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Friday, January 13, 2012

All We Ever Wanted

The government is all we ever wanted. It is the big brother, big Sis, big mother and father. It is now the place where we look to buy a car, get a school loan, etc. It is as Thomas Jefferson once said: A government big enough to give you everything you want, is big enough to take everything you have.

It is big enough to take everything we have, because it is big enough to take from us the most important aspect of US, it has taken the individuality, the innovation, the creation of the American. It has turned us into nothing other than subjects of a popularly elected government. It has turned its principles on its head and made us into a bunch of government dependent fools. Is this who we are? Is this what makes us run?

There are those of us who would gladly be minutemen of the Second order, who would rally to the cause and put forth our lives to defend what is supposed to be ours by birthright. But, who would support our loss, our sacrifice, or would the rest simply wag their heads and say we did it the wrong way?

I have harped on this before, but we are already criminals to a criminal regime. Do you not understand? Did the NDAA not prove this? Did the total disregard of the Constitution during the recent White House usurpation of power by making recess appointments even when congress was NOT in recess not wake you up to the total disregard they have for the law? I beg of you to not just take all of this as another abuse, but the final abuse. It is the line crossed, because if the Constitution means nothing, then their power is derived from nothing. Theirs is simply a government by force, which is, by definition, a dictatorship, whoever is elected, whoever is willing to become traitors to the cause of liberty are criminals to our system of government. Being elected to a post wherein one pledges fidelity to the Constitution, who, by legal wrangling, eludes that obligation and obfuscates their intent is nothing but a traitor and should suffer the traditional fate of those who chose to defy their sworn oath. I don't give a rat's ass how they justify it, they are criminals in government and must be opposed in the most strenuous of terms.

Do I say this in a vacuum, where I expect my words to hold no weight? Do I expect to unleash the pent up hostility toward  a government in massive violation of the entire purpose of our nation? Have we come so far and left so little behind that none of this means anything to our self-absorbed lives? Did the Romans not see their fate in every deviation from their founding? They did, they railed against it, but ultimately, they succumbed to it. Are we any better? NO, we are, if anything, worse.

The time for taking action is here, the time for doing more than talking has arrived. The Liberty Summit will soon reveal a place of congregation and soon we will make our stand against this tyranny, however soft it might seem to history, it is tyranny, it is criminal, it is a violation of law in the most fundamental form and all those who sit in government will be judged and the judgment will plague them through history.


  1. Linked at

    Sounds like more folks are starting to get it TL.

    God, I hope so.

  2. Theirs is simply a government by force, which is, by definition, a dictatorship, whoever is elected, whoever is willing to become traitors to the cause of liberty are criminals to our system of government. Being elected to a post wherein one pledges fidelity to the Constitution, who, by legal wrangling, eludes that obligation and obfuscates their intent is nothing but a traitor and should suffer the traditional fate of those who chose to defy their sworn oath. I don't give a rat's ass how they justify it, they are criminals in government and must be opposed in the most strenuous of terms.

    Well said and posted.

  3. Its a bed of our own making no doubt. Every one of us are responsible for how everything has turned out, just as we are all responsible for the future.
    Darn I wish I could see where things are heading. There is so much uncertainty and turmoil, so much underhanded conniving manipulation by a virtual handful of very bad evil people who have far too much power to effect the rest of us on merely a whim of greed and hubris.
    Damn that makes me very very wary of everything.

    I keep my faith, in God, our country as it was founded, and my principles and virtue as a free man till I pass from this world.

    I sure hope it works out in the long run. Keep in my heart there are many who share a kindred spirit of Liberty.
    These Liberty summits are a keystone to something greater than ourselves. Something before the full fledged violence and suffering of civil war against the police state the federal machine has become breaks out.

    The course of events are proof time is growing very short. The crony capitalism of the banksters and our "elected" officials, the amerikan Nomenklaturer class and its meteoric increase in power and numbers, the ascent of a White House of Maoists and Marxists, with a Congress who has utterly failed to brook no tyranny spells certain revolution. It won't be long, most likely this year, where us who hold Liberty dear are hunted down like rats in a sewer, killed, if not pogrom-ed like the Jews in Nazi Germany and rounded up for "detainment".

    As TL says, it only remains if we who are of the legendary the 3 percent have the right stuff.
    Its going to get mighty sporty soon.
    I hope I get a chance to meet up with others who cherish their Liberty.
    We are going to need all the friends we can muster.

