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Sunday, January 1, 2012

A Brave New Step On The Tightrope

The issue always comes down to what we are going to do and when. The what is always hard to determine. It seems as if one were just to step out and make a gesture that any number of supporters would come along to stand with them. But, everyone wants to be recognized as not being nuts, but still concerned about the direction of this country. It is a tightrope on which we are expected to navigate the dangerous waters of rebellion without seeming hostile.

But, when one looks out at the other organizations alive today and willing to rob us of our liberties, they have none of these sensibilities. Was it not Trumpka who openly offered the membership of the AFL-CIO to be "Obama's Army" against the Tea Party? That statement was made, it went out over the broadcast news. Was there any recrimination? Not that I heard of Obama didn't even bother to denounce what we already know, that the unions are out of control and at the bidding of their leaders against other peaceful citizens. What response was there from the Tea Party? A declaration of hostilities? Hardly. The threat it went aloft and hung there as a possible scenario were the Tea Party to become too effective.

This is the society that we need to fear? This is the sort of place where we have to mind our P's and Q's? I challenge the reader to rethink their reservations about making such statements. I challenge the reader to understand that during the Revolutionary War it was not the concern of the average citizen that there were those engaged in military actions against the standing government of Britain. They were concerned how the hostilities might disrupt their avenues of commerce and whether or not they would receive aid in case of Indian attack on the frontier. It was not the earth-shattering events we think of when we think of that period.

Lately there has been a declaration of war, which I think is a bit overstated, I prefer a demand for a redress of grievances, because without the actual possibility of conflict, it is not a war, it is merely a petition. Yet, the Revolutionary War was begun by just such petitions being brought to the King, who ignored them time and time again. They were merely annoyances to his rule, which was considerable at the time. The "colonies" were but a holding of the Crown designed to provide revenue with which to fight the many wars and occupations engaged in by the British Empire of the time.

I think the idea of making some declarations, some petitions and delivering them to Congress is a positive step on the path to setting up a resistance. Signatories to such might be harassed, but it is best to put the opposition before the public prior to any action that might be taken. It is an important step to be organized as in opposition to the constant barrage of unconstitutional laws being passed and approved of by the Supreme Court. I would also deliver a copy to whatever petitions might arise to the Supreme Court, detailing their complicity in the actions of the government which, as a people, we find excessive and burdensome. It does not hurt to identify all that have taken part in the treason that has lately been so rampant in our government.

This is a brave new step that I heartily endorse.


  1. They declared war. We are merely acknowledging it as such. They are free to rescind said declaration at any time.

    But they will not.

    Don't Tread On Me.



  2. I just became a member so I'm not sure if this organization is aware, but the and organized a muster in WA.DC on 11/11/11, Veterans Day. Before the event, they delivered to all members of congress, including B.Obama and all of his minions a legal document, accusing them each of MANY crimes against the U.S.Constitution and We The People. In this document, was listed the specific crimes which have been committed as well as each being guilty of violating their oath of office. It demanded the immediate resignation/impeachment of ALL of persons named. As expected, there was hardly recognition of this event or of the document demanding action from them. But, they were assured that this was the start of the removal of all persons listed. There is another march planned but I'm not sure when. That information can be found at either website. Here is the link to the document which all members of congress recieved titled, 'the Declaration to Restore Constitutional Republic'.
    This is just an FYI, in case you were not awared of this event - God Bless, Linda Brown

  3. Petitions are well and good. Now the military has the power to come arrest and detain the petitioners. No, like AP said, war has been declared on us. There are more ways to fight a war than shooting. The USSR was bankrupted into defeat, and it seems our government is using the same tactic on us...

  4. Interesting idea. Besides the practical futility of it, there's also the moral question of whether a man ought to seek something of other men in order to live his life as he wishes.

    OTOH there's also a point that a rational man stopping a perp might say, "Drop your weapon or I'll shoot." Quickly, though.

    At this stage, I'd say there's almost no action like this that could possibly make things any worse. On the other side of that, there's the argument that a rational man shouldn't be driven by a calculi of losses. Better we yap about what's right rather than what's wrong, yes?

    Gee, that didn't help very much. Sorry.

  5. This not my proposal. It is a good step, for some it might be the final step as they leave the porch.

    For me, it is a necessary documentation of the abuses that have already taken place. When it is time for each of us to step off the porch it is a document to point to in our (suicide by government) note as to our intents.

    I know when I will step off and it isn't that distant.

  6. As there are more of us than them. Could we we not starve the bastards of $. They are trying to rob us at every turn, So why can't we turn the tables on them?

  7. Throwing the unresponsive bums out of office seems futile unless the entrenched bureaucracy that continues the progressive agenda is also eliminated. Prosecuting corruption would become a monumental task after observing the incestuous financial shenanigans between Washington DC and Wall Street. My black thoughts would only get me in trouble.

    Efforts to unite everyone to work towards restoration appear fruitless, Mike V's appropriate suggestion that we wait until we see the whites of their eye will certainly bring about a reunion, however late that may be.

    In writing a response to Col. Bunny's comment, I read an essay by William Graham Sumner about "the mores of the present and future". Food for thought.

    Thanks TL

  8. What do you do with all the people who are happy being a slave and the rest of the freeshit army.


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