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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

They Are Mine To Defend

Whether I have made an issue of it or not, the IRS has been harassing me for over a year now. I don't need any sympathy here, that isn't the point, it is merely an illustration of the power of the government to yank the chain, to drive the stake into the ground and bring us to bear. They want fear and when they get indifference and dismissal, they grow personally angry. Personally Angry at the people who support this outlaw regime through forced taxation, a form of involuntary servitude, if you ask me.

Involuntary servitude is when a person is forced to work for the benefit of another without compensation. Is that not what the government demands when it places penalties on the failure to pay taxes? But, there will be no military, no police force, no fire fighters...why not? Are these not what we would willingly pay for? Isn't that part of the social compact? But, when force is brought to bear on those who do not find value in these things, primarily because they intend to attend to them themselves, the taxes are demanded, threateningly so, with penalties and fines.

Why can't the government come to us and make their case? The point is after passage of the Sixteenth Amendment, we made that decision and, like the government always does, it took the decision to support those services with automatic deductions as a sign that the public pocketbook could be picked at any time to support any project or idea the government might come up with. We are forced to pay for those thing in which we find no value.

The government has no right to taxes while in violation of the Constitution. Again, the nine elitist, politically appointed justices are in no position to decide what rights we have or when our rights have been violated, only those suffering those abuses can make that determination and if the court system functioned as a guard against these abuses, rather than a legitimization of the police state, it would endorse the view of the individual against the government. The Constitution is not a document written for the elite, the educated, the sophisticated, it was eloquently, but plainly written for the people to read and understand their roles, obligations and rights. The fact that a group of representatives, with a federal state of mind can pass illegal laws, demand of us obedience and rely on the political appointees of the Supreme Court to support their demands is irrelevant.

Now, I paid all of my payroll taxes as a service to my employees. I paid my own and my partner's taxes whether I agreed with them or not in order to run the company without my political views coming into the equation, yet, the IRS has made a project of demanding my 941 quarterly returns, which somehow the U.S. Mail failed to deliver to them, the U.S. Department of the Treasury. I guess they couldn't find the address. My CPA sent me the documents, the IRS 941 quarterly returns and I paid them and sent them via U.S. Mail. How is it that the IRS received NONE of them? Not one out of eight?

Or, did it have more to do with the fact that during the Obamacare debate that I became ferociously political? Did it have more to do with my refusal to be intimidated by the presence of Michael Sandoval, IRS, in my office? Was it my dismissive, "don't bother me" attitude that sent Michael over the edge and made him refuse to see and take into account my documents? I either have to believe that the harassment is political, or that the U.S. Mail cannot find the U.S. Treasury.

Now, having finally acknowledged that the 941's have been filed, a thing Mr. Sandoval said he could not find, that did not get filed, now, he claims that the figures on the documents don't quite fit the figures they have on file. That they have on file! From where? From documents that didn't arrive, that they don't have?

Listen, let's not get too involved with my particular case, it is irrelevant, except to point out how the Obama Administration uses the power of the Executive to punish those who speak out against his method of extra-Constitutional governing. Now, do I think I am being targeted specifically by the IRS? Not really, I'm not that big of a fish, but that ought to scare the heck out of everyone else. My name got on a list of petitions I signed or his paid Internet surfers put me on their list of opponents to the Obama Administration and that went into the gigantic pool of suspected income tax evaders. I am less than a blip on the radar screen, I am merely a name submitted by someone somewhere.

Once the government fails to understand words like "congress shall make NO law" restricting this, or that right and makes such a law, it is an illegal regime. I don't give a flying damn about what nine elitists beholden to the federal government for their status, their salaries, their retirement plans, etc as a judge of whether or not I have such rights. My rights were given, as the founders stated for reason, by God, not Supreme Court Justices and it cannot be taken by these robed rogues.

But, ultimately, they are mine to defend or forfeit. The IRS has not intimidated me, they have not inhibited my tongue, they have enraged me and supplied me with righteous indignation.   

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The First Betrayal

An election to office is the first betrayal of a representative, senator or president. It is from that moment on that they become subservient to an outlaw system. I say this as a point of fact, not an opinion. Any government that is freed from its Constitution is no longer operating under the law. The fact that nine other government employees (justices), some who have open distaste for the Constitution (to them an antiquated document they hold in contempt), support this wholesale disregard for law is no justification. A thief cannot absolve another thief to satisfy the demands of the victim.

