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Thursday, March 8, 2012

They Will Come For You

It is not the people who wish for their lives to come to an end. It is not the wish of the people to see their comfort disturbed, to be forced out into the streets to try desperately to save those things of value to a great nation. There would be nothing better in life than to recline with a laptop and browse the Internet with nothing on one's mind but leisure and entertainment. For those without conscience, this is still possible...for now. But no level of disengagement will survive the insatiable demand of government for control.

One might think themselves safe with their porn and progressive lifestyle. Wait. They will come for you, when they are finished with us.

Liberty is the item on the agenda, it is the one thing the government cannot abide. Liberty is the limitation of power, it is the forestalling of their dream of control.

Those in government today do not have the will of their convictions, they do not have the ability to stand before the withering gaze of others and do what is right. They do not stand for the Constitution they have sworn to defend. They are incapable of principle. If so, where are they?

Give us allies among the police, the military, we will take them, we will work with them to secure our rights, everyone's rights. Liberty is not worth dying for if it is mine alone that I seek. It is insane to die for one's own liberty, which must be forfeit at the dying. Don't you see? Liberty is only worth dying for if it benefits others. Does an officer of the law venture out into the night with a sidearm to confront criminals in order to stay safe? Why not stay in the squad car? Do you expect us to act any differently when we see corruption and criminals everywhere in government?

Who will do it? Who will protect the people from government? Is it the ten-year veteran police officer owing allegiance to the government department, his/her union, his/her family? Will they be the ones to step out of line and acknowledge the un-Constitutional nature of their duties? We have been waiting.

Where do these liberty groups come from? What purpose does the Tea Party serve? One cannot exist in America today and not see the angst of the people in all these different manifestations. What do they ask? Do these groups ask for power or prestige? Do they seek rights from others? No, they ask only for their rights to be acknowledged and respected and for government to cease violations of those rights so clearly identified in the Bill of Rights. No, it is not muddied and unclear, these rights are not vague and in need of clarification by the government, they are plain and in simple language so that all can see their purpose.

Phrases such as "Congress shall make no law" are not difficult to understand, yet it has made such laws and has been supported by the government justices. No surprise. The few things government is supposed to do, it refuses to do. It does not declare war anymore; it does not defend the borders anymore; it does not protect the votes of citizens anymore. It does sell guns to Mexican cartels who then turn around and violate the borders of the nation and kill American citizens. All for a political gamble to further restrict the Second Amendment.

Government cannot tolerate the rights of the people, because it limits their ability to exert control. Nothing else. Look no further than that. Rights of search and seizure are there for a reason, to keep the government out of the people's lives, out of their papers, out of their private matters, yet it is violated at the drop of a hat in order to exert control. There are ways to obtain evidence of a crime without making criminals of everyone to allow random inspection. Upon oath and describing the particular things to be searched for and seized. That's not a tough hill to climb where crimes have been committed and a suspect is identified.

On down the line it goes, from Religious freedom, freedom of the press, the right to possess a weapon, the right to be free from random searches and seizures, the right to confront one's witnesses against them, all of these things are under assault because it makes it easier for the government to exert control.

We in the liberty movement have seen the progression over the span of our lives. We have watched as every crisis takes from us another liberty, violates another right. The government continues to create enemies from which the people need to be safe, like Anti-Government Extremists. We are not extreme, we are righteously against a corrupt and criminal government that has refused its limitations. We can read the Bill of Rights and know when it is government itself that is in violation of the law.

Had we seen a stopping point, a barrier that the government will not cross our purpose would cease. We might then become advocates of certain violations, but we would be able to legally walk back these excesses within a justice system that could acknowledge excess. Were the Supreme Court to act as defenders of the Constitution rather than creators of a "civil society" we could place our fates in their hands.

Nothing would be better than to know that we were safe from the abuses of government via some benefactor who would have the power to take up our case and let justice prevail. But, it is the power of government itself that precludes this possibility. It has corrupted all avenues of justice within its structure.

So, we have been led to this place, this desperation by the actions of the government seeking power over us. The government that seeks to be free of the bondage placed on it by the Constitution. It does so with the complicity of those sworn to defend the Constitution, who are also paid by the government and supported in retirement by the government. Who are we to appeal to?

Even a house cat is dangerous when left no avenue of escape and fears for its life. The government has gotten its wish, it has bound us up, left us nowhere to seek redress, no one to appeal to for help...except each other. It is with no pleasure that we take the next step.


  1. Where do these liberty groups come from? What purpose does the Tea Party serve? One cannot exist in America today and not see the angst of the people in all these different manifestations. What do they ask? Do these groups ask for power or prestige? Do they seek rights from others? No, they ask only for their rights to be acknowledged and respected and for government to cease violations of those rights so clearly identified in the Bill of Rights.

    Right on and posted.

  2. I reproduced it entirely, with a link.

    Well done... again.

  3. From my of your best.

    Well written, absolutely agree!

  4. First they came for the (insert some group other than YOU here), but I didn't do anything because *I* wasn't in that group.
    As you say, just be patient.....they WILL come for YOU sooner or later!

  5. Outstanding & posted.

    This is a accepted risk that we have taken on in the fight for liberty.

    We know that they will be coming.

  6. Excellent TL and link passed onto my contacts. Liberty and Tryanny cannot co-exist anymore than matter and anti-matter can exist together. For far too many years I was one of thsoe who knew that things were not right and we were headed down the wrong path leaving the ideals of the founders in the dust to be forgotten or rewritten to suit the new rulers. It was far too easy to overlook the incremental usurptions of freedom. All I wanted was to work, pay my fair share, spend time with my family and do a little hunting and fishing and to be left alone. The problem is that "they" would not leave me alone. They always wanted a little more of what I made from my labors and always a little more of my freedom.

