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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

They Are Mine To Defend

Whether I have made an issue of it or not, the IRS has been harassing me for over a year now. I don't need any sympathy here, that isn't the point, it is merely an illustration of the power of the government to yank the chain, to drive the stake into the ground and bring us to bear. They want fear and when they get indifference and dismissal, they grow personally angry. Personally Angry at the people who support this outlaw regime through forced taxation, a form of involuntary servitude, if you ask me.

Involuntary servitude is when a person is forced to work for the benefit of another without compensation. Is that not what the government demands when it places penalties on the failure to pay taxes? But, there will be no military, no police force, no fire fighters...why not? Are these not what we would willingly pay for? Isn't that part of the social compact? But, when force is brought to bear on those who do not find value in these things, primarily because they intend to attend to them themselves, the taxes are demanded, threateningly so, with penalties and fines.

Why can't the government come to us and make their case? The point is after passage of the Sixteenth Amendment, we made that decision and, like the government always does, it took the decision to support those services with automatic deductions as a sign that the public pocketbook could be picked at any time to support any project or idea the government might come up with. We are forced to pay for those thing in which we find no value.

The government has no right to taxes while in violation of the Constitution. Again, the nine elitist, politically appointed justices are in no position to decide what rights we have or when our rights have been violated, only those suffering those abuses can make that determination and if the court system functioned as a guard against these abuses, rather than a legitimization of the police state, it would endorse the view of the individual against the government. The Constitution is not a document written for the elite, the educated, the sophisticated, it was eloquently, but plainly written for the people to read and understand their roles, obligations and rights. The fact that a group of representatives, with a federal state of mind can pass illegal laws, demand of us obedience and rely on the political appointees of the Supreme Court to support their demands is irrelevant.

Now, I paid all of my payroll taxes as a service to my employees. I paid my own and my partner's taxes whether I agreed with them or not in order to run the company without my political views coming into the equation, yet, the IRS has made a project of demanding my 941 quarterly returns, which somehow the U.S. Mail failed to deliver to them, the U.S. Department of the Treasury. I guess they couldn't find the address. My CPA sent me the documents, the IRS 941 quarterly returns and I paid them and sent them via U.S. Mail. How is it that the IRS received NONE of them? Not one out of eight?

Or, did it have more to do with the fact that during the Obamacare debate that I became ferociously political? Did it have more to do with my refusal to be intimidated by the presence of Michael Sandoval, IRS, in my office? Was it my dismissive, "don't bother me" attitude that sent Michael over the edge and made him refuse to see and take into account my documents? I either have to believe that the harassment is political, or that the U.S. Mail cannot find the U.S. Treasury.

Now, having finally acknowledged that the 941's have been filed, a thing Mr. Sandoval said he could not find, that did not get filed, now, he claims that the figures on the documents don't quite fit the figures they have on file. That they have on file! From where? From documents that didn't arrive, that they don't have?

Listen, let's not get too involved with my particular case, it is irrelevant, except to point out how the Obama Administration uses the power of the Executive to punish those who speak out against his method of extra-Constitutional governing. Now, do I think I am being targeted specifically by the IRS? Not really, I'm not that big of a fish, but that ought to scare the heck out of everyone else. My name got on a list of petitions I signed or his paid Internet surfers put me on their list of opponents to the Obama Administration and that went into the gigantic pool of suspected income tax evaders. I am less than a blip on the radar screen, I am merely a name submitted by someone somewhere.

Once the government fails to understand words like "congress shall make NO law" restricting this, or that right and makes such a law, it is an illegal regime. I don't give a flying damn about what nine elitists beholden to the federal government for their status, their salaries, their retirement plans, etc as a judge of whether or not I have such rights. My rights were given, as the founders stated for reason, by God, not Supreme Court Justices and it cannot be taken by these robed rogues.

But, ultimately, they are mine to defend or forfeit. The IRS has not intimidated me, they have not inhibited my tongue, they have enraged me and supplied me with righteous indignation.   


  1. Thanks Brock, your words and encouragement are always appreciated.

  2. "hey have not inhibited my tongue, they have enraged me and supplied me with righteous indignation. "

    Amen TL,

    Hang tough Brother.

  3. Always always always send any documents which the IRS (or any other government agency) requires "signature required" wherein you get the card back. It doesn't cost that much, and you can prove that they got the envelope.

    Saved my ass several times.

    Just a suggestion.


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