We do not need another amendment to the Constitution to make them mind, they will just write more laws. They have been operating thus since the Civil War in my opinion. They will not stop, they do not understand the issues, or worse they understand them and cynically reject their importance. But, the issue at hand is their legitimacy.

The oath they take means nothing to them, but it means everything to us. It is what confers to them the power and authority to act with our consent, as representatives. But, they are only given that consent on the condition that they swear to protect and defend the document that protects us from THEM. Without their honest intent to support and defend us from the tyrannical nature of the politician, they have no authority at all. At that moment they become no better than any Arab thug dictator and should be treated accordingly.

Ours is a solemn obligation. It is an obligation to the founders and to our children. Some were called to the defense of the nation in war, others by standing against hostilities during the great expansion of the nation, but now we find the true enemy of the people at home, in the seat of government, with the power of the police at their disposal.

Isn't it odd that a nation built on the concept of protecting the individual has found so many ways to attack them?

Our obligation is not selfish, it is a sacrifice. It is not just for freedom's sake that we act, but also to defend the nation from the economic chaos that the overwhelming burden of laws and transfers of wealth have inflicted on the people. Had those in government remained faithful to the Constitution they could have done all that was demanded of the government with but a few hundred billion dollars. Instead, they have enslaved us to social programs that are sucking the economic life out of the country. Greece did the same thing and Portugal, Spain etc. The idea of controlling people through ever step of their lives cost more than those they enslave to pay for it can afford. One can only take so much blood before the donor dies.

We in the liberty/Patriot movement could wait until it all comes crashing down on us, this incredible, unsustainable debt and then act to defend ourselves, but I suggest we step forward and call their bluff. They have no cards left to reveal, except to resort to violence and police action like their Arab counterparts. If they do, they will lose any pretense to legitimacy. Already there are many suspicions aroused in the masses. The attack on religion shocked millions, who now see this sham of a government differently, but let us lead the way to the light of liberty and justice.

Consider a PatCom in your area there are many forming up across the nation. I believe Bill Nye was the first to hold one and many others can be found at his site. Also, the Liberty Summit will be held in late April at a place to be determined.

Friday, February 17, 2012

I Am an American

When it comes time to put a stop to the nonsense, it will dawn on many Americans that they were asleep at the wheel, a bunch of blinded patriots. They will awaken and see the light. It is our job, as patriots, to awaken the masses. We will not do this with a new message, or a viral video on YouTube, but by doing things that need to be done.

No one follows a weak leader, they overwhelm him/her, or they undercut them, or they disregard them. We can no longer tolerate the Republican method of governing. The Democrats are at least good at the politics they practice, Republicans are merely fools and wannabes. They are the unpopular kids who will do anything to be invited on Leno, even sell out their entire voting base and if you think Santorum or Romney are any better, you are missing some vital information.

This is not even a conservative or liberal message, those are slots the politicos want you to fill. They seek, the horse race, the competitive debate. We are past that. We are sophisticated enough to understand that the press wishes to guide public opinion, that they champion any government empowerment and no Republican will receive good press unless they turn on their brethren, exposing them as the fools and wannabes they are.

Give me a fight between a staunch communist and an advocate of capitalism before you give me a debate between a cowardly Democrat, which is a communist in modern clothing, and a Republican, which is a socialist in traditional garb.

We need nothing other than our own convictions and the bravery to pursue them. If we are fools we are fools for believing that our government supports the document they claim to revere. How can that be in an honest nation with a legitimate government? Any government ought to actually endorse the form they operate within. Right?

Ours is the only free nation which claims to be something based on something they do not believe in. We are fools to accept that premise. We are traitors to submit to it. Make them prove they support the Constitution. Let them reject the Supreme Court as political and anti-Constitution. There is nothing Constitutional about allowing nine elitist, politically appointed officials to define what rights the citizens might have. That is an abuse of power on a monumental scale. Forget Obama, who cares? If the Supreme Court functioned as a protector of the people's rights, an enemy to government over reach and abuse, they would not have made any one of a thousand decisions over the past century.

