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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Truth Is Not True

The truth is never true. There are too many perspectives, too many definitions and too many diviners of truth for it to matter. A leftist truth is too harsh and unyielding to their enemies and so it is with the right. There is something between capitalist greed and socialist utopia.

Tom Baugh recently issued a quiz, which most Constitutionalists, as I claim to be, would find initially erroneous on a couple of points, but the overall truth of it is valid. Our republic was founded upon certain documents that no president has followed, not even the revered George Washington, but their initial instincts were not wrong because they, when in power, proved their own thesis. Government itself, every one of them, is the evil to be quelled. That doesn't make me anti-government, it makes me a realist about government.

Governments attract people willing to dictate rules to others. Those vile usurpers and despots are no different from the average person given too much power. They are in fact magnets to people who are otherwise defective, but with the power of the office they are cured and even righteous in their own minds. It is the nature of government itself to destroy the individual humanity. Every bureaucracy proves this. It is a shield for petty people to hind behind policy, it is what causes that daily dose of incomprehensible actions of social workers, principals and police officers. It's out of their hands, you see, it's policy.

The Constitution is not a magical document that bestows liberty on us all, it is a contract. In exchange for the recognition of our rights, we agree to be fleeced and occasionally put out. But, any contract which has one party faithful to its intent and another who is not, is broken. It is invalid. The general concept of Baugh's quiz was to make us all look at the Constitution as a flawed document. I don't see it that way. I see it as a perfectly good document, better than one we might come up with in the future given the nature of people in general.

The trouble with the Constitution is it has been void since the Whiskey Rebellion and a few hundred years later a few of us are pointing that out. There was one point in particular that Baugh focused in on, the one where militias ultimately are under the authority of the president. I take exception to that statement on the grounds that when the contract is void, so are all of the provisions within. In other words, there would be no disagreement for our self-formed militias to come to the aid of the president if that president were faithful to the oath administered. It is the governmental reversal of all of these rights through definition which has voided it and caused people like myself and others to recognize that with all of the legal maneuvering words mean the opposite of what they once did. That does not make the document flawed, it means that we have let the government define our rights through legal re-definition for much too long.

So the question remains, what do we do now? This was the gist of the quiz, to wake some people up and to put that question to them, which he then answers by proffering the idea that we should change the Constitution. How? When that time comes, when the dollar is nothing but a bad check with which you got stuck and the creditors come to get the gold, we will be just one group in a thousand looking to re-write the Constitution and we will lose that battle.

It will be like the Arab Spring and the fighters, the muscle, will ultimately yield to a civilian authority, one that will act much more like Bolsheviks than the founders. The calls will be great to return to our "democratic" roots and the misinformed public will act much as it does now, with mindless stupefaction at the sudden sea-change, but will nonetheless go along with it.

The truth, as I see it, is that no document will ever harness the hearts of Man. No government will ever be faithful to its founding. "It is impossible," Karl Popper once said, "to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood." The desire for Man to control his/her environment has led to the fantastic life most of us live, but it brings with it the desire to control everything. One cannot legislate that out of human nature, or write a document so ingenious that it sways the yearning heart.

Liberty is not a static value, it undulates like a wave, sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker, we are at a low tide in this country. Most people know that deep down. We must be clever and thoughtful and seek the ways to turn the tide, to push back against oppression in a way that awakens the others and brings them to our side. Or, we burn it down and sort through the ashes for something of value. 


  1. The militia (and Army and Navy) are NOT under the control of the president unless called forth by congress. Also, the Founders of our constitution also KNEW and EXPRESSED that the militia was and is a bulwark against the tyrannies and domestic usurpations of power by rulers.

    Has the congress and president bastardized our constitution and intent? Sure it has. That is our fault.

    It's been a long time, but I am under the impression, if memory serves me right, that Washington regretted using the militia, being egged on by Hamilton.

    Anyhow, the constitution is moot if not enough people are willing to prevent TPTB from usurping it.

    "...if you can keep it."

  2. Good Lord, TL, you have a gift. This post is the clearest statement of what has happened with the Constitution and government as I have ever read. I stumbled around on WRSA, trying to say what you have so eloquently explained, but failed miserably. Thank you for clarifying and simplifying this for me. Although it will take several readings before it imprints as well as I'd like it to.

    I have always felt that the Whiskey Rebellion showed Washington to be a deeply flawed man, not the Prince of Liberty, the Father of Our Country as he has been portrayed, all because he made the mistake of turning right back around and playing British Monarch to those who refused to submit to the Federal taxation on whiskey. Someone a while back offered the thought that it was simply a mistake, a mis-step, on Washington's part, that he was misled by the voices of others, tricked, as it were, into behaving otherwise than he would have on his own.

    I am not so certain. I believe it is more likely as you have stated, that power corrupts, and finding himself in a position of power, he could not bring himself to permit the freedom from taxation that those citizens felt was their right. That he viewed it as an affront to his power, or the "needs" of the new Federal government, and could not see he was refuting the very thing he had gone to war and fought so hard to create. A nation free from the tyranny of a government which would steal from its citizens to support itself.

