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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To Fight and Fight Hard

I know Super Tuesday yielded some answers for some people, but one must really understand the problem. Politics are a non issue. The Tea Party addressed the political solution and they will again, but there is a timeline at work here. There are two things one cannot get around, the passage of time and simple mathematics. They are inviolable.

I know that you all know the issues as well as I do, but I will indulge myself to explain the sheer practical issues before us and why we must act.

I met a little boy the other day, Josiah, who was 3 and bright, articulate and loved the freedom only a 3 year-old can know. His world was simple, go out and get a deer. Find it, kill it and eat it. Simple. It is boys like Josiah that we are fighting for, so they don't have to grow up in a world filled with rules and regulations that stifle their imagination and creativity.

A world such as that is what inspired the drive for independence from Britain. In the British Colonies one was not allowed to grow or refine sugar, that was for the other colonies of Britain and Britain didn't want competition coming from America, where they planned to sell the sugar grown and refined in other parts. There are a list of such commodities that were restricted, putting entrepreneurs in America at a disadvantage. There were restrictions from manufacture, crops and other industry.

America created to free the soul and to encourage the mind and inventiveness, to unleash the whole of the body and its abilities. There is a drive in the American to pursue a dream, or a quest, or riches. It is uniquely American to think of "making money". Nowhere else on the earth was the idea of "making money" through one means or another considered. One was expected to gain wealth through traditional means, usually inheritance, which kept the money sequestered among the elite. Others were expected to pursue trades and crafts and mastering these might provide one with a good living, but wealth was not the goal.

Without the Constitution and with the crony capitalism that has supplanted honest government we, as a nation, are devolving into Britain. The high cost of compliance with regulations stifles the imagination and the drive to pursue wealth. Regulations rob entrepreneurs of their profits and directs this toward government employees with pensions and salaries that rival the best of the middle-class. More and more dependence on the government requires more and more government employees. When a major industry fails from over-regulation and is utterly destroyed by government bureaucracy, the government is free to take over that industry as vital to the national security. I believe this is what is being attempted in the energy industry right now. Either the government will control it, or it will replace it with nonsense green energy with costs that bring other industries into the socialist fold.

Here is the problem: the United States Government has an annual budget of nearly 5 trillion dollars. Through income tax receipts it collects around 2.5 trillion dollars. In order to remain at 19 trillion dollars of debt we would right now have to cut around 2 trillion out of the budget. Considering that the largest expenditures of our government are Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Military, where on earth are we going to cut 2 trillion out of our budget? Consider also the interest payments on the 19 trillion of debt. Where? Are we to kick grandma and grandpa out into the street with failure to make Social Security payments? Are going to quit paying the interest on the debt? Are going to stop paying for the poor to receive Medicare?

No politician will EVER propose any of that. So, it really doesn't matter who wins an election anymore, it is past that point. There are only two possible outcomes I see (there may be more) 1) we throw up our hands and give into government making the choice that it is better to take care of everyone at everyone else's expense and agree to 80% taxation on our labor and become a communist nation, which so many are now dedicated to, or 2) we fight now to reverse this trend through the Constitution, because the Constitution does not allow for the previous option, too many rights will have to be done away with to arrive at a communist system. The state would have to become supreme.

Now, one might say that this is already done and that I am doing nothing more than bickering about degrees of communism and I would not disagree, but for the perception of the average citizen that they still live in a Constitutional republic (they call it democracy). Our fight would expose the government and its intent, it would force it to deny the Constitution at which point a great number of Americans take notice.

It is ours, then to fight now and fight hard, to expose the lies of the government and to bring it to heel. I suggest this and know that truly it is for me to do it. The Liberty Summit is an attempt to do just that, to bring the allies of liberty together and devise a means and plan for achieving this goal.

Let me assure you all that I am not looking for a way to do so and remain free and alive. I have already made peace with the fact that someone had to be the first man out of the landing craft at D-Day, that someone had to take the first step up Mt. Suribachi. Any commander will tell you that not everyone will come back from a mission. Nothing worth doing is safe. I have spent my life in the oil field, risking life and limb everyday. I am comfortable with the costs of such a life and I am comfortable with the costs of any endeavor which might yield success.

The only regret I face is that my fellow countrymen will not recognize my actions as serving my country, but as somehow trying to destroy it. If they only knew. 