To the politicos it is all a game where they hold the power and dictate the rules of conduct. I reject that, I refute that. I am an American and my rights are not dictated, or allowed, or earned, they are bestowed upon me at birth and continue until death. Where the government has done what it is not allowed and has been supported in that by an elitist few justices it is nothing other than an oligarchy, not a democracy, not a republic and, if this is not a republic, we are orphans, we are in exile to the nation we inhabit.

This is the origin of TL In Exile. I do not have to be distant from my nation to be in exile of its policies and practices.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Big Club

It is a time to coalesce the liberty movement into something distinct from Tea Parties. I will not disparage Tea Parties, they are what they are and they have put life to the Constitution, they have breathed life into a long dormant liberty movement. Many have been struggling for decades to be looked upon by our government as the rightful citizens we are, instead of children in need of guidance and scolding.

The liberty movment is distinct and separate from Tea Parties in a vital way: violence is not ruled out. This is not a promise of violence, or a threat, but those in the liberty movement are not put off by the thought of doing what our ancestors did and demand our rights by force of one sort or another. It is not a question of being afforded certain rights or liberties, it is a question of by which means they are achieved.

Make no mistake, life is important and death will not put food on the table, or comfort a child, but there does come a point where there is a question of citizenship to be addressed. Barack Obama and his ilk might shrug all of this off as nonsense, but secretly they are scared to death, every politician is. The very idea that there are those out in this great nation of ours who would risk death and imprisonment for the ideals in the document they only recognize when it comes time to grant them power do not like those who might hold them to account.

It is by no accident that the Tea Party was demonized as it was. They fear it. They fear anyone who intends to bring one major question into play: "If the Constitution is an out-dated document that is a living document and subject to constant interpretation, then by what authority do your claim power?"

See, that is the crux of the issue. If the Constitution can be altered simply by a general change in social attitudes, it does not lend itself to the type of rock-solid underpinning required of a government that is capable of putting one in prison, or taking their life. Their authority to do so are just words on an out-dated and largely irrelevant document that means nothing. Should we, as a people, or even a sufficient minority, decide that the words on the document that are out-dated and largely irrelevant might include the manner and method by which we transfer power to individuals the gig is up. In fact, it might be the irrelevance they have claimed in order to prosecute unconstitutional laws that decides whether or not they have the right or standing to remain as representatives of the people. I am not talking about impeachment, or some other Constitutionally prescribed method, that is largely irrelevant and out of date.

If it is a house of cards, let it be a house of cards. If it is a document open to interpretation, then let us interpret it any way we see fit. We are the people, the interested, the dedicated that they have to appeal to, not the MTV, Oscar and Grammy watching mind-numbed populace, but us, the interested, dedicated, opinionated multitudes who have the power to make the decisions for the rest of those who are lost in TV land. There is always a caretaker for such.

It is ours to set right because we feel wronged by it. It is ours to decide who is and who is not faithful to the document that grants them power. It does not take a nation of popular votes to decide these issues. Even the courts recognize that where there is no injury, there is no standing. In other words, those who fail to vote, or who are not mentally capable of understanding, or caring about the Constitution are not relevant to a Constitutional question of power, they have no standing in the issue.

For too long there has been an appeal to the "majority" as if we were a democracy. We are NOT. We are a Constitutional republic and if the Constitution is irrelevant, then so is the republic. The founding documents can not mean less than the government that relies on its founding for legitimacy. This is the reasoning they have all been fearing, that causes them to bring every weapon to bear on the Tea Party who invoked these ideas with the loudest voice thusfar.

They were the bright light, while those of us in the liberty movement are the big club. Sleep well, gain strength, get your affairs in order for a long stay in prison. Prepare for that and you will be a soldier in the true battle for liberty.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Let Us Begin

Time and time again those who should stand up to the abuses and outright criminal actions of the government do not. When banksters were targeted by the White House as criminals, even though they received billions of taxpayer TARP dollars, not a word in self-defense was uttered. When the libs came out against the Koch brothers, they were largely silent. Obamacare would effectively destroy the insurance industry after a few good years of increased enrollment, but they said nothing.

I don't understand it. I can't understand it. Is there anyone out there? Is there any corporation or industry that will stand up for itself? The oil industry has taken it on the chin and I am part of that industry and all I hear about is the environment, making sure there are zero spills of any kind. Even salt water is treated very carefully even though it pounds the beaches of every coastal state in the nation (yeah, I know its not as simple as that).

