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Thursday, March 29, 2012

The House Of Tyranny

We now see the utter daftness of the Obama Supreme Court appointments. After listening to an hour or so of the arguments, my suspicions were confirmed that anyone associated with Obama would have to be first an ideologue and second a bit on the dim side of the table. One quality works with the other, without intellectual agility one is unable to present their ideology in a rational manner with compelling arguments.

The surprise for me is that I thought Obama's Solicitor General would be the smartest person in the room, with the previously referenced intellectual agility. On the whole I became alarmed at the idea that, perhaps, these people really were stupid and not working toward any higher plane, a vision that my feeble mind is unable to conceive of, but that they simply desire power and control and rely on the shallowness and corruptibility of the American public to achieve it.

Basically, their argument comes down to "here is free stuff, who doesn't like free stuff?" Yikes! But, here we see the absolute need to defeat this political virus, one which seems to have read de Tocqueville and took from him not the warnings and predictions as something to be guarded against, but found the method of destroying the American system.

In a comment to another post a reader wondered what would happen if Obamacare is defeated, having become the focal point for a post called "One Single Line" that line being the Supreme Court finding Obamacare constitutional as I suspected would happen. Does that one single line, around which all of us can rally, disappear and leave us without momentum, without inspiration? Yes, it does.

It does not mean that the Liberty Movement stalls and is incapable of achievements, but it stalls the support we might have received from the greater community. There is no way to deny that.

The reality is this: no movement can move without a point around which to rally. There was the Boston Massacre for the American Revolution, followed by other injustices. The point of the Liberty Summit, in conjunction with other PatComs being held around the nation (the one in Georgia this weekend and the one in North Carolina on the weekend of the Summit) is to start the resistance, actions which call out the federal government and challenge its right to deny our rights. They are to call attention to the many injustices of the past and give future injustices a history.

The Hutaree dismissal was a win for the movement. There are those who are able to recognize that political opposition is not criminal, that speech in and of itself is not a crime. There are no plans to overthrow this government anywhere in the Liberty Movement. To the contrary, the point of the Liberty Movement is to reinstate the government, to take it back from those who have corrupted it and violated the charter. To this end I have maintained that I cannot commit a crime while this is my intent, no matter how arduously I pursue it.

Now, anyone will tell you that they would not rely on that argument in a court of law. Which court? The one supported by this criminal endeavor of a federal system? Make no mistake, I don't expect to go free, I expect to be held prisoner, demanding POW status. Is that whistling in the wind? Sure, but if one is dedicated to their actions, understands the consequences and pursues at all times the righteousness of their acts, they will act with resolution. When one allows the enemy, in this case the corrupt government, to define their actions as criminal, they have lost the battle going in. The violation of an illegal law is not a crime, it is a duty.

We were taught in the military, not long after the end of the Vietnam War, that we are not absolved of criminal actions if we obeyed an illegal command. Neither are they.

The house of tyranny has been built by rulings in the Supreme Court. Listening to the arguments it is easy to see how previous violations of the Constitution were approved by the court and now used by another political ideology to justify their violations. On and on it goes. There is no end to oppression once started and provided as a precedent. We are lost. There is no way to unwind the entanglements that have led us to this. The battle must still be fought, but without the court ruling Obamacare constitutional it will have to be fought without the support of the sports and fashion crazed public. As you were.

Today I urge the reader to attend one of the many PatComs being held near you, convince others to attend with you. Nothing is so important now than to grow this community, to be able to operate without the support of the general public, they were never on our side anyway, but learn to recognize those in your AO who would like to attend such a gathering. At the Summit we will begin to formulate actions that can be taken and ways to put those actions in a context that will rally the like-minded to our cause of restoring what has been stolen, argued out of existence by elitist attorneys and justices.

Our moment is yet to come to bring down the house of tyranny.


  1. The surprise for me is that I thought Obama's Solicitor General would be the smartest person in the room, with the previously referenced intellectual agility.

    Mind Boggling

  2. I think the ignorance of these tyrants and their useful dupes lies somewhere within this truth about truths:

    “You can ignore reality, but you can’t ignore the consequences of ignoring reality.” -Ayn Rand

    If that isn't the definition of how stupid these bums are, I'll eat my hat.
    You have to be pretty stupid not to understand this:

    Is freedom anything but the power of living as we like? “Nothing else.” Epictetus

    Because for me, obama care & the evil doers who are foisting it upon me, is all about denying my Liberty, all of our Liberty, to live as I like.

    Now TL, you wrote something so profound that from the very moment I read your words what you implied has not left my waking consciousness. I quote,

    "It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution. It is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them.

    Let them restore it to find refuge from us.

    If I may humbly add a kind of caveat to the implied intent, it also relates directly to that line being crossed, to 9 elites, to the tyranny called obamacare, to Jim's question you refer to, it is this:

    If the Constitution doesn't protect me, it doesn't protect anyone. For example, if a Police officer violates my protections under the Constitution and Bill of Rights, ie my Constitutional unalienable Liberty, well then none of his Liberty is protected either, and all that that implies.

    It is a house tyranny has built.
    Liberty built a Republic.
    Tyranny is about tearing that Republic down. And the path to doing so relies on leveraging the Constitution as a cheap slut to advance an agenda, vilifying it when it suits the narrative, and hiding behind it as is convenient to do so in order to disguise the truth of tyranny.

    Think about that for a moment.

  3. All, unimaginable hypothetical scenarios sprang into my mind as my blood pressure spiked along with my primordial instinct to not only kill, but utterly destroy into pieces of disgustingly offal human detritus the bodies of the serpent-like eliptical eyed enemies of OUR REPUBLIC after reading this perfectly written Writ of Dicovery.
    On to the eventual clash on the Green, hasten the Justice, hasten the log awaited die-off of undesireables that have nearly rendered this Country assunder from blatant greed,sloth and gluttony of the entitlement population enabled by our esteemed and honorable liberal legislators....

  4. The Obamunist's presently serving on SCOTUS dont have to be smart or even intellectual to be appointed, they must merely vote in synch with the movement to destroy this nation and our liberty.. the fault would be in our accepting the corrupt and illegal decision of one of the coequal branches of government that can be over ridden by the legislature even though the presentation of their being the final word is bogus in the extreme. We should always keep all options on the table..

    Should such a decision be rendered, those guilty of crimes against Liberty and violating Constitutional restrictions that prevent such rulings (Article lll Section 2: The judicial power shall extend to all cases, in law and equity, arising UNDER this Constitution...)they are "required" to rule on constitutional compliance not necessity, or anything else, even on SCOTUS, should be brought to the forefront and proceedings to remove the offenders should be promoted nationwide by one and all with repeal of the law and removal of offenders by arrest if necessary.

    Yank lll


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