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Friday, March 30, 2012

See You In Georgia

It is widely understood that the champions of liberty are mired in their own surroundings, distanced from groups and other individuals. It is the nature of the liberty-seeking individual to keep to themselves, to prepare for the bad times and secure their own families from harm. They can be blamed for none of these things, but it is time to step out away from them and realize that the only manner in which to effect their goals of being left alone is to band together. Ironic as that is, it is just as true.

There is more support for our cause and our actions than we might suspect by the numbers at our functions and gatherings. From our limited base we have achieved great things already, but a conversation I recently had with a radio talk show host and liberty advocate convinced me that the whole rabble is growing frustrated with the system they thought they could manipulate. Time is showing the most ardent Tea Party/9-12 groups that simply attacking this issue on the political end of the spectrum is unlikely to yield the anticipated result. They are daily drifting closer to our position. In fact, he acknowledged that we are losing liberty at a greater pace than can be stemmed through the political machinery, a fact that many of us had recognized a long time ago.

What we are proving through the PatComs initiated by Bill Nye and replicated across the nation is that we can shed that cloak of privacy in pursuit of cooperation. We must. I hate it as much as anyone. I am, despite the way I spout off on this blog and seem driven to organize, a much more private person than most would assume. Everything I have done to put myself forward has been in sacrifice to the greater issue of killing this tyrannical machine which has descended upon our political system. I was driven from my comfortable surroundings where no one knew my name by the actions I saw taking place in Washington and my own home town. I was driven from my privacy by their actions and the realization that the longer I stood by silently counting the diminishing areas in which I could conduct my life without input and direction from the state, the more I encouraged the unending pursuit of my liberty.

So, there it is, tell me you don't feel much the same way. Here we are, all in this together and there are literally hundreds of thousands who feel the same, but who are lagging behind in the thought process, who are just now coming out of the comatose state of false hope. It is perhaps the greatest motivator that Romney is leading in the polls and most likely to become the candidate of the GOP. Unlike some of the more conservative candidates who might cause one to give them a chance, the true patriot sees no ally in Romney and will not even take a breath from the struggle for liberty if he is elected president.

Now is the time to push hard for attendance, to gather the clan and to arrive at what must bring us together: Action. The time for talk is done and I look forward to the moment when I am so embroiled in the actual struggle to set this blog aside for good. My purpose here has always been to get the ball rolling, to get butts out of the chairs and see to it that something is done to stop this onslaught of rules and regulations, or die trying.

I will be at the Georgia PatCom on Saturday morning. I will stay until Sunday and then drive home and then onto Mercer to do one last scouting of the site for the summit. I recognize this time as one when money does not matter and time is the only commodity. Everything I have done to earn money and save money in my life matters only insofar as it furthers this movement and encourages others to take part.

I will be talking to my radio show host friend more over the next few weeks to report on the goings on in the PatCom community to build our clan, to further our goals and to attract more to our side. Whatever you are able to do in your AO to do the same will yield the numbers we need. I know that now. Our commitment to action is becoming understandable to those who only a few years ago would have never considered such a thing, who thought working within the system was the answer.

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War there was the committee of correspondence, hundreds of people who dedicated themselves to writing to newspapers and publishing pamphlets that encouraged those to enter the field of battle against the Brits. I hope I have helped to do the same along with the many patriot bloggers who have continued to beat the drum. Soon, that phase will have come to an end and I can focus on the bigger issues of causing this leviathan some problems it cannot solve with the IRS.

See you in Georgia.

Nero By Any Other Name

Obama recently told a group of college students that the economics of "you're on your own" doesn't work, that we've tried that. Well, Obama was never a very good student from what I understand, he was socially promoted in many cases and kept on as a favorite, so I can overlook his poor take on history. Or, maybe he has been re-writing history so long he doesn't recall the actual history. Either way, the fact is that we have never tried "you're on your own" economics, not before the first depression and not in the past decade.

Our economics have been capitalist. At times the capitalist nature has been to blame for poor government, but it has never been responsible for poor government. Capitalism is an economic philosophy, not a system. Socialism is an economic system wherein the government functions as part of the system, this is not so in capitalism. Communism is an economic system wherein the government functions as the prime mover in the system, this is not so in capitalism. Capitalism exists independent of the government, this is why we refer to our governmental and economic systems as separate, i.e. the republic and as capitalism. We could just as easily have a democracy and capitalism. We could have an oligarchy and capitalism.

Capitalism for all of its detractors is really nothing more than the ability of one to accumulate capital and to expend that capital in the way one sees fit. It is not a boogey man that comes in and dictates the temperature of your home, the amount of bread one can buy, or determines one's need for an automobile as the other systems attempt to do. The other systems see capital as a possession of the government to one degree or another and its direction, its uses, as a means to control and serve the population (though it hardly ever serves more than the bureaucrats who administer the goods).

What people like Obama hate about capitalism is that it does not serve them personally with power and in some cases can mount a rigorous defense against the state. Sadly, Obama has proven so many times that, his soaring rhetoric aside, it is the power that he craves and any challenge to his authority is an invitation to harassment and degradation. It's how he plays ball: all elbows and knees. I wish only that he could take the blows as well as he dishes them out. But then, he wouldn't be the petulant child we have come to know.

What has been tried, Mr. President, is socialism and communism and one need only look to North Korea to see the most recent successes it has fostered. One need only see Greece, Spain, Portugal and Zimbabwe to understand the consequences of socialism. What is it about these failed states that draws him so close to them and away from the only success story of an economic philosophy the world has ever known?

