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Friday, March 2, 2012

A Time To Row

A long list of abuses have been documented. The Constitution has been discarded in favor of government. The police have become militarized against the people through legislation proposed to interdict the drug trade and terrorism. Fourth Amendment rights have been erased in search of a safe society that grows more dangerous every day. Food police confiscate children's lunches and replace them with school lunches, without consultation or permission. Churches have been ordered to accept and support abortion in direct conflict with their conscience and religious  beliefs.

Let me ask you this: What line has not been crossed?

It is no longer a question of lines and which have or have not been crossed, but what in fact are you willing to do about it?

A right granted to one by God and written into law by a Constitutionally-based government cannot be violated, regulated or alienated. It can not. The fact that it happens almost on a daily basis is not an indication of poor government, but of poor citizenry.

The government has issued edicts and made illegal appointments, it has allowed criminality to become commonplace. Negligence, arrogance and outright criminal acts have become routine. And the citizenry sits idle, hoping that their tenuous economic strings remain in place for just a little longer. They see deficits pile higher and higher while Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continue to demand more money to service bad debts. Those who earn a wage and pay taxes are constantly asked to pay the salaries of those who have already demanded much more than they have justified. A dwindling producer class is continually burdened by those who demand services and payments to continue their lives of government dependence.

When will you stand with the forces of liberty?

Will it get better? By what force of optimism could one see anything other than economic collapse arising out of a distancing of a form of government from its founding; from a loss of trust from the people and a looting mentality by these government-controlled corporations? It is designed to fail and supported by those in government who see any coming conflict as an opportunity to aggregate power unto themselves as individuals, as positions in government to be controlled and manipulated by the powerful elite?

Every line has been crossed that counts. It is time to take a stand against this abusive and tyrannical government. If one does not feel the tyranny it is due to self-imposed blinders of a scared and desperate people clinging to a system that is gone. Like hanging onto a hand rail of the Titanic, they choose optimism in the face of the dire situation that is apparent to all other observers. Let go!

It is time to find a life boat, to row against the tide and to brave the dangerous waters that loom before all of us as a nation. The waves will not go away and the sharks will only multiply unless you row to freedom. It is time for the hard work of taking a stand against the power of the ocean and striving to survive.

Today. Liberty Summit, Western Pennsylvania, Weekend of April 27th.  


  1. Well said as usual. Maybe we could have communication between the two PATCON's, PA & NC, that Saturday.

  2. Have you nailed a location yet?


  3. I have, and will announce the site as soon as I review it personally

  4. Good to hear, our Local PATCOM is in two weeks. We will be sending delegates to PA also. Looking forward to it.

  5. Sandman, there are so many PatComs I would love to attend, yours being one of them. The dates just don't work out, but if I am allowed, I would like to visit as many of these as possible during my time off.

  6. Here's some food for thought.

    Isn't this the same thing we've been doing for the last 230+ years?

    Obviously it is.

    Haven't you figured out yet that this practice of protesting the overreach of the Federal government doesn't bring change?

    Read Jefferson's "The Solemn Declaration and Protest of the Commonwealth of Virginia on the Principles of the Constitution of the United States of America, and on the Violations of Them" written in 1825. Jefferson's document protested the same problems you are protesting.These kinds of problems have been going on since day 1 of the American experiment. The difference between today and 1825 is just that the accumulation of 230+ years of violations and usurpations has brought us to the point of Constitutional collapse.

    Since day 1 we have been acting in ways that haven't fixed the problems. The Civil War was the extreme reaction of protest against Federal overreach. Look how that worked out: It freed the slaves, which was good, but it also created a more centralized Federal government. I would suggest that this kind of protesting and activism isn't part of the solution to the problem of Federal centralization and overreach.

    Something different is needed. Something that will work, instead of something that hasn't worked. We keep trying that same things over and over again, expecting that this time we will get a different result. What did Einstein say the definition of insanity is? We sometimes get one step forward, but we always lose two steps back. Every generation we have less freedom and more centralized and overreaching government.

    Are you approaching the problem with something new and different? Or are you just repeating history? I don't see you doing anything new in what you are doing here. I don't see you doing anything that hasn't been tried and shown to fail already.

    The problem of Federal overreach is the problem of lack of enforcement of the law that is the Constitution. The problem is structural. The Constitution is good, but no capable group is responsible for bringing law and order to the government itself. Democracy is irrational, immoral, irresponsible and self destructive. That fact is a foundation of our government. Asking for a democratic solution is asking for a solution that is irrational, immoral, irresponsible and self destructive.

    I suggest that you address the problem from this angle, otherwise you are destined to repeat history, producing the same results as the same actions produced during the last 230+ years of our history. Those results are the mess we are in today.

    Are you really going to address the problem? Or are you going to be a continuation of it?

  7. Scott, first of all you don't have a clue what I am doing, so you don't know if it has been tried before or not, this blog is not all there is and even where more if it is, is not the whole story.

    Second, you have fully informed me that I am attempting something that has been tried and failed, but you have offered no gems of wisdom on what WILL work.

    Please contribute your wisdom if you have some, don't just come along like a critic.

    I'll listen to anything, but I do have a plan of my own that I would rather not share on such a public venue.


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