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Friday, March 30, 2012

See You In Georgia

It is widely understood that the champions of liberty are mired in their own surroundings, distanced from groups and other individuals. It is the nature of the liberty-seeking individual to keep to themselves, to prepare for the bad times and secure their own families from harm. They can be blamed for none of these things, but it is time to step out away from them and realize that the only manner in which to effect their goals of being left alone is to band together. Ironic as that is, it is just as true.

There is more support for our cause and our actions than we might suspect by the numbers at our functions and gatherings. From our limited base we have achieved great things already, but a conversation I recently had with a radio talk show host and liberty advocate convinced me that the whole rabble is growing frustrated with the system they thought they could manipulate. Time is showing the most ardent Tea Party/9-12 groups that simply attacking this issue on the political end of the spectrum is unlikely to yield the anticipated result. They are daily drifting closer to our position. In fact, he acknowledged that we are losing liberty at a greater pace than can be stemmed through the political machinery, a fact that many of us had recognized a long time ago.

What we are proving through the PatComs initiated by Bill Nye and replicated across the nation is that we can shed that cloak of privacy in pursuit of cooperation. We must. I hate it as much as anyone. I am, despite the way I spout off on this blog and seem driven to organize, a much more private person than most would assume. Everything I have done to put myself forward has been in sacrifice to the greater issue of killing this tyrannical machine which has descended upon our political system. I was driven from my comfortable surroundings where no one knew my name by the actions I saw taking place in Washington and my own home town. I was driven from my privacy by their actions and the realization that the longer I stood by silently counting the diminishing areas in which I could conduct my life without input and direction from the state, the more I encouraged the unending pursuit of my liberty.

So, there it is, tell me you don't feel much the same way. Here we are, all in this together and there are literally hundreds of thousands who feel the same, but who are lagging behind in the thought process, who are just now coming out of the comatose state of false hope. It is perhaps the greatest motivator that Romney is leading in the polls and most likely to become the candidate of the GOP. Unlike some of the more conservative candidates who might cause one to give them a chance, the true patriot sees no ally in Romney and will not even take a breath from the struggle for liberty if he is elected president.

Now is the time to push hard for attendance, to gather the clan and to arrive at what must bring us together: Action. The time for talk is done and I look forward to the moment when I am so embroiled in the actual struggle to set this blog aside for good. My purpose here has always been to get the ball rolling, to get butts out of the chairs and see to it that something is done to stop this onslaught of rules and regulations, or die trying.

I will be at the Georgia PatCom on Saturday morning. I will stay until Sunday and then drive home and then onto Mercer to do one last scouting of the site for the summit. I recognize this time as one when money does not matter and time is the only commodity. Everything I have done to earn money and save money in my life matters only insofar as it furthers this movement and encourages others to take part.

I will be talking to my radio show host friend more over the next few weeks to report on the goings on in the PatCom community to build our clan, to further our goals and to attract more to our side. Whatever you are able to do in your AO to do the same will yield the numbers we need. I know that now. Our commitment to action is becoming understandable to those who only a few years ago would have never considered such a thing, who thought working within the system was the answer.

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War there was the committee of correspondence, hundreds of people who dedicated themselves to writing to newspapers and publishing pamphlets that encouraged those to enter the field of battle against the Brits. I hope I have helped to do the same along with the many patriot bloggers who have continued to beat the drum. Soon, that phase will have come to an end and I can focus on the bigger issues of causing this leviathan some problems it cannot solve with the IRS.

See you in Georgia.


  1. Hey, on your way back up, you are more than welcome to spend some time in NC if you like. The weather is nice now near/on the beach.

  2. I would like nothing better, Brock, but the schedule is too tight at the moment. There is not a moment I don't think when I could get over to see you. I will make that trek, yet, when I can take some time and not just rush through on the way to somewhere else. Yours is a hospitality not to be rushed, my friend, we have lots to discuss.

  3. The sleeping giant has been, and always will be, the American people. While we may be slow to rise. Woe be it for tyranny awakening us from our slumber.

  4. Heartening words TL, thank you.
    And thank you for something more precious than gold. Making me think. The pen is mightier than the sword. (Still need the sword. The sword does one thing the pen can never do.) I think there has been incredible progress in the awareness of what is going down over the last few years. Folks are turning away from the false narratives. There is universal suspicion surrounding crisis', suspicions that always at best they are used or manipulated as means to ends contrary to their best interests. At worst they are crisis created as a means to ends.
    That the corruption of everything government, really the people who constitute it, that this corrupt culture spoils everything it touches and has passed the point of no return.

    Out of the blue, for no apparent reason of the moment, my wife asked a question as I read this post this morning, "Honey? What pieces do you see falling into place right now?" Bless her beautiful heart. She had no idea what I was reading.
    See my wife has faith. Faith in people, faith in God, faith in the good in everybody. She is a rare person. Her example has changed me in ways I never imagined.
    Her question, right there on the spot became everything, because that is the question it appears a lot of folks are wondering and asking. Had to give it a good think, because the answer was very very important. Not only for my companion and best friend.

    What pieces are falling into place?

    My answer to her was there is a great awakening taking place at long last. I can feel it. I can see it. Even more important there is a great awakening that there is a great awakening.
    My wife agreed wholeheartedly.

    That is the paradigm in and of and for and by the Liberty movement and it's champions. It is the gestalt. It is The existential threat to tyranny. It is the serendipity of Liberty and America. Of faith, and the gospel of Liberty American's have.

    My wife asked this question, because she and her network of friends and family are asking each other.
    See for years they perceived me as a whack-job, a nut who had a persecution mentality and had to be treated with humor. Bank up food? What for? Live as close to the roots of our land as practical? Bah, they got supermarkets and fast food for that! Pay off all debt at the expense of basic belongings and frivolous articles? Drive 20 year old vehicles? Air dry the laundry? Heat with wood? Whats the point!? Stockpile of ammo and living essentials? Are you crazy? What's this tyranny crap? There he goes again. Ignore it and he will shut up.
    I kept my peace and was nice. I never attempted to preach because I always suspected that even a blind pig finds an acorn eventually. Just as I did.

    Things have changed quite a bit for them recently. I can hear it and see it in the manner in which they go about their lives. I'm glad, sad to say, for what I see. But most importantly it bodes well for the future. I never stopped taking an opening to interject the most brief fundamental aspects of Liberty or tyranny into a conversation. Because those same bits of wisdom over my life by others had a profound effect on me, because those bits of wisdom made me think for myself and aroused my suspicions and curiosity.

    No one can tell me this here place that is my home is going down the crapper. No sir. Not over my bullet riddled dead carcass it is. And not before that. Not as long as American's like me exist. I mean this last statement in the most humble way. I said it because I know it balls to bones. I said it because my wife asked. Because it is my duty to protect my wife my any means necessary. As is my Liberty. The Liberty that constitutes the roots of my country. Just as the Liberty Summits constitute the very essence of the movement of awareness, the yearning for something, from the ground up of Liberty.

    This is not humble, never assume it to be anything but exactly what it says. You destroy me and I come back ten fold stronger.
    I am Legion.

  5. Thank you MTP.

    You have given me courage, as does TL.


    -- CA

  6. Building tribes now,will make it much easier to call the clans together later. Do it now, while there is till time...


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