The trouble with people like Obama is that they are such dark-hearted, self-loathing, weak-character'd people that they can only understand humanity as thousands of people like themselves and distrust the goodness that naturally resides in the rest of us. We are not you, Mr. President, we are good people with kind hearts who seek out opportunities to offer charity and kindness to our fellow humans. Largely, this is because the greater share of us are Christians and follow the teachings of Christ who informed us of this duty, not to get into heaven, because that cannot be achieved by works, but by faith alone, no, this duty is ours because we emulate Him and seek His humility, His kindness and I know you cannot see that, because you spent your time in hate-filled churches like those of Jeremiah Wright, where everything was a battle, where America was a bad place.

Capitalism is the engine of personal good deeds that does not go through a committee hearing and a legislative language session. Capitalism allows us the opportunity to grow wealth and then to distribute that wealth to the lesser advantaged among us. Capitalism allows us to be Christians, whereas, if everything were owned by the state and managed by councils and distributed by government trucks there could be no Christianity, because we would lose the opportunity to fulfill our duty and we would hate the government for having stolen our chance to do as we were instructed.

The best part of history, Mr. President, is that it has a way of holding people to their words, keeping track of their famous sayings, their petulant tantrums long after the heat of the moment has died and more rational players have taken the stage. Unfortunately, your words will be mocked for the rest of time, your moment on the world staged notched as one of the more egregious acts of self-delusion. They might even come to know you as they have come to know the name Nero.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The House Of Tyranny

We now see the utter daftness of the Obama Supreme Court appointments. After listening to an hour or so of the arguments, my suspicions were confirmed that anyone associated with Obama would have to be first an ideologue and second a bit on the dim side of the table. One quality works with the other, without intellectual agility one is unable to present their ideology in a rational manner with compelling arguments.

The surprise for me is that I thought Obama's Solicitor General would be the smartest person in the room, with the previously referenced intellectual agility. On the whole I became alarmed at the idea that, perhaps, these people really were stupid and not working toward any higher plane, a vision that my feeble mind is unable to conceive of, but that they simply desire power and control and rely on the shallowness and corruptibility of the American public to achieve it.

Basically, their argument comes down to "here is free stuff, who doesn't like free stuff?" Yikes! But, here we see the absolute need to defeat this political virus, one which seems to have read de Tocqueville and took from him not the warnings and predictions as something to be guarded against, but found the method of destroying the American system.

In a comment to another post a reader wondered what would happen if Obamacare is defeated, having become the focal point for a post called "One Single Line" that line being the Supreme Court finding Obamacare constitutional as I suspected would happen. Does that one single line, around which all of us can rally, disappear and leave us without momentum, without inspiration? Yes, it does.

It does not mean that the Liberty Movement stalls and is incapable of achievements, but it stalls the support we might have received from the greater community. There is no way to deny that.

The reality is this: no movement can move without a point around which to rally. There was the Boston Massacre for the American Revolution, followed by other injustices. The point of the Liberty Summit, in conjunction with other PatComs being held around the nation (the one in Georgia this weekend and the one in North Carolina on the weekend of the Summit) is to start the resistance, actions which call out the federal government and challenge its right to deny our rights. They are to call attention to the many injustices of the past and give future injustices a history.

The Hutaree dismissal was a win for the movement. There are those who are able to recognize that political opposition is not criminal, that speech in and of itself is not a crime. There are no plans to overthrow this government anywhere in the Liberty Movement. To the contrary, the point of the Liberty Movement is to reinstate the government, to take it back from those who have corrupted it and violated the charter. To this end I have maintained that I cannot commit a crime while this is my intent, no matter how arduously I pursue it.

Now, anyone will tell you that they would not rely on that argument in a court of law. Which court? The one supported by this criminal endeavor of a federal system? Make no mistake, I don't expect to go free, I expect to be held prisoner, demanding POW status. Is that whistling in the wind? Sure, but if one is dedicated to their actions, understands the consequences and pursues at all times the righteousness of their acts, they will act with resolution. When one allows the enemy, in this case the corrupt government, to define their actions as criminal, they have lost the battle going in. The violation of an illegal law is not a crime, it is a duty.

We were taught in the military, not long after the end of the Vietnam War, that we are not absolved of criminal actions if we obeyed an illegal command. Neither are they.

The house of tyranny has been built by rulings in the Supreme Court. Listening to the arguments it is easy to see how previous violations of the Constitution were approved by the court and now used by another political ideology to justify their violations. On and on it goes. There is no end to oppression once started and provided as a precedent. We are lost. There is no way to unwind the entanglements that have led us to this. The battle must still be fought, but without the court ruling Obamacare constitutional it will have to be fought without the support of the sports and fashion crazed public. As you were.

Today I urge the reader to attend one of the many PatComs being held near you, convince others to attend with you. Nothing is so important now than to grow this community, to be able to operate without the support of the general public, they were never on our side anyway, but learn to recognize those in your AO who would like to attend such a gathering. At the Summit we will begin to formulate actions that can be taken and ways to put those actions in a context that will rally the like-minded to our cause of restoring what has been stolen, argued out of existence by elitist attorneys and justices.

Our moment is yet to come to bring down the house of tyranny.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

One Single Line

If there is one single moment in history that marks the difference between free and slave, between citizen and subject, it is the moment when the Supreme Court decides in favor of Obamacare. It will be the annihilation of those rights and values we hold sacred. The significance of this moment cannot be stressed enough.

I know that lines have been crossed, that the mammoth of tyranny has blundered along, obliviously killing everything in its path for too long, to most of us, but there is another quarter to be considered: the average joe. They need more, they need a line of demarcation. If that is not it, one does not exist, for them.

Patriots, fear not the label. Fear not the obligation. The purpose of the Liberty Summit is to get a commitment from each other, from each group to the other, that there is a point where we stop talking, stop writing and start acting.