    Finally enough was enough. I have three children and one grandchild and I cannot stand by and see them lose their chance of freedom. My wife and I have been preparing for the worst and networking with others in our area. I am hitting the local gun show next weekend with 12 copies of the III Percent Political Platform to distribute at a friends booth. I am looking forward to the NCPATCON. Jefferson knew that by their very nature Liberty and Tyrrany could not co-exist and that was why "The Tree of Liberty must be refreshed..."

    1. Right again! This morning I was reading Christopher Chantrill's post on our "freedom tradition" at American Thinker. He stated, "under the freedom tradition prosperity and generosity flourish...under the liberation tradition ( i.e. Obama's socialist utopia) the dream is a liberation from all effort, a paradise on earth....(and) the trouble with liberation (read-liberalism) is that its dreams can only be realized WITH FORCE..."
      I use Christopher's word...we are already on the road to serfdom! Or "our betters'" mock and berate us, we stand as a nation of men and do nothing! Do nothing? Please......When does the apathy stop? When do we stop going along to get along? We are being burned at the virtual stake already....
      I say...we are not the heretics. The true forces of evil are those that would want to control our lives and lead our children on a path to certain serfdom.
      We must not let that happen.
      Let our obituaries read: "He loved his family. When America lost her freedom, our Dad took a stand. He left a good life...He sacrificed his comfort, his pleasure, his presence from among we could know freedom once again."
      I don't know about you...but I want to rest in the peace that I did something about this travesty.

  7. Very eloquent Sir.
    Bill Fletcher

  8. I can speak no better than "A Rifleman's Prayer":

    "Oh Lord, I would live my life in freedom, peace and happiness, enjoying the simple pleasures of hearth and home. I would die an old, old man in my own bed, preferably of sexual overexertion.

    But if that is not to be, Lord, if monsters such as this should find their way to my little corner of the world on my watch, then help me to sweep those bastards from the ramparts, because doing that is good, and right, and just.

    And if in this I should fall, let me be found atop a pile of brass, behind the wall I made of their corpses.”

    Make no mistake, Brothers - those monsters are HERE - WHEREVER "Here" is.

    As for me, if I MUST GO, I pray I be found like THIS MAN:

    God help us - and GOD SAVE OUR REPUBLIC!

  9. Ain't that the truth TL!

    The contract of Sovereign Liberty of the people with the limitations and restrictions of OUR government, you know the one that exists because its only source of income comes from confiscation of OUR prosperity We create, the social contract of primal unalienable freedoms, it was created for a reason. It exists so that everyone doesn't have to be huddling in dark corners, or grovel in the dirt holding their rifle to protect their family and property. It was not created for that government to take these things. It was not created so that government could make laws and regulations that turn you into a criminal, conveniently, in order to justify taking the very last thing that is yours and yours alone. Liberty.

    Any argument or bullshit to the contrary whatever the rationale or lie is treason and war in and of itself declared on me.

  10. You cannot secure liberty with violence.

    The oppression you face is funded by your acceptance of usury. The money power owns you because you want their money.

    The freedom you seek is within your own mind. Reject usury.

    See Luke 6:31. Or keep working for the man and dreaming.

    This is the unraveling. World-wide bankruptcy mathematically predicted by applying compound interest relentlessly.

    The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

    You can't shoot your way out of this one. The best that will do is press reset -- and you'll be right back here before you know it. It's time to stop cheating one another.

    Wake up and smell the usury.

    1. And so what? We just throw in the towel?'s bigger than that.
      First of all...I think you're reading your Bible out of context if you are interpreting Luke 6 as some kind of across the board principle on Christian humility in the face of persecution or oppression...implying that we should just suck it up and deal with it.
      For the record...Jesus' Sermon on the Plain, as that passage is called, was speaking about the spiritual battle that his disciples and local followers were currently faced had nothing to do with our present-day turmoil and outright criminal usurpation of our God-given constitution rights by politically motivated, power-hungry mongrels.

  11. Let us take it back on DeclareWorldPeaceDay June 17, 2012

  12. I am continuously humbled by your eloquence Sir.
    Alex DeTocqville or Thomas Paine would give you
    a loud Hooaaah!

    1. I am humbled by the comparison, but I thank you in the spirit it was given.

  13. It is dangerous to state this, but it must be said.
    It may very well come down to when to shoot the politicians.
    In the face of the arrogance, the repugnant state of betrayal of trust, and subsequent acts and culture of absolute corruption, which is all the vast majority of our elected officials today earnestly and truthfully represent, with the power they wield with utter disdain for the will of the people, the abuse of the law, or the perversion of it to justify their ends, is it not evident in the face of such overwhelming treason and subsequent outgrowth of tyranny, that shooting the bastards would solve the largest dilemma of all?

  14. I am reminded of the line in The Seven Samuri by Heihachi;
    (While Heihachi is chopping wood)
    "Gorobei Katayama: You're good.
    Heihachi Hayashida: Yeah, yeah. But I'm better at killing enemies.
    Gorobei Katayama: Killed many?
    Heihachi Hayashida: Well — it's impossible to kill 'em all, so I usually run away.
    Gorobei Katayama: A splendid principle!
    Heihachi Hayashida: Thank you."

    There are too many to kill them all, better to learn how to live around and amongst them.

  15. nice idea.. thanks for sharing..


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