Doctors are scum who only seek to make money off of other people's misfortune. Lawyers, however, are noble geniuses. Hmmm, wonder what Barack Obama did for a living?

So, now we are being threatened with another "Stimulus" bill in the form of a budget. More money for his union buddies and government employee serfs who will, on command as Trumpka proclaimed, kick the crap out of the Tea Party for Barack Obama. Obama recently proudly proclaimed the existence of African Americans for Barack Obama. Will he next proudly announce the formation of public employee leeches with violent hatred for Middle Class Americans, who demand more money so they can help the re-election campaign of Barack Obama? These people are, in fact, his largest group of supporters and his most ardent supporters, wouldn't you be?

Recently I was watching CNN in a public area and I watched as a Syrian refugee explained how things had to be done to stop the Assad government from killing their citizens, women and children. He was pleading for the international community to do something other than talk. In effect he was asking Barack Obama to do as he had done in several other Arab nations. He was begging for the opportunity to pursue freedom with the backing of the international community (read: America).

I sympathized with him. He made me consider the liberty movement in America as much the same sort of deal as a Syrian refugee. The whole purpose of labeling the liberty movement anti-government extremists is to unleash the goons of law enforcement on them in the open air. In America there are too many video phones and others ways for the truth to get out, so the government has to get ahead of the picture by pre-spinning anything that might be caught on camera.

But aren't we doing the same thing? Aren't we caught like a Syrian refugee in a hostile land without the support of anyone who should be behind us? Where are the forces who swear to be faithful to the Constitution when houses are broken into and veterans assaulted for no other apparent reason than he was looking for help with an emotional issue? When does a cry for help qualify as a request for suicide by cop? This is not an isolated instance, it is not even close.

The liberty movement is growing, but it will never get so big that it doesn't need the help of others. Where will this help come from? Isn't this what every liberty advocate in the nation is waiting for, some form of assistance, or acceptance, or legitimization? I may be wrong, but it is my opinion that the only reason there has not already been a major uprising from the liberty movement is that they fear the reprisals, the destruction of their reputations, their imprisonment without support and understanding.  If one is a Palestinian, there is always hope that enough Israeli soldiers might be captured that a swap might be arranged and be set free, that there is someone out there still working for their release.

In America, if one is a member of the liberty movement, there is a good chance that if you get into trouble with the authorities for standing up for your rights that you will rot in prison without anyone working for your release. There just isn't enough money in the movement to allow for any sort of resistance. Resistance requires that the fight will continue without you, that you are not thrown to the wolves to die alone with no support. This is part of the reason for a Liberty Summit. We have got to coalesce. We have got to become familiar with each other and marshal what limited funds we have toward those brave enough to engage the enemy. It does not have to be a "die on the doorstep" moment but we need to support those who will commit acts of civil disobedience.

Who will do it? Are there not any deep pockets interesting in this movement enough to give the troops, the people on the ground, the great numbers of us who will gladly make a stance at every opportunity if it did not mean giving up everything we have, tossing our families into the maelstrom of the media, causing shame in our families as we are defamed and vilified. I'm not saying that we won't do it, that when the time is right (like right now) that it will not happen, but it will not get the desired effect if everything is kept at an individual level. Whatever sacrifices we might make will not bring others to our cause, it will drive them further away, unless we can become that force that we need, unless our efforts can be maximized and defended before the public. It is as simple as that.

We are at a moment when things have to be DONE. Like a Syrian refugee, I seek only the rightful support that a cause like ours deserves. No doubt the resistance will begin. There are enough of us dedicated to liberty that we will make our stands, but the lives and efforts lost will be great if we do not find that level of support any worthy cause demands. Many of the original founders were wealthy and knew the wealthy and could marshal support, even if that support lagged at times and was desperately needed to continue the fight at least it survived at least it was utilized to effect. Most of us don't mind a cold winter like at Valley Forge, but let us engage, let us begin. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

As an Addendum to my remarks in the previous post about a Standing Army.

Knuckledraggin My Life Away: "I don't have time to play this Constitutional bullshit!"

Let Them Not Lay Down

The cause of liberty is not just the desire for freedom, or lack of government control. You probably know the phraseology, don't you? "people who desire no form of government at all." Or, some such nonsense attributed to anyone engaged in prosecuting their rights. They are classified as near as possible as nut-job anarchists. "Why, they would do away with Social Security and the safety net for the poor."

