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Monday, March 12, 2012

Government Extremists

Political change is nearly impossible without economic collapse. What we saw in the Middle-East this year was unusual, but only because the economics of it had been static and it only took an urging from a few groups to put the power into the hands of others. People like Hosni Mubarak and Muhamar Qadaffi had it coming for a long time, really. The utter poverty of a people lies dormant until some brilliant provocateur puts the urge in the people, generally the younger folks without houses and cars and careers to lose by being out in the streets for an extended time and with others for encouragement when the initial inspiration declines.

Another unusual display was that of the Tea Parties in America where the bulk of the protesters came from the middle-aged, middle-income groups, you know the ones, the ones who pay for everything the government does, yeah, those folks. What that should have spawned was a true desire to change things abruptly, irrevocably, but it got bogged down in political discourse, in swaying elections rather than discovering that elections don't matter. It also spent a great deal of effort and emotion trying to refute the "racist" tag placed on them by the Obama faction.

I'm not saying that Tea Partiers (which I was once considered until I broke from them over some of the previous issues) aren't still active and pursuing by other means the same political goals of the Liberty Movement, but their energy is being wasted in just the way the government extremists choose.

What we witness today are the actions of the Government Extremists. A government extremist is anyone who sees the government as a solution, they are the TSA, DHS, DoJ and even DoD at some point where that belief is focused on the people. They are the DMV employees who deny your ability to drive a car because you have not paid a long-forgotten parking ticket, they are the welfare recipients who choose the government over the people, because they rely on the government for their livelihood. Government Extremists see the government as the answer to all their problems at our cost. They are the environmentalists, the Green Movement, the many non-profits who seek out special favors and turn legislation against rational thought and pursuit. Whereas the anti-Government Extremists are those who would like to be left alone, or would tolerate a certain degree of government that allows them, with minimal regulations and fees to pursue their objectives; those who consider their property a thing to be used by them for their own purposes.

The battle is best scene from this perspective. In this context I am undoubtedly an anti-Government Extremist. Let them claim the title of Government Extremist. There are only two modes of thought on this and this is where the Liberty Movement arises, to point that out, to mark the lines between one and another. No doubt there are those in government who would not choose the title Government Extremist, let them revoke it, let them deny it, let them prove it. It is for the people to decide who is and who is not a Government Extremist.

It doesn't take a long look down the road leading to tomorrow to see where these Government Extremists will do much worse than that, but everyone starts somewhere from some perspective. One must not necessarily be a thug with a rifle to support them in their efforts. One must not necessarily agree with the cop who tasered the nine-year-old boy for truancy to support it with the assets and equipment with which the cop committed this heinous act.

Anytime a nut with a gun hurts someone, everyone says: "someone must have known, someone must have seen it coming." And so it is with this sort of action...isn't it? Who put that taser in his hands? Government Extremists, every last one of them. They will disavow that they had something to do with it, but how can they? They created an atmosphere of police action, of protection for even the most horrific of acts. They are allowed to molest children at the airport without fault; they are allowed to raid lawful establishments without punishment; they are allowed to torture a milk farmer in jail without remorse. These Government Extremists enabled all of this and march us further down the road toward serfdom and need to be called out for their "atmosphere of hostility" toward the American people.

I know there are good and honest people in all of these governmental bureaucracies, some who read this blog and I applaud them, but it is time to do what is right and stand against these abuses. It is time to take one's position in government and turn the tide, to become "citizen friendly" or reap the whirlwind, because there is a judgment coming and one must choose sides.


  1. "Join, or Die" Benjamin Franklin.

    You are absolutely right TL. A line is being drawn, the people must decide on which side they stand.

  2. Mr. Davis,

    Re: TEA Party.

    They were hijacked by Neocon Republicans almost immediately. The local TEA PARTY here in Erie County, PA is filled with neocon RINOS who support the likes of Mitt Romney, Lib and Michelle Bachmann a career politician and former Internal Revenue Service lawyer.

    I have distanced myself from any TEA Party affiliations. They're a joke both nation-wide and locally.



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