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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Great Challenge

It is easy to understand when politics fail. It is when changing players does not change the game. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are neither the problem nor the solution. They are irrelevant. They are the ever changing faces and names of a government that operates to the detriment of the people. They seek only the cover of elections to sanction their perpetual power grab, but these elections do not represent the views of the people or the choices they would make. They are simply an A or B on a list which does not include the rest of the alphabet.

Our choice is liberty, but there is no politician offering this. Our choice is the Constitution, but no politician is offering a means to strengthen our rights or to follow the Constitution. These are not on the menu for either men, or the congress, or the judiciary. It has probably never been completely true that the Constitution was as powerful as it was originally designed to be since those who put it into place were often the very same people who violated it first.

The cries and demands of a populace bent on liberty must always clash with those who hold the power and strive for control, even if those who hold power were given that power by the fierceness with which they once demanded liberty.

The flaw in the republic is that it appears to draw upon the populace for representatives to act in congress on the wishes of the people. That cannot happen. Once sworn in, each representative becomes the government and immediately finds themselves at odds with the liberty seeking populace. Therefore, we cannot solve our problems through political means.

We see now, after a few hundred years, that what was designed could not be fulfilled. The promises made by the Constitution cannot rise to fruition amid the daily function of government. The answer, then, is to create and populate a permanent resistance to government, not as a means to an end, but as an end in itself.

Many in the Patriot/Liberty Movement believe that if we will make the sacrifices necessary that we can restore the influence of the Constitution and gain liberty that has been slowly drained of society over the past hundreds of years. It cannot be so. We must embark on a whole new set of rules, a whole new way of doing business with a government now so arrogant and injurious to our rights that they no longer even seek to explain their actions through the Constitution, but shrug the document away.

There are PATCOMs being held around the country, Bill Nye's and The Coastal PATCOM coming up. It doesn't matter how many people show up to these things, it matters that they are happening, that there are those out there who are committed and determined to the cause. There are Committees of Safety currently acting in several states, though I know less about these organizations. All of these things should coalesce to organize the resistance to government action, either in a given state or Washington DC.

The Tea Party was a good first step, it brought mainstream America into the fight. It opened the eyes of many ordinary Americans to the dangers present to our way of life, but it was never going to be a group capable of going beyond the politics of the day. It is, in many ways, just another form of politics. The liberty movement recognizes that politics will not work, that liberty cannot be achieved by slowing the rate of alienation from our rights. Each violation of the Constitution is a unique injury, even if it is sanctioned by the nine Supreme Court Justices. They are, in the end, nothing but political beings installed by the favor of some politician and serve the government, not the people.

The struggle of the Liberty Movement is to find a way to successfully counter the abuses of the Constitution, to bring to light the corruption inherent in government and to find a means of holding those in government accountable for their acts of treason. Each individual organization would like to achieve these goals, but none have as yet arrived at a realistic method of doing so. Our great challenge in the days to come is to arrive at that method and begin to take actions that will secure to ourselves and our posterity that liberty that is our birthright.


  1. Quoted and linked at

    You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him realize he is thirsty.

    Stupid horse.

  2. Things sure look to get lots worse before the dynamic changes for vast numbers of Americans.

    I often wonder that when folks begin to disappear, when the police state gets a head of steam going, how long are those American's going to be like the Jews and passively acquiesce to such pogrom.
    Not for noting and no shittin' around it has been happening already in various forms. At what point does the dynamic change and the paradigm begin?
    If at all?
    Is there a tipping point? Or will it be an unmitigated disaster of epic proportions where it all goes down the crapper in horrible fashion?
    If so, it appears reasonable to predict it will be far too late for many.
    Too bad, this is a great place called America, no matter how crappy we may feel it has become.

    As genuinely as I can say it, I'm proud beyond expression to be a man born in this great nation of Liberty. I can not dream of not partaking in the defense of that Liberty by any means but the most noble and respectful admiration of the rule of law. For me it is a mortal sin to violate these principles of law and sovereignty. Even in the face of the gross unconscionable acts of treason and tyranny I am faced with by every form of "authority" functioning today. I live in a world based not on My Liberty, but a dictate based on permission and the serfdom of having to pay for the privilege of having permission granted to me.
    The thing that counts most, I believe, is the fact that no matter what, that permission exists as long as folks believe it is a power they have to obey.

    Here's the thing. It is the crux of it all. For me. Its the question, a question that is like a splinter in my mind.
    At what point do I, only me, I can only speak for myself, do I fight for all I'm worth, no holds barred, no quarter, no mercy.

    When that time comes for me, I have to throw everything I know away. I have to become something I have never been. I have to become fierce and ruthless and cold blooded. I will have to things beyond the pale.
    And I keep thinking but there for the grace of God I'll have to go.