Yes, injustice exists at every level of government, at every court, within the breast of every government extremist. It can be no different, but this decision, this moment hinges on the actions of nine people, not gods, not presidents, not elected officials, but people of independent of evil.

If you want the rogues to fear the people there must be some action, there must be a price for our liberty more dear to them than our rights are to us. There is a time to step out of the blue-collar, obedient mold and to do something remarkable, to do something extraordinary. That time will come, I am sure of it and if there is a moment to work in concert, to send a final last warning for the injustices of the past and future, it is on that date that word is given that Obamacare is somehow, inexplicably Constitutional.

Action and survival are not assured. But, one must give of themselves, they must stand firm and resolute behind the principles they claim. I know it is hard, I face some hard times in my future and so do you. There is no way to get out clean, not if the things we claim to hold dear are, in fact, more precious to us than life, fortune and sacred honor.

To date there are 32 individuals attending the Liberty Summit, some are delegates to larger groups, some are individuals with a commitment. There are PatComs across the nation. We are the only actors willing to support our nation; not the police; not the military;  not the officers of the court; not the elected officials, all of whom have sworn an oath to defend the Constitution. They haven't and they won't. They have made their decisions and cast their lot with the powerful and corrupt. We are the real defenders, those who are willing to go beyond the limits the others have set and to do something important, not only for ourselves and our posterity, but for the nations of the world who look to us for guidance on the path to liberty.

If there is one last gasp of the society so carefully created for us by our founders, it is in this moment and no other. Waiting for the chaos caused by economic destruction to lead to self-defense is a waste of time. Prepare to take it back from them, by whatever means necessary. As it has been the duty of the solider to fight on for freedom even when that term seems vague and illusory, it is our obligation to secure the rights bestowed by God and protected by the Constitution. At least we know what it is that we are fighting for. Two generations down the line, if things are done to prevent it, our children's children will look down on liberty and denounce us all as heretics and trouble-makers.

Let them discover our wrath and seek the protections of the document they have so long despised and ridiculed. When there is nothing, they will understand.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Despots In Our Midst

There is only one thing certain about liberty and its loss and that is that it started at the Supreme Court. Every decision they make is a stone marker: irrefutable and eternal. The fact that they have made so many blunders, so many irrational and damaging decisions should warn us all of the coming season.

For my money, this is where the battle begins, this is where the absolute lines must be drawn even for the irresolute among us. Their decisions coming up this term will dictate the rapid descent of America and they will have finally plunged a dagger into the heart of liberty everywhere.

Overblown? I don't think so. One last bastion of liberty exists and it is the United States of America. Though damaged and battered, it exists, not out of the kindness of those justices so high and imperious in our national court, but because so many of us still believe it, the simpletons that we are.

We are not free and have not been free since Marbury v Madison, in my opinion. It was this case that led to the despotic rule of the court, not putting it on an even playing field as often taught, but giving the Court supreme power over every law, every right. Now, the Supreme Court is like a giant black hole, sucking everything up into it, it is the communist view of control that fits in so well with its tyranny. The Supreme Court pits one sector against another, finds favor with slave owners one minute and communists the next. Maybe they only understand a societal control mechanism that is as arbitrary and absolute as their own despotic rule.

Any president can file suit and argue before the court, any congress can legislate away our rights, but it is the Supreme Court which has become the rulers, the despots in our midst. There is no equivocation on this point and I don't care whose court it is attributed to, conservative or liberal, it is the same game, any ruling that places the federal government in greater control is a favorite of the Supreme Court. When, other than the recent EPA reversal, did any court rule against the power of the federal government? Sure there have been a few token egalitarian type rulings, a crumb here and there to save the loaf is not a price too great to pay for these gains. There have been a few good Second Amendment rulings, because they are afraid of the gun-toters, but when was a Fourth Amendment right upheld? Why in God's name did the whole of the Patriot Act survive intact?

These are not people protecting the liberty of the people or the spirit of the liberty-loving people who wrote the Constitution. They are government hacks interested in setting up the power structure so that they, in the end, become the rulers of the greatest, most powerful, economically vibrant nation in the world. Oops, because of their rulings we are no longer any of these, but a nation in decay, a corpse waiting for the worms to have their day.

I don't recall a single ruling where I had to accept that, like it, or not, it was the correct way to rule. It was Constitutional. Again, a crumb for a loaf is not liberty, it is lessened oppression. You can vote anyone you want into office and anyone you want out of office, but if you do not address, and Constitutionally you can't, the cancer at the heart of the matter (other than to impeach on grounds of abuse of power, moral interpidtude or TREASON) then elected officials are nothing other than extra hogs at the trough.

Words can be hashed out to mean anything. Words are the weapons of the damned. Words are the instructions to the persecutors who will come to visit in the dark of night. Our nation's soul has been sold with the power of the thesaurus.

It seems that words like duty, obligation and priviledged honor to serve are just re-defined to allow these imperious justices to function. It is not the 435 (or whatever number) of representatives who have betrayed this nation, it is not the 100 senators, or the single president, or even the Supreme Court today, but those in the past and for tens of generations who are to blame. No single individuals have the power of the Court anywhere in America. The God-like president himself must bow to their will or face chaos. Perhaps this is why, with the weight of the media, the instruction of the schools and the power of celebrity behind it the leftists continually win in court after court, not because they are right, but because the betrayal is so complete they revel in good press and fawning admiration. Who would not like to be Caeser and loved?