    Thank you for your ability to speak clearly to folks like myself who just can't quite make the connections you do.

  3. "It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution. It is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them.

    Let them restore it to find refuge from us."

    – TL Davis

    So, as you so eloquently stated TL.

    In that light, and the question you pose in your post here, about the truth, it is the will of the people that is the question of the day. Where America has leaders who in their arrogance are ignoring the will of the people. The truth that counts here is the choices of recourse for ordinary people to stand up in the face tyranny and be counted are limited.

    It is freedom of any type that no longer exist in any form under the auspices of power of the United States, that Liberty and Freedom we understand as codified in the founding documents, the intent of those founding ideals, have been transformed into permissions. Permissions with the double jeopardy of having not only genuflect to this godless leviathan of moral corruption, under the ultimate threat of the barrel of a gun, but to also have the dubious honor of having to fund it to our everlasting displeasure and dying shame. Then to top things off, be branded an extremist or "domestic terrorist" if I do not meekly submit and go along with the lie it all is?

    I don't know about Tom Baugh, or you TL, or anybody else, but I'll tell you this about the "truth", I don't need no Constitution or Bill of Rights, or Declaration of Independence to tell me if I don't stand up to this tyranny, I'm a goner. This great place I live in is kaput! And all I've worked for, all my labor, my dreams, my home, everything, is going to be consumed by a leviathan that will not stop till it has consumed everything in its path.

    And that my fellow countryman, is all the truth that counts.

    1. Yes sir.Someone should tell the smart guys.

    2. Let me put it this way, when I talk to a lot of people, otherwise unengaged politically, they know something is wrong, they feel like they are being oppressed. If we can turn that sentiment into support, if not action, at least support for our action it would be a much shorter road to travel than to burn this thing to the ground and start over.

      Our wrath is better witnessed when brought forth in the millions rather than the thousands and it would leave much more of a basis in liberty from which to start.

      I have considered it possible that Obama and his bunch would love for us to make aggressive moves so that we can burn this republic down and his boys, the Stalinists are ready to step into the void, annihilate us and the work is done.

      The more we leave intact, the harder it is for that to happen.

    3. Exactly right,Mr.Davis.They would love to burn it to the ground,along with those most inclined to defend it.
      In my estimation,our energy is best directed to guiding those without the knowledge of what we had towards what can be.Show the mushy middle of America the failures of Fascism on both sides of the aisle,and we may just have a chance of avoiding massive bloodshed.
      Hearts and Minds,One at a Time.Network Effect.


  4. "...It is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them..."

    The truth is, it is the will of the people that it all comes down to.

    It brings the question of truth full circle.
    Whats it gonna be?

    It is going to take, no matter the form of redress, the will of people, who band together, stick together through thick and thin, across all walks of life, all class divides, belief structures, and system of mores, to change what America is today, into a form that is suitable enough we can all exist in prosperity and happiness.

    Whats it gonna be?
    A system of permissions where one submits to a power that only serves itself, at the complete expense of others outside an elite circle...

    Or a system of rules of laws that sets the bench at equality of Liberty where every man lives free unencumbered by tyrannical rule of permissions, servitude, and indenture.

  5. I read Mr. Davis and think the cream is starting to rise.
    Bill Fletcher

    1. You think so Mr. Fletcher?
      Do you see and know it?

  6. Replies
    1. You wrote "the cream is rising to the top", from that in the context of all, it implied to me that the best of our fellow Americans where beginning to understand and become involved in securing their Liberty?

  7. I have considered it possible that Obama and his bunch would love for us to make aggressive moves so that we can burn this republic down and his boys, the Stalinists are ready to step into the void, annihilate us and the work is done.


  8. "They would love to burn it to the ground,along with those most inclined to defend it."

    I think that's right, and quite insightful. That's the strategy, and why the simplest of facts don't matter to them. They're measuring things by their goals, after all.

    "Show the mushy middle of America the failures of Fascism on both sides of the aisle..."

    Ain't gonna happen, and here's why. There's no standard for "failure." That's what happens when the mind, not to mention the self, is eradicated. If the food is there, and some check keeps coming, then all is well at least till tomorrow. This is how Americans think these days. This is how they were taught to think. That's not to say it'll never change---eventually they'll have to turn to their minds just to stay alive.

    But until then, the thuggery will continue. Real production, which includes creativity and innovation, is stifled to relative levels never known in human history. As long as things stay that way, there's no choice for the "mushy middle" but to loot and mooch what others have produced. They'll SAY they don't want to do that, and most of them don't, deep inside, but we are what we do and not what we say we do.

    If you look at the forest and not the trees, that's all that's going on...non-producers looting and mooching from producers. Everything else is detail.

    BTW otl, I liked your link to the Detroit story. But I especially liked your title of it. I'm a native Detroiter and have been screaming that forever...

    "Detroit=America=The World" Now there's some truth; nice job. I don't have to wonder what's going to happen. I've already seen it in microcosm, and studied it all my life.

  9. The beginning is exactly was I was thinking after reading Mr Baugh.

    However, I don't think such a contract should engage yourself forever.
    We should be free not to "contract".

    French Guy.


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