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Friday, February 10, 2012

Let Them Not Lay Down

The cause of liberty is not just the desire for freedom, or lack of government control. You probably know the phraseology, don't you? "people who desire no form of government at all." Or, some such nonsense attributed to anyone engaged in prosecuting their rights. They are classified as near as possible as nut-job anarchists. "Why, they would do away with Social Security and the safety net for the poor."

Yes, yes, we have heard all of that before from the elitists who think that if the people were given liberty that there would be no way to achieve the same ends. It takes a government to force people into kindness, social awareness and generosity. In a Godless land that might be true, but it is also why the founders felt that religion fostered a healthy sense of community, of caring, of charity and that it was invaluable to a free state. Religion was distanced from the state, not to protect the state, but to protect religion. They saw from the English tradition that when forced to tithe, there is no kindness to it, there is no generosity to it and there is no charity to it.

It doesn't matter if one is religious or not, kindness, generosity and charity are the fruits of liberty. They are the things that make these things virtues. Government makes them coercion and theft and vile.

Many of the churches are finding that out now.

The cause of liberty is written into the Constitution, not by those who valued lawlessness, or violence, or wickedness, but by those who understood the roots of these evils lie with any government, even the one which so many of them had struggled to create. They described "God-given" rights that were inalienable, that resided with the people and that no government could take away. They did so in an attempt to pre-empt the nastier tendencies of the people who would be attracted by the power of government. It was their attempt to save us from the inevitable.

It is traitorous that we have given so many away without a fight. We have given so many away that there is no true Constitution anymore, there are only regulations that stand now as inviolable as any King's command with no other substance to support them, but the force of arms.

In the police we have a standing army against the people, so long feared by those who were made to do business and discuss politics under the gaze of the British. Is it any different now that they scour websites like this one and the Drudge Report, seeking those who click on links of a subversive nature? While the police serve a necessary duty of protection, they are also there to make sure that these edicts are not broken, are not violated and rarely do they consider the Constitution when dealing with an individual.

The government now is gearing up to address Anti-Government Extremists. They are fitted out in battle gear. They are given the confidence that when they came for the guns, only a few stood up; when they came for hate speech, only a few stood up; when they came for the press, the press laid down; when they came for "the free exercise thereof" (religion) well, we'll see how that one goes.

I urge all engaged in the struggle for liberty to rally behind the Bishops, the Priests, the Ministers and Pastors who are up against the same tyrants who came for us all. I hope these men of religion will return the favor and realize that they are in the fight because they could not be bothered by the other struggles going on around them.

Let them not lay down as the press has done. Let them stand on principle as all of us have done and so earn the badge of Extremist that we commonly share.


  1. I urge all engaged in the struggle for liberty to rally behind the Bishops, the Priests, the Ministers and Pastors who are up against the same tyrants who came for us all.

    Dreaming here, but it could be a turning point. Posted.

  2. Robert of Alabama:

    I just wish more pastors would get involved and use the pulpit - not for a particular party or candidate. I wish they could understand the freedom our forefathers wanted was in part so that individuals could be free to pursue their God given talents to be all that God created them to be. Not unleashing man's potential per se but God's.

  3. Now that Obama has made his "concession" stating the religious institution does not have to pay their insurance company will have to provide the service free of charge lets wait and see which way the pastors go. Already the blue dog democrats have rolled over and jumped on the bus. If the pastors do the same then this part of the fight is over.

    Forget that nothing is free so if the insurance company is required to cover it "free" then the policy holder or more likely every policy holder will pay for it. Heck my car insurance in MI at the time was effected by all the vehicles damaged in Katrina. Beyond that issue and this is really not about birth control either or women's choice. It is about loss of freedom and the right of government to once again intrude even farther into every person's daily life and choices. Just what can they not mandate???

  4. Now that Obama has made his "concession" stating the religious institution does not have to pay their insurance company will have to provide the service free of charge

    Got a reply to that that I'm going to post.

  5. Michael, the only problem is that most of these churches are self-insured, so how does he get around that? I don't care about the Catholics, they are a lot of liberals.

    The more strident of these are the Baptists.

  6. Amen Bro Rally period!! Get with liberty lest there be none left!


  7. It is a matter of the gravest truth, in all Liberty, that we are all inseparable people.
    That the great enemy of Liberty and primal unalienable freedom, is liberalism/socialism/marxism/crony capitalism/fascism/tyranny, read all in essence the same enemy.
    That this greatest of enemies is an insidious evil that permeates every facet of the entire sphere of our lives. That this truth of subjugating us in every fashion imaginable to its whims and dictates, is to separate us in our common bonds of religion and faith, prosperity and endeavors of free commerce, invention and research, our politics, especially our family, and our history/knowledge/education.

    It is the utter tried and true dictators strategy of divide then conquer.

    It is our sovereign nature as a people, our sovereign will based on our faith and history, our sovereign power of the rule of law never the rule of men, that our enemy has striven so patiently to divide and then dissolve. For in this sovereign will power lies the key to our very survival as a republic.

    We Americans who have not kissed the hand that enslaves so many at the teat of government, the carrot of the big stick of tyrannical police statist Nomenklaturer rule, We Americans must breach the paradigm, born again of a gestalt, realize a fruition of our sovereign nature for the first time since our founding that we are men of equality. That these God given rights of Liberty, unalienable by their so very human nature bind us and bond us, that within these greatest of all things lies a power and force no tyranny can withstand.

    It is time, and high time at that, that we must find and congregate in our common strategic interests.

    Everything returns to one thing over and over, time and time again. Its the narrative. The meme spoon fed to us under the guise of whats best for us. To stop buying into this socialistic engineering puts and end to its effectiveness.
    The power this tyranny holds is directly proportional to how many buy into it.
    This tyranny breathing down our throats is a fart in a mitten if we as Americans find the courage and fortitude to decide and choose we have had enough of this marxist bullshit. Especially so the bullshit artists selling this snake medicine.

  8. Robert of Alabama: Just getting back.

    You said "The more strident of these are the Baptists". Being Baptist (and I are one) means in part that each congregation is an autonomous body and runs it's business as it's own. Not sure who our church uses for insurance but will find out. It will be interesting to see how our churches, and the Baptist health System, will be affected. Not sure about the BHS and policies and how much gov't money they take. I hope and pray the Baptists will come to their defense and the heirarchy would take all measures to get gov't out of the BHS so as not to be beholdin to the devil.


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