Focus on the nine who rule and you will be further along in determining the actions that must be taken to secure liberty. Everything else is show business.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

A Million Tentacles of Injustice

The wheels of oppression, once started, cannot be stopped. There is no end. Every single governmental form will naturally devolve into tyranny. As we saw with the Whiskey Rebellion, George Washington had only just begun a career as a politician and his instincts toward oppression revealed itself. It was one misstep in a glorious career as our first president, but it signalled everything we now face.

We all know we are at a turning point in our history, a moment when everything is in limbo, waiting for that next feather to fall on one side of the scale or the other. It could be anything, even the slightest weight could make the difference. It is a moment full of hope and fear, of optimism and dread. Our fates are tied to it and we know it.

The Obama Administration has pushed and will continue to push until something happens. I believe it is in the interest of the government extremists to wait for some sort of social upheaval to blaze the path for them. They don't care if it is another 9/11 or another Oklahoma City, it is all the same to them, it is the entree into statism. The conditions of liberty have led to that moment, they will claim, so more restrictions are necessary.

It's not so much to ask. We have indicated, by our behavior, that it will succeed as it has before.

What will it be, ye patriots? Will you be the one to add that one feather-weight to the scale and bring hardship and suffering down on the blinded, self-absorbed people of your nation? Should you care? Have they not sold you out before this? Have they not taken the power out of your hands by their complacency and laziness? Have they not turned to sporting events rather than Town Hall to protest? Do they deserve anything but the suffering they have caused you?

It is in this moment that decisions are being made to bring the hammer down on all liberties. Of late the Obama Administration has changed its arguments for Obamacare before the Supreme Court from the Commerce Clause to the Necessary and Proper clause. Why? Because they felt they were going to lose, they were probably given a little "heads up" on it and also, very simply, because "necessary" is more vague than "commerce". "Proper" is more vague than "Commerce". Vagueness in the Constitution is the key to undermining and reversing every principle of the document and your rights along with it.

It doesn't matter that it is the Obama Administration, any politician would do the same. They want it and know that they are clever enough to rationalize it before a willing set of government employees. Think not too grand thoughts of our nine justices on the Supreme Court, they are there because some politician thought he could get an advantage on some issue important to his political base by putting them there. It doesn't always work out. One view of a particular issue does not always signal a like-mind, but rather a rare nexus of thought.

Fortunately, the Supreme Court is not the sole arbiter of Constitutionality. It was written for the people and finally to be enforced by them. I have no faith in justices, they are removed from the conditions we, the people, are subject to. They too often see wisdom in their own thoughts and too rarely see the folly.

In the end it doesn't matter if the Supreme Court buys this sudden end-around and agrees to find Obamacare and its million tentacles of injustice "Constitutional". That's just a word as vague as any other. The real question is whether the people find it Constitutional. Most will accept the ruling of the justices, because they don't know the Constitution. They will consider the ruling the last word as they have throughout American history, because they are ignorant of everything but the winner of some reality show.

You, Sir and Madame, are the Supreme Court. You always have been.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

We're About Two Years Away...

The issue for me is simply this: I don't want to re-write the Constitution, or go to war with the powers that be, or move to another country, or take a county in Wyoming and make it ours and push out from there. I don't want to do anything. I want to work, make money, send my kids to college and die on my father's place. Between now and then I would like to walk the ground my Great Grandfather's Great Grandfather walked in Kentucky.

It doesn't seem like so much to ask for, unless you expect the freedom that will allow all of that.

Here are a few more things I don't want to do: I don't want to harness my daughter to a government loan that will enslave her to do as they say with that education; I don't want to use their light bulbs, or buy their cars, or worship Gaia instead of God, or submit to Fourth Amendment violations to fly in a plane, ride a train, or even get on the interstate. (by THEY, I mean Government Extremists)

The trouble is we are about two years away from stopping at TSA checkpoints on the interstate on ramp and showing our papers, explaining where we are going and why we want to go there. Perhaps they might want to separate us from our children and ask these questions know, just to keep us all safe.

We are about two years away from sitting in front of some TSA flunkie moved down to Obamacare Central because she couldn't keep from sniffing people's underwear at the airport and trying to explain why I think I merit an appendectomy given my age and likelihood of dying anyway. I don't want to get permission to get medical treatment I pay for so that others who don't pay for it can have their sex changed. I darn sure don't want to have to sit with my wife while she argues why she should get cancer treatment given her age and likelihood of dying anyway. (no, my wife does not have cancer and probably never will)

We are about two years away from having to get a menu from the state, that we take to our national grocer in order to have filled, by then grocery stores will have to have been nationalized to keep us safe from ourselves and becoming obese that would further tax the resources now scarcely available through the transformation of the health care system from one that could transplant hearts to save anyone's life no matter how dire it appeared, to one that cannot save anyone's life (because it would be a waste of resources on someone who might die anyway) but can treat everyone's boo boo, change their sex or provide abortion on demand.

To Continue...once we have the Gaia friendly ingredients which contain nothing harmful (or good) we can go home to our wind-powered home which is monitored and kept the right temperature by the power company who got subsidies to build their wind plant, so it is not too cold in the summer or too warm in the winter, but the right amount of electricity used to not be too big of a tax on the electric grid they forgot to fix while they were mandating the purchase of Government Motors Volts to be charged when everyone is trying to cool their homes and cook dinner. We might even have to wait until a slot opens up when we can use the oven, so as not to tax the grid, sometime around 11:00 pm.

We are about two years away from having to manually separate our garbage into appropriate bins and weigh them so that we do not exceed the capacity of the new ecologically-friendly landfill equipped with tarps and water to accelerate the decomposition process and that creates usable methane gas (a thing hated from cows, but loved from trash), but must be continually monitored so as not to over tax the size of the tarp or cause undue water use, or emit too much Co2 by using too many trucks to pick up the weighed and sorted garbage, or risk a fine for going over the limit, improper disposal of articles, unseparated garbage and unfiltered liquids. Fines imposed by the county and enforced by the sheriff.

