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Monday, March 5, 2012

Do We Burn It To The Ground?

The biggest question put to us, as patriots, is what do we do with this government? It is not the Constitution we find offensive, it is not the principles of capitalism and republicanism that we find distasteful, it is the current lawless application of those principles that we abhor.

Ours is not a case against our founding, but a love of it. Ours is not a desire to destroy the nation, but to allow it to rise as a leader among nations to be the beacon of liberty and freedom that has attracted so many to its shores over the past centuries.

By the lawlessness demonstrated by the government of the United States, we have come in conflict with those who, by oath and affirmation, have sworn to defend it. This is an impossible situation because they have not been faithful to their oath, they have done the opposite. They have chosen to distance themselves from their own legitimacy and to become freelance politicians untethered by rule or by charter. They simply apply for a position within the Constitutional framework and work from that position to undermine and degrade the only thing that gives government order and function, the Constitution of the United States.

These are not representatives of the people, they are representatives in name only. They are closer to Barons of old, who instead of owning great tracts of land, they represent great tracts of land called precincts. They respond to the requests of their citizens by appealing to the kingdom of DC and for favors will secure to their citizens the spoils. This is not the government designed and agreed to under the charter of the Constitution. This is a bastardization of that system in which any right or status of a citizen is part of the bargain these representatives make to obtain spoils for the rest.

Having freed themselves through Supreme Court favor, these representatives now seek only personal wealth, power and influence among the king's court.

It is this leviathan that we find ourselves at odds with because our solemn rights, those granted to us by God and secured by the Constitution, which have led to the vast success of the United States in the past, are under attack from this monstrosity of governance.

There is a very particular reason that we are designated as Anti-government Extremists, because it is not the form by which the government derives its power that we oppose, it is the abusive, all-powerful government itself, the government in violation of the Constitution that we oppose. It is the very fact that the government has distanced itself from its authority that we seek to bring it back into compliance.

The Constitution is just a piece of paper, it is a treaty with those who wield the power of government and those who supply it with financial support. Were it possible, the most effective thing the people could do to oppose this injustice is to refuse to supply it with financial support. That option is illegal and has been made illegal by the 16th Amendment and so it must be recognized or we lose the legitimacy of our cause to remain faithful to the Constitution and all of its subsequent amendments.

It is the government which is the problem. It is the illegal nature of the government which must be opposed. The question here is: Do we burn the whole thing to the ground to reset the government in a more favorable way? It IS possible. There is a way to do so, to destroy the entire government of the United States. But, what rushes into that void? Despotism? Communism? Constitutionalism?

We take this piece of paper, this treaty, to mean everything, because it supports our rights and gives us basis for claiming them from our government. It gives us righteous indignation where those rights are violated. It is the only thing extra-governmental that provides us with proper footing on which to petition our government for redress. That or outright rebellion.

We either appeal to the government on a legalistic level for a return of our rights and a demand that the government remain rightfully limited within the Constitution, or flat out run with flaming torches to the seats of government chase all of those within out into the streets for the mob to do with them what they will (euphemistically of course). 

And, where to begin? With whom do we take up the first charge? Who has done the most direct damage to our rights? Who has been there at every turn to declare our demands insufficient and unjustified? Who has the power to decide whether we have those rights or not? Whether they have been violated or not? What individuals should be the first target of our ire?

Stew on these questions for while.


  1. Several avenues come to mind.. I would recommend root cause analysis to begin as I think there are as many opinions as people..

    Yank lll

  2. All the American People have to do is come to there senses and never send anyone to Congress for more then 6 years.
    Right at 6 years they become a Professional Politician and a PP is not worth spit.

  3. Keep following the money up.

  4. Thomas Paine or Alex DeTocqueville could not have said it better.
    Question is, who among us will be their next target? Will it be from "natural causes" or will the wolf burn my house down?

  5. I'm afraid it will have to burn down before it can be rebuilt. We're well past the tipping point, and the establishment is too firmly entrenched. Let it crash and burn. Hell, help it along. Then we can patch the holes left by the Founders and do it right this time...

  6. "I'm afraid it will have to burn down before it can be rebuilt."

    Seems obvious, but I wonder. Why can't whatever is to be built then, be built now? It's probably moot anyway, since destroyers destroy no matter what creators do.

    Yank, I agree that root cause analysis can be mighty valuable. But at this stage, I'd say goal analysis is what's called for. In my view, hardly anyone even sees who has the goals in the first place. Big problem IMO.

  7. Ultimately, a country gets the government it wants and deserves. Burn it down today, and it would almost certainly be replaced by a totalitarian regime. The philosophy of the average person has to change first--to value individual rights. Only then can a void be filled with freedom instead of tyranny.


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