Yes, yes, we have heard all of that before from the elitists who think that if the people were given liberty that there would be no way to achieve the same ends. It takes a government to force people into kindness, social awareness and generosity. In a Godless land that might be true, but it is also why the founders felt that religion fostered a healthy sense of community, of caring, of charity and that it was invaluable to a free state. Religion was distanced from the state, not to protect the state, but to protect religion. They saw from the English tradition that when forced to tithe, there is no kindness to it, there is no generosity to it and there is no charity to it.

It doesn't matter if one is religious or not, kindness, generosity and charity are the fruits of liberty. They are the things that make these things virtues. Government makes them coercion and theft and vile.

Many of the churches are finding that out now.

The cause of liberty is written into the Constitution, not by those who valued lawlessness, or violence, or wickedness, but by those who understood the roots of these evils lie with any government, even the one which so many of them had struggled to create. They described "God-given" rights that were inalienable, that resided with the people and that no government could take away. They did so in an attempt to pre-empt the nastier tendencies of the people who would be attracted by the power of government. It was their attempt to save us from the inevitable.

It is traitorous that we have given so many away without a fight. We have given so many away that there is no true Constitution anymore, there are only regulations that stand now as inviolable as any King's command with no other substance to support them, but the force of arms.

In the police we have a standing army against the people, so long feared by those who were made to do business and discuss politics under the gaze of the British. Is it any different now that they scour websites like this one and the Drudge Report, seeking those who click on links of a subversive nature? While the police serve a necessary duty of protection, they are also there to make sure that these edicts are not broken, are not violated and rarely do they consider the Constitution when dealing with an individual.

The government now is gearing up to address Anti-Government Extremists. They are fitted out in battle gear. They are given the confidence that when they came for the guns, only a few stood up; when they came for hate speech, only a few stood up; when they came for the press, the press laid down; when they came for "the free exercise thereof" (religion) well, we'll see how that one goes.

I urge all engaged in the struggle for liberty to rally behind the Bishops, the Priests, the Ministers and Pastors who are up against the same tyrants who came for us all. I hope these men of religion will return the favor and realize that they are in the fight because they could not be bothered by the other struggles going on around them.

Let them not lay down as the press has done. Let them stand on principle as all of us have done and so earn the badge of Extremist that we commonly share.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Anti Corrupt Government Extremists

The FBI targeted Anti-Government Extremists (read: anyone who opposes paying taxes to a corrupt and bankrupt government spending billions on organizations that hate the capitalist system) when in fact, it should have properly identified these individuals, of which I proudly proclaim myself as one, as Anti-Corrupt-Government Extremists.

The very fact that they would identify 18 cases of fraud committed by these individuals as proof that they are indeed a serious threat exposes the FBI as a propaganda machine for the leftists government they represent. Eighteen? Are you serious? Out of a nation of over 300 million souls it is the 18 crimes committed by people sick and tired of watching billions of their tax dollars going to boondoggles like Solyndra, like the Chevy Volt, like bailouts of Chrysler? Those eighteen are the problem? Because they defrauded the fraudulent government of the United States?

I am an Anti-Corrupt-Government Extremist and any loyal American would be the same. I don't know how deep the government is willing to go in its delusion, but many of the people who make this nation run have stirred from their slumber and have begun to question everything the government does at this point. They have watched the open and arrogant money-laundering scheme of the Obama Administration and are appalled by it, if even in their silence.

No sir, it is not the Anti-Government Extremists the FBI needs to worry about, it is the average citizen, who has witnessed tax dollars, THEIR dollars used to bail out banks and auto companies while the small businesses they were employed by have been thrown under the bus, taken to court, dismantled by heartless IRS agents, who have been on unemployment much longer than they would have liked, who have taken dead-end jobs just to try to save their homes from the same banks who received billions from their pockets that they should be afraid of. In any rational world the congressmen and senators and on up to the president would be sweating each day of their lives fearful of the repercussions of such outlandish and openly criminal actions they have taken over the past three years.

It is the wrath of the citizen they should be afraid of and the fact that they make such pronouncements, as if we have all not seen the demonize and destroy tactics before, should enrage the average citizen. I recall a scene in the Godfather, where the Senator threatens Michael Corleone with retribution unless he pays him off when Corleone tells him that he will receive not one dime, nothing. Corleone recognized what all of us should have recognized, but for blindness caused by a deep love of this country, that our government is the biggest gangster of them all. They are as crooked, as devious and as brutal as any mobster one would run afoul of.

