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Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Truth of US

We have lost a fundamental truth in America: that being the truth of ourselves. We have been conditioned on so many levels that the government controls us, either by taxes or by regulation. For the most part this is true because we have allowed usurpers and con men to have their way. We have lost the fight in ourselves, the one that takes every abuse as a personal debit from our account.

The issue is not so much how wrong they are, but rather how wrong we are. It is in every wannabe dictator's fantasy to rule over people, to dictate their lives and aggregate money unto themselves. We have for several years now been cognizant of a president who openly accepts political contributions from those he then funnels tax dollars toward after the election. We have seen it on both sides of the spectrum, so it is not only Obama who has done so, but it is he who has so with avowed enemies of the republican/capitalist system.

It is one thing to watch a political stooge accept political contributions from a corporation and subsequently aid that corporation's goals through improved trade with foreign nations, or in mitigating unreasonable regulations that place such corporation at a disadvantage to the market. It is another, I suggest to accept political donations from non-profit groups and labor unions who work then against the public good in order to reap the benefits of favorable taxation. The difference, I suggest, is where the money comes from and where it goes.

In the first instance the government is working to help a private organization provide jobs and increase market share in the world economy, bringing those revenues back to the United States and funding the salaries of workers who are employed privately and who then provide tax revenues to the governments. In the second instance it is a money-laundering scheme where the employees of the federal, state and local governments are given benefits directly from the efforts of private citizens and corporations in exchange for money they have received from the tax collections in the first place. All the while this is being done it is done with a sinister goal of wrecking the capitalist system, of replacing it with a spoils mentality, a government control and demand system outside of the American ideal.

The liberty movement growing quietly, but quickly around the nation recognizes the distance the Obama regime has extended this governmental reach, that George W. Bush was no better and that we have lost a dramatic slice of our American dream by allowing it to happen.

From the first moment the Constitution was violated in order to supply the government, any government, with a solution to a messy problem we began to lose our liberty. Every crisis cost us a bit more liberty until the government, all of them, discovered that a perpetual state of crisis could aid them better than any single piece of legislation. It all came down to the realization that they didn't have to ask us, or convince our representatives to vote for this or that. All they had to do is proclaim something a crisis and we, the good citizens of the nation, would accept it as a necessary evil.

But, the evils have piled up. The liberty has been lost. The corrective action is almost unthinkable. It is also terrifying. It requires the dismantling of ourselves as "good citizens". It requires the necessary evil of becoming criminals. That's a hard evolution.

For those of us who have looked in the mirror and everyday have seen a good, decent individual who seeks to provide well for his/her family and pays taxes and tries to live within the contructs of good laws designed to protect ourselves and others less fortunate than ourselves, it is hard to see the other one, the militant.

The truths are ugly. Prison is not manageable, it is a horrible, nasty place filled with all of the worst, most devious, most cannibalistic people in the nation and to throw oneself into their midst in an attempt to do nothing other than claim the rights with which we were born is a daunting task, it is almost suicide of the soul.

So, I ask you, what is left of America if this is the price asked of true patriots and believers in the cause of liberty? Don't you see? If there were that shining city on the hill left for any of us, would this be necessary? No, it is the very fact that the courts have been so corrupted, the police so militarized and hostile, the government so distant from the ideals of liberty and justice that none yet exists. We have allowed ourselves to be driven from the status of citizens of a free republic and accepted the yoke of subjects. Subjects.

We are forced to pay taxes to a bankrupt and corrupt government that uses our money to work against us, to provide spoils for political friends and chosen allies for the very purpose of burying ever deeper that dream of liberty. To kill not only our rights, but the very document that protects them. They shrug it off as if it were a bad idea of long ago and yet they cling to the very description of their authority by referring to it.

If there is no rigid Constitution and the rights therein are subject to the ruling of politically appointed judges for the purpose of maintaining control over the people, then I suggest to you that there is no Constitution at all and that they, the government employees, elected or not, have no authority to project their power upon us. They are simple brutes with guns and armies who have stolen the past, present and future. We are ruled by nothing other than our conscience and I suggest the conscience which seeks to provide liberty and the power of the Constitution to our fellow citizens is clear in whatever endeavor that might lead one.

It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution, it is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them. Let them restore it to find refuge from us.


  1. I'd say TL, that that is the truth, the crux of our great challenge.

    I'd say too, as you contend, that I, as part of a generation, did not commit due diligence to preserving my Liberty. Now I am faced with the greatest of challenges. To do something I could have avoided if only I had stood up to the tyranny I saw all around me.
    It is a shame I'll bear forever.
    Yet, I am not guilty so much of commission, rather of omission. My crime of omission has never involved the imposition or force of will of rule over others. This is where my crime of lack of diligence parts ways with the acts of treason and tyranny committed with full intent on their outcomes anathema to my liberty and prosperity. That My government, and no less the people contained within it whom have abused the trust lent to them, whom have usurped powers not theirs to hold, who are unquestionably guilty of trespasses and crimes against the rule of law of my country.

    Who are the extremists and terrorists here?

    It begs your statement of the truth that I am beholden to obey the laws of this land without question, obediently without course to redress, blindly without the dignity of that redress, villainized, with pogrom, for having the nerve to question the authority of such treason and tyranny.
    Whom do these tin pot dictators and Nomenklaturer class apparatchiks, bureaucratic potentates, who gorge themselves at the public trough, at my confiscatory suffering, think they are?
    When these same tyrants and crooks are above the "laws and regulations" they foist on me?
    Them are fighting causes let me tell you.
    I'd have to be brain dead living on the dark side of the moon not to see it for what it is.
    While the truth is being spoken here, I ain't the only fed up pissed off serf in this land who is sick and fucking tired of having to pay for the privilege of being screwed over royally by these high and mighty sons of a bitches and their useful lazy assed dupes, and then have it shoved up my ass under threat that I'm classified as a terrorist if I don't keep my mouth shut by the same people who are supposed to be protecting my Liberty to begin with!?

    Tell me what is wrong with this picture?

    What part of sovereignty of the people, shall not be infringed, and unalienable rights can these people not understand?

    But that is what it is, they do understand these things. It is why they, while we slept and forgot what is ours and ours only, why they have imposed the tyranny and committed the treason they have.

    They paid attention. And when the time was ripe they went for the prize.

  2. MTP,

    But the prize has not been fully claimed yet. The die was cast decades ago, and now it spins on one corner, slowing and wobbling. Soon it will fall over and reveal which face is up. That's when all debts come due.

    For US and Them.

  3. "It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution, it is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them. Let them restore it to find refuge from us."

    TL Davis

    That is the iconic statements of our time to be inspired by, just as the Patrick Henry's of our founders time inspired men to do incredible things in the face of tyranny.

    Thanks TL!

    And I might add, "America without the protections the Constitution offers": It is what we the people have. It is time our illustrious ruling elites experience in no uncertain terms exactly what Liberty usurped is, it is time that coupe is counted on them, as it has been on us for far too long.

  4. Remember Folks you never want to Learn something new, No place to put it but put it in relationship.
    Same Similar break it down into components,
    Most things are never new the ego demands to be satisfied.
    SO we pretend it's new , but not really while else would history repeat itself.

    He who knows not and knows not he knows not is a fool shun him.
    He who knows not and knows he knows not is a pupil teach him.
    He who knows and knows not he knows is asleep wake him
    He who Knows and Knows he Knows is a wiseman follow him.


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