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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let Us Begin

Time and time again those who should stand up to the abuses and outright criminal actions of the government do not. When banksters were targeted by the White House as criminals, even though they received billions of taxpayer TARP dollars, not a word in self-defense was uttered. When the libs came out against the Koch brothers, they were largely silent. Obamacare would effectively destroy the insurance industry after a few good years of increased enrollment, but they said nothing.

I don't understand it. I can't understand it. Is there anyone out there? Is there any corporation or industry that will stand up for itself? The oil industry has taken it on the chin and I am part of that industry and all I hear about is the environment, making sure there are zero spills of any kind. Even salt water is treated very carefully even though it pounds the beaches of every coastal state in the nation (yeah, I know its not as simple as that).

Doctors are scum who only seek to make money off of other people's misfortune. Lawyers, however, are noble geniuses. Hmmm, wonder what Barack Obama did for a living?

So, now we are being threatened with another "Stimulus" bill in the form of a budget. More money for his union buddies and government employee serfs who will, on command as Trumpka proclaimed, kick the crap out of the Tea Party for Barack Obama. Obama recently proudly proclaimed the existence of African Americans for Barack Obama. Will he next proudly announce the formation of public employee leeches with violent hatred for Middle Class Americans, who demand more money so they can help the re-election campaign of Barack Obama? These people are, in fact, his largest group of supporters and his most ardent supporters, wouldn't you be?

Recently I was watching CNN in a public area and I watched as a Syrian refugee explained how things had to be done to stop the Assad government from killing their citizens, women and children. He was pleading for the international community to do something other than talk. In effect he was asking Barack Obama to do as he had done in several other Arab nations. He was begging for the opportunity to pursue freedom with the backing of the international community (read: America).

I sympathized with him. He made me consider the liberty movement in America as much the same sort of deal as a Syrian refugee. The whole purpose of labeling the liberty movement anti-government extremists is to unleash the goons of law enforcement on them in the open air. In America there are too many video phones and others ways for the truth to get out, so the government has to get ahead of the picture by pre-spinning anything that might be caught on camera.

But aren't we doing the same thing? Aren't we caught like a Syrian refugee in a hostile land without the support of anyone who should be behind us? Where are the forces who swear to be faithful to the Constitution when houses are broken into and veterans assaulted for no other apparent reason than he was looking for help with an emotional issue? When does a cry for help qualify as a request for suicide by cop? This is not an isolated instance, it is not even close.

The liberty movement is growing, but it will never get so big that it doesn't need the help of others. Where will this help come from? Isn't this what every liberty advocate in the nation is waiting for, some form of assistance, or acceptance, or legitimization? I may be wrong, but it is my opinion that the only reason there has not already been a major uprising from the liberty movement is that they fear the reprisals, the destruction of their reputations, their imprisonment without support and understanding.  If one is a Palestinian, there is always hope that enough Israeli soldiers might be captured that a swap might be arranged and be set free, that there is someone out there still working for their release.

In America, if one is a member of the liberty movement, there is a good chance that if you get into trouble with the authorities for standing up for your rights that you will rot in prison without anyone working for your release. There just isn't enough money in the movement to allow for any sort of resistance. Resistance requires that the fight will continue without you, that you are not thrown to the wolves to die alone with no support. This is part of the reason for a Liberty Summit. We have got to coalesce. We have got to become familiar with each other and marshal what limited funds we have toward those brave enough to engage the enemy. It does not have to be a "die on the doorstep" moment but we need to support those who will commit acts of civil disobedience.

Who will do it? Are there not any deep pockets interesting in this movement enough to give the troops, the people on the ground, the great numbers of us who will gladly make a stance at every opportunity if it did not mean giving up everything we have, tossing our families into the maelstrom of the media, causing shame in our families as we are defamed and vilified. I'm not saying that we won't do it, that when the time is right (like right now) that it will not happen, but it will not get the desired effect if everything is kept at an individual level. Whatever sacrifices we might make will not bring others to our cause, it will drive them further away, unless we can become that force that we need, unless our efforts can be maximized and defended before the public. It is as simple as that.

We are at a moment when things have to be DONE. Like a Syrian refugee, I seek only the rightful support that a cause like ours deserves. No doubt the resistance will begin. There are enough of us dedicated to liberty that we will make our stands, but the lives and efforts lost will be great if we do not find that level of support any worthy cause demands. Many of the original founders were wealthy and knew the wealthy and could marshal support, even if that support lagged at times and was desperately needed to continue the fight at least it survived at least it was utilized to effect. Most of us don't mind a cold winter like at Valley Forge, but let us engage, let us begin. 


  1. I am shamed by my inaction. I can only hope others are as well.

    We can prepare as much as we want. By if there is no action then it is for nothing. There is a book that reads "Faith without works is dead".

    Train all you want, talk all you want. If we move no farther than that, we might as well reach out our hands and take hold the chains of slavery.

    One man standing against the storm will surely be swept away. However, let us all set aside our fears, stand united as brothers in arms and we will push back the maelstrom.

    We all fear for our families and ourselves.
    Which is worse though? The chance they may be persecuted now or the guarantee they will be later as their beaten into serfdom.

    Take heart and rise above fear. Be bold.
    Fortune favors the bold.
    Let us be the avalanche that buries our transgressors.
    We shall be the wolves that strike fear into their hearts.
    These things we must do today, that Liberty may live tomorrow.