  4. hadenoughofthistyrannycrapJanuary 13, 2012 at 12:30 PM

    All I ever wanted was to be left alone.
    But Nooooo!
    Creation out of invisible cloth uncounted numbers of laws rules and regulations deemed appropriate in bird dogging my life into serfdom.
    A bunch of no good worthless over paid nosy people with nothing better to do but justify and protect their worthless positions of power, who stick their nose in my business have gone too far.

    Who do these people think they are?
    Gods or something?

  5. When it gets down to the really ugly dirty nasty reality of open war among Americans, I wonder who has the will and grit to prevail. Not talking about the political and social regrets, muckraking, finger pointing, and class warfare.

    Have to wonder at the diatribe, dhimmitude, and dissimulation of the people of America who choose to side with tyranny, for all the myriad rationales. What are they going to do when tyranny as it surely must throws them under the bus. Will they have the gumption and faith to fight for their most basic necessities of freedom and Liberty in order to survive?
    What will the harsh reality of having to face the stark truth they did nothing to defend their most human of rights turn them into?
    Zombies? Slaves? Apparatchiks? Patriots? Or dead?

  6. As TL stated, those who side with tyranny are traitors to liberty, traitors to the constitution, traitors to America. They should be treated as such.

    It has fallen upon our heads. Either we allow our children and future generations to be enslaved surfs, or we rise up and do what needs to be done.

  7. If the Constitution no longer binds THEM, then it no longer binds US either.

  8. JoeFromSidney you bring up the most salient point, the big conundrum.
    Question is, why is there any question?

    There is a beautifully written piece titled 2012 and 'The Choice' over at Coordinated Illumination. It takes what TL wrote in the Constitutionalist and expounds on it further with some finer details.
    Very well written:

    Just one excerpt from the article:

    '...Can a business, a city, or a state decide to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms? No more than they can choose slavery. No Constitutional entity can retain authority by violating the Constitution.

    So any city/state "infringing"- Removes the foundation of it's authority, and makes itself a 'domestic enemy to the Constitution'. Such entities are 'without the rule of law' by their own doing. Mercenaries in their employ are without legal foundation traceable to the Constitution. Anyone sworn to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic" is duty bound by their oath to defend the American people against these 'domestic enemies'. Failure to stop domestic enemies, or 'just following orders' was not a valid excuse for the train conductors and prison guards at Auschwitz. Nor is inaction valid today in the face of domestic enemies.

    Which is where 2012 finds us. On a declared battlefield (NDAA, section 1301, 1302) without unalienable rights enumerated in the BOR. The NDAA terminated our republic, and declares that the country is "without rule of law"...'

  9. Great post; great comments. Obviously war has already been declared by one side and the response has been a resounding, "No thanks."

    That looks can one be in a war without fighting? OTOH maybe it'll prove to be a wise response. It's the rational response anyway, until it officially isn't accepted. That looks mighty close, at least to me, but there's still time for the aggressor to stand down. IMO it isn't rational to look at it any other way. Either they stand down, or the opposition must stand up.

    It would be nice, though, if the opposition really understood what they're standing up for. If it's just a hodgepodge of more collectivism, more statism, more imposition of "social mores," then it really isn't worth a hill of beans. It's just two sides fighting for the same thing, quite fitting in the current environment. It's worth noting that this is why the war was declared in the first place--that's what the aggressors want, more aggression. Duh. To them, it's a philosophical primary.

    Destruction can't possibly defeat destruction. Only creation can do that, so the question becomes, "What should be created?" I'm better at questions than I am with answers, but this answer looks pretty obvious to me..."your own life" and all that entails. If we each do that, and understand that the next guy is doing exactly the same thing, then maybe there'll be a chance of victory.

    Victory only means anything if you know what you're winning. So here's hoping that we make it to April, and that it makes some difference anyway. Either way, WIN. Just keep in mind what you're winning.

  10. Crisis as a means is the lynchpin upon which the dictatorship called the obama administration functions.
    And, there certainly are no lack of willing dupes and sycophants who do the ruling class elites bidding.
    Add in the dynamics of an ascendent Praetorian Class with tons of Mil Surplus hardware and itchy trigger fingers....

    Just as there are a whole lot of free men and woman who understand serious as a heart attack what Liberty is.
    There exists a few defining things worthy of consideration.