Go to this site and read the open letter to the FBI and tell me that there is not organized crime in our government, not just as an exception, but as a rule, as a routine way of conducting business. In fact, it is what makes us all targets is that we are faithful to the nation that makes us Anti-Corrupt-Government Extremists. All we have ever asked for, all we have ever wanted was to be left alone and to quietly enjoy the rights extended to us by birth in the greatest nation of them all. That is something the government mobsters are unwilling to give, because it is our soul they demand, it is our hearts. But they shall wither and die without that satisfaction, because they have placed themselves at odds with everyone who loves the ideals this nation was founded on so long ago. They have chosen sides with the collectivists and the communists and nothing will erase that clear distinction.

They can put people in power like Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who, by her own words holds our Constitution in such contempt that she cannot even bring herself publicly to endorse it, to embrace it. These government mobsters have rigged the game and we know it and soon there will be a reckoning. Let them push that one shove too far and see what fate they have chosen. Let them feel the wrath of Americans who refuse to tolerate freedom on a contingent basis.

They can call me what they will. The truth will be written on their heads.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Truth of US

We have lost a fundamental truth in America: that being the truth of ourselves. We have been conditioned on so many levels that the government controls us, either by taxes or by regulation. For the most part this is true because we have allowed usurpers and con men to have their way. We have lost the fight in ourselves, the one that takes every abuse as a personal debit from our account.

The issue is not so much how wrong they are, but rather how wrong we are. It is in every wannabe dictator's fantasy to rule over people, to dictate their lives and aggregate money unto themselves. We have for several years now been cognizant of a president who openly accepts political contributions from those he then funnels tax dollars toward after the election. We have seen it on both sides of the spectrum, so it is not only Obama who has done so, but it is he who has so with avowed enemies of the republican/capitalist system.

It is one thing to watch a political stooge accept political contributions from a corporation and subsequently aid that corporation's goals through improved trade with foreign nations, or in mitigating unreasonable regulations that place such corporation at a disadvantage to the market. It is another, I suggest to accept political donations from non-profit groups and labor unions who work then against the public good in order to reap the benefits of favorable taxation. The difference, I suggest, is where the money comes from and where it goes.

In the first instance the government is working to help a private organization provide jobs and increase market share in the world economy, bringing those revenues back to the United States and funding the salaries of workers who are employed privately and who then provide tax revenues to the governments. In the second instance it is a money-laundering scheme where the employees of the federal, state and local governments are given benefits directly from the efforts of private citizens and corporations in exchange for money they have received from the tax collections in the first place. All the while this is being done it is done with a sinister goal of wrecking the capitalist system, of replacing it with a spoils mentality, a government control and demand system outside of the American ideal.

The liberty movement growing quietly, but quickly around the nation recognizes the distance the Obama regime has extended this governmental reach, that George W. Bush was no better and that we have lost a dramatic slice of our American dream by allowing it to happen.

From the first moment the Constitution was violated in order to supply the government, any government, with a solution to a messy problem we began to lose our liberty. Every crisis cost us a bit more liberty until the government, all of them, discovered that a perpetual state of crisis could aid them better than any single piece of legislation. It all came down to the realization that they didn't have to ask us, or convince our representatives to vote for this or that. All they had to do is proclaim something a crisis and we, the good citizens of the nation, would accept it as a necessary evil.

But, the evils have piled up. The liberty has been lost. The corrective action is almost unthinkable. It is also terrifying. It requires the dismantling of ourselves as "good citizens". It requires the necessary evil of becoming criminals. That's a hard evolution.

For those of us who have looked in the mirror and everyday have seen a good, decent individual who seeks to provide well for his/her family and pays taxes and tries to live within the contructs of good laws designed to protect ourselves and others less fortunate than ourselves, it is hard to see the other one, the militant.

The truths are ugly. Prison is not manageable, it is a horrible, nasty place filled with all of the worst, most devious, most cannibalistic people in the nation and to throw oneself into their midst in an attempt to do nothing other than claim the rights with which we were born is a daunting task, it is almost suicide of the soul.

