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Friday, February 17, 2012

I Am an American

When it comes time to put a stop to the nonsense, it will dawn on many Americans that they were asleep at the wheel, a bunch of blinded patriots. They will awaken and see the light. It is our job, as patriots, to awaken the masses. We will not do this with a new message, or a viral video on YouTube, but by doing things that need to be done.

No one follows a weak leader, they overwhelm him/her, or they undercut them, or they disregard them. We can no longer tolerate the Republican method of governing. The Democrats are at least good at the politics they practice, Republicans are merely fools and wannabes. They are the unpopular kids who will do anything to be invited on Leno, even sell out their entire voting base and if you think Santorum or Romney are any better, you are missing some vital information.

This is not even a conservative or liberal message, those are slots the politicos want you to fill. They seek, the horse race, the competitive debate. We are past that. We are sophisticated enough to understand that the press wishes to guide public opinion, that they champion any government empowerment and no Republican will receive good press unless they turn on their brethren, exposing them as the fools and wannabes they are.

Give me a fight between a staunch communist and an advocate of capitalism before you give me a debate between a cowardly Democrat, which is a communist in modern clothing, and a Republican, which is a socialist in traditional garb.

We need nothing other than our own convictions and the bravery to pursue them. If we are fools we are fools for believing that our government supports the document they claim to revere. How can that be in an honest nation with a legitimate government? Any government ought to actually endorse the form they operate within. Right?

Ours is the only free nation which claims to be something based on something they do not believe in. We are fools to accept that premise. We are traitors to submit to it. Make them prove they support the Constitution. Let them reject the Supreme Court as political and anti-Constitution. There is nothing Constitutional about allowing nine elitist, politically appointed officials to define what rights the citizens might have. That is an abuse of power on a monumental scale. Forget Obama, who cares? If the Supreme Court functioned as a protector of the people's rights, an enemy to government over reach and abuse, they would not have made any one of a thousand decisions over the past century.

To the politicos it is all a game where they hold the power and dictate the rules of conduct. I reject that, I refute that. I am an American and my rights are not dictated, or allowed, or earned, they are bestowed upon me at birth and continue until death. Where the government has done what it is not allowed and has been supported in that by an elitist few justices it is nothing other than an oligarchy, not a democracy, not a republic and, if this is not a republic, we are orphans, we are in exile to the nation we inhabit.

This is the origin of TL In Exile. I do not have to be distant from my nation to be in exile of its policies and practices.


  1. AS for myself I owe no allegiance to this criminal organization that calls itself The United States of America.I served in its military and am ashamed to say I supported it.I will surrender no more of my God given Liberties and so help me GOD I will figure out a way to help with the Restoration of our Constitution.

  2. Well said, TL. I linked you.

  3. There is a fabulously articulated article on American Thinker today that sums up something inherent in the ideals and outlook of millions of Americans. I particularly appreciated these three quotes below, but the whole piece is worth reading in light of impostors and crooks tyrants and dictators who infest every branch of OUR government.

    The revelations surrounding fast and furious are heartening if for no other reason than it being a cautionary tale for, and as I believe, rightful fear and loathing by the ruling class for those who they look down upon as scum, serfs to be socially manipulated and squeezed dry of their wealth and prosperity, till they can only live hand to mouth and be rendered impotent being too busy subsisting in third world fascism to foment redress and revolution upon their self appointed master class.

    Well I just love the old pirates taunt of "Up Their Arses!"

    Read it for yourself. From:

    "...A commenter on one of my Comments raised a possibility I had not previously considered. As soon as Obama was elected, gun owners across America, fearing just this kind of undermining of their constitutional rights by an administration incubated in Chicago, one of the most anti-gun metropolitan areas in America, began a furious buying of guns and ammunition. Ask anyone in the firearms industry, the Obama presidency has been the best sales stimulator they have ever experienced. Fearing that some form of federal ban or punitive excise tax might be forthcoming from this Chicago mob, I, like many millions of others, enhanced my personal arsenal and bought up large quantities of ammunition..."

    "...And that phenomenon raises the question postulated by the commenter: Was Fast & Furious a knee-jerk liberal reaction by an anti-gun administration that feared a quickly re-arming America?...

    "...We are faced with a clear reality: an armed citizenry represents a clear and present danger to those leftists and Marxists who would seek to render them a harmless and complacent herd. These same leftists and Marxists are joined in this belief with despots all across the political spectrum, and all around the world. Regardless of whether you are a left-wing dictator or a right-wing tyrant, you have to be keenly aware that an unarmed populace isn't likely to storm the palace and inflict fatal wounds upon those who have subjugated them..."