We are about two years away from all of it, it is all trending this way.

Instead, I would rather choose my own food, throw away what I want to, use light bulbs that help me see, flush my toilet with the amount of water I think will do the job, build something on my property if I want it there, drive what sort of vehicle that seems to fit the lifestyle I have come to enjoy, drive where I want to, when I want to, get on a plane and fly where I want to, when I want to, send my daughter to college without watching her break down in tears when her dreams cannot be fulfilled because the government needs more teachers and not so many...whatever it is that she wants to do. (keep in mind that all of these things are limited by my ability to pay for them, which is the only reason I work as hard as I do and that might change in two years).

In short, I would rather be free than compliant. Is that so much to ask? It didn't used to be this way and that is why instead of drifting along until all this comes to pass I will take the steps necessary to prevent it, with my freedom if necessary and my life if necessary. And then, if it all comes to pass anyway and everyone left is resigned to it, I won't have to see that dead look in the eyes of everyone I love, who have been force-fed this hell by any Government Extremist.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Government Extremists

Political change is nearly impossible without economic collapse. What we saw in the Middle-East this year was unusual, but only because the economics of it had been static and it only took an urging from a few groups to put the power into the hands of others. People like Hosni Mubarak and Muhamar Qadaffi had it coming for a long time, really. The utter poverty of a people lies dormant until some brilliant provocateur puts the urge in the people, generally the younger folks without houses and cars and careers to lose by being out in the streets for an extended time and with others for encouragement when the initial inspiration declines.

Another unusual display was that of the Tea Parties in America where the bulk of the protesters came from the middle-aged, middle-income groups, you know the ones, the ones who pay for everything the government does, yeah, those folks. What that should have spawned was a true desire to change things abruptly, irrevocably, but it got bogged down in political discourse, in swaying elections rather than discovering that elections don't matter. It also spent a great deal of effort and emotion trying to refute the "racist" tag placed on them by the Obama faction.

I'm not saying that Tea Partiers (which I was once considered until I broke from them over some of the previous issues) aren't still active and pursuing by other means the same political goals of the Liberty Movement, but their energy is being wasted in just the way the government extremists choose.

What we witness today are the actions of the Government Extremists. A government extremist is anyone who sees the government as a solution, they are the TSA, DHS, DoJ and even DoD at some point where that belief is focused on the people. They are the DMV employees who deny your ability to drive a car because you have not paid a long-forgotten parking ticket, they are the welfare recipients who choose the government over the people, because they rely on the government for their livelihood. Government Extremists see the government as the answer to all their problems at our cost. They are the environmentalists, the Green Movement, the many non-profits who seek out special favors and turn legislation against rational thought and pursuit. Whereas the anti-Government Extremists are those who would like to be left alone, or would tolerate a certain degree of government that allows them, with minimal regulations and fees to pursue their objectives; those who consider their property a thing to be used by them for their own purposes.

The battle is best scene from this perspective. In this context I am undoubtedly an anti-Government Extremist. Let them claim the title of Government Extremist. There are only two modes of thought on this and this is where the Liberty Movement arises, to point that out, to mark the lines between one and another. No doubt there are those in government who would not choose the title Government Extremist, let them revoke it, let them deny it, let them prove it. It is for the people to decide who is and who is not a Government Extremist.

It doesn't take a long look down the road leading to tomorrow to see where these Government Extremists will do much worse than that, but everyone starts somewhere from some perspective. One must not necessarily be a thug with a rifle to support them in their efforts. One must not necessarily agree with the cop who tasered the nine-year-old boy for truancy to support it with the assets and equipment with which the cop committed this heinous act.

Anytime a nut with a gun hurts someone, everyone says: "someone must have known, someone must have seen it coming." And so it is with this sort of action...isn't it? Who put that taser in his hands? Government Extremists, every last one of them. They will disavow that they had something to do with it, but how can they? They created an atmosphere of police action, of protection for even the most horrific of acts. They are allowed to molest children at the airport without fault; they are allowed to raid lawful establishments without punishment; they are allowed to torture a milk farmer in jail without remorse. These Government Extremists enabled all of this and march us further down the road toward serfdom and need to be called out for their "atmosphere of hostility" toward the American people.

I know there are good and honest people in all of these governmental bureaucracies, some who read this blog and I applaud them, but it is time to do what is right and stand against these abuses. It is time to take one's position in government and turn the tide, to become "citizen friendly" or reap the whirlwind, because there is a judgment coming and one must choose sides.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Truth Is Not True

The truth is never true. There are too many perspectives, too many definitions and too many diviners of truth for it to matter. A leftist truth is too harsh and unyielding to their enemies and so it is with the right. There is something between capitalist greed and socialist utopia.

Tom Baugh recently issued a quiz, which most Constitutionalists, as I claim to be, would find initially erroneous on a couple of points, but the overall truth of it is valid. Our republic was founded upon certain documents that no president has followed, not even the revered George Washington, but their initial instincts were not wrong because they, when in power, proved their own thesis. Government itself, every one of them, is the evil to be quelled. That doesn't make me anti-government, it makes me a realist about government.

Governments attract people willing to dictate rules to others. Those vile usurpers and despots are no different from the average person given too much power. They are in fact magnets to people who are otherwise defective, but with the power of the office they are cured and even righteous in their own minds. It is the nature of government itself to destroy the individual humanity. Every bureaucracy proves this. It is a shield for petty people to hind behind policy, it is what causes that daily dose of incomprehensible actions of social workers, principals and police officers. It's out of their hands, you see, it's policy.