So, I ask you, what is left of America if this is the price asked of true patriots and believers in the cause of liberty? Don't you see? If there were that shining city on the hill left for any of us, would this be necessary? No, it is the very fact that the courts have been so corrupted, the police so militarized and hostile, the government so distant from the ideals of liberty and justice that none yet exists. We have allowed ourselves to be driven from the status of citizens of a free republic and accepted the yoke of subjects. Subjects.

We are forced to pay taxes to a bankrupt and corrupt government that uses our money to work against us, to provide spoils for political friends and chosen allies for the very purpose of burying ever deeper that dream of liberty. To kill not only our rights, but the very document that protects them. They shrug it off as if it were a bad idea of long ago and yet they cling to the very description of their authority by referring to it.

If there is no rigid Constitution and the rights therein are subject to the ruling of politically appointed judges for the purpose of maintaining control over the people, then I suggest to you that there is no Constitution at all and that they, the government employees, elected or not, have no authority to project their power upon us. They are simple brutes with guns and armies who have stolen the past, present and future. We are ruled by nothing other than our conscience and I suggest the conscience which seeks to provide liberty and the power of the Constitution to our fellow citizens is clear in whatever endeavor that might lead one.

It is not ours to restore the power of the Constitution, it is ours to show them the wrath of America without the protections the Constitution offers them. Let them restore it to find refuge from us.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Our Great Challenge

It is easy to understand when politics fail. It is when changing players does not change the game. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are neither the problem nor the solution. They are irrelevant. They are the ever changing faces and names of a government that operates to the detriment of the people. They seek only the cover of elections to sanction their perpetual power grab, but these elections do not represent the views of the people or the choices they would make. They are simply an A or B on a list which does not include the rest of the alphabet.

Our choice is liberty, but there is no politician offering this. Our choice is the Constitution, but no politician is offering a means to strengthen our rights or to follow the Constitution. These are not on the menu for either men, or the congress, or the judiciary. It has probably never been completely true that the Constitution was as powerful as it was originally designed to be since those who put it into place were often the very same people who violated it first.

The cries and demands of a populace bent on liberty must always clash with those who hold the power and strive for control, even if those who hold power were given that power by the fierceness with which they once demanded liberty.

The flaw in the republic is that it appears to draw upon the populace for representatives to act in congress on the wishes of the people. That cannot happen. Once sworn in, each representative becomes the government and immediately finds themselves at odds with the liberty seeking populace. Therefore, we cannot solve our problems through political means.

We see now, after a few hundred years, that what was designed could not be fulfilled. The promises made by the Constitution cannot rise to fruition amid the daily function of government. The answer, then, is to create and populate a permanent resistance to government, not as a means to an end, but as an end in itself.

Many in the Patriot/Liberty Movement believe that if we will make the sacrifices necessary that we can restore the influence of the Constitution and gain liberty that has been slowly drained of society over the past hundreds of years. It cannot be so. We must embark on a whole new set of rules, a whole new way of doing business with a government now so arrogant and injurious to our rights that they no longer even seek to explain their actions through the Constitution, but shrug the document away.

There are PATCOMs being held around the country, Bill Nye's and The Coastal PATCOM coming up. It doesn't matter how many people show up to these things, it matters that they are happening, that there are those out there who are committed and determined to the cause. There are Committees of Safety currently acting in several states, though I know less about these organizations. All of these things should coalesce to organize the resistance to government action, either in a given state or Washington DC.

The Tea Party was a good first step, it brought mainstream America into the fight. It opened the eyes of many ordinary Americans to the dangers present to our way of life, but it was never going to be a group capable of going beyond the politics of the day. It is, in many ways, just another form of politics. The liberty movement recognizes that politics will not work, that liberty cannot be achieved by slowing the rate of alienation from our rights. Each violation of the Constitution is a unique injury, even if it is sanctioned by the nine Supreme Court Justices. They are, in the end, nothing but political beings installed by the favor of some politician and serve the government, not the people.

The struggle of the Liberty Movement is to find a way to successfully counter the abuses of the Constitution, to bring to light the corruption inherent in government and to find a means of holding those in government accountable for their acts of treason. Each individual organization would like to achieve these goals, but none have as yet arrived at a realistic method of doing so. Our great challenge in the days to come is to arrive at that method and begin to take actions that will secure to ourselves and our posterity that liberty that is our birthright.