  1. My thanks are to you, Brock. Of all those who visited this blog and considered my efforts, you have continued and support my efforts. Largely without thanks and that is my oversight in my endeavor to encourage resistance I have lost those willing to post my posts on their sites, you have remained vigilant and faithful. That is not a plea, if my message offends a readership, then dispense with me.

  2. Mr. Davis,

    Your final sentence says it all:
    "If they only knew".
    Considering the decrepit state of education in this country,
    it doesn't surprise me that we find ourselves in this long festering mess.

    A follower of your work.

  3. anon,

    A follower of your work? I appreciate that, Sir/Madam.

    Is this a "work" I wonder. It seems as pleas spent in the atmosphere, like gas expelled from the bubbles of Yellowstone.

    But, I thank you for your attention and your support.

  4. Very well stated Sir! And I am of the same opinion - I do not expect make it back.


  5. Poignant piece. I am resigned as well, to death before my time and being considered a criminal terrorist by fellow country men, if you want to call them that. That's about all that is left.

  6. We are on the same page now TL.
    See you at the dance
    Bill Fletcher

  7. Not one of us will ever get out of this life alive.

    How you live is what matters.

    Matters to whom?


    You are the only living Soul who can truly know what is in your heart. That had better be enough.

    See you in Pennsylvania.


  8. T.L.

    Needless to say, I appreciate your words although they are completely unnecessary as you are the one who has kept the ball rolling.

    By the way, the only reason I am having the one in NC on the same weekend is that it was mentioned that states should do this if they can't make the big one, but I imagine you realize this and thanks again.

  9. Mr. Davis,
    I've never commented here before but I want you to know that I do read your blog and I appreciate what you have to say.

    In the last year and a half I have come to mourn the country that I no longer have, perhaps that country never existed. I guess it's ironic that I never appreciated the ignorant bliss I used to live in. Now, I lay awake at night trying to think of ways to pass on to my family what liberty is and what will have to be done to have it back. It's a somber situation we have.
    Keep your powder dry sir,
    Miss Violet

  10. T.L., your best post ever. You are absolutely right, none of us can expect to come out of this alive. The descent into tyranny this country is experiencing has tripled in it's pace, and it's folks like you who have laid down on the tracks in order to slow down or derail the train. Liberty Summit, PATCOMs... They are a last ditch effort to assemble like minded folks to join together against the machine. Thank you for inspiring PATCOM, and I hope the Liberty Summit is successful beyond all our imaginations. I would go to the Liberty Summit myself, but finances are too tight. However, Diogenes (two time PATCOM veteran) will be there to carry our torch.

  11. The PatComs are excellent and I realize everyone will not get to the Summit. I am grateful that delegates from some of these PatComs will show and represent their group. Brock and others will keep things going locally, which I always considered a good idea. There are just two angles to this thing, the local one and then the national one. Local groups can forge alliances, but those small groups need to be part of a bigger force, too, which is why I wanted to do a national thing.

  12. Well said as usual, T.L.

    We can rest when we're dead. In the meantime, what is at stake is immeasurably larger than any of us, perhaps all of us. History teaches that once the spark of freedom is extinguished, a prolonged festival of horrors commences before that spark is rekindled. I want none of that for my children, for their descendants. No price is too great to prevent that triumph of evil in the world.

  13. "The ninety and nine are with dreams, content but the hope of the world made new, is the hundredth man who is grimly bent on making those dreams come true."

    Let us shoulder the responsibility past generations shrugged off. Let us take action so that our children will not have to. Let us be the ones who fought for liberty.

  14. TL,

    Quite a while back, you posted about the possibility of being marked by .gov and being made to look like a criminal, having your reputation destroyed. I believe I advised you that those of us who have come to "know" you through your writing would not be fooled. That we could paraphrase "those that the gods would destroy, they first make mad" into, "those that the government would destroy, they first vilify".

    We will recognize your actions, and properly attribute them. We will know. Those who remain will know of your sacrifice. And unless I have totally mistaken what I have read from your pen, I believe in my heart, sir, that such will be enough for you.

  15. T.L.,

    I also have never commented on your blog (rarely comment on any blog). I read it often. Your demeanor has always resonated with me. Your words have sharpened my mind.