The Constitution is not a magical document that bestows liberty on us all, it is a contract. In exchange for the recognition of our rights, we agree to be fleeced and occasionally put out. But, any contract which has one party faithful to its intent and another who is not, is broken. It is invalid. The general concept of Baugh's quiz was to make us all look at the Constitution as a flawed document. I don't see it that way. I see it as a perfectly good document, better than one we might come up with in the future given the nature of people in general.

The trouble with the Constitution is it has been void since the Whiskey Rebellion and a few hundred years later a few of us are pointing that out. There was one point in particular that Baugh focused in on, the one where militias ultimately are under the authority of the president. I take exception to that statement on the grounds that when the contract is void, so are all of the provisions within. In other words, there would be no disagreement for our self-formed militias to come to the aid of the president if that president were faithful to the oath administered. It is the governmental reversal of all of these rights through definition which has voided it and caused people like myself and others to recognize that with all of the legal maneuvering words mean the opposite of what they once did. That does not make the document flawed, it means that we have let the government define our rights through legal re-definition for much too long.

So the question remains, what do we do now? This was the gist of the quiz, to wake some people up and to put that question to them, which he then answers by proffering the idea that we should change the Constitution. How? When that time comes, when the dollar is nothing but a bad check with which you got stuck and the creditors come to get the gold, we will be just one group in a thousand looking to re-write the Constitution and we will lose that battle.

It will be like the Arab Spring and the fighters, the muscle, will ultimately yield to a civilian authority, one that will act much more like Bolsheviks than the founders. The calls will be great to return to our "democratic" roots and the misinformed public will act much as it does now, with mindless stupefaction at the sudden sea-change, but will nonetheless go along with it.

The truth, as I see it, is that no document will ever harness the hearts of Man. No government will ever be faithful to its founding. "It is impossible," Karl Popper once said, "to speak in such a way that you cannot be misunderstood." The desire for Man to control his/her environment has led to the fantastic life most of us live, but it brings with it the desire to control everything. One cannot legislate that out of human nature, or write a document so ingenious that it sways the yearning heart.

Liberty is not a static value, it undulates like a wave, sometimes stronger and sometimes weaker, we are at a low tide in this country. Most people know that deep down. We must be clever and thoughtful and seek the ways to turn the tide, to push back against oppression in a way that awakens the others and brings them to our side. Or, we burn it down and sort through the ashes for something of value. 

Friday, March 9, 2012

An American Extremist

I read a lot of great stuff every day. Many in the comments section of this blog, but unfortunately I do not link near enough of them. That is my fault for lack of consideration. I arrange the bloglist on the right to help you find what I find every day, but once in a while I feel guilty when I read something impressive and link to it. Below is just one of many I should have linked.

An American Extremist from a blog on the right called Ontoliberty.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

They Will Come For You

It is not the people who wish for their lives to come to an end. It is not the wish of the people to see their comfort disturbed, to be forced out into the streets to try desperately to save those things of value to a great nation. There would be nothing better in life than to recline with a laptop and browse the Internet with nothing on one's mind but leisure and entertainment. For those without conscience, this is still possible...for now. But no level of disengagement will survive the insatiable demand of government for control.

One might think themselves safe with their porn and progressive lifestyle. Wait. They will come for you, when they are finished with us.

Liberty is the item on the agenda, it is the one thing the government cannot abide. Liberty is the limitation of power, it is the forestalling of their dream of control.

Those in government today do not have the will of their convictions, they do not have the ability to stand before the withering gaze of others and do what is right. They do not stand for the Constitution they have sworn to defend. They are incapable of principle. If so, where are they?

Give us allies among the police, the military, we will take them, we will work with them to secure our rights, everyone's rights. Liberty is not worth dying for if it is mine alone that I seek. It is insane to die for one's own liberty, which must be forfeit at the dying. Don't you see? Liberty is only worth dying for if it benefits others. Does an officer of the law venture out into the night with a sidearm to confront criminals in order to stay safe? Why not stay in the squad car? Do you expect us to act any differently when we see corruption and criminals everywhere in government?

Who will do it? Who will protect the people from government? Is it the ten-year veteran police officer owing allegiance to the government department, his/her union, his/her family? Will they be the ones to step out of line and acknowledge the un-Constitutional nature of their duties? We have been waiting.

Where do these liberty groups come from? What purpose does the Tea Party serve? One cannot exist in America today and not see the angst of the people in all these different manifestations. What do they ask? Do these groups ask for power or prestige? Do they seek rights from others? No, they ask only for their rights to be acknowledged and respected and for government to cease violations of those rights so clearly identified in the Bill of Rights. No, it is not muddied and unclear, these rights are not vague and in need of clarification by the government, they are plain and in simple language so that all can see their purpose.

Phrases such as "Congress shall make no law" are not difficult to understand, yet it has made such laws and has been supported by the government justices. No surprise. The few things government is supposed to do, it refuses to do. It does not declare war anymore; it does not defend the borders anymore; it does not protect the votes of citizens anymore. It does sell guns to Mexican cartels who then turn around and violate the borders of the nation and kill American citizens. All for a political gamble to further restrict the Second Amendment.

Government cannot tolerate the rights of the people, because it limits their ability to exert control. Nothing else. Look no further than that. Rights of search and seizure are there for a reason, to keep the government out of the people's lives, out of their papers, out of their private matters, yet it is violated at the drop of a hat in order to exert control. There are ways to obtain evidence of a crime without making criminals of everyone to allow random inspection. Upon oath and describing the particular things to be searched for and seized. That's not a tough hill to climb where crimes have been committed and a suspect is identified.