  2. Fear is the biggest reason why things aren't happening. But a precedent was set at Bill Nye's PATCOM, and the snowball has started to grow. I can personally attest to moneyed interests looking for something real to support. PATCOM is real. The Liberty Summit is real. Good things come to those who wait. Hang on TL, good things are coming...

  3. Fear of reprisal is what is keeping most on the porch. Also the crowd will most likely paint the picture of a wacko/mentally depressed/anti-government/survivalist/prepper and tear him to bits. No mention will be made that it was an act of freedom and liberty. The .gov crowd has deep pockets and we have spare change and they will demonize anyone who opposes them. They have the machine to spin any action into whatever they want and the sheep will eat it up and ask for more. They have the home field advantage as masters of the sheep. After all they feed cloth, provide hosing, medical care and cell phones. Go to any parking lot around a major store and just watch. Chilling. Americans by and large, have been neutered and placed in the feed lots, mooing for more every time one of the ruling class walks by. These fine folks you see at the Chinese outlet center (Walmart) will be the snitches curring favor and denouncing anyone that has the will to stand up to the current oppression that is raging in this country. Set up a fund to help those willing to stick their necks out? Maybe. Try approaching a legal group like Pacific Legal Foundation or…..
    I bounce back and forth from here in Ca. to where I keep S/V Loco Gato down in ?? and in talking to some of the local about their country and here, they often ask, “ Where are the fighters?” Sadly I have no answer just questions.

  4. I don't think its fear of reprisal so much ,as T L said, its the being left to rot by fellow Patriots who won't won't come to their aid if they do stand openly to oppose .gov. Example the tax protester who stood up to .gov and was finally overcome by JBTs and he and his wife were sent to different holding facilities. Is any mention made of him anymore or his condition in prison. NO!

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  6. Would that we had ONE man or woman of wealth who was also a Patriot. Someone who would set up a defense fund, hire constitutional attorneys (oxymoron?) to defend those who risk it all.

    But, chances of that are slim, most if not all of them made their fortunes gaming the same corrupt system that represses us. They will not risk their comfort or wealth or reputation associating with the middle class.

    The Socialists have proven there is no business, no fortune that cannot be regulated away or fined into oblivion. Plus the simple fact that the wealthy enjoy the rights and privileges we no longer have.

    Sadly I fear they are part of the problem that is destroying our Nation.

  7. Our founders could not have done what they did without France's help.

    France had our founders' backs, but France didn't do it solely because they loved us and believed in our cause.

    France hated the Brits even more than we, and had much to gain with a British defeat.

    We today need to find OUR France.

    I have no idea who that would be, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't be another nation.

  8. It's been said that "The pen is mightier than the sword." and one of the primary weapons wielded by .gov is the media. Where would the N.Y. Times be if it didn't suck up to the administration? The same can be said for nearly all other forms of news media. So, since TV and the print media are carrying water for .gov, we need to treat them as the enemy too.
    So when the time comes (and it will come) we need to treat the talking heads of TV and the syndicated columnists of the newspapers the same as we would any other enemy soldier.

  9. Why wait? brave men like Eric Rudolph are setting in jail. How can we get him out? For every criminal congressman, there is a staff behind them of 60 or more leftist radical. Laying our hands on any or all of them is a piece of cake. These are the real people behind the policies we hate so much. Making a few of them disappear every month would be a good message to send to our government goons. Everybody knows an IRS agent, where they live, who their kids are. People disappear by the dozens every day

  10. Wealth isn't money; wealth is production. The readers of this blog alone have more wealth--and especially the ability to create wealth--than a million moochers, maybe (hopefully!) 100 million moochers.

    The big problem IMO is that there's a lot of doubt about exactly for what that wealth ought to be used. So in the meanwhile, most of the unconsumed wealth is going, one way or another, to those who would kill those very producers. And naturally, that's exactly what's happening. Wait for the "health care" and see how fast it happens then.

    I find it bewildering, myself. "To exactly whom should my wealth creation go to benefit?" I can hardly think of an answer except, "Duh; that's a tough one."

  11. The situation is changing because the .gov entity is overstepping and running out of other people's money, but as it stands, not enough people have really felt pain enough to overcome their fear and the barrage of BS.

  12. Dear TL,
    I believe it is going to come down to a few ordinary every day folks who will save the day. Giving your question a good think, it may be it can not happen any other way.
    With the forces of tyranny and corruption arrayed against our Liberty, what other course is there viable and robust enough to weather the power and resources of these forces of darkness?

    Sure there are millions who wish to redress the wrongs against their rights and Liberty, but they are nebulous, scattered across this great republic. Grass roots awakening though is something entirely different. It has a quality all its own. It is when this begins in earnest is when things begin to change from what they are today. I think everyone will be much surprised of the how and why of it.
    Not for nothing, but there simply is no other force of Liberty that can and will defeat this tyranny breathing down our throats. And the tyrants know it, sure and serious as a heart attack. An army of willing Lilliputians is a tyrants worse nightmare. It is the why of First and 2nd Amendment destruction's. It is the why of the doctrine of destruction of our family and religious values and virtues. It is the why of classifying Americans grounded in these values and patriotism for republican form of government as domestic terrorists. Because in their eyes, we who hold these truths of Liberty as self evident, are terror...ists. The very idea of this ground up grass roots movement, terrorizes the holy hell out of the tyrants and crooks who got a whole lot of payback headed their way for what they have done to us.
    They know the power of this, they fear it like nothing else.


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