    I suspect, if this comes to pass for me, I will be one very angry Dude. I'll have to be. If I'm not to only do what it takes, but to keep the prize in sight. You see the most awful thing in all this is that there are some really truly awful people who have fucked up the best thing to ever happen to Mankind. And their purpose for whatever reasons has been to destroy this beautiful thing called Liberty. I want to kill every damn one of them. Because I think only by killing every damn one is what it is going to take to rid my life of their tyranny.

    There is no easy choice in this. In fact there is no choice in this.

    So help me God

  3. first of all, we are treading on territory ripe for data gathering and evidence collection. remember, if all these things are true then law and justice is no longer in the favor of the citizen and the innocent but rather, in the favor of those who pass the laws and appoint the judges. that means everything you say and do will be used against you in the coming trials.

    secondly, this meeting seems to be nothing more than a field trip for the entire "army" of undercover anti-terrorist agents from every known department.

    are the individuals who attend this meetup ready to submit their faces and identities to the DHS and all the shared databases that are currently being populated?

    these meetings need to be secured and digital, with identities that can be verified by those involved in the meetup.

    public meetups and other old school techniques will be met with new school enforcement. you have to be a step above their level of adaptation of technology.

    meeting up in public is 2 or 3 steps below where you want to be right now.

    decentralized, leaderless, Anonymous.

  4. To anonymous, the point is not to hide from these agents of despotism. I am known, most of the people who show up are known. They are not looking for us, they know where we are, who we are, we are not diminished by our cooperation, but prove ourselves more formidible than individuals. We prove ourselves aligned with others and so strengthen ourselves against their torment.
    The danger is in looking like an individual nut they can isolate and terminate. It is harder once they know the lines of communication are broad and vast.

  5. Great post; well worth the wait.

    The first sentence of your last paragraph sets out three goals. I'd suggest going with the first two and throwing out the third. It's not that they don't deserve it; they do...particularly by their own set of crazy rules. It's that it's emotionally driven and serves no ultimate benefit. It's fallacious to boot, but that doesn't really matter right now.

    What matters is cold hard logic, for these are life and death issues. Logic ALWAYS holds, and logic says that this is the time for human life, for individuals to set themselves free and make for themselves the lives that are theirs. Those that want to, anyway; let the others have what they choose and suffocate themselves. That may not sound very nice, but it beats having them suffocate everyone. Their lives, their choice.

    You said it best IMO..."begin to take actions that will secure to ourselves and our posterity that liberty that is our birthright."

    Well done.

  6. So right. It must be done. It is the small things that add up. An awakening is just that, a beginning.
    If we all only enlighten just one person, well that is power of the Sovereign that no tyranny can ever conquer. Liberty starts with each of us. It begins with ourselves as what better example to present and represent that than what makes us great.
    I know 1st hand it works. TL's book The Constitutionalist is an eye opening example of writing for those who do not have the knowledge and or wisdom of the creation of Liberty and America. The folks who I have loaned and given copies of The Constitutionalist are moved, and some shaken by the truth contained within it. This is one tiny beginning. And each of those people will hopefully enlighten another, and exponentially the idea grows. This is powerful things from the most modest and unassuming beginnings. The old proverb about giving a man a fish you feed him for a day, but teach him to fish and he feeds a village is profound and changes the world. It took 80, maybe 100 years for Liberty's foes to get to where they are today, but suppose for a second, how long would it take for those foes to be vanquished, if each of us enlightened only one person, and then in turn another, and so on, who did not know what the truth is until you enlightened them?
    I don't think it would be 80 years, not even 8 years.
    This tyranny breathing down our necks is a rotten edifice. It is built on lies. It feeds on corruption of everything it touches and embraces. It exists only as long as the truth of it remains hidden and veiled behind lies and dissimulation's. It's power is derived from the perception of power born from the lie it has this power. As long as folks believe that power is supreme over ones own dignity of Liberty and Sovereignty of primal freedoms, well then that tyranny has that power.
    Its the idea.
    My Liberty and primal rights are not ideas. They are tangible truths. They are part and parcel of every aspect of my being, my life. Tyranny is not. Tyranny imposes itself through force and coercion, via extortion and shakedown, upon every facet of our lives across the entire sphere of our society. Tyranny is fear. The power born out of fear of the boogie man. Power because others lied to me and told me this boogie man is all powerful, all knowing. Because I let it. Because I once believed it had all the power.
    It is the truth that set me free. And truth be told, truth has a magnificent sanitizing effect.

    Speak softly, tell the truth, keep your ear to the ground, and a battle rifle close.
    I think that is what our counterparts of two centuries ago and 3 % did.


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