On down the line it goes, from Religious freedom, freedom of the press, the right to possess a weapon, the right to be free from random searches and seizures, the right to confront one's witnesses against them, all of these things are under assault because it makes it easier for the government to exert control.

We in the liberty movement have seen the progression over the span of our lives. We have watched as every crisis takes from us another liberty, violates another right. The government continues to create enemies from which the people need to be safe, like Anti-Government Extremists. We are not extreme, we are righteously against a corrupt and criminal government that has refused its limitations. We can read the Bill of Rights and know when it is government itself that is in violation of the law.

Had we seen a stopping point, a barrier that the government will not cross our purpose would cease. We might then become advocates of certain violations, but we would be able to legally walk back these excesses within a justice system that could acknowledge excess. Were the Supreme Court to act as defenders of the Constitution rather than creators of a "civil society" we could place our fates in their hands.

Nothing would be better than to know that we were safe from the abuses of government via some benefactor who would have the power to take up our case and let justice prevail. But, it is the power of government itself that precludes this possibility. It has corrupted all avenues of justice within its structure.

So, we have been led to this place, this desperation by the actions of the government seeking power over us. The government that seeks to be free of the bondage placed on it by the Constitution. It does so with the complicity of those sworn to defend the Constitution, who are also paid by the government and supported in retirement by the government. Who are we to appeal to?

Even a house cat is dangerous when left no avenue of escape and fears for its life. The government has gotten its wish, it has bound us up, left us nowhere to seek redress, no one to appeal to for help...except each other. It is with no pleasure that we take the next step.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

To Fight and Fight Hard

I know Super Tuesday yielded some answers for some people, but one must really understand the problem. Politics are a non issue. The Tea Party addressed the political solution and they will again, but there is a timeline at work here. There are two things one cannot get around, the passage of time and simple mathematics. They are inviolable.

I know that you all know the issues as well as I do, but I will indulge myself to explain the sheer practical issues before us and why we must act.

I met a little boy the other day, Josiah, who was 3 and bright, articulate and loved the freedom only a 3 year-old can know. His world was simple, go out and get a deer. Find it, kill it and eat it. Simple. It is boys like Josiah that we are fighting for, so they don't have to grow up in a world filled with rules and regulations that stifle their imagination and creativity.

A world such as that is what inspired the drive for independence from Britain. In the British Colonies one was not allowed to grow or refine sugar, that was for the other colonies of Britain and Britain didn't want competition coming from America, where they planned to sell the sugar grown and refined in other parts. There are a list of such commodities that were restricted, putting entrepreneurs in America at a disadvantage. There were restrictions from manufacture, crops and other industry.

America created to free the soul and to encourage the mind and inventiveness, to unleash the whole of the body and its abilities. There is a drive in the American to pursue a dream, or a quest, or riches. It is uniquely American to think of "making money". Nowhere else on the earth was the idea of "making money" through one means or another considered. One was expected to gain wealth through traditional means, usually inheritance, which kept the money sequestered among the elite. Others were expected to pursue trades and crafts and mastering these might provide one with a good living, but wealth was not the goal.

Without the Constitution and with the crony capitalism that has supplanted honest government we, as a nation, are devolving into Britain. The high cost of compliance with regulations stifles the imagination and the drive to pursue wealth. Regulations rob entrepreneurs of their profits and directs this toward government employees with pensions and salaries that rival the best of the middle-class. More and more dependence on the government requires more and more government employees. When a major industry fails from over-regulation and is utterly destroyed by government bureaucracy, the government is free to take over that industry as vital to the national security. I believe this is what is being attempted in the energy industry right now. Either the government will control it, or it will replace it with nonsense green energy with costs that bring other industries into the socialist fold.

Here is the problem: the United States Government has an annual budget of nearly 5 trillion dollars. Through income tax receipts it collects around 2.5 trillion dollars. In order to remain at 19 trillion dollars of debt we would right now have to cut around 2 trillion out of the budget. Considering that the largest expenditures of our government are Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and the Military, where on earth are we going to cut 2 trillion out of our budget? Consider also the interest payments on the 19 trillion of debt. Where? Are we to kick grandma and grandpa out into the street with failure to make Social Security payments? Are going to quit paying the interest on the debt? Are going to stop paying for the poor to receive Medicare?

No politician will EVER propose any of that. So, it really doesn't matter who wins an election anymore, it is past that point. There are only two possible outcomes I see (there may be more) 1) we throw up our hands and give into government making the choice that it is better to take care of everyone at everyone else's expense and agree to 80% taxation on our labor and become a communist nation, which so many are now dedicated to, or 2) we fight now to reverse this trend through the Constitution, because the Constitution does not allow for the previous option, too many rights will have to be done away with to arrive at a communist system. The state would have to become supreme.

Now, one might say that this is already done and that I am doing nothing more than bickering about degrees of communism and I would not disagree, but for the perception of the average citizen that they still live in a Constitutional republic (they call it democracy). Our fight would expose the government and its intent, it would force it to deny the Constitution at which point a great number of Americans take notice.

It is ours, then to fight now and fight hard, to expose the lies of the government and to bring it to heel. I suggest this and know that truly it is for me to do it. The Liberty Summit is an attempt to do just that, to bring the allies of liberty together and devise a means and plan for achieving this goal.

Let me assure you all that I am not looking for a way to do so and remain free and alive. I have already made peace with the fact that someone had to be the first man out of the landing craft at D-Day, that someone had to take the first step up Mt. Suribachi. Any commander will tell you that not everyone will come back from a mission. Nothing worth doing is safe. I have spent my life in the oil field, risking life and limb everyday. I am comfortable with the costs of such a life and I am comfortable with the costs of any endeavor which might yield success.