    Forgive me for being paranoid about commenting on blogs. You need to hear encouragement; for you are only human.

    To be really honest, I am scared. Not in the pants wetting hysterical scared; but in the oh $hit, we really are falling off of a cliff and it feels as though regardless of what I do, I am still unprepared. You have provided wisdom and encouragement to me for a long time. It is only fair that I chime in to try and return the favor. It is easy for you to not see the effects of your insights on people. But understand this: It is real and it is good.

    In Christ,
    Dirty Modified

  16. Some of us know, understand, and appreciate it, T.L.
    You have my greatest respect.

  17. Wow. Hopefully you will find, when the time comes, that there are several million at your side.

  18. Thank you all for your encouragement. It is priceless.

  19. Timbo....the bulk of Americans are asleep at the wheel. Don't believe me? How does one explain tbe constant reelection of scum like McCain, Schumer, Durbin, Boxer, Casey and others? Millions ? That isthe laughable. Few will stand with us.


  20. Dear TL, I think what you wrote is succinct. I think we have to go through this. Everyone is committed whether they know it or not, whether they want to or not. And I think that is what is part of what makes the whole thing a conundrum. It's a pickle no doubt.
    I think too, it will take people like yourself for instance, as a guiding light of thought, forethought really. To inspire others as you have inspired me.
    It is not so easy to effect change in thinking, and in practice from that change in thinking. But it must be done. The alternatives are certainly fraught with disaster.

    As you said:
    "The only regret I face is that my fellow countrymen will not recognize my actions as serving my country, but as somehow trying to destroy it. If they only knew."

    Here in lies the conundrum. Is it even more complex as that? If they knew somehow, if they came to understand, will my fellow countrymen recognize that parts of what they have now requires destruction, the country that has digressed from its founding, will they recognize it for what it is, and act to destroy what is purposefully and fecklessly destructive in of its self?

    I reckon it took a long time to get to where we are now. It is going to take time to redress what has happened, though maybe not as long in the reverse, as I suspect Liberty has a way that is very different than tyranny. Tyranny is an insidious thing. It is something as imposed upon Liberty that requires the long view and careful structural incremental generational institution.
    Liberty is something that once grasped and understood, well it is what it is, Liberating!
    Not much too it really.
    Its the free shit crowd and generational dependents on the system that are the tough nuts to crack.

    I wish with all I am I had the answers for you TL. But I do know it is we who are the answer. It is we the people who are going to save the day in a million myriad ways.

  21. So ?
    When are you going to fight ?
    Real fight I mean ?

    I wouldn't blog it if I planned it seriously

    But, being French and still in France (shit!!!), there is nothing left to save here.
    On the contrary, you (usa people) still have a chance and some of you the balls to act.

    My apologies if I was rude and also my genuine admiration to some of the last free men.

    1. Then join us.

    2. Even though our liberties have long been crippled (I would say starting Louis XIII and even worse since 1789, date of our "revolution"), this is still the land of my ancestors and a very old HOLY one).

      I am kind of the last royalists and men were free at this ages whatever you may think ;)

      The biggest challenge we will soon have : facing the islamic domination turning wild in a few years (to me)

      I can't run away and let this most christian land become an islamic one.

      A king is to come as christian prophecies announced it !

  22. I attended a small gathering of family for my granddaughter Ava's 4th birthday last evening. As I watched the prettiest blonde headed four year old I know dance around the room without a care in the world and being happy living in the moment of just being four I could not help but feel saddened by the sad state we have allowed this country sink to and what the future will hold for all the Ava's in this country if we do not right this ship and change course. Not showing one sign of her struggles with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis as she danced around the room between opening presents she ran up to me and with the experience and wisdom of all her years in her eyes she cried out "poppa this is just the most best birthday ever."
    If a man ever needed a reason to fight and fight hard then there it was and with a tear in my eye I gave her a hug and said I love you Ava....

    Brock see you at the NC PATCON and beyond...

  23. Its is the age old struggle that all great movies and stories are made of, the eternal battle of the forces of good against evil, Camelot, Stars Wars, the Bible itself.
    I am holding to the belief that Reagan had, that a great "silent majority" of people of normal firmness actually exists in the country.
    "Tonight - to you, the great silent majority of my fellow Americans - I ask for your support."


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