our immediate goal was to send a delegate to the Patriot Summit. We wanted to act NOW, not wait. Time is too short to wait around. I know your schedule, and I'm not trying to diminish your efforts; it's a bitch trying to organize these things while working full time with family responsibilities. Bill and I, along with everyone else who attended the first PATCOMS simply wanted to show that it could be done. I think we more than succeeded. I think your event will be successful as well, and I wish you all the best. Wish I could be there myself, but finances prevent it at this point in time. Anyways, thank you TL for all you've done and continue to do, and I will continue to support you in any way that I can. We're all in this together.

    2. I'm sorry Craig, once you said, I realized I had you temporarily confused with someone else. My apologies.

  7. No sweat TL. It's all good.

    On a side note, did you just switch to the new Blogger interface? Switch back to the old! The new does not allow following comments!

  8. So everybody knows by now (of those who know) that it doesn't matter who wins the next election, Obamy or Rommney.
    But what if our dark horse wins, Paul? How does that change the picture. Lets say Paul wins and we manage to put in a bunch of new freshman tea-party congressmen and senators.
    We have just staged a revolution with just the casting of a ballot. Any action before the election results are in, is wasted and just gives the left ammo to use.
    All successful revolutions in history have not occured AS things were getting bad. They happen when things have been bad for years and are actually starting to improve some and the mass of the people say to themselves, "Hey this is good now I want the whole enchilada."
    I hope we do not have to resort to a repeat of Oct. 4,1993 Moscow. Mainly because it will cost too many decent people their lives, which we are already in short supply of.
    I hope the be here to stoke the flames if we don't have our way this next election. Mainly because then it will signal the final nail in the coffin of freedom and liberty.

  9. I'm with you TL. I don't want to do any of those things either.
    The problem is that I can't live in a world like you describe above, so if I can't live in that world there really are only two options: move (die) or change it. I prefer to change it.
    We all need to agree on a course of action (I believe this is what the Summit is for) and we all need to start acting. I have asked about a "calling card" because we need "them" to know that we are uniting. If these little acts of defiance are happening all across the country with the same group of people claiming them, they might begin to realize that getting their way won't be easy.
    We're all "terrorists" anyway, let's put some fear into them (not killing, not until they start it). They need to be afraid of us, we may be outnumbered, but we believe in our cause with our entire existence, can they say the same? We really have nothing left to lose that they don't plan on stealing from us anyway, so we need to work to keep/retrieve what is ours.

  10. I was born in 1946, I'm the first of millions of "boomers" who learned what freedom really was. My grandfather was a millionaire general contractor in Michigan who lost everything in the Great Depression, so my family came up the hard way, and made something of themselves along the way.

    I long now for the world of my youth, and it isn't there, and cannot be there. But we were the ones who took our freedom and wasted it by not realizing what we had. But at that realization, I am now more determined than ever to try and correct my mistakes.

    I will not move, I will not leave this country. I will fight with everything I have to see liberty once again reign in the United States. And if it is not to be, it will not be because I did not do my best. As Yoda said, do or do not; there is no "try!" And so I will do, and failure will probably result in my death. But at 65, I don't have that many years left anyway. I DO have 6 grandchildren, and no one ill be able to say that I did not fight so that they could have the liberty that I once had. As Burke said, all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. And believe me, I will NOT do nothing!

  11. The only thing that will kill the USA is UNMITIGATED STUPIDITY

    Are all you people too stupid to realize that it is our Congressmen and Senators who have spent us into bankruptcy.

    Guys, guys read the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution and stop WHINNING and start working for the total defeat of all Congressmen and Senators on November 6 2012.
    Congress has the POWER of OUR PURSE and are the only ones who can and have spent us in Bankruptcy.

    If you do not fire your Congressmen and Senators on November 6 2012 you will get only what you deserve, poverty, FEMA camps, force labor, Obamacare and death.

    Don Ruane

    1. Don, do you really still believe that voting for someone else will change anything? How are all those "tea party politicians" doing? What have they accomplished? Do they vote the way you think they should for freedom's sake?
      I can say that none of the "tea party politicians" that I voted for last time are voting for Liberty.
      The current structure of government corrupts damn near everyone that ends up in it. They need to know that they will be held responsible. Voting them out so that they have a lifetime of top shelf medical care and a great retirement package really isn't much of a punishment. They no longer fear the people. Voting the next one in won't help anymore.
      I wish it were not so.

  12. Congrats! You must have been a good TL. Just keep it up!


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