    This is one big ass country with one hell of a lot of rifles and ammunition in the hands of people who have the capability to put a serious hurt on tyrants and treasonous crooks determined to take these folk's Liberty.
    The elites do not know how incredibly lucky they are, that the good sense and grace of millions of Americans place the rule and respect of law first, even in the face of a complete lack of rule by law, (but rule of men), by these high and mighty self appointed lords and perfumed princes.
    Has anyone a conception, of the can of whoop ass that is going to be opened if these lousy traitors do not back off?
    I do not know, doubt any one does really. But one can only screw so many people before they have had enough and come for their antagonists with a bone in their teeth.
    By no means have we come to the point of no return, but there is no doubt things are creeping at an increasing rate.
    We will see.
    I believe it will not be long before the elites take the nuclear option. They are committed to obtaining absolute power, they can not stop.
    You can tell by the ebb and flow of treason, imposition of various instruments of tyranny, lawlessness dressed up as the rule of law, how events and the dynamics of this avalanche of treachery and encroaching tyranny evolves. It is a runaway train bearing down on we the people.
    I think the internal point of no return has been passed by the likes of Holder, obama and the rest of the enabling culture of congress and courts, essentially a corruption syndicate called the federal government. It is totally completely out of control, The principles of the rule of law and concept of republican form of government have ceased to exist.

    This is a coupe from the inside out of The United States that is in effect transpiring. It now only remains for this tyrannical power to realize its fruition externally with imposition upon the entire sphere of our lives. This is the Nomenklaturer class system Amerikan style.
    Mark my words, it is something that can not stop by the very nature of things of tyrannical. It can only be stopped by the sovereign power of the will of we the people. There is no other bulwark against this tyranny. Nothing exists in the realm of man capable of stopping this tyranny but we our selves. It is our nacent power. Our Sovereign will. This is all that stands in the way of this evil. It is this simple and true.
    We have been down this road before, for the same reasons.
    It is to us to redress the wrongs. The options of peaceful redress are diminishing via deliberate acts designed specifically to do just that. We as a people are actively being herded into a corner. The point when the dynamic of peaceful redress changes to one of armed violent redress is the point where there is simply no alternatives. We are arriving at this point in a short time if the rate of treason by our elites continues.
    That is the plain truth and cold hard facts of the matter.

  11. Also linked at:

    Keep it up, folks! The time is here, now!

  12. Linked also,

    Good work TL.

  13. The first Texas PatCom has raised enough money to send one of our delegates to your function. Details to follow.

    We will continue to raise money to help fund our local events and support our locale.

    PatCom 2012/II will be held shortly, details to follow.

    Bill Nye

  14. "Theirs is simply a government by force"

    As a practical matter, *all* governements are governments by force - in the end, it will always be "do what we say, or die." The best anyone can ever hope for is to have the "what we say" part be what the vast majority of the governed agree with.

  15. Do you hink 'We' as a country can handle freedom as we are now?

    Most of what I hear is crying into the dark. I want my freedom. I hear a lot of talk about fighting and dying for freedom, but no one talks what will come after. I get the feeling that most think that if we knock down the beast that freedom will just spring up in its place.

    People keep urging me to resist.

    Resist has no direction.

    How about:

    Plan.... Build... Realize...

    Is no one willing to take on the dragon im its lair?

    Is no one willing to unravel the infrastructures the the lefts put in place.

    Most of the people I run a across on these blogs are luke a person that wants to hike a thousand miles, but doesn't even have the right gear to acomplish the hike. Let alone start to take the first steps.

    Short sighted lazy thinking.

    "I don't give a rat's ass how they justify it, they are criminals in government and must be opposed in the most strenuous of terms." - TL

    Then why don't you run for office?

    What to say that in your rush to get what you want, you won't just be the cause of the collapse of the free world. In turn leading to multi generations being with out a torch of freedom.

    Any idiot can destroy something.

    It take a special person to build something of lasting beauty.


  16. With out the will of the people behind us we cannot do anything but wait, watch and stay sharp.
    While we watch and wait, it is imperative that we- build solid communities and groups dedicated to the principles of the constitution. Buying land, building farms and gardens to feed ourselves,electing local politicians who are on our side, Teach the up coming generation the values and principles of independence, become self reliant and self sustaining, stop buying their products and services, learn and teach the skills needed to survive before it is to late. take your money out of the banks, turn off the TV, start a psyops campaign in your locality, expose their lies at every chance, confront their lackeys, infiltrate their infrastructure, sabotage their system, take out the power to their machines, support your community and win their hearts and minds.
    Keep up the fire!

  17. This makes the answers to many questions we all have clear:

    "So You Want a Revolution...

  18. TL,

    Have not heard from you for a while brother. Hope all is well. Post something on the summit site or here so we know you are okay.


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