The only regret I face is that my fellow countrymen will not recognize my actions as serving my country, but as somehow trying to destroy it. If they only knew. 

Monday, March 5, 2012

Do We Burn It To The Ground?

The biggest question put to us, as patriots, is what do we do with this government? It is not the Constitution we find offensive, it is not the principles of capitalism and republicanism that we find distasteful, it is the current lawless application of those principles that we abhor.

Ours is not a case against our founding, but a love of it. Ours is not a desire to destroy the nation, but to allow it to rise as a leader among nations to be the beacon of liberty and freedom that has attracted so many to its shores over the past centuries.

By the lawlessness demonstrated by the government of the United States, we have come in conflict with those who, by oath and affirmation, have sworn to defend it. This is an impossible situation because they have not been faithful to their oath, they have done the opposite. They have chosen to distance themselves from their own legitimacy and to become freelance politicians untethered by rule or by charter. They simply apply for a position within the Constitutional framework and work from that position to undermine and degrade the only thing that gives government order and function, the Constitution of the United States.

These are not representatives of the people, they are representatives in name only. They are closer to Barons of old, who instead of owning great tracts of land, they represent great tracts of land called precincts. They respond to the requests of their citizens by appealing to the kingdom of DC and for favors will secure to their citizens the spoils. This is not the government designed and agreed to under the charter of the Constitution. This is a bastardization of that system in which any right or status of a citizen is part of the bargain these representatives make to obtain spoils for the rest.

Having freed themselves through Supreme Court favor, these representatives now seek only personal wealth, power and influence among the king's court.

It is this leviathan that we find ourselves at odds with because our solemn rights, those granted to us by God and secured by the Constitution, which have led to the vast success of the United States in the past, are under attack from this monstrosity of governance.

There is a very particular reason that we are designated as Anti-government Extremists, because it is not the form by which the government derives its power that we oppose, it is the abusive, all-powerful government itself, the government in violation of the Constitution that we oppose. It is the very fact that the government has distanced itself from its authority that we seek to bring it back into compliance.

The Constitution is just a piece of paper, it is a treaty with those who wield the power of government and those who supply it with financial support. Were it possible, the most effective thing the people could do to oppose this injustice is to refuse to supply it with financial support. That option is illegal and has been made illegal by the 16th Amendment and so it must be recognized or we lose the legitimacy of our cause to remain faithful to the Constitution and all of its subsequent amendments.

It is the government which is the problem. It is the illegal nature of the government which must be opposed. The question here is: Do we burn the whole thing to the ground to reset the government in a more favorable way? It IS possible. There is a way to do so, to destroy the entire government of the United States. But, what rushes into that void? Despotism? Communism? Constitutionalism?

We take this piece of paper, this treaty, to mean everything, because it supports our rights and gives us basis for claiming them from our government. It gives us righteous indignation where those rights are violated. It is the only thing extra-governmental that provides us with proper footing on which to petition our government for redress. That or outright rebellion.

We either appeal to the government on a legalistic level for a return of our rights and a demand that the government remain rightfully limited within the Constitution, or flat out run with flaming torches to the seats of government chase all of those within out into the streets for the mob to do with them what they will (euphemistically of course). 

And, where to begin? With whom do we take up the first charge? Who has done the most direct damage to our rights? Who has been there at every turn to declare our demands insufficient and unjustified? Who has the power to decide whether we have those rights or not? Whether they have been violated or not? What individuals should be the first target of our ire?

Stew on these questions for while.

Friday, March 2, 2012

A Time To Row

A long list of abuses have been documented. The Constitution has been discarded in favor of government. The police have become militarized against the people through legislation proposed to interdict the drug trade and terrorism. Fourth Amendment rights have been erased in search of a safe society that grows more dangerous every day. Food police confiscate children's lunches and replace them with school lunches, without consultation or permission. Churches have been ordered to accept and support abortion in direct conflict with their conscience and religious  beliefs.

Let me ask you this: What line has not been crossed?

It is no longer a question of lines and which have or have not been crossed, but what in fact are you willing to do about it?

A right granted to one by God and written into law by a Constitutionally-based government cannot be violated, regulated or alienated. It can not. The fact that it happens almost on a daily basis is not an indication of poor government, but of poor citizenry.

The government has issued edicts and made illegal appointments, it has allowed criminality to become commonplace. Negligence, arrogance and outright criminal acts have become routine. And the citizenry sits idle, hoping that their tenuous economic strings remain in place for just a little longer. They see deficits pile higher and higher while Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac continue to demand more money to service bad debts. Those who earn a wage and pay taxes are constantly asked to pay the salaries of those who have already demanded much more than they have justified. A dwindling producer class is continually burdened by those who demand services and payments to continue their lives of government dependence.

When will you stand with the forces of liberty?

Will it get better? By what force of optimism could one see anything other than economic collapse arising out of a distancing of a form of government from its founding; from a loss of trust from the people and a looting mentality by these government-controlled corporations? It is designed to fail and supported by those in government who see any coming conflict as an opportunity to aggregate power unto themselves as individuals, as positions in government to be controlled and manipulated by the powerful elite?

Every line has been crossed that counts. It is time to take a stand against this abusive and tyrannical government. If one does not feel the tyranny it is due to self-imposed blinders of a scared and desperate people clinging to a system that is gone. Like hanging onto a hand rail of the Titanic, they choose optimism in the face of the dire situation that is apparent to all other observers. Let go!

It is time to find a life boat, to row against the tide and to brave the dangerous waters that loom before all of us as a nation. The waves will not go away and the sharks will only multiply unless you row to freedom. It is time for the hard work of taking a stand against the power of the ocean and striving to survive.

Today. Liberty Summit, Western Pennsylvania, Weekend of April 27th.