    PS to all my fellow Americans,
    I've commented before on the amazing fortunate truth this is a really great nation full of law abiding good hearted tolerant people. That these ruling class scumbags who have screwed up the best thing to happen to the human race in all of 5000 years of recorded history, would do themselves a world of good considering these two cold hard truths. Think hard.
    Because no matter what these tyrants and crooks think about people who share a common bond in Liberty and Unalienable rights, and make no bones about it, there are a lot of folks who do share this intrinsic basic human bond across this great land, and no matter how superior and arrogant the elites suppose themselves to be, right now they exist at the regards of the rule of law and its widespread respect by the very folks these tyrants shit on.

    One day this incredible dynamic is going to change. At that point, something is going to happen that these son of a bitches can not imagine. This here Republic, once unleashed, is going to exact a revenge on their tormentors that will not stop, that can not be bargained with, that will not give quarter or mercy, until it has redressed the terrible evil nature of tyranny and the tyrants who foisted it upon them.

  4. If we all would adopt that attitude (I did a long time ago), and regarded the government as the illegitimate farce which it is, we could banish them into irrelevancy where they belong. They only have power because we submit to it. Nothing will change until we fundamentally change ourselves and our way of thinking. It's not easy, and requires great courage to break out of the mold. It also requires the mutual support of our whole community, something that hadn't really materialized until your Liberty Summit inspired PATCOM. The snowball is rolling now...

  5. There is nothing Constitutional about allowing nine elitist, politically appointed officials to define what rights the citizens might have. That is an abuse of power on a monumental scale.

    Well said and posted.

  6. @ Mt Top Patriot,
    Thank you, sir! you are so correct that their are legion of Americans who will respond nationally when the time comes. The time is coming, and soon...Men are ready, waiting. To jump the gun would be foolish, suicidal and people you love would suffer from a premature outlash. Save yourself, your precious resources and abilities, and most importantly, your family. The time to act will come soon Patriot, soon. Then, it will be on a national level that will totally overwhelm our adversaries. I believe that, I truly do...

  7. "But know this that in the last days perilous times will come...evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived."

    II Timothy 3:1,13

  8. Which of these famous figures in world history would you choose as a leader of your country?

    As John Adams said, “Let us disappoint the men who are raising themselves upon the ruin of this Country.”

    "Every Communist must grasp the truth, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” "Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party."
    – Mao Tse-tung

    Which of these famous figures in world history had his likeness displayed on a Christmas ornament on a Christmas tree inside the White House 2 years ago?

    It was Chairman Mao Tse-tung

    Lets not beat around the bush. It is All about guns and Liberty. Everything these elites in power do revolves ultimately about guns. It is guns, and only guns, that give these pieces of shit their power. It is guns that they fear. It is guns that they must if they are to take over my country have in order to rule with an iron fist. It is guns in the hands of we the people that stands in the way of eradication of our 1st Amendment Liberty. It is guns that they must take from the populous in order obtain that absolute power. It is guns they understand like none other which are the real power behind anything once the power of morality and faith have been eradicated. It is guns this system of government now lives by, because if you do not comply, it is guns that ultimately are used in the escalation of force up to your death no matter the cost or consequences. It is guns that they use to enforce everything.
    And it is guns in the hands of We The People that they fear most.
    Any thing else, is a cheap side show.

  9. Mt Top Patriot

    Well said and posted.

  10. Mt Top Patriot - I agree that the day will come when they will echo Admiral Yamamoto's words about "sleeping dragons."

    It is easy for them to look down on "peasant scum" from their ivory towers, and to project upon us their own cowardice.

    Still, we must fight all we can to bring about peaceful change, as the horrors of the kind of conflict we're all expecting are truly beyond our ability to grasp.

    The Enemy is busy working to destroy this country because they figure they can slam through their desired "fundamental change" while the ensuing chaos has everyone distracted.

    They may be right - but it's not going to be anywhere near as easy as they think...

    As for FreeFor, we're going to need a lot of rope....

  11. A lot of rope, indeed. I have always proclaimed that our unparalled belief in liberty and the Constitution is the only reason those in Washington are not swinging from the lamp posts.

  12. As you said TL,

    "It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution. It is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them.

    Let them restore it to find refuge from us."

  13. "We need nothing other than our own convictions and the bravery to pursue them."

    Simple and to the point. well said and passed on.

  14. What does it matter if every American man, woman, and child is armed to the teeth if there is no will to use those arms?

    Here's a reality check for y'all: Obama and his ilk DO NOT FEAR YOU. Get that juvenile fantasy out of your heads. They KNOW that no matter how many arms you purchase, you will never use them ("Walter Mitty's Second Amendment" ring a bell?)

    A firearm is simply a tool. It can be bought brand-spankin' new from the gun store, or made in a clandestine garage workshop, or stolen from armories. The will to use the tool against your oppressors is all that matters. And THEY know you won't, no matter how hard they grind the boot into your face. Look at the Afghans: illiterate, half-starved, half-frozen, possessing much inferior technology, and hunted by the best trained and funded military in the world. Yet. Yet, they're fighting like cornered dogs, and they are about to inflict a strategic defeat on the U.S. and its allies. After ten years, the Americans will be running home with their tail tucked between their legs.

    Will and balls: all that matters.
    Afghans have it in spades; Americans haven't shown any since the 1860s.

    The American "Liberty Movement" is populated primarily by keyboard commandos who will fold at the first visit from the FBI. The 3%? Please... Two-thirds of the much-vaunted 3% will betray the remaining one-third once the Feds get serious and you're staring at "20 years to life" in the face. Look, Mike V. threw those poor bastards in Georgia under the bus when the press turned their attention to his novel, Absolved. He was a righteous warrior online, who then dissolved into jelly when a bunch of old men (for chrissakes!) anted up. And let's not forget that the Hutaree were betrayed by one of their own, working with an undercover FBI agent, and that the "Michigan Militia" couldn't wait to distance themselves from the Hutaree and prove themselves loyal pussi -- er, citizens of this fine Republic. Pathetic.

    Obamaists know one thing: if you haven't done anything by now, after everything he has done to flaunt his dictatorial powers, then you ain't gonna do shit. Hell, the wrong choice of words in a comment, and half the people on this site will run to the Feds to turn me in, in return for a cracker and a pat on the head. ("There, there, little citizen. That bad man will not be hurting anybody. Have a cookie. It's on us. Good boy.")

    There will be no restoration of the Constitution. There are not enough Americans who will fight for it; and there are far too many Americans who like the "bread and circuses" playground that America has become. It is too late for a "restoration". The best option is to loot with the rest of 'em, push this country faster to collapse (use Cloward-Piven for OUR benefit, for a change), and take advantage of the post-collapse chaos to re-build something better in a small pocket of the American territory (think: James Rawles's American Redoubt concept).

    Reality is a bitch, but she is what she is.

  15. Thank you "Anonymous." Would you like to man up with your real name like we do?

  16. Ok, "Anonymous" I'll agree with the "will and balls" reference, but that's it. While the political and cultural momentum is against us currently, it is not on an irreversible course. It is because we are a nation of weak-knee(ed) girly men that there is an opportunity to alter our course and turn things around. The feelings-based, pleasure-seeking masses are pliable and easily turned...when the next new things arrives, or the next new tragedy or cause is announced its comical to see how quickly the national appetite changes.
    Yes, we do need to act...when the time is right...when the masses are outraged. It might be the economic might be a great injustice of our liberty or some other sanctimonious right the people have reverence for...but it will happen. America will not fall to the likes of Europe...We are a different people. The "Liberty Movement" has resolve...we have faith...that our cause is just. Our fore-fathers had the same resolve. Freedom didn't happen overnight...but, as God allowed, the time became right and brave men and women seized the moment.

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  19. Anonymous, this is a liberty based blog, so all comments are welcome. I can handle it, but before you question my balls and will, you might first use your real name, I do.

    I have already had the IRS come into my office and hit me with a bill for over $50,000 of which I owed not one red cent, proved it with paperwork and the continue to demand it.

    I have organzied things before and been tracked around D.C. for it. I know their tactics and I know they will hit me with a twenty years sentence for something pretty soon, but I use my real name and I am not afraid and I do think they are very afraid of the masses (no pun intended) they went back to their limp-noodle insurance companies to make it right with the Catholics, but maybe the religious will break from him and he and his bunch are terribly afraid of that.

    While I give creedance to what you say and how you say and I know most of what you said is a fact, there are others who will not bend.

    Please accept the fact that there are those capable of a rigid backbone.

  20. Maxwell, I like the sentiment but if you're waiting for the masses to wake up, it's going to be an awfully long wait. Like forever. History has demonstrated this and the schools have insured it.

    About half of your countrymen want what you have, and a few of those for the specific purpose of enslaving you. IMO there's no other way to look at it, and it ain't about to change. We either make our way with the others, or we don't.

    I'd love to know that's wrong, though. TL's got it right IMO...we either wait in prison or we do something else.

    Also, the masses weren't outraged with Britain back then. History is written by those who care. As is usually the case, the masses didn't give a hoot; they were too busy living. All in all, I think that's a good thing, except that these days it's not about living.


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