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Monday, February 6, 2012

Anti Corrupt Government Extremists

The FBI targeted Anti-Government Extremists (read: anyone who opposes paying taxes to a corrupt and bankrupt government spending billions on organizations that hate the capitalist system) when in fact, it should have properly identified these individuals, of which I proudly proclaim myself as one, as Anti-Corrupt-Government Extremists.

The very fact that they would identify 18 cases of fraud committed by these individuals as proof that they are indeed a serious threat exposes the FBI as a propaganda machine for the leftists government they represent. Eighteen? Are you serious? Out of a nation of over 300 million souls it is the 18 crimes committed by people sick and tired of watching billions of their tax dollars going to boondoggles like Solyndra, like the Chevy Volt, like bailouts of Chrysler? Those eighteen are the problem? Because they defrauded the fraudulent government of the United States?

I am an Anti-Corrupt-Government Extremist and any loyal American would be the same. I don't know how deep the government is willing to go in its delusion, but many of the people who make this nation run have stirred from their slumber and have begun to question everything the government does at this point. They have watched the open and arrogant money-laundering scheme of the Obama Administration and are appalled by it, if even in their silence.

No sir, it is not the Anti-Government Extremists the FBI needs to worry about, it is the average citizen, who has witnessed tax dollars, THEIR dollars used to bail out banks and auto companies while the small businesses they were employed by have been thrown under the bus, taken to court, dismantled by heartless IRS agents, who have been on unemployment much longer than they would have liked, who have taken dead-end jobs just to try to save their homes from the same banks who received billions from their pockets that they should be afraid of. In any rational world the congressmen and senators and on up to the president would be sweating each day of their lives fearful of the repercussions of such outlandish and openly criminal actions they have taken over the past three years.

It is the wrath of the citizen they should be afraid of and the fact that they make such pronouncements, as if we have all not seen the demonize and destroy tactics before, should enrage the average citizen. I recall a scene in the Godfather, where the Senator threatens Michael Corleone with retribution unless he pays him off when Corleone tells him that he will receive not one dime, nothing. Corleone recognized what all of us should have recognized, but for blindness caused by a deep love of this country, that our government is the biggest gangster of them all. They are as crooked, as devious and as brutal as any mobster one would run afoul of.

Go to this site and read the open letter to the FBI and tell me that there is not organized crime in our government, not just as an exception, but as a rule, as a routine way of conducting business. In fact, it is what makes us all targets is that we are faithful to the nation that makes us Anti-Corrupt-Government Extremists. All we have ever asked for, all we have ever wanted was to be left alone and to quietly enjoy the rights extended to us by birth in the greatest nation of them all. That is something the government mobsters are unwilling to give, because it is our soul they demand, it is our hearts. But they shall wither and die without that satisfaction, because they have placed themselves at odds with everyone who loves the ideals this nation was founded on so long ago. They have chosen sides with the collectivists and the communists and nothing will erase that clear distinction.

They can put people in power like Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who, by her own words holds our Constitution in such contempt that she cannot even bring herself publicly to endorse it, to embrace it. These government mobsters have rigged the game and we know it and soon there will be a reckoning. Let them push that one shove too far and see what fate they have chosen. Let them feel the wrath of Americans who refuse to tolerate freedom on a contingent basis.

They can call me what they will. The truth will be written on their heads.


  1. By God TL, welcome to the fight,Eat shit and die mother fuckers ,we are coming.

  2. I'm not "anti-government"; the government is anti-me.

  3. Linked to your piece. I hope some in the political class are reading.

  4. I remember being told many years ago that we never had to worry about fighting a war on our own soil. The bad guys, the bullies - they were far away. Seems now like such a lack of foresight.

    Excellent writing, T.L. As usual.

  5. I've gotta say, when I read that stuff about 18 people I couldn't believe they'd go public with that kind of crap. 18?? Weren't there more rapes than that in Occupy Whatever? There might have been more than 18 murders - there were thousands of arrests. And the 18 are the problem.

    You gotta be kidding me.

  6. I'm proud to self-identify as an Anti-Corrupt-Government Extremist.

    Now, if we can just get the liberals/socialists/marxists/unionists/ free-shit army people to self identify as "anti-liberty extremists" we will have our starting point.


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