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Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Million Tentacles of Injustice

The wheels of oppression, once started, cannot be stopped. There is no end. Every single governmental form will naturally devolve into tyranny. As we saw with the Whiskey Rebellion, George Washington had only just begun a career as a politician and his instincts toward oppression revealed itself. It was one misstep in a glorious career as our first president, but it signalled everything we now face.

We all know we are at a turning point in our history, a moment when everything is in limbo, waiting for that next feather to fall on one side of the scale or the other. It could be anything, even the slightest weight could make the difference. It is a moment full of hope and fear, of optimism and dread. Our fates are tied to it and we know it.

The Obama Administration has pushed and will continue to push until something happens. I believe it is in the interest of the government extremists to wait for some sort of social upheaval to blaze the path for them. They don't care if it is another 9/11 or another Oklahoma City, it is all the same to them, it is the entree into statism. The conditions of liberty have led to that moment, they will claim, so more restrictions are necessary.

It's not so much to ask. We have indicated, by our behavior, that it will succeed as it has before.

What will it be, ye patriots? Will you be the one to add that one feather-weight to the scale and bring hardship and suffering down on the blinded, self-absorbed people of your nation? Should you care? Have they not sold you out before this? Have they not taken the power out of your hands by their complacency and laziness? Have they not turned to sporting events rather than Town Hall to protest? Do they deserve anything but the suffering they have caused you?

It is in this moment that decisions are being made to bring the hammer down on all liberties. Of late the Obama Administration has changed its arguments for Obamacare before the Supreme Court from the Commerce Clause to the Necessary and Proper clause. Why? Because they felt they were going to lose, they were probably given a little "heads up" on it and also, very simply, because "necessary" is more vague than "commerce". "Proper" is more vague than "Commerce". Vagueness in the Constitution is the key to undermining and reversing every principle of the document and your rights along with it.

It doesn't matter that it is the Obama Administration, any politician would do the same. They want it and know that they are clever enough to rationalize it before a willing set of government employees. Think not too grand thoughts of our nine justices on the Supreme Court, they are there because some politician thought he could get an advantage on some issue important to his political base by putting them there. It doesn't always work out. One view of a particular issue does not always signal a like-mind, but rather a rare nexus of thought.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court is not the sole arbiter of Constitutionality. It was written for the people and finally to be enforced by them. I have no faith in justices, they are removed from the conditions we, the people, are subject to. They too often see wisdom in their own thoughts and too rarely see the folly.

In the end it doesn't matter if the Supreme Court buys this sudden end-around and agrees to find Obamacare and its million tentacles of injustice "Constitutional". That's just a word as vague as any other. The real question is whether the people find it Constitutional. Most will accept the ruling of the justices, because they don't know the Constitution. They will consider the ruling the last word as they have throughout American history, because they are ignorant of everything but the winner of some reality show.

You, Sir and Madame, are the Supreme Court. You always have been.


  1. the Obama Administration has changed its arguments for Obamacare before the Supreme Court from the Commerce Clause to the Necessary .......and Proper clause. Why? Because they felt they were going to lose, they were probably given a little "heads up" on it and also, very simply, because "necessary" is more vague than "commerce". "Proper" is more vague than "Commerce". Vagueness in the Constitution is the key to undermining and reversing every principle of the document and your rights along with it.

    That's good.

  2. It defies words how there are people in power committing such terrible treason and imposing such tyranny, people who harbor so much hate and desire, such selfishness, to destroy something that does not belong to them at all costs no matter the means. Some very bad things are going to happen because of them and what they are doing I reckon. In their reckless abandon to obtain absolute power these really bad people have set in motion intentionally, and unintentionally, both intended, and unintended consequences.
    I wonder intensely each day, with each passing trespass, violation of the rule of law, and Liberty, what is the breaking point?

    That's a million dollar question.

    Some say it is indicative of how little sovereign will the people of America posses that these evil persons have managed a coupe from the inside out of our republic. Hard to say for sure really.
    I like to believe that while yes there is truth in that, there may be another consideration that warrants much merit, and it is really hard to define, and while others than me are much more adept and eloquent in defining things of such import, I'd wager much there is a whole hell of a lot of people who while decent and caring enough they don't want to have to do bad things in order to protect, redress and fight for their Liberty and Prosperity, but that when it is unquestionably past the point of peaceful recourse, when things get really testy and it drops in the pot, these may well be the people who are going to dish out one hell of a reckoning and comeuppance upon the antagonists of this shit sandwich called tyranny foisted on us. Once it begins, it is going to evolve into a brutal ugly fight. While I believe without a doubt Liberty is the victor, it is going to be terrible both in its retribution and in its cost. If for no other reason than the ilk of tyranny we are faced with would rather see everything destroyed than loose the ill gotten power and treasure they have stolen.

    "Careful what one wishes for", is a cautionary tale of profound proportions.

  3. Our government is made up of 3 separate branches, Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

    We are the problem, yes, we the people are the problem. It is official, sending people to Washington, to make our laws, over and over again for 10, 20, 30, 40, and yes, even 50 years, is now a recognizable Mental Illness.
    The only know cure is forgetting party loyalties and voting for the other Guy or Gal, the cure works every time it is implemented.

    1. It may work but I can not bring myself to vote for a Demonrat - for any reason. It has been a long time since I voted FOR anybody. I just vote against the Quisling tapeworm who scares me more than the other lying treacherous buffoon. They all suck, but it seems like the Dems always scare me worse.

    2. When you have a barrel full of bad apples, putting a good one in doesn't make the rest good does it?

      Voting does as much good as pissing into the wind. Choosing the lesser of two evils does not improve our situation. Besides, we don't live in a democracy. When the corrupt have the ability to do whatever they want, they have the ability to put into office whomever they wish.

      Our only recourse is to empty the barrel and scrub it clean or discard it altogether and start anew.

  4. Another good one, TL; you're cranking. It's high time for individuals to understand that it's their own lives they're living. They can evade the responsibility in their minds, but they can't evade it in reality, under punishment of death...not at the hands of their fellow men necessarily, but owing to the state of reality. In my odd view, this is the nature of justice.

    So in the end, it's not really whether someone finds something constitutional, but rather whether that person finds it acceptable.

  5. " Should you care? Have they not sold you out before this? Have they not taken the power out of your hands by their complacency and laziness?"

    Never stop your adversary in the middle of his error. Actually, one might wish to compound his error, feed his hubris & headlong recklessness. Sometimes the best way to destroy something is to get behind it and PUSH. Too much to consider? At least get out of the way.

    The only way to awaken the zombies will be when they finally confront their own idiocy - kinda like pushing the puppies' nose in his own steaming shit pile on the dining room carpet.
    Gradualism has steadily & stealthily destroyed whatever individual will or identity which may once have existed. Gradualism cannot restore previous thought processes or values, just as voting cannot restore liberty and freedom.

    As one outrage is protested, ten more occur behind the scenes. By design - like a magician or con man our attention is called to one area so that we may be deceived in others.

    Should we care? I'm long past the point of caring to recognize ANY branch of this illegitimate cabal.

  6. Crisis as a means.
    A body of laws where everyone is conveniently an outlaw or criminal.
    Rob an entire nation of its intrinsic wealth, jobs, and ability to create its own prosperity free of intrusion and meddling by the elites.
    Jack up the costs of every staple of life, and eat out the existence of peoples lives through intrusion or imposition in the entire sphere of their lives. All so that folks are too busy trying to keep their homes, jobs, and basic necessities of living, to busy to rise up and throw the traitors, crooks and tyrants out. Long enough to impose such a level of tyranny it is next to impossible to fight the leviathan monstrosity of government without